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We Are Back

Posted in Arianna, bdsm, collaring ceremony, Daytona 500 Race track, Marriage ceremony, Master, sand ceremony, slave, submissive on June 18, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

We have had a very busy week, moving, getting married, unpacking, and of course work.

We were married at 6.15am sunrise in ponce inlet Florida. We had a few guest all of which were in the lifestyle with the exception of one, our photographer.

Sir Emmett was present we have never really got along to well, but his Slave Solas performed the wedding as well as the collaring ceremony. Master Rob was present, with his Slave, and a very dear friend who is a Domme, Mistress Jane.

The first was the wedding ceremony, then Arianna read a poem, which was very beautiful. We then performed a Sand ceremony, we had three vases two small one large. My vase had black sand, Arianna had white sand, along with crushed sea shell.  She poured sand then stopped then I poured we both continued until both of our vases were empty. The she capped it off with sand from the beach.

After that was finished we continued to the collaring ceremony. We both exchanged vows again, and I then placed the collar around Ariannas neck and locked it.

Afterwards we all headed to the Hilton for breakfast which we treated everyone. The Hilton has an awesome buffet.

Friday we spent moving which was an all day task, when finished up around 7.30pm, and headed to Dustins Barbeque along with Ariannas mother.  Although she was happy that we were getting married she did not attend the wedding, mostly because of the collaring part of the ceremony.

I had mentioned before Arianna and I had bought a new Fiat, which she truly loves. That day Saturday , we went to the Daytona 500 track and we got to drive the road course and around the track twice. I did let Arianna do the driving, and she really got to see how well the car handled in the curves.

Solas Sir Emmetts Slave really done an awesome job performing the wedding for us Arianna had everything written out for her, and everything just fell into place. Our weekend was cut short due to work, but next year I plan on taking Arianna to Paris, that has been her dream so it shall come true.

I want to thank all the readers , and those who share comments.. I can assure you there will be much more to come.