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I am renting my Spare Room Out

Posted in cross dresser, roommate on August 16, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

Okay I bitched about my past roommates, yes they were slobs, I just found out today they busted my fucking crock pot and didn’t bother telling me. Shit happens it is all good.

I rent my room out not because I need the money, it is more the interaction with other people. I do go to munchs and events, but it is not the same. I guess the need for everyday company. someone to have dinner with, play cards with.

So I had 3 people call me within 10 minutes of me running the add, a woman who is disable from a car accident, a 27 yr old male with 3 kids he gets every other weekend, and a 50 year old man who like to dress in women’s clothes. He also likes to cook and clean house.

He asked me if I thought he was weird, I said buddy let me tell you about me. The girl has text me like 20 times not wants to talk. I really prefer a female roommate, for a couple of reasons, they tend to be quieter, cleaner, and more sociable. Younger men tend to like to party.

I am how ever leaning towards the cross dresser. Easy to keep in place, likes to clean house and he likes to cook, and I can still have company over, and not have to worry if someone is shocked.

My last roommate Gina, this is funny,  Sarah was cooking breakfast one morning, and Gina asked her if she needed the number to the abuse hotline.  Sarah just looked at her dumbfounded.

I am still looking at buying a house in Tennessee, but will probably not be until next year. I spoke about one I had found in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, I really liked the house, but just did not work out.