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The Universe Gave Us A Submissive

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A Dominant was walking through a field one day ,and a female appeared out of nowhere . At first the Dominant was stunned, and the Submissive spoke.

I am here to serve you Master in anyway you see fit. I am here for your use and you may use as you see fit. I shall cook for you, I will clean your kingdom, I will kneel at your feet, you can take me anytime , anyplace you see fit. I will never argue with you because you are my world, I will never tell you that you are wrong, and I shall always walk the path you choose.

I will be here through good times and bad, I will take care of you when you are sick. You can communicate with me on all levels, and yes you may even confide in me, for what you tell me goes no further.

I will lay on my back and spread, I will crawl to you with pride, and yes you may take every hole. I shall welcome you in my mouth and I will proudly drink the seed you offer.

You may tie me up, you can use hot wax on me, you can use a crop, a flogger, a belt even a whip. You may spank me, gag me, and yes even at times humiliate me.

You may dress me up and show me off after all I am your property. You may talk about me the way a vanilla man would never do, you may put a collar and leash on me and I shall follow.

I will sit at your command, I will stand at your command and I shall go to bed at your command, I am yours use me as you see fit.

I only ask you play no head games, you are truthful with me as I am you. I would hope you would be honest with me as I am with you.
I promise I will not ask for much, I am only seeking your Love.

I shall wear your collar with pride, I will honor and cherish the collar that that you have offered this humble submissive.

I only ask one thing of you my Master and Owner

Take care of me. As I take care of you.



Were Invited To A Party

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I received a text a couple of weeks ago, inviting Arianna and I to a party. The party will be held where we have our MasT meetings. Masters And Slaves Together.

I thought it was going to just be a get together, dinner, conversation, just chilling which at this time I really need to just chill, my mind is pretty burnt right now, well it is exhausted.

Anyway I was thinking about the St Andrews cross this Dom has set up and I texted him showing interest in it. He responded it was for sale he paid 250.00 dollars for it and I could buy after the party. Then I knew what kind of party it was going to be.

Although the party is invitation only, and I did not know this until Arianna had brought it up because I was going to contact someone else and ask what was going on, but now knowing it is invitation only I have no idea who is and who is not invited.

I do need that get away, I need to be able to communicate with those in the lifestyle, that is kinda like my downtime , I am able to relax and talk to others who are on the same page.

I have been to a couple of fuck parties but I have never been one to take part in, I really do not get anything out of it. I suppose if your into sharing you may get something out of it.

I find going to parties like that is a form of exploiting your slave. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy showing Arianna off, because she has a body built for sin, but as far as going to a party and getting naked and playing, its really not my thing. Even using some of the Bondage equipment I find it weird using someone elses things knowing who has been on the cross or the spanking bench.

Now some of the things that would not bother me, one being getting my cock sucked while talking to another Dom, I would find that pretty interesting. Two , would be walking Arianna around on a leash. Ive had Arianna flash her pussy in front of another Dominant before, but that was only because I knew how bad he wants to fuck her.

I am interested in the St Andrews Cross the Dom has for sale and 250.00 is a good price it is well built. I found a kit on line for 199.00 with 60 dollars shipping so it comes out to about the same. The only advantage would be is buying a kit and putting it together yourself. Here is the link.

So we may go to the party and hang out for a while, and see how wild it gets, I do know some people I have no desire seeing nude.



Leash Training

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Many laugh at the idea when someone says I am going to Leash train my Slave or Submissive. The fact is, if the two are very serious about the lifestyle. The leash can have a great impact on the Slave/ Submissive.

Just as the Collar has a great emotional impact, once it is placed around the neck. The same goes when the leash is added. Now there is someone to guide you. Someone is not in full control of your movements.

The Master would teach commands not with words but with movements of the leash. Up and down are the two basic. Pulling down on the leash indicates you wish for yours to kneel, pulling up indicates you wish for them to stand. .

The Master should always hold the leash with the dominant hand. This is to insure he has full control. Teaching the slave the different movements without speaking is not as easy as it sounds. You are teaching the Slave/Submissive to follow on your commands without speaking. It would be almost the same as Pony training.

Any training for that matter you as the Dominant has to stay consistent in your training. Once you implement a rule or protocol , then you stay on that path. Staying on a path you set helps set standards. More so the Submissive/Slave knows what is expected.

To take it one step farther You can use cuffs, behind their back. This give the Master total control, and the Slave/Submissive will have to pay attention to your commands. The commands are much like the commands you would give if you use slave positions in your relationship. I do not recommend most of the positions on a daily basis, but the Slave/ Submissive will pick up on one or two the Master likes and will use without being told.

The other day Arianna and I was talking and I was going to change the way she greeted me. She did greet me on knees bent forward with arms stretched out face down. I instructed her I now wanted slave position # 2 The same but facing away from me hands on ass spreading apart. She did as instructed but later explained she did not get the same feeling. In the first position she felt more like a slave and explained while in that position she had a big grin on her face because I was home, and she could not wait to see me.  So after we talked I made that change. It truly makes Arianna proud to kneel and wait for me to walk through the door. That my friend is devotion. This is not when she feels like it, the greeting is everyday. I expect no less from my Slave.

While leash training when you are speaking all eyes should be on you. You can tell when someone is listening and when they are not and you make the corrections with a slight pull on the Leash.

Now depending on who you are and how open you are about your lifestyle. You may want to keep the Leash play just at home. You may want to wear the Leash at local BDSM events such as munchs. Or where someone is giving a Demo, on rope or maybe spanking.

You may feel comfortable wearing your leash in public. Many years ago during a bile week event here in Daytona Beach I walked Chong down Main Street with a collar and Leash on. Up one side and down the other, and not one person made a comment. People took pictures but no one said anything. I did not really expect any comments, but during bike week I have seen way crazier shit than some bitch wearing a collar and leash. You may not want to be seen in public, and that is fine.

I have not giving much thought to training Arianna with a Leash. She has enough on her plate, and to add anymore at this time would not be fair to her. I have giving it some thought in the past, and I may very well here in the future.

The Collar once put around their neck gives them a feeling of being complete. They have worked so hard to earn. They have giving more in six months to a year than they have ever giving. I cannot even imagine the rush that goes through ones mind once the collar is put on. There is way more than just the feeling of being owned.

Then you add the Leash. You the Dominant are now in full control. If the Slave or Submissive is in the right mindset it will take them places they have never been before. Total power exchange. They now know they must follow without question.

This is also a type of Behavior Modification, you are giving a different mindset. Used on a daily basis they will soon adapt, and will most likely welcome the Leash when you bring it out.

One thing you never use is a choker collar, never, never , never.

Trust me it puts them in a different place.

Hey check out my friend on facebook she has an awesome group. Hers is more active than my group is you will have a lot of fun.





Human Pet

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I am totally fascinated by this idea of human pets. I ran across a story where a couple in England who were not allowed on a city bus because the girl was a human pet lead on a leash.

I truly believe in being who and what you are, being able to be free in your mind and thoughts. Arianna does wear an enternity collar 24/7 it does not come off. Although there have been a few comments about it, they were nothing pertaining to the lifestyle nor did they even know what it was.

Before I met Arianna I had giving it great consideration in owning a human pet. I even contacted a pony trainer I know and I began my search. I had met a few but no one I really clicked with.

Arianna and I watched the movie The Pet, like most of the BDSM community I found it very disturbing that the creator really messed up the whole story line, and intermixed BDSM with the slave trade.

The part I enjoyed was the bonding process, and how close the two grew with each other. In the lifestyle we all have different needs, I do not judge anyone, I may not always agree with something but for me to judge would be wrong.

Many do not agree with the way I run my house, I can live with that I still sleep at night. So someone spends a lot of time thinking about me and how I should be doing things different, that is really way to much time spent on something you have no control over.

The pet, although over the past year I have not giving it much thought, while at a much I ran into an old friend who is a pet. We never played around she wanted to come over and play fetch, but when she would text I just said well lets do star bucks instead. I just didn’t have that connection with her

While looking for a pet, I spent much time thinking on how something or such a relationship would work, feeding , bathing, sleep at the foot of the bed, in a cage. Then comes the sex, do you have sex with your pet I mean does it go that far. In my thoughts yes but it would depend on the goal each other had set before entering the relationship.

Doing research on the subject on Human Pets it seems more like a kink, or a fetish. I did not find very many who really took it very serious. That also falls under the new BDSM guidelines, the lifestyle is really not taking very serious any longer. Most everything listed is Kink or Kinksters.

Collars are giving out like candy, I suppose it makes it easier to get some pussy, get what you want and take your three dollar collar back. I have met some who met a Dom friday night for dinner and was wearing his collar before dinner was over. He hit it a few times and pulled a casper the ghost poof he was gone.

In my world owning a pet would be very serious, just as serious as I take the lifestyle. It would be a commitment. I looked for about a year, but then I met Arianna, and that kinda changed things up. I am in a good place now, very happy and content with the way things are going.

Owning a Pet Hmm.

I am A Pet


Last updated at 16:43 23 January 2008

Given that she describes herself as a human pet ? and is happy to walk around on a lead ? Tasha Maltby is used to odd looks and even odder remarks.

But nothing had prepared her for the reaction of the bus driver who allegedly told the self-styled Goth and her boyfriend: “We don’t let freaks and dogs like you on.”

Miss Maltby and her fiance Dani Graves were so angered they have complained to the bus company of being “victimised”.

Scroll down for more…

GothsGoing walkies: Dani Graves and girlfriend Tasha Maltby were allegedly barred from a bus

“It is definitely discrimination, almost like a hate crime,” 19-year-old Miss Maltby said yesterday.

The music technology student had this defence of her lifestyle.

“I am a pet, I generally act animal like and I lead a really easy life,” she said.

“I don’t cook or clean and I don’t go anywhere without Dani. It might seem strange but it makes us both happy. It’s my culture and my choice. It isn’t hurting anyone.”

The bus driver, however, has obviously not been listening.

He has repeatedly refused to allow Mr Graves, 25, and his “pet” on to his bus in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Last month, with Miss Maltby on a leash as usual, the couple tried to board a bus at the bus station.

The driver, who was off duty, was standing near the door.

Mr Graves alleged: “He shoved me off the bus. He called us freaks and he called Tasha a dog.

“He said, ‘We don’t let freaks and dogs like you on’.

“He basically grabbed my T-shirt and slammed me backwards.

“I got a bit angry and called him a fascist pig.”

In a separate incident, police were called when the driver, who has not been named, refused to allow other passengers on board after the couple ignored his orders and sat down.

The couple, who live on benefits in a council house and plan to start a family, have been friends for years.

They started going out together in July and became engaged in November.

Paul Adcock, of bus company Arriva Yorkshire, said: “We take any allegations of discrimination seriously.

“Mr Graves has already contacted us directly and as soon as our investigation has concluded we will inform him of the outcome.”

Read more:
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Very Nice.

True Or Fiction

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As I stood at the gate at OIA waiting , I was wondering what was going through her mind. I had not discussed anything that would take place. I am not one to share much of what is on my mind.

Meeting for the first time, both have expectations, you already know what each other likes and dislikes, The limits and the ones to be pushed.

As she exited the gate I saw she was wearing what she was instructed , a white button dress blouse, and a black skirt, that went below the knees. I walked up a greeted her. Very small, short black hair, no makeup, I like that. I stood behind her and place a small leather collar around her neck, I then attached a leash, and began to walk.

Once we reached the car I opened the trunk and she placed a small bag inside, I opened the door to let her in. Once in the car, she had been instructed to unbutton her blouse exposing her firm breast. I then reached down and pulled her skirt up and told her to remove her panties. Now her breast and pussy were exposed. The windows were down, it was fall, the weather was very nice.

We arrived at my home, I stopped at the front door and instructed her to stand at the door. I walked in and returned with a blindfold, and a pair of old civil war shackles I had bought just for this visit. I stood behind her, place the blindfold over her eyes. I then wrapped her eyes and blindfold with body tape, insuring it stayed in place, and no light would get through. I then took the leash and guided her to the bathroom, and told her to strip, once nude,I guided her into the shower, turned on the water and I started to bath her.

Once I was done I dried her off, and placed the cuffs on, her wrist then ankles. This is what I had been waiting for. I placed my hands on each shoulder, and pushed down instructing her to kneel. Once down I told her to open her mouth, and I inserted my cock. I began pumping slow at first, then I placed one hand on the top of her head , and one on her chin and I fucked her face as fast and hard as I possibly could, Until I shot my load down her throat.

A knock at the door, I grabbed the leash, walked her to the living room, I open the closet door placed her inside, I said sit, not a word, I closed the door, went to answer the front door, and it was two couples I had invited, both Master and Slave. We sat at the table must have been a couple of hours drinking coffee, talking about our week. Then it hit me, wow this bitch is still in the closet.

I excused myself, went to the closet, opened the door and I told her to stand, grabbing the leash, I guided her to the dining room and introduced my little Asian. I instructed her to hold her arms above her head, and to spread, with the shackles still on. I grabbed each breast telling my friends how firm and soft. I told her to turn around, I placed a hand on one ass cheek then the other, showing how firm her ass was. I guided her to the kitchen, and I took the body tape off then the blindfold. I told her how good she was doing, how she made me proud. Stand right there do not move. I left to return with a black leather hood, that had openings for the eyes nose and mouth. I placed it on her head. I had bought her a pair of 6 inch heels I gave them to her to put on. I showed her the coffee pot, where the cups were. I then told her to prepare five cups and bring them to us in the dinning room.

Once the coffee was served, I singled her to sit on my lap, and for her to place her arms around my neck. as we all sit there talking, my hand ran down to her tight pussy, which was very wet, and I whispered in her ear, your a dirty little whore. While we were talking I began to finger her, and pulling on her clit, Once I knew she was about to cum, I stopped. I whispered in her ear again, no no, this is not about you, this is about me.

As we sat talking, she whispered in my ear that she had to use the bathroom. I instructed to her ask for permission to speak, once granted then she may speak freely. I excused us and I took her by the leash and walked into the kitchen opened the backdoor and walked her outside, only wearing a hood, heels and shackles. Once in the yard she looked at me baffled. I looked at her and said go, you told me you had to go to the bathroom now go. Once she had finished, I walked her back in, opened the closet door, and placed her inside, I shut and locked the door and returned to the dinning room. Another couple of hours had passed, and my company was ready to go. Once they had left I went to shower.

I had prepared roast beef, mashed potato’s, gravy, and green beans. I went to the closet, unlocked the door, took her leash and guided her out. I removed the leather mask, and placed the blindfold back on along with the body tape.Guided her to the table and told her to kneel. I prepared my plate then her bowl, I placed my plate on the table, and handed her her bowl with not silverware , and instructed her to eat. While eating I was telling her she was in for an interesting weekend, I was going to do things she had only thought of .

Once we finished eating, and I allowed her to wash her hands, I went to the bedroom, and returned with a small bathrobe. I removed the shackles, and had her put it on. Now was my time to sit outside and relax. I poured me a drink, I took her leash and guided her outside sat her down in a chair across from me, and I told her to spread so I could admire her pussy. The evening was nice a little breeze, and you could hear the ocean, very relaxing.

A friend of mine walked up and asked how I was doing, and I replied well look at what I have, a toy for the week. With out thinking she closed her legs and I said not a word. After her had left, we walked back inside, I guided her to the bedroom. You have been a bad girl, no one told you to close your legs. It is very simple, you do as your told no more no less. I reached up and smacked her face, I said do you understand me, a small whisper, came from her mouth yes Vile.

I removed the shackles, and told her to place her hands at her side. I reached in my closet and grabbed some rope and I began tying her arms in a dragon sleeve behind her back. Once finished, I placed spreader bars on her ankles. I picked her up placing her at the foot of the bed, bending her over until her face was flat on the bed. I walked over to the table and picked up the lube, after I stripped I lubed my cock up and walked up behind her. placing my cock at the opening of her tight ass I slowly pushed in, Until I was as deep as I could possibly be, and I just held it, feeling her, her ass was tightening around my cock. I reached up and grabbed a hand full of hair, pulling her head back, and I began pumping her tight little Asian ass, telling her what a dirty little slut she was, how I enjoyed using her. Once I came inside her ass, I pulled out telling her not to move. I reached in my box and pulled out an anal plug,and I slowly inserted into her ass. Pulling her by her hair, I said stand. I then removed the spreader bars, and replaced with cuff’s. Walked her to my closet, and said it is bedtime. I reached in my box and pulled out my favorite toy, a butterfly vibrator, remote controlled. I placed it over her pussy, turned it on the make sure it was working.

I then placed her in the closet, sat her down, and I placed a blanket over her, and shut the door.. As I laid in bed I turned on the vibrator. I could hear it buzzing, and before I knew it little moans were coming from the closet. I could tell she was about to cum, and I shut it off.

The next morning I opened the door, and helped her stand, as I removed the sleeve, and cuff’s , I said you have five minutes to stretch. I prepared breakfast, scrambled eggs and oatmeal. This time I paced her bowl on the table, and instructed her to eat again no silverware.only her hands.

After she had finished I sat my food on the table, I like watching the news while I eat, I did not allow her to wash her hands yet and instructed her to get under the table, I pulled my cock out, grabbed her by her hair and said please me. While she sucked my cock I ate my breakfast. Just as I took the last bite I exploded in her mouth, telling her not to pull back.

I walked her to the shower turned on the water, and told her to take her anal plug out. Once out I began to bath her, her blindfold still in place I spread her legs so I could wash her pussy and ass. While washing, I told her we were going out for the day. We were going to Orlando to a Dungeon. I hoped she would like it.

Once showered I removed the blindfold, it took sometime for her eyes to adjust. Come on it is time to get dressed. I had bought a small black leather skirt, and a small black leather halter top, along with black heels, no panties or bra. After she was dressed, I bent her over lubed her ass, and fucked her again, I was thinking I still have not had her Asian pussy yet, but soon I shall. After I came again, I reinserted the anal plug, placed the collar and leash back on and walked out.

It took us about 45 minutes to reach the Dungeon, on the way not a word was spoken. Once there I opened her door took her by the leash, and walked her in, and began introducing her.

The first was the spanking bench my favorite, I bent her over cuffing her hands to the legs of the bench, then her ankles, I pulled her skirt up, and singled for a friend of mine to come over. I said when is the last time you have seen an ass like this, small firm, look at the way her pussy is puffed out. as we stood there talking, I poured a little baby oil in one hand, grabbing her hair with the other hand, pulling her hair back, first the right cheek, then the left, this went on for about 10 minutes, her Asian had turned a dark red, I un-cuffed her, and walked her over to the St Andrews cross. I had her back up to it and cuffed her arms, then her legs. I left her there and went to my car to retrieve my bad as everyone was looking at her, once back, I reached in my bag, and Pulled out two big black book binders I use for clips, I knelt down and grabbed one pussy lip and placed a binder on, then the other. Then I grabbed two more, I placed one on each nipple. I then took a small piece of rope, and laced it through each binder on her nipples, then down to her pussy lips, laced through each binder, pulling the rope tight, and tying  off. I walked over to the wall, and picked a eight pound flogger.

I walked over to her I liked this one because it had a swivel on the end, and I began rotating my wrist, until the flogger made contact, I started at her breast, and slowly moved down to her belly, the her pussy area. This went on for about fifteen minutes, she was completely red, and I could see small bruises popping up.Once I had enough, I un-cuffed her and walked her over to a cage, leaving the clamps on, I opened it, told her to kneel, Not a fucking word do not speak to anyone.

About an hour later I came back, opened threw her clothes in the cage and told her to dress leaving the clamps on.

Once in the car, back on I4 heading to the house, I told her to put her cock sucker to work, I made her undo my belt, and take my cock out, as she began sucking I pulled up next to a tractor trailer, and I honked my horn, causing him to look down. I grabbed her hair pushing her face down until I could feel her gagging, until I came deep in her throat.

I love Asian women. small petite. I can just pick up and carry around. Once back at the house, and the door was open I snapped my fingers and told her to go straight to the bedroom. Once inside, I blindfolded her again, this time using only body tape. I walked her over to the bed and instructed her to sit in the middle of the bed. I told her to put her hand behind her back, and I cuffed her. I then laid her back, taking out  a few pieces of rope, placing one around the back of her neck, I then told her to pay back, I took her left leg, and pushed it back until her calf met her thigh, I then tied her leg in place, taking the other end of the rope, I tied the other leg tight, so not both legs were spread wide. I stood at the end of the bed just looking and admiring her body. I could not believe this little whore was mine for a week.

I walked over to my bag and took out a ball gag, and the anal plug, I inserted the plug into her ass., I told her to open her cock sucker, and placed the ball gag on. I then crawled on top of her pushing my cock into her tight pussy, and began to pump her, whispering in her ear, what a dirty little slave she was, how everyone tonight was watching me use her at the dungeon,  after I dumped my load in her. I crawled off, and went and showered, leaving her tied up, I laid down and went to sleep, with her still tied.

What an awesome week..

True Or Fiction.



WOW My Phone Rang At 12.35am

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I go to sleep at night , what little sleep I get, maybe if I am lucky 3 or 4 hours a night, After getting off of the phone, at 1.45 am I was out and my eyes opened wide at 4.45. I am thinking what the fuck. So I get up make a pot of espresso, I stand there waiting until there is enough for a cup, my cup being 16oz, just a tad of sugar. I drink coffee for the flavor, the caffeine no longer has a effect on me, most of the time there is a cup next to my bed, and if I wake to go to the bathroom, I will take a drink.

I went to sleep watching some fishing show on the history Channel , and low and behold, my phone rings, it has to be an emergency because no one in their right mind would call me at 12.35am, it just does not happen.

So I answer it and Wow it is Z from Texas, what is funny I had just mentioned her in a blog that night. So I look at my caller id and yup it is her.

I hear this voice. How are you doing? It takes a minute for things to kick in. First off, I never keep any ones phone number that long, if I do not hear from someone lets say in a month, you get deleted. You are taking up needed space. So poof your gone.

Z has always been different although we never met we still had a connection, well enough that she knew she could call me at 12.35am

She has had one Dominant well she thought, it turned out he was married, and really using Z for eye candy at BDSM functions. When they got out of his van he would put a collar on her and lead her around on a leash.I think we met on collarme a BDSM dating site, that is really a joke, full of spam, I get Nigerian proposals everyday in my inbox.

Z has always been submissive, but things just seem to get in her way, like I spoke about earlier settling for less. Now she has found herself in a mess, here we go. A man who is not a dominant, a man with ex-wife issues, step daughter issues, insecure, low self esteem issues, and feels less of a man because she makes more money than he does. Sex happens rarely for what ever reason Z is really hot.

I fixed the last problem she had, with the married Dom, but I am not going to fix this, I told her she had to make up her mind, when it came to what she wanted out of life. She has to be the one to clean her mess up, she got herself into it, I had nothing to do with it.

We were going to meet, sometime ago, but she got scared, mainly because of the control I had over her. I did not look at it as a controlling factor, I looked at it as a connection factor. I am not one to talk on the phone, five or ten minutes at the most then I am done, but with her we talked for hours and hours.

So we all get lonely, we feel empty, we feel lost. So being human we jump at the first opportunity to fill that void, crossing our fingers hoping it is going to work, but really in the back of our mind, we know the truth.

I think last night she just needed to clear her head, get stuff off of her chest, someone she knew she could talk to on many levels. I make her laugh, she likes that.

Here is another thing I do not get, just like with this Jehovah Witness who was married, her husband showed up at my door crying, because I was wrecking their family, not I, I had no clue she was married, anyway. A man has a woman who is willing to do anything to please, and they just don’t get it., or they look at them in some bad perverted way.

Now she has not told the guy she is living with about her needs as far as BDSM goes, but what she has said is, if there is anything sexual you need, or anything you want to do or try, talk to me. He just stares at her.

What is really funny while talking to me Z was in her bedroom, and he was in the living room watching TV, and it was as if she did not care if she was caught, she just said I made her feel special.

We will always be good friends, and I have made it clear if she ever needed anything she knows she can call me.

What she was thinking I am sure, is that she thought she could call me, and I would fix everything, not going to happen. I am sure she thinks that once he is gone, I will step in, not going to happen. You get one chance, that is it. I am not programmed like that, to become someones bouncing ball.


Thai In A Dungeon

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I blogged about an older Dominant I knew who was a mentor to me for many years. Animel yup real name. I had moved in with him, after he had a quad bypass, to help him out. He was bad about checking his sugar , and BP, and taking his meds.

Animel had his own personality, he looked like a pissed off Santa. People who knew him asked how we got along so well. To look at him and talk he is very intimidating , your first impression was fear, but if you stood up to him he was okay, that is all he really wanted. That is how he separated the men from the pussy’s

Animel at this time was in his mid 60’s , but always had beautiful women around him, I never truly understood. His current slave was going to college in California, she came home two or three times a year, and was there for his surgery, but had to leave shortly after. Smoking hot, wow.

Animel lives in a warehouse, about 1300sf, he had converted 300sf into a studio, the rest was his work shop, and Dungeon.

I thought I was a sadist this man put the fear of god in me, noway if I was a female slave would I even consider him, but he has the gift of gab.

Six months earlier I was driving a Cab, I do sometimes during events to pick up some extra cash, during the Daytona 500, bike week, and spring break, you can pick up like 5 or 6k easy.

Anyway its like 5.45 pm and I am getting ready to get off and I take one more call, I pull up in front of this apartment, and out comes this smoking girl, it is like she is walking in slow motion, hair flowing in the wind, this short ass skirt that really covered nothing, and tennis shoes, BIG TURN ON.

She gets in and she is going to shoot pool, so I try to strike up a conversation, she is polite but her reply’s are short and to the point. Her mother is from Thailand ,and her father is american, but she had more Thai in her than american. So we get to the bar, the meter is 25 she throws me 30 and gets out. Watching her walk away reminded me of that song by Trace Adkins Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. Driving back to the shop that song was stuck in my head.

I was working on my truck and needs a few sockets, so I jumped on my bike and road over to animels. Knocking on his door I was not really looking forward to this. So I let him rant about how fucked up the world is, how the people next door is pissing him off, and he is going to shoot somebody.

I finely get a word in and I tell him I need several sockets, he tells me which tool box there is and what drawer, I walk in the shop.There is a St Andrews cross, A hoist, and floggers all over the place. I open the drawer and I am looking and I hear what I think is a low muffled noise, nah I am the only one here. I hear it again, and I walk around his dune buggy he has been working on for some time.

This bitch is chained to the floor. The one I picked up that was going to play pool. I grab a 5 gallon bucket sit down lite a cigar, just taking it in. I am thinking if I would of known. Now 99% of the time I can spot a submissive a mile away, but this one got by me, but I guess she had been seeing animel for sometime. Her chain was long enough to go into the bathroom and shower, he would feed her, and at night sleep at the foot of his bed. Fucking incredible. Fuck Me.

I pick up the sockets and walk out, I am like dude there is a bitch chained to your floor. Animel replied yea I cant get her to leave. He told me he kicked her out once and she just sit by his door, so he finely gave in and let her come in.

Well a few years have passed she has finished school she is now a physicians Assistant, they still live in the warehouse together.

Wow incredible, but after all these years he finely found someone who truly loves him, for what he is. So now I guess there are two of us that understand him. I just do not get it, I mean he never has a kind word to say to anyone, he goes off on these wild rants, about Black Helicopters flying around at night taking pictures of people.

To this day when I see them together, I just shake my head.