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I Have Molded The Perfect Slave

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I cannot even begin to tell you how many Slaves I met during my search. Over a year and a half and it seemed endless. Yea I met a lot of nutty ones but there were probably some if not most who thought I was nutty with the type of TPE Total Power Exchange relationship I wanted. The words out some some mouths were Fuck That, or I could never give up that much control, or your crazy.

I was just about to give up as a matter of fact I was already making plans to move out of the country. I had a place to stay and a good job already lined up with sprint.

Then I signed into AOL one morning and I had an Email from who is now Arianna. . I thought what the fuck I will go ahead and reply it is probably nothing anyway. That day or the next nothing. The third day another email. Telling me she was not sure what she wanted, and she thought my age would play a factor. That was because she had been seeing an older Dom who lived out of state, and was well less mobile.

Her first email included a few pics, when I clicked open, my Jaw dropped to the floor, I said Lord have mercy fuck me with a chain jaw this is perhaps the finest female I have ever run across. I still had not sent a pic. I was trying to do self pics, I had the guy down the street takes some pics. I was thinking man this will never happen.

I knew then that what I wrote back had to be perfect, it really depended on what my reply was. I knew just one word out of place and it would be over. I knew I had to come across just right, not to cocky, and no ego. It took me a couple of hours sitting in front of the computer, drinking coffee and thinking word for word, ahh fuck I almost forgot the fucking pics, clicked on add file then pics when done. Then I set there for a minute and  I hit the send button. Now I just had to wait it out. That was around 11am I did not know she worked until 2.15 so the wait seemed like days.

The third email I just looked at it for a few minutes, I got up poured another cup of coffee. I sat back down and clicked open and I started reading. Now she wanted to meet me. I went Whew , now comes the test. I Vile not only had to walk the walk but I had to talk the talk, Hmm did that come out right ? You get my point.

When I saw her pull up and she got out of the car, blood rushed down to my dick so fast I got dizzy, I was just fucking numb, I almost got tongue tied, but I took in a deep breath , stood tall and introduced myself.  We had coffee and we just set and talked maybe a couple of hours, then she had to leave.

I walked her to her car and we said goodbye , she told me she would contact me soon. As she drove off, I was thinking man just fuck me running already. An hour had gone by and nothing then two hours and nothing. So i sent her a text thanking her for her time I had hoped it would have worked out, the next text was I want to come back over tomorrow. I knew at that point and time, it was game on, Vile had to go to work.

Now that I had told her everything I needed and she agreed without hesitation she then began to explain what she needed. She was looking for a Micromanagement type relationship. She was also looking for a No Rights relationship. That threw me a curve ball I was not expecting those words, so I had to think and think fast. Was that something I could manage. Was that the type of relationship I wanted. My brain was playing tennis back and forth , back and forth. Then I agreed yes I can do that, and it has worked, and worked out for the best.

Well just a few days short a year now, Living as Master and Slave, Husband and Wife, and she is collard. I can say Life Is Good.

I was at a loss of words when we were talking and I was telling her about me and what I expected, and her words were Okay. Okay I was pretty much speechless , I had to gather my thoughts , and I had to put a plan together.

I thought I would be met with much resistance but that was not the case, everything just fell into place. I had never met a Slave who was so docile, a slave who was so compliant , a slave who truly had the desire to please.

I encourage all new slaves to be active in the local community . I think this is very important in a new beginning, taking baby steps. I also believe if a new slaves meets a new Dominant she should insist on attending Munchs and local groups. This truly helps in the growth.  I would not think a Dominant would ever refuse to take a slave to a local function.  If the Dom refused I would question why. It is very important for slaves to interact with other slaves, again the allows growth.

I told Arianna the first 90 days would be the tell, tell I said the first 90 days could be the breaking point, but everything just really fell into place. I had never experienced anything like it before.

The first thing I wanted to do was introduce Arianna to people in the local community, to make friends but also to help validate me as a Dominant. A Dominant should not be afraid to introduce a slave to others.

When I get off work the first thing I see when I walk through the door is this.

Image Right there by the door. This is not something Arianna was instructed to do she has a need to do.

I suppose those who are true, I mean true in heart there will be no resistance. If the Dominant is in the right frame of mind there will be no resistance. If both are on the same page there will be no resistance.  Resistance can be a passing thought, everything will just fall into place.

When we are out attending local functions I hold my head up high. I walk proud, I am a proud Dominant, owner and husband. When I start to explain how our relationship works people just sit with their mouths open in disbelief. About a month ago while at a MAST meeting MASTERS AND SLAVES TOGETHER, I walked outside to grab a quick smoke , and a Mistress walked up to me and said that is some kind of a relationship you just explained, and I just nodded. Then last weekend at another MAST when Arianna made the comment that she felt indebted there was silence, and the Dom running the group said he had never heard that before.

I have said this many , many times if you the Dominant are true to your word, you stick to the truth, you are consistent. You are not just waiting for a rule to be broking, or a reason to punish. Everything will just fall into place, you will have the relationship that most only dream of having.

Submissive can be good, being a Dominant can be good, you put both together and nothing will break the bond.



Older Dominants , Younger submissive’s

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I just received a reply that a younger female would not be interested in a middle aged man, unless she had problems, or a Low Self Esteem. I find that statement to be totally false, and I shall give a few reasons.

I will admit you see the older and younger more often in a D’s relationship more so than a vanilla relationship. Although the prospects of and older man and younger woman in a vanilla relationship is not impossible.

I do believe many younger woman prefer older men. First reason being more stable. Most older men have already been through the pasture. Older men tend to be more settled in life, not as quick to fly off the handle. The jealous streak is long gone. Most important the younger female feels more secure.

In the Bdsm world it is very common to see a younger Slave with an Older Dominant. In our world wisdom comes with age. I suppose you could say the same thing in the vanilla world as well.

The older Dominants tend to be much more calmer, we want to communicate more, and we tend to put ours first. The bond is much different, as well as the trust.

Now I am not putting down the younger Dominant. We all have a starting point in the lifestyle. When I was much younger I made it a point to hang out with older Doms in the lifestyle. To this day Most of my male friends within the lifestyle are much older than I am. You can never stop learning. Although I may disagree more with what others bring to the table, I still keep an open mind. I know there are many who disagree with the way I run my home, many think I am to strict, or even to controlling which is far from the truth. I do consider myself to be in control. A controlling man has deep issues as well. The controlling man is the one who is insecure, he is the one with the low self esteem, and in most cases he also brings abuse to the table.

You have to have game, the gift of gab. If you are a 45 or 50 year old male and for what ever reason you want to date a 20 year old, it can happen. It is not about money, or the kind of car you drive. On the other hand if you live in your moms backyard in a camper, your chances are not that good.

If your communication skills are weak. Work on them. If you cannot grab the girls attention within the first couple minutes forget it. If you can keep her attention and make her laugh, you are on the right track.

There is a big safety issue in our world. With age and the length of time in the lifestyle safety becomes an issue. If you were going to get into some real intense needle play, who would you pick, the 18 year old Dom, or the 50 year old Dom? Even some electrical play, spanking hard impact play. The younger submissive is going to step over to the older 90% of the time.

If your a baby girl and your looking for a daddy Dominant again who are you going to pick? Age has nothing to do with whom you date, I myself would not want a submissive who is 18, I am thinking maybe 25 now would be my cut off. Although I can never say never.

Here is a reply I received from a man named John. I did reply back but when I tried to go to his wordpress I was blocked. It is all good.

Sigh… of the greatest lies ever told is that women “like” or “prefer” older men. Women like nothing of the sort. I often hear women say they like younger men but never the opposite. When I look around at everyday life, I see people who are invariably with people their own age, even those who are on their second or third marriage. I’ve never come across an 18 year old who’d be happy to take up with a middle aged man, unless there was something wrong with her. This talk is a control thing…try and get women to think they have no options then they’ll be grateful for anything. The only women who buy into that type of rubbish are ones with really low self esteem. And so what if she (or he) lives her days out alone in a shack? At least nowadays women have choices, they can live as they please. A man looks his best in his 20′s, followed by his early 30s. He starts to look seedy in his late 30s, looses his looks in his 40s and is invisible in his 50s. That’s just how it is…continue to delude yourself if it makes you feel better.

Delude myself. of DELUDE. 1: to mislead the mind or judgment of : deceive, trick. 2. obsolete. a: frustrate, disappoint. b: evade, elude.

That my friend is a false statement. I believe that any man can date any woman on any giving day, eh with a few exceptions.

Reasons a Dominant would date a younger female. If it is the submissive’s first or second relationship much easier to train. An older submissive or Slave who has been in the lifestyle for some time tend to compare, even if they do not mean to. Most younger subs tend to be more open sexually, more open minded, this is not the case all the time, but often.

Delude myself, that one word just blew me away. What a big misconception, far from the truth.

Take Arianna, my sweet slave. She is very beautiful most of you have seen her.She has a body built for sin. She is very smart. Has a degree, has a good career, makes good money, and at the age of 36 she looks 25. I am 50 years old, average looking, a little over weight, but Arianna has had me on a good diet and Ive lost 14 pounds. I have no degree, but I delude myself.

So what do I bring to the table? I bring communication. I bring stability, I bring consistency, I bring the truth. I live by the truth. I bring zero drama even with my Ex there is no drama. I bring safety. My party days are over. Arianna knows she comes first no matter what.

You John are deluded.