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My Interview Questions Are In. I will Be Truthful With My Answers

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So I posted yesterday that I would be willing to answer any question giving to me and answer it honestly.
What I am surprised with but somewhat grateful none of the questions were sexual.

I like doing these interviews , it opens up a whole new world to those we know and follow here on wordpress.

Some of the questions are very deep, so I will try to explain them the best I can….

Susie Jul 22, 8:41 pm

could you please, in depth, list and explain. 5 emotional, physical and spiritual ways Arianne lifts, enhances, & contributes to the quality of your life as a Man,Dom and Master.. By giving the gift of her submission and slaving.

I did say deep didn’t I.

When I first met Arianna I was in a bad place. I had been searching for over a year, for a long term partner, and I had all but giving up. I refused to move on my needs.
I had made plans to move out of the country and I had already obtained employment in the Philippines , my next choice would of been Thailand.

I was not what you would call depressed, I would say more of being lonely. That is the main reason I had decided on taking in a roommate, for the company. Although Kelly is an awesome person, she is like a sister to me, that still did not fill the void.

So when I first was introduced to Arianna, I felt something right away. I felt a connection, and that is something I need.
You can be the hottest bitch to walk the earth, but if I do not have that connection, I cannot fuck, it will not happen.

Spiritually, I am what I would call a spiritual man not religious I am far from religious and I feel I am in a much better place.
I am Buddhist , I have been studying Buddhism for about 15 years, and I believe it has helped me walk the path I walk today.

Arianna has giving me insight, it is like I can breath now, and knowing someone has my back. Physical , this is huge January 1st I quit smoking after 38 years 2 packs a day, because it was a need for Arianna. She does not smoke so it was not really fair to her that I did, and I smoked in the house. My house remember, so to speak. I quit because of my love for her, and me being somewhat older, I want to live a very long time, because she does give some awesome head.
Truth be known there are very few 24/7 M’s couples we are very rare, but there are very few D’s couples who live 24/7 and I am not sure why.

To have someone kneel before you and give you total control over their well being. There is truly no other feeling, it is a total rush, I could feel the blood flowing through my veins. To have such a prize possession giving to you. Truly there can be nothing greater.
It the relationship gives you drive, it makes you want to excel at everything you do, you need to be the best at what you do.
The truth is I want for nothing, my every want and need is anticipated , it is very seldom I even have to ask for anything.

I hope I answer your questions..

The next question was from an email.

Are the pictures you post of Arrianna? Did you always know you were a Master?

Sent from my iPhone No they are not, although the picture on my book cover is her, and she will probably be on all of the upcoming covers. I would never post any nudes of Arianna on here I respect her way to much..
As far as being a Master, I knew I was different at a very young age. At the age of 14 I liked to tie girls up, spank, and so on, it was the control factor I was missing.

thecheekyhousewife Jul 23, 2:13 am

Two questions:
1. Your pen name. You’ve shared how you got it so I get that it’s suppose to be playful or fun. But I’ve been a social worker for 15 years and have seen what vile is. You’re not it. Not even close. So my question is: Would you be open to changing your pen name?
2. You’re friggin hilarious and smart. You’ve compared yourself to Howard Stern. And he’s just gross. Would you ever consider a PG-13 edition of your writing or radio show? I think there are many teenage girls that would benefit from your writing. 🙂

My pen name as you call it has been with me for some 35 years, Gretchen thought I was Vile. That is what and who I am known by and not just here on wordpress.

I would be open to doing another blog, or maybe being a partner with someone under a different name, but to change my name, I could never do that, that would change who I am.

My radio station will be about the lifestyle, BDSM , it will be about my blog, the topics I have covered and I intend on having guest as well. Arianna is and has been very supportive when it comes to the radio station, it means as much to her and it does me.

I have a soft spot for children, today so many are left out in the cold, and they have to fend for themselves and it is really sad. When something goes wrong they take the blame.
If I could just snap my finger and make everything alright I would. If I had a huge farm I would take everyone in who needed help.

No I cannot change who I am..

And another

It seems that neediness is a very common trait among submissives. What is your advice for submissives who have been made to feel that their neediness is a bad thing?? How would you “draw out” a submissive who is closed off and not communicative?

As an experienced Dom, your style has changed over the years, but you have maintained your sense of self through it all, even through your own “training”. Do you think this is an attribute common among Dominants?

Vile, I’ve liked the interviews, they have given a lot of insight into how different people and relationships are. I hope you keep it up.

❤ mel.

It seems that neediness is a very common trait among submissives. What is your advice for submissives who have been made to feel that their neediness is a bad thing?? How would you "draw out" a submissive who is closed off and not communicative?

I have blogged about this before. This is the way you separate the real and from the fakes.
It is true many who are submissive are needy, I believe this is more true with those who are slaves.
Those who are not true, the fake Doms I have talked about, the married Doms or Daddy Doms I have talked about, they are the ones who tell subs that being needy is a bad thing, because then they have responsibility, they actually have to do something in the relationship instead of just getting their cock sucked.
Being needy is not a bad thing, so what if someone depends on you, at least you know you have someone you can depend on. I find someone who is needy to have strength, I believe they will open up more.If you except them for who they are as a person and a submissive, the communication is unlimited. In the end that is what we want communication.

Being needy is only a bad thing when the other does not care about you, and saying it is a bad thing should tell you one thing. They do not care about you.

As an experienced Dom, your style has changed over the years, but you have maintained your sense of self through it all, even through your own "training". Do you think this is an attribute common among Dominants?

This is an awesome question.

I believe Dominants tend to think things out more on an intellectual level than lets say someone who is vanilla. Did that make sense ?
Yes it is true for the most we do have to train ourselves, but as I have stated I myself have always had a mentor, someone I look up to and respect.
I go to him because he will not tell me what I want to hear. If I am fucking up he will tell me.

A good Dominant if he meets someone he cares about, and he believes a relationship is possible, then he should be able to meet ones needs, not really giving in, but bending a little, adapting is the answer I think.

Is it a trait, while all Dominants are not bad, I do not believe it to be common no.
Just like while at the local much and the topic came up about another Master stepping in if something happened to me. There were 12 Doms there and there was not one I would of trusted.

I find the love you have for Ariana to be truly special. To me, it transcends
Master and slave. When did you know she was the one? Was there a specific

xxoo Jane

Thank you for the email Jane.
The moment My eyes landed on her, actually when she extended her hand and we shook hands, I could feel the warmth. What I saw in her eyes told me everything. I new from the first words out of her mouth.
Thank you.


The Beach where we were Married.


Yet More Of A Woman and Wife Who was Used

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This is not from me, this is from a Woman who at some point believed she was loved and cared for. Only to almost lose her life and now because her ex husband could not keep his dick in his pant, she could no longer bare children. Then after everything was said and done, like he did nothing. He had the balls to ask her to sleep with his buddy.
These are not my words, these are the words of someone who was hurt and is still hurt.
Think about the Mans wife when you lay down and spread, and you can wonder what he has.

That’s not uncommon, Vile. Women like me begin to believe we deserve nothing better. No one else will want us. I’ll tell you more. He talked me into having a baby. I had terrible postpartum depression so he sent me and the baby home to live with my parents for a few months so they could help take care of us since he was “working” so much. Strange Women answered my HOME PHONE when I would call him and refuse to wake him up to talk with me because he was tired! When I questioned him about them, he would convince me they were just friends from work (military police). But AT MY HOUSE?? They were just more random women. I continued to live with him for another 20 months then when I nearly died due to a miscarriage, he told me he was leaving me. Turns out he was sleeping with our teenaged babysitter and got her pregnant. I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy for years. Why wasn’t I pretty enough? Why didn’t my love make him happy? Was I that bad in bed? Wasn’t I worth enough to teach? Why didn’t I deserve respect? It turned me into a controlling bitch to protect myself. That’s what giving your submission to an asshole does to you. I kept looking for a dominant loving man and choosing domineering ones. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. The damage to my self-esteem was tremendous. I buried that submissive girl deeply. I’m fortunate that my husband saw that part of me and nurtured me until I could be honest again. But that has taken decades away from us. Please share what you need to. One of the STDs caused damage to my reproductive organs and I didn’t know if I would ever have another baby. Men need to be honest with women. We might not like it, but we need them to man up and be real. The damage lasts a lifetime.

This Is So Sad, Yes About Married Men Who Cheat

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I blogged a couple of year ago about a Submissive I had met, her mother hated me. I was okay with that but I did not truly understand why she did not want her daughter seeing men, until I got the whole story…..

Her mother was nutty , but she became more nutty after her illness. Her dad worked in the Antarctic, he was gone 8 months out of the year and home 4 months. He never had sex with his wife well rarely did they have sex, and after meeting her I understood why.

Anyway he had left to go back to work, and she began to break out with skin rashes but bought over the counter medication, even after going to the ER when the rash was gone but was suffering from stomach pains. Shortly after the first visit to the ER , her daughter had to call and ambulance , her mother had a stroke and spent about 4 weeks in the hospital… Her diagnosis syphilis. She had a stroke and he had caused neurological problems as well and it could not be reversed . She forgave him as well, because she had never worked and even getting a check now she could not afford to live on her own. ..

I hear about this all the time and this is why I am so against anyone stepping out side of their marriage. It is all due to a lack of communication and nothing more, and in most cases the male does not know how to communicate his feelings.

So I did a blog this am and it mentioned men who step out of their marriage, and the lack of communication, and a reader responded about how her husband stepped out on her, and it was what I had said a lack of communication. Because if he had communicated with her she would of probably went along with what ever he wanted. …

Here is her response….

Thank you for posting. I was the wife who was cheated on years ago and the damage done to me emotionally sometimes still haunts me. He never told me what he needed until he finally left. By then he had given me a baby to raise and a few STDs. Not a good feeling. He should have been honest with me from the beginning. I’d have never married him.
So it was more than just STD’s she can no longer have children because of him… Here is the kicker..

I want to share one more thing. By the time my ex told me he wanted me to have sex while his buddy taped it, he’d already given me one STD. I’d faced my GYN who thought I’d been sleeping around. I was mortified. There was no kinky thing I was ever going to engage In With him because I already knew he couldn’t be trusted.

He was also banging the 18 year old Babysitter as well.

I have said this before if you are sleeping with a married man, and you believe you are the only one he is sleeping with, you are nuts.
The so called Dominant who prey on those who are submissive usually has a long list of women he is seeing, he really has nothing to lose, because he will just go back home to momma. He really has nothing to lose. He is not flipping any of the bills, he has no upkeep , just pussy on the side until the women catch on.

Now where am I getting my facts from? Over 23 years now being active in the lifestyle, I have met thousands through out the years and as many scum bags, and it is the same ol story time after time.

Now I have seen one who maned up and left his wife, because he needed to be him and he was honest and upfront, like me he was married and he did have children as well, he too lost almost everything.

If you think a man who has been married for 30 years who is middle aged, is going to walk away, wow your nuts.

A judge will not be kind, I was married for 9 years and was left homeless. well I had about 1600 in cash when I moved out. I felt free, I did not care about the house, or the cars, everything. The thing was I was able to be who I wanted and needed to be. I communicated my needs and I asked asked to move out. During our 9 year marriage I did remain loyal.

You can catch something and some there is no cure for. The heartache this woman went through and for a long time she thought everything was fine.
When she gave birth the first time she suffered from depression so he sent her to live with her parents because he worked. When she would call home women would answer the phone and refused to wake him because he was tired, I also have that response, but you can read it as well.
It is not a question of how you will get caught it is when, and if you have read the news any some women are now in prison because they shot someone for trying to wreck their home.
This woman had worked so hard to build what she had, and if it had not been for her they would of had nothing.
The Babysitter was to young to know or ever care about wrecking someones home, she had nothing to lose either she probably still lived at home.

It is truly sad when a man cannot be a man and he has to turn to take advantage of women who know nothing about the lifestyle and the way it is suppose to be.

Now I have been blogging about this for over two years, and each time I get a heart breaking story from someones life who has been wrecked because their husband could not be loyal.
You girls are expendable their wives are not they have way to much to lose. If the man is not happy he will leave.
If he is seeing you and he is not taking any responsibility in your upkeep as he should because if you knew anything about the lifestyle you would know a real Dominant would keep his up, if not half it would be all, if he is not that is a huge sign, and it says danger, your being had.
Ask any submissive or slave they will tell you the same thing.

I am so against abuse, I hurt for the woman who responded to my post because it was like I could feel her pain. I had to sit back and catch my breath because it was like she was sitting face to face with me.

I believe it was lionresurrected@wordpress , who maned up and did just what I did. He stepped up to the plate.

All of this because his wife wont take it up the ass, or suck cock, the man will risk everything.

As I stated Ive been on this kick for a very long time, and it is just wrong, it is demeaning. My hat goes off to the woman seeing the married man because you have a heart of steal.
Now are you prepared for Karma because Karma is real.

I am also sure you were told it was alright, you were told his wife said he could fuck other women. Your hearing this from a man who is stepping out on his wife, if this was true why are you always the secret, why are you always watching behind your back.
What are you going to tell her when she confronts you with a gun.
That is not love. Start acting out on a regular basis, become more needy, become more of a problem, and you will be asked to leave, because he has nothing invested.


To Those Who Cheat

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I give my opinions nothing more , I may not be much but I am a man with Morals, I am a man with pride, I am a man who lives by the truth , but most of all I am a man who is loyal to the end.

I was stuck in a bad marriage for 9 years because I was at Bush Gardens one year and as I was sitting there watching all these married couples pass me by who had children , I started thinking man I am missing out on a lot. The wife, the kid the dog, the house with a fence, cooking out with the smith’s I was missing out on something very special.

Chong had just left maybe I was just feeling lonely, my feelings were mixed, my mind was going a thousand miles an hour. So I found a wife. To this day I harbor some guilt, not because I still love her, that is so far from the truth, but because I lead her down a false path, I made her believe I was someone else, and for 8 1/2 years I lived a lie. The longer we were married to more it tore me up on the inside, I was dieing to get the fuck out, but I was going to try one thing. I was going to come clean about who I was and what I needed. Well that did not go over so well, and being married to the church lady did not help the situation at all. So I was asked to leave, and it was not until after I moved out Bea and I came into play. Now I had met Bea on line but we had not met each other until I moved out.

We had a son while I was married he will be 16 this year, and here is part of my morals coming out. I have not missed a child support payment in 16 years, although it is court ordered it does not come out of my pay check. 16 years not one payment has been missed and for many years I paid twice the amount that I was suppose to because I knew how she was struggling.  Again part of my morals.

Part of my morals when we were married I took vows, and many of you wrote your own vows, you swore to stand by each other through thick and thin for better or worse. You said it looking into each others eyes, and your husband or wife believed you, they took what you said to heart and trusted you.

Now there are circumstances that comes into light than can change those vows, If you are being abused, be it mentally or physically.. If you catch your spouse cheating, that is the unforgivable sin in my home. I told Arianna first thing if you cheat make sure that is who you want to be with because that is where you are moving. I refuse to sleep with someone who has been where I lay. The unforgivable sin, if you fuck around you are dead in my eyes.

Okay so we change, we are human, our needs change, not wants our needs. We begin to age and we want more out of life, so this is where the communication comes into play. You do have the right to express your needs, you have the right to tell your spouse how you have changed. If your spouse refuses to comply or try, then you have the right to leave, remember the VOWS you took now, for better or worse.

So the female cheats because she is not getting her kink met, her husband no longer communicates with her, they are no longer on the same intellectual level, hes hanging with the boys at the bar. You have the right to communicate, you have the right to express your needs. What you do not have the right to do is let someone other dude bang you and then go home to the man who has built the roof over your head, the man who pays your bills the man who puts food on your table, the father of your children, because this other dude is not going to share any of that responsibility, he is there for the pussy. The bad news is, the relationship will be short lived and you will be back to square one. The truth is you will get caught it is not when but how. You have to think is it fair to drag your children into your mess, to drag your whole family into your mess. Is it fair to catch something you cannot get a shot for and pass it on to your spouse. Again you took Vows.

The male who cheats, once a cheater always a cheater. So his wife will not suck cock, or refuses to do anal. He knew this before he took his what ? His Vows he knew this ahead of time, but at that point and time it was not a need because he had a steady piece of ass, he was or is getting a steady piece almost every night but the one thing missing was the cock sucking, being able to get the ass. Now it becomes a need because you told him no. If you tell a man NO then he needs it, it is in bedded in his brain now he has to have it.

Now we have google, I found Bea through yahoo profile searches which was the best. all you had to do was go to profiles and type in submissive or slave and a million names popped up. I had the world at my finger tips. The internet is a powerful mother fucker, you can find anything, including a bitch that will suck cock. someone who will take it up the ass, someone who will crawl to you,and someone who will sit by their phone and wait for your text or call.

You found your married Dom your married daddy. He is married to the worst bitch in the world, shes a fucking cunt, she is worthless, she is a bad mother, he wishes he was not still married to her, but you saved him your just what he needs now. He has been assuring you he is going to leave, but the time has to be right.

The bad thing is you fall for it, and you wait and you wait and you wait, but it never comes , he never moves out, even though she is so bad. She will not communicate with him, she will not have sex with him, she does not connect with him, she is so so bad, but he never leaves.

The truth is everything is fine on the home front except the sucking cock part, or the ass fucking, being able to tie you up, being able to spank you, you know the little things his bad wife wont do, but she does cook clean, probably works as well, and takes care of his children. He takes them out, they go on vacations together, school functions, they have cook outs with the smiths, while you sit and stare at your phone.

I am telling you this as a man not a pissed off woman, I am letting you in on how a male thinks , because I do not want to see you be someones bitch who is just there to suck cock once or twice a month.

If his life was so bad and he was treated so bad, you know what ? He would leave. He would pack his shit up and move the fuck out no matter the cost. No man is going to stay where he is not happy its not going to happen. On the other hand if he can stay home and get ass on the side, he will ride the storm out.

You know 30 years ago if you caught something you could go to the doctor and get a shot. Today that is not true, and most of you do not enforce any type of protection, putting your own life in danger. In the end you will be stuck alone, and your Dom or daddy is still cooking out with the smiths.

Some men for what ever reason are just close minded, I know dudes who don’t even like blow jobs, I know dudes who think anal sex is nasty. Some men see tying you up and spanking you as abuse. Some are just that stupid. A woman can tell their husband here I am you can do anything you want, and they think your sick, they think you need help. Like you I do not get it nor do I understand it.

If your an unhappy submissive and you have talked to your husband and he will not come around, if your kink means that much to you then leave. If you need to submit and he will not fill that dominant role then leave, but you better hope the one you move in with is going to be able to provide for you on all levels.

To the women who are subs or baby girls, and your seeing a married man.. He is not going to leave his wife, he is not going to leave the stability he has. He is not going to leave the mother of his children There are a few who will very few, but you have to look at his side of the world can you fill the shoes his wife can, because everything today comes down to money. If his wife is making a hundred grand a year and your making thirty grand a year, go on think about it, or maybe your not even working, the odds are not there, but if your a betting woman, go ahead and roll the dice.

I am just ranting, if your being cheated on it is not fair, if your the cheater its not fair. Somewhere in your head or heart if your seeing a married man, you have to be thinking about his wife, the one who gave birth to his children, the one who has built what he has, the one who has stood by all his bull shit. How would you feel if you were being cheated on? In a way you are because hes banging both of you.

Remember all you get is one side of the story, his side. If he says she does not care what he does, then it should be alright for you to talk to his wife. Last if you think you are the only one he is banging, your really dumb.




If Your Dominant Is Married

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Ok I am on a rolling rant this am, it is now 7.30am eastern time and Ive been up since 3.40am. I get up with Arianna every morning so we can have coffee together and just talk.

I was in a miserable Marriage for 9 long fucking years, wow what the fuck was I thinking. I wanted the Leave it to Beaver thing. The house the kids the dog, the fence. Get the fuck out. The worst sex I ever had, could not suck a dick to save the ark from sinking, and fucking was like dead weight. She lied to me all the time, even if the truth was adventitious to her. She spent money faster than the government. So I finely came clean about who and what I was, and I was told to move. I left with a duffel bag  and my motorcycle. I left her the house, the dog and over a 100.000 dollars in the bank. I think I may of had a 1000 dollars on me. Who gives a fuck, I did not because I was now free. Nine Miserable years and I remained loyal. I never stepped out of my marriage. I was a bigger man than that.

Okay I had met Beatrice on yahoo six months before I moved out, but Bea had the 6 month thing going on. She refused to meet anyone until she had known them for 6 months, so was that really cheating? Maybe, but I never asked her for any nudes, nor did we talk about sex. It was not long after I had moved into a beachfront apartment that she moved in, and I was finely in a good place.

If he cannot run his own home, if he has no control over his own home, how in the fuck can he control you.

If your seeing a married man, you will always be on the back burner, you will never be number one, and if you think for one minute he is going to leave his wife, you need to take a stupid pill. He is seeing you for one thing and one thing only SEX. His wife wont let him spank her, or she will not take it up the ass, but you will. You have the wild thought he is going to leave everything the two of them have built and just up and leave.

If you think about this, if you think real hard he would of already left, but he has not because he knows she will take him to the bank, she will clean his clock.

Now your seeing a married Dominant but most who are married and cheating are Daddy Doms, the biggest pussy’s on earth. Baby Girls are easy prey, they are more needy, they need more attention, but your not going to get that, your going to get a bag of broken promises and nothing more.

Now if your a submissive with any kind of a heart, if you have a conscious of any kind, if you have any feelings of any kind. Why would you come between something his wife has spent years building. They have had children together, they have bought a house together, cars, gone on vacations, family reunions , they have the jones over for cookouts. Why would you want to hurt her? What has his wife done to you?

Now your only getting one side of the story. His. Your only getting his side, how bad of a wife she is, how she does not care about him, how she wants to fight all the time, she makes him feel smothered. She makes his life miserable. Well if his life was so bad he would leave. He would pack up just like I did and say See ya, adios, I am out of here, you can have it, I am done. Think about it.

Nooo you sit by your cell phone waiting for a text, waiting for an email, your just waiting. but you never get it, and when you text it could be hours or days before you hear back.

If you think your the only other one he is fucking you are some kind of dumb, but you cant see it,all you know is you have found the one, the one you have been searching for your whole life. Please do not think for a minute if he does happen to leave his wife and you get lucky that he will not fuck around on you. He fucked around on his wife and his kids, why would he not fuck around on you.

You have got to think, don’t be responsible for wrecking what his wife has worked so hard to build , because no matter how big of a dirt bag he is she has stuck by him, she did nothing to you.


Why Do Some Master’s Share Their Slave’s II

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I spoke about this yesterday but I really did not give any reasons or go into any details  Those who abuse come in many shapes and forms. In the beginning a Dominant can seem like he is the nicest man you have ever met, he shows he cares, loves to talk and listen, treats you like your number one and nothing matter except you.

Then something changes he becomes distant, somewhat cold, non-caring. Most view those who are submissive as being weak, needy , unable to perform on a daily basis without instruction, for this most I find this to be untrue , then sometimes it is true.

Some women and this does not include those who are submissive, do enjoy being shared, they enjoy the different flavors in life and sex, they enjoy what I call being used by other men, and many times their better half will be agreeable. Then their are times the male wants the different flavors, and his better half is really not interested but goes along with what ever, just to keep her man happy.

When speaking about the Dom who shares most of the time this side of him is ego driven and nothing more. Just as the Dominant I spoke about I met from Ocala. When speaking to him on the phone he sounded very angry, hateful really none caring. In the end in order for her to be able to come back she excepted his offer. In the end she gave in and allowed herself to be used in any manner he saw fit.

The ego , then comes the power, the Dominant has a very strong grip on the submissive, and they will do what ever it takes to please. Even if it means being past around.

If your told to do something, and your gut feeling is telling you something different, then you are probably right. Then you have the right to question.

I have said many times we as humans are visual, just Google BDSM then click images and see what comes up, those images tell a very dark story, of pain and humiliation.

It is very easy to mislead someone who is new to the lifestyle, mainly because they do not know any better. The submissive only knows what they are being told.

I just had a dear friend who was in a new relationship, she had moved in with her Dominant. In the beginning everything was fine, everything was going well, then he changed. He was no longer having sex with her, and was just barking orders and reminding her daily he was the dominant and she was the submissive.  In the end she found out he was fucking everybody except her, including men. When she finely got the guts to leave, then came the blame game she left because she was broken. Even after she ask me for advice and I told her what was going on she did not believe me. Then his little game fell apart. In the end she was very strong, heart broken but strong. She will find the Dominant who really cares for her, I am sure of that she has to much to offer.

There are many reasons and signs but most are either ignored, or your thinking well this is the way its suppose to be. It can be monetary, your filling a void until something better comes along. Your Dominant is not spending time with you, if there is no sex that is the biggest sign. If you are flipping most of the bills.  The bottom line is you are being used. Once you begin to ask questions, then you are assured everything is fine.

You are being used just as what I spoke about above just not in the physical way, and in the end the outcome can be the same.

You the submissive has to decide what you want out of life, what you want out of your relationship, what you need out of your relationship. You have to decide what you need to make you feel whole and complete.

You have to decide what is best for you. Until you choose to submit the ball is in your court, you have rules that have to be followed as well, you have rights. Make sure you have a picture before entering a relationship. You have to ask questions and you have to get answers. If you are new this is a very tricky situation, then you just have to take his word for it.

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To All Dominants

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I know at times it seems I am pretty hard on those in the lifestyle, mainly other Dominants . A dear friend pointed that out to me the other day.

The fact is there are many that I do respect , there are many who stand true to their word. There are many who truly care about their relationship.

But and there is always a but with me. There are a handful and there always will be a handful of who I will call total fakes. The predator , the abuser. This will never change.

When I come off kinda hard please do not think I am pointing the finger in one direction because I am not.

At one time I was the abuser, I stayed on the hunt, and only looking for those who were submissive, get my rocks off and hit the road. I would say I spent a good several years picking up and using and just tossing to the side. I did not care about their feelings, or needs they were there for one purpose. Sex and nothing more. I did not care about the after effects or what I did to them mentally or verbally.Once I learned the game and I only had to follow my rules, it was game on, my game, I did not have to share the rules, I got my way and that is all I cared about.

On any giving day I could hit the mall and just watch. Picking a submissive out of a crowd is like picking an orange our of a basket of apples, yes that easy. Walk up strike up a conversation and twenty minutes later we were in my car, and she was sucking my cock. I would blow my load open the passenger door and say thank you good bye.

There are a lot more real Dominants than there are fakes, but just the few that can turn your day into a total nightmare.

Most of these fake Dominants are those who are married. They will tell you their wife knows, they will tell you their wife says it is okay because they are not into the kink, but they will never let you talk to their wife, nor will you ever know where they live or work. Or to you he may not be a fake, you may prefer those Dominants who are married, you may get off on just being an object, or you may prefer married men because there is no commitment , that can be a safety net for you.

What is it that makes a fake Dominant, well that is something you the submissive will have to determine , only you will know, only you will be able to tell. If you are new to the lifestyle it may take you longer to figure it out.

Only you knows what will make you happy, only you really knows what kind of relationship you need.

So it is not all Dominants I come down on. I am not perfect as much as I would like to think so, I am far from it. The one thing I have going for me, is I am able to be me. I do not have to live a double life, I do not have to sneak around behind my partners back. I do not have to worry about unwanted text or calls , nor do I have to worry about someone showing up at my house.


Change Never Works

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That statement is so true , I am speaking of trying to change lifestyle’s. Some change is good and can be beneficial under the right conditions.

I know some 16 years ago I felt like I needed a change. I was at Bush Gardens in Tampa Florida one day sitting down just chilling , watching all these family’s walk by, and I started thinking man I am missing out on some shit here. The wife, kid, white picket fence, a little ankle biter roaming the yard, cooking out with the smith’s.

I did just that it was not three months and I was married, it took me about a month to come to my senses , VILE my man you have truly fucked up, you acted without thinking, and now you must pay dearly because you got the bitch knocked up. You did it so make it work.

I never should of went to Bush Gardens, should of went to a Titty Bar instead, not sure why I went, I prefer Universal anyway. My ex was not bad looking small petite frame, yea that is about it. So I started to make my exit and she informed me she was pregnant. Fuck me man how much worse could things get ?

Well I stuck it out for nine years, and during that nine years I remained loyal to a T. So after eight years or so I had to come clean I could not take the Smith’s next door any longer, and I was asked to leave. Since then I have paid child support every week and have never missed a payment. I do see my son, not as often as I would like, but we have a good relationship going. There is no drama between my Ex and I or my current wife and Slave.

What I am getting at you can go from Vanilla to a D’s relationship and then back , but I do not think you can go from a D’s relationship to a Vanilla, talk about fucking culture shock.

If you are not happy with your current relationship get the fuck out, even more so if your fucking around. Okay when it comes to women I can somewhat understand the fucking around part. Women tend to be more sensitive than men, women need more attention than men, women are abused more than men, still if your not happy kids or no kids just make an exit.

Men in general are DOGS most will fuck your sister if giving the chance and hope you invite her over for dinner. Men are sexual predators. I remember being over at my ex mother inlaw’s and when she was talking to me, all I was thinking man those Tits have got to be fake, and sure enough they were store bought Tittys.

Finding the right partner from the start, finding someone your compatible with, someone who is open to new things. If you know head and ass is off limits it may not bother you at that moment and time, but six months or a year down the road you will have to have one of them, the answer will still be no, then guess what. Your doing your wife’s sister.

Change never works, not when it comes to a relationship.



There Has To Be A Bitch

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I use the word Bitch loosely , just as we use pet names. Pet names are okay to use. In fact most who are submissive like when Their Dominant uses pet names, even like my Little Bitch. The3 thing is to never use these names out of anger. I believe it can cause much confusion.

Anyway I’ve been really busy with work, planning the wedding, just getting things in order. Arianna has been going through some very positive changes. Changes that have been a long time coming. Things are good, and getting better. I love it when a plan comes together.

Arianna is still learning, and has really come a long way.  Just as I explained it takes roughly a year in a 24/7 relationship for a slave to fully mature. Most of the trust is there, but there still remains some doubt. I get to smile a lot when I am right.  A year ,a Slave should be in full swing. It takes that long to adjust to their new lifestyle. Some Slaves get over whelmed because if something is not right, they have the feeling that they have failed. During this time, punishment should be somewhat flexible, and some thought should be giving, and analyzed to see if a rule was just out right broken or maybe forgotten.  This does not mean I do not express myself or correct verbally.

Anyway I am at work talking to a guy that started the same time I did, and we were talking. He was explaining how much he hated his wife. How big of a drunk she was, how she yelled at him, calling him worthless, blah blah blah. Okay never mind the afternoon stops he makes at a local bar, or the fact he is addicted to Oxycontin, and morphine tablets. So I am guessing he is just as guilty as his wife. Then another coworker was complaining about how much him and his girlfriend argue all the time, mainly out of jealousy/  I can understand those two because they are still young, but Mr. Oxycontin is 55 years old. I would think there would come a time when a man or woman would want to grow up and enjoy life.

I begin to explain a little about my lifestyle a little, but see very early in the conversation he is not listening, nor did he really give a fuck. All is good because I didn’t really want to waste to much oxygen on him anyway. The next day he is complaining again, and I said look you knew she was fucked up before you married her, your like a person who does not vote. You have no right to complain.

He walks up to me and now he wants to listen. First thing he wanted to know if our lifestyle was some kind of an occult. My reply was your not only a pill head but your stupid, and that my friend cannot be fixed.

In a relationship there has to be a bitch, be it a man or a woman. someone has to be in charge. Someone has to make the final decision. You cannot have two alphas living in the same household, it will not work.  Many go years trying to make such a relationship work.

It really kills me when I hear men cry about how lousy their home life is. I had asked Mr. Oxy king how many times he has stepped out on his wife in 18 years and he could not count. Why did he cheat you ask? We she refuses to suck cock. My point was you knew this before you got married. You knew she would not go down south, but you let your dick do the talking.  Now your stuck, with Mrs Daniels and only getting laid the day before payday, suck it up my friend.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get everything out in the open before entering a new relationship. Most men will not because they are afraid they will not get the pussy, or they will be dumped. Once you hit it and you get that love thing going, it is over, sucking cock is out the window, until about six months down the road, you bring sucking cock up or even anal and you get a big fuck you. You then walk away like a whipped puppy with your tail between your legs. He does not have an alpha bone in his body. Then comes the thinking. and he strays, or even worse and I see it everyday married men pulling over and picking up hookers. Ten bucks to get their cock sucked.

It does however go both ways, many women are not upfront about their kinks and needs as well. I can understand somewhat on both sides because you do not want to come off as being to weird. Women fuck around just as much as men. It just really bothers me to see a man who is so weak.

Sex is not the only reason for someone stepping out, many things can come to lite. the biggest being non-compatible, a lack of communication, then comes sex. It does not make it right for either. Then to drag the whole family into a mess that they did not even create.

Unforgivable Act

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You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.

One of my rules that are in place. It may not seem it fits as a rule, but the fact is many today have a problem staying Loyal. When people do stray out of a relationship it is not love they are looking for, it is the heat of the moment.

Then again I have known people who have strayed and played with the same partner outside of the relationship for years, and then go home as if nothing has happened. Maybe they are not getting the attention they need at home, or the sex just sucks, but everything else is just fine at home. This still gives no excuse.

When entering a relationship the two should make sure they are compatible in all areas including sex. Many men are either ashamed or to shy to reveal their sexual needs and fetishes. Maybe the men are afraid of rejection, or when talking about sex topics come up the female is totally against. As usual the male thinking with his cock will give in. The male will think at that moment and time everything is fine.

Maybe the female is afraid to bring up her needs, kinks, and fetishes. Maybe she thinks the male will think something is wrong with her.

It does go both ways, she wont suck dick, and he wont eat pussy. If this is the case why would either chance a relationship that is doomed from the start.

Okay so it is not always about sex. Maybe a lack of communication, or the intimacy of just being held. Someone paying attention to you. Men are weaker when it comes to the above, a man can be in love, but let another female show a little affection and he is ready to jump the fence hoping the grass is greener on the other side.

Once into a relationship many women are neglected, the male begins to take advantage of the relationship without really knowing he is. He begins to expect things that were once done because the other wanted to.

You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.

I take these words very serious. The unforgivable act. A man crawling on top of my property. Using my property for their pleasure.

This post is not directed at anyone, and no it is not  directed towards Arianna. I completely trust her. She was reading her rules the other night and stated this was her favorite rule. She stated it was direct and to the point, and it told of the consequences.

Maybe your poly and you have the understanding and you agree it is okay to see others, maybe your in an open relationship. While I do not understand and I never will, what is between two is their business. If sleeping with others makes you happy and your relationship stronger have at it.

You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.

Before I entered our relationship, I made everything clear, my kinks, my fetishes, and my needs. I get everything I need from home. I fuck anytime I want, I get head anytime I want without question. I love anal sex it is there anytime I choose. Arianna dresses to please me and only me. Our communication is at level 10, we talk, we laugh and joke, more so me. I love to just gab and Arianna listens.

You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.

The bottom line you always get caught, it is not a matter of how or why, it is when. So you are going to take a chance and uproot your whole family. You are going to take a chance and destroy what you spent years building, over some dick or pussy.

Think about it, you take fifteen minutes of pleasure, your caught and told to pack your bags. The one your seeing is married, you cannot move in with them. Now your starting all over, now the fight begins.

Even if for some odd chance you are forgiving, the relationship is not the same. When you have sex the other person is always in the back of your mind. The trust will never be there, it is gone.

Men are dogs, when he is caught he will beg, cry, and swear he will never do it again. He will do what ever it takes or will say what ever it takes to keep his foot in the door. Most women will forgive, but they will not forget. Once the male is comfortable again, he is back on the prowl. Women on the other hand once caught and they see the consequences, they will not stray again, there are those exceptions, but for the most they will remain loyal.

You will remain loyal at all times. That is an unforgivable action. If for some reason this happens, be sure he is the one you want to be with.