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Does A Submissive Have The Right To Wear A Collar

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I will post this tomorrow.  I will give my reasons why I think not.
Then I would like to hear the readers views.

Three Collars

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The Collaring of a submissive or slave is probably the closest you will ever feel, your emotions sky rocket through the roof. I myself could feel the oxygen running through my veins, the rush, as I looked down at my arms , they looked broke out as I watched the chill bumps rise..

Then as she turned around and I picked up the allen wrench and I begin locking the Collar, the rush grew even more intense, my thoughts were becoming numb, I could feel my hand shaking a little, but still keeping my composure together. Then it was locked, I now had full ownership of my slave and wife, it was done.

I searched for days I spent hours comparing different collars, where they were from, how they were made and even who made them. I wanted something special, then I found House of collars, as I was reading it stated they were all hand made and being made by hand showed some imperfections. How awesome is that? That means that each collar is different, not any two collars are the same.

The House Of Collars does awesome work, they can be hard to get a hold of but if you leave a MSG they will return your call. Dom Wolf the maker of the collars cannot hear so well so you speak with his wife. They will do most anything you would like to have done.

So I picked out three collars I liked, and yes one was from eternity which are nice collars they do look perfect, but me being me I look at every detail. As I am reading I get to the weight , the eternity collar weighs in at 3 to 4 ounces, while the house of collars weighs in at almost a full pound. There is a major difference. I think being able to feel the collar knowing it is there has a huge impact.

The other collar I had found was from China and I was not willing to stoop that low , and you really do not have a clue as far as what kind of metal it was.

Out of three I picked one, and once I placed the order I was able to contact them by phone to insure everything was still on time. I have even called them about placing the diamond in a collar which Eternity told me they could not, I have been to several Jewelry repair places and have been told they could not do it because the metal is to hard. They were more than happy to do their own creation and the cost was over a thousand dollars. Yea I am thinking not.

To have a collar that no one else has, they may look the same but if you look up close each is truly different. Each is unique in its own way.

As I opened the box and I lifted the collar out, I had never experienced such a feeling, it was like the collar was glowing, As I held it up to the light I could see the slight imperfections, the weight of the collar, it was perfect.

To this day I do not understand how some can disregard what a collar means, the disrespect , the joke and some even call it a dog collar, I guess that is because that is what it looks like. Then the Dom gets upset because the submissive or slave does not wish to  wear it in publicImage

She does not wear the O ring while out as a matter of fact It was taken off the day I received it.

The collar is something the two should take part in looking for one, but in the end I made the final decision, but it was not going to be a fake leather collar from and adult book store that cost 3.99.


Tomorrow The Collaring Process And Why The Daddy Dom And Baby Girl Is Not Included

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I am going to walk you through what I think the collaring process is.

I am also going to give my reasons why a Baby girl should not be collared.

I’ve been down and out had a few teeth pulled and ended up with a bad infection.

Much love

So I want to write a book

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Everybody wants to write a book today. I have even been asked why I don’t move to a site so I could start making some money. Well its not money that I am interested in. Although I do like money, but if I did that then it becomes a Job, it becomes something I have to do. Blogging is a release for me, it is where I can go and be me. I can share my thoughts and my life experiences, although there are somethings I have not shared because I am not to happy about some of my past. It is not that I ever hurt anyone because I have never crossed that line, and I never did anything that was not asked of me, just somethings I am not proud of. This was when I first became active in the lifestyle.

Thekinkyworldofvile this is where I can come and hide in my own little world, fuck I can be me, not that I worry what others think, it is just a release.

What the collar means, how you earn a collar and know it is just not giving to you.

Rules and protocols and what they mean…………

I am also against abuse in case you have not caught on yet, but I am sure many of you know this already. I am against any type of abuse when it comes to women, in the lifestyle or no. It does not matter where you are from, it does not matter what your color is, it does not matter if your gay, straight or Bi. You are still humans…..

I preach against stupid, I preach against stupid everyday. Most men think I spend much of my time bashing them and that is not the truth. I do however Bash those who are married to vanilla women and you cant get your wife to suck your cock so you hunt out those who will. You have to do so because you cannot run your own home. Your really not a man, and you never comment. Almost 200.000 visitors and 5.000 comments and not one man has left a comment to justify why he fucks around on his wife and family. Or how you sit at the dinner table and look at your child in the eye, knowing what your doing behind their back. Okay enough of that because I am getting upset here.

Over 800 post and a couple of re-blogs and I have so much more I want to talk about, so much more I want to cover, and what I am trying to do is reach out to those who are new to the lifestyle and maybe just maybe I can lead you down the right path, so you do not have to experience the abuse so many have. Physical abuse is bad , but mental abuse is a Mother Fucker, it stays with you for years, and the scars are much deeper, bones heal mental not so much. The constant mind fuck abuse. Then once out of that relationship your now scared like a puppy who was beaten.

So I want to write a book, not so much for profit, but to maybe try to let people into my world a bit more. Maybe allow others to see a different side of me.

Talk more about my travels my first interactions with BDSM , how I knew I was different as a teen, my relationships , training , and how training is different depending on the submissive or the slave. Because what works for one does not work for the other. What to look out for when it comes to looking for a Dom, or when meeting a Dom. Safety when it comes to play, even impact play where to hit and where to not hit. I could cover so much.

Someone was suppose to help me, because number one I do not have a clue on where to start. She has some family problems come up and family comes first. Someone else was recommended but she now has her hands full with a huge move coming up, and last but no least my writing skills are not the best.

A kinky book, covering everything from anal sex, to fisting, face fucking, bondage, control, how to train who knows where it could go.

Spotting a predator, being able to spot a fake Dom from the beginning, how to avoid all the heartache it could be a book that never ends.

I guess what I am looking for is a co-writer, someone who is willing to step in and help. Not a long book I was thinking like 1500 pages or so maybe a little longer… Short story

Any Idea ?

ImageWhat a way for me to start out a book. Once upon a time, by Vile


Introducing BDSM To The Home

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This can be very difficult but if the communication is right and both parties are open minded enough it could work. There are more than a few ways the idea could come into play, some are good while some are not so good.

The male will take one of three stances, yes , no , or maybe. This is it being brought up to him. Much of the time a male needs time to roll ideas through his mind. The main thought is what do I get out of this if I have to put any effort into it. I have to get something or its just not worth my time.

The female however will take two stances on the subject it will either be yes or no, there is no maybe. Just as I brought up the idea and the need I had to my ex-wife, but I got the your fucking perverted . It took you seven years to come to that conclusion congratulations you stupid bitch. So yes it does pay to be honest at all times even if you do not get the out come you had hoped for..

Most men who say NO or let me think about it truly have this guilty feeling, because no matter how you explain it, it is still drilled in their mind that it is abuse. Somehow being tied up , spanked, told what to do, or face fucking is abuse.

How ever those who stray have no problem bending some bitch over and dry fucking her ass until she passes out. Why ? I suppose there is no real connection between the two, there is no love between the two. The male does not feel ashamed doing what he is doing because it is now expected. With his wife he was exploring uncharted territory or he knows she is against any type of kink

If your a woman who is married and you have been asked to suck cock, or do anal and you refuse he will find someone who will do those things for him. He may not leave you and the chances of him leaving is very slim. The main reason is he has already built his kingdom, he feels secure, he feels safe, and he knows you are not going anyplace. He will how ever step out on you, and find someone who will fulfill his needs.

While you can get pissed off, while you can scream and yell because how dare he let some other women suck his cock.  Think about how you refused to. The worst thing you can tell a male is NO, because when say say that one word it now becomes a need, and vengeance will be his.

I believe sex falls under wifely duties, short of being abuse you are meant to please, now that does not mean you do not get anything in return because any relationship was meant to be a two way street. You as the wife are suppose to lay on your back, get on your knees, or on your hands and knees bent over spreading your ass. Everyone is not going to think the way I do and that is fine, I am expressing my own opinion. The husband has duties as well, and I have covered much of that in my 800 and something post. I have covered the abusive male, so do not think for one minute I am about abuse because I am not.

The key to a successful relationship is finding someone you are compatible with, you like the same music, food, going out, walking the beach at night, and then yes this also includes sex.

While I was searching for a partner I dated probably a 100 who thought they were slaves, and I refused to settle for less, if you told me you did not suck cock, the conversation was over, if you told me you did not do anal the conversation was over, which means I just blew 30 bucks for dinner, and I was going to go home and jack off. If you settle for less you will never be happy, you are only happy for that moment and time.

The man brings up BDSM to the wife and she may go along with it just to please, but most of the time the male gets a little rough because why? We are visual he has googled BDSM clicked on images and what do you see? Some bitch getting her ass beat. So he truly has no clue, or he has read some stories on The woman if she is in love enough or she thinks it will improve their already soggy relationship she will go along with it for a while, only to find out things are still soggy.

Now the female brings it up, now we are in a whole different ball game, the rules have changed, because what she is thinking is nothing the way the male see’s how things might turn out.

The woman has thought things out for the most. The woman can see herself living as a slave 24/7. She can see in her mind how it would be her living as a slave. The truth is she thinks about it for a long time before bringing the subject up, for a couple of reasons. One she is ashamed of her now kinky thoughts, second she is afraid of rejection, or third she is afraid you the husband will leave because she is not the woman you married..

Now while you the husband knows nothing of this, while your at work and she is at home having full blown fantasies, your working and she is at home pounding her pussy with something , and she is probably masturbating 3 or 4 times a day. Even while your fucking her she is thinking about kinky things and you do not have a clue.

To the male most of the time it is about kink, giving out orders, bondage, subjecting your wife to pain she does not want.

To the female it is much different, the submission is a need, to be a total slave is a need, because she has already thought it out. The fact is once she has already put all of her thoughts into motion you the male only has a small role to play in your new relationship, and it really takes very little of your time. She the slave is going to do most of the work all you have to do is keep things consistent.

Really the only thing you the husband has to do is except her for who and what she is. Let her ask for permission, write down a few chores. Come up with a few realistic rules, rules that you know will not be broken. The last thing a slave wants to do is break any rules, if they do it is truly a mistake.

She the wife is looking to be excepted, she wants to be able to be who is is and needs to be. When it comes to women this is not something that just happened on the contrary this has been brewing for a very long time. There was something at a young age that had a mental impact on her, something happened that more than likely she has not even shared with you. She could of been raped, maybe molested by a family member, or even abused at home, but something happened when she was younger to trigger her thoughts. I am not saying that is accurate 100% of the time but I will say 95% maybe a little higher. Most suffer from some type of depression, some are bi-polar, some suffer from anxiety , and most are on some type of medication.

That is what these men who prey on women do not realize or if they do they do not care. These women are looking for help, they are looking for someone to except them, they are looking for security. They expect the kink, why ? Because we are visual animals and nothing more, now some do enjoy the kink, some need the kink. These men prey on those who are submissive because they see it as a weakness, they see an easy fuck, or when they are talking to you the only thing on their mind is you sucking their cock.

I preach over and over when your first meeting a new Dom keep your legs close and your mouth shut, find out if he is really interested in you, or if he just wants the pussy.

Let your wife be who she needs to be, the only thing that will happen for you the male is your life will get a whole lot better. You as the husband will want for nothing, your every need will be answered without question. There will be total submission, and this submission will only benefit you, and remember your role is very small, it is not going to add to your day.

Think about it, you have what most men only ready about, you have what most men talk about when out with the boys.

You have someone you can dress how you want, eat what you tell them to eat, they feel good because you have giving them task. You get your cock sucked when and how you want, she will lay on her back at the snap of a finger, and will proudly lube your cock for her ass. She will be loyal to you and only you, you are not replaceable the main reason is she has gone through to much to get your relationship where it is at today. If she strayed she would have to start all over.

The collar this is a biggie. The collar is a sign of ownership. She now has a purpose, she now belongs, she is now who she truly needs to be not wants to be who she needs to be.

That is what we do as husbands we meet ours needs. Your wife, your slave we still need to provide their needs, we have an obligation to meet their needs, we have an obligation to make them feel wanted, and we have an obligation to reward when the time is right.

The wife or slave has done everything to insure the home is ran smoothly, she takes care of you without question. To make her feel complete is something we should have a need to do. The collar will bring out someone very special, and your relationship will blossom it grow 100 times over and end the end it will only benefit you.

Long ago I only use to see married slaves or more so those who were submissive. These were women who were not able to express their needs to their husbands, or their husbands thought they were sick.

I had hours and hours of sessions, which mainly included bondage some lite spanking never any bruises, and a lot of humiliation. I how ever never fucked anyone of them, there was never any penetration vaginal or anal. I did leave cock sucking out. I did get my cock sucked. If I was going to spend a couple of hours of my time pleasing you because hubby would not, you were going to suck my cock. I did that for a year or so, because I was not looking for any type of commitment. She got a motel most of the time, she paid for it, took us out to dinner, and I got to play with her, and I got to watch my cock slide down her throat.

I suppose it goes the same way, if the submissive or slave is not getting what they need they will seek out those who will give. This is not every case though. Many just sit at home and suffer with their thoughts to afraid to bring the topic up.

Let your wife be who she needs to be, it will cost you very little time. Let her be the slave she needs to be, let her be humble and thankful laying at your feet. While she reaches up and touches her collar, knowing that she is loved, cared for and owned.



Arianna’s Collar

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Last June 15th Arianna and I were Married. Along with our Marriage ceremony , we included a collaring ceremony. Our wedding was performed by a Slave a very good friend of ours. When I first approached her Master about the possibility of her doing it, he agreed to ask her if she would like to do a wedding. Please note I went to him first, a thing called protocol. It did not matter that we were friends, and we talked while at events such as our local munch, or MasT meetings it was proper that I went through her owner first. Slave S was jumping with joy when she had learned that I wanted her to do both our wedding and collaring together.

Arianna put everything together including our sand ceremony for our wedding. We were married on the beach at sunrise by the old lighthouse and it was truly beautiful.

arianna collar This is her collar. Since the 15th of June it has been off one time and one time only. Her neck was hurting so I took the collar off so I could put some rub on her neck.

She wears daily even to work, and yes she does work with the public, and around friends, but since day one no one has really said anything about it.

collar62 Yes this is Arianna with collar on. I purchased the collar from.

By Dom Wolf who does the most awesome work. He will actually talk to you on the phone, and answer any questions you might have.

So why am I bringing this up again? Our wedding and collaring ceremony?

I am now going to take one more step, well many more steps . I am going to have a Diamond added to the front. So I have been looking for a jeweler who can take on such a task.

The Collar has such a meaning, and honor  to have a submissive or slave want to wear your collar.

I saw someone call it a dog collar the other day on a facebook  and I just shook my head.

Do you as a Dominant want to give your submissive or slave a 15.00 collar, is that how much they mean to you, or if you were getting married would you spend 20 dollars on her wedding set?



The Collar And The Disrespect

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The Collar literately  has no meaning any longer. The Collar today means nothing. As a Matter of fact many of you have or are wearing a collar someone else may have worn.

I had Arianna’s collar made. I took her measurements , made a call, and the gentleman told me about 10 days. He did have a few in stock but that is not what I wanted. I wanted one that no one else had touched except his.  I had it made about a half in smaller than what he had in stock. When I received it in the mail I opened it and I was like WOW. It did have some imperfections but that is what made it special.

Dom Wolf is the guy’s name, he spent time with me on the phone several times. I explained I did not want a collar, I wanted The Collar. I wanted something that stood out but also something that could be worn to work, If your in the lifestyle and you see it then you know what it is. Here is the website,    Mr Wolf does some awesome work.

Arianna was at work one day I believe she was getting lunch. She was standing next to a woman and they just looked at each other and pointed, pretty much speechless.

I did not buy from Enternity because I always like helping out the small business man, Ive always been that way. I will pay a dollar more for something if I can get it from the small guy. Even going out to eat we very seldom eat at a chain.

Why would you as a Dom go to an adult book store and purchase a cheap leather or fake leather collar, something that a hundred people has touched.

Okay if you were going to get married would you buy your bride to be a ring from a flea market ? I would think not, nor would she appreciate it very much.

The Collar has a very deep meaning, it is a commitment , what is suppose to be a long lasting commitment. You are saying you want her to be your Baby Girl, your Submissive, or your Slave and there should be no strings attached.

You the female the Baby Girl , the submissive or the Slave if you except such a thing. You need to go to the Doctor and get a shot of timetobeawoman. I hear those shots work well sometimes you need several of them.

If you are offered such a collar you should be the most offended woman on the planet. You should by all rights be speechless.

You being collard, wearing a collar means you have earned it. A collar just giving to you, it has no meaning at all, it means absolutely nothing. You know what it does at that moment and time ? It makes you feel special, it makes you feel wanted, needed, you now feel owned

Most collars are giving out on the first meet, that means he now has the right to fuck you, you have to suck his cock, pretty much what ever he wants. You are now collard. The rest of the collars are giving out within the first week, then a few within a month.

Let me tell you something in a months time you have earned nothing, notta. There is noway in the world you could of earned the right to wear a collar.

Actually the training process is never ending, we change and evolve , we are changing, we have different needs, we want to explore new frontiers expand.

Do not allow someone to try and give you a collar if you think it is to soon. The Dominant should know you inside , out, and on the first meet he knows nothing.