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Why Do Some Master’s Share Their Slave’s II

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I spoke about this yesterday but I really did not give any reasons or go into any details  Those who abuse come in many shapes and forms. In the beginning a Dominant can seem like he is the nicest man you have ever met, he shows he cares, loves to talk and listen, treats you like your number one and nothing matter except you.

Then something changes he becomes distant, somewhat cold, non-caring. Most view those who are submissive as being weak, needy , unable to perform on a daily basis without instruction, for this most I find this to be untrue , then sometimes it is true.

Some women and this does not include those who are submissive, do enjoy being shared, they enjoy the different flavors in life and sex, they enjoy what I call being used by other men, and many times their better half will be agreeable. Then their are times the male wants the different flavors, and his better half is really not interested but goes along with what ever, just to keep her man happy.

When speaking about the Dom who shares most of the time this side of him is ego driven and nothing more. Just as the Dominant I spoke about I met from Ocala. When speaking to him on the phone he sounded very angry, hateful really none caring. In the end in order for her to be able to come back she excepted his offer. In the end she gave in and allowed herself to be used in any manner he saw fit.

The ego , then comes the power, the Dominant has a very strong grip on the submissive, and they will do what ever it takes to please. Even if it means being past around.

If your told to do something, and your gut feeling is telling you something different, then you are probably right. Then you have the right to question.

I have said many times we as humans are visual, just Google BDSM then click images and see what comes up, those images tell a very dark story, of pain and humiliation.

It is very easy to mislead someone who is new to the lifestyle, mainly because they do not know any better. The submissive only knows what they are being told.

I just had a dear friend who was in a new relationship, she had moved in with her Dominant. In the beginning everything was fine, everything was going well, then he changed. He was no longer having sex with her, and was just barking orders and reminding her daily he was the dominant and she was the submissive.  In the end she found out he was fucking everybody except her, including men. When she finely got the guts to leave, then came the blame game she left because she was broken. Even after she ask me for advice and I told her what was going on she did not believe me. Then his little game fell apart. In the end she was very strong, heart broken but strong. She will find the Dominant who really cares for her, I am sure of that she has to much to offer.

There are many reasons and signs but most are either ignored, or your thinking well this is the way its suppose to be. It can be monetary, your filling a void until something better comes along. Your Dominant is not spending time with you, if there is no sex that is the biggest sign. If you are flipping most of the bills.  The bottom line is you are being used. Once you begin to ask questions, then you are assured everything is fine.

You are being used just as what I spoke about above just not in the physical way, and in the end the outcome can be the same.

You the submissive has to decide what you want out of life, what you want out of your relationship, what you need out of your relationship. You have to decide what you need to make you feel whole and complete.

You have to decide what is best for you. Until you choose to submit the ball is in your court, you have rules that have to be followed as well, you have rights. Make sure you have a picture before entering a relationship. You have to ask questions and you have to get answers. If you are new this is a very tricky situation, then you just have to take his word for it.

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Are People Really Stupid

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A Domme has been asking me to bring Arianna over so the couple could play with her. I made it clear from the start I do not share. That was one of the stipulations Arianna had before entering the relationship. I really have no desire to watch another guy fuck her either.

Arianna has been with women, but at this time she does not wish to be. I also made it clear if at any point and time, if she had the need, should could and I would not take part in, but would be present.

So this Domme was sending me text, and she made it clear, if we were to come over, play is a must. If I had no intentions of a full swap there was no sense in us coming over. Okay I am good with that the subject is closed, done finished.

Friday I receive a text, asking me if we were still coming over, I am looking at the text just shaking my head. Then another, we you can come and visit just as friends and stay the night. Hmm well maybe. Then she starts with we can show Arianna how I get fisted, and how a car buffer is good to masturbate with. Okay I still have not figured out the car buffer thing, maybe someone can fill me in.

Again I declined but I did say we may be in that area soon for a munch and we could stop in. I had always thought the word No meant No, not let me think about it, or maybe.

While I was stationed in Korea, which is where I got my first real tasted of BDSM. I would see guys lined up to see the medic so they could get the Shot. Yep the clap, the drip. I rented a place off post called a hooch. A small room that had a mattress on the floor and a small free standing closet. All the cooking and bathing was done outside, even the bathroom, fucking cold in December.

Even then at 18, I always stuck with one. I never had to step in that line. I did how ever thought I had the clap once, but it turned out it was a urinary tract from drinking the water, which was just nasty.

When it comes to sex Arianna and I have no real limits, well the usual, no blood, scat, children of course. So now just let your imagination run wild.

The truth I am asked at least once a week if we play or if I share, and some ask more than once as if they did not hear me the first time, or maybe I may have changed my mind the next day.

While living with Chong, I allowed her to have a girlfriend. Although she followed my rules we never had sex. When I bond, I bond with one.

I love eating pussy, that is a real fetish of mine, and to be down there and thinking that some dude was banging her the day before. That would truly make me sick. On the other hand I love watching two women eating each other, but to take part in nah, I would just want to share. Another point although Arianna has been with women, a woman would not be her first choice, if she was told to do it she would. So I would be picky with any choice I might have. That has not crossed my mind, and it will probably not.

Quote from Ron White. You Cant Fix Stupid.

Not my Thing.