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I have a problem with the word No

Posted in abuse, bdsm, De Leon Springs, Drama, Friends, Friendship, Pancake House, relationships, Respect, selfish, sex, slave, The word NO on December 16, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

Very few would not think I have a problem with the word No. The fact is I do when it comes to certain situations.

I was out with a couple the other day, and his girl friend wanted to buy some makeup, the word No came out. She looked at new shoes, the word No came out. She then looked at a few tops and outfits the word No came out. We were talking about the four of us going to Golden Coral for Christmas dinner, again the word No came out.

Rick is far from a dominant, in many ways he is really pretty childish, his girl friend is pretty much the same way.

I believe it was Thursday Tish asked me if I wanted to go to a pancake breakfast place, her treat. Well if you have seen the photo I posted in my BDSM group on FaceBook you can see I seldom turn food down. She asked if it was okay to invite Kelly, sure she can come.

The restaurant is located in a national park in De Leon Springs Fla. They cook your meats, but there is a griddle in the center of the table, and your pancake mix and eggs are brought out to you and you cook them yourself. Tish was our chef and an awesome one at that. Anyway Kelly was like a kid in a candy store, a smile from ear to ear, I would of thought she was 13 and not 33. She was just glad to be out, and having fun.

Rick has changed a lot being around me, he has grown up some, but does not understand my ways. or my lifestyle. He still has a temper issue, but has calmed in the last three months.

So we were at wal mart which I despise , and the word No , was his main word of the day, even when it came to new under garments. Not my relationship, so not my worry, but I wanted to find out his way of thinking.

Back at the house I am cooking dinner, I do enjoy cooking, and yes I am a good cook, somewhat messy but good. We are eating dinner, and I start to ask questions, about why he said no so much while shopping. He just looked at me.

I said here is the deal. This girl cooks for you, does your laundry, lays on her back and spreads, and your all about the word No. I think it is pretty inconsiderate of you, and I feel you are taking advantage of a good relationship, and when she finely see’s the light, she will dump you.

At times I view the word no as a form of abuse, the female be it vanilla or in the lifestyle really gives so much, and to say No to even the most simplest things , well is really hard for me.

The things rick was saying No to, were mostly needs and not wants. I do not consider makeup a need, but many females do.

Will rick change probably not, it is not my problem, kelly knew what he was like before she entered the relationship. I think the word No is his way of being in charge, showing authority maybe, or maybe he is just that cheap.

Maybe I look at women differently, maybe I respect women more, maybe I appreciate, more than most. There are limits, I mean  maybe when it comes to making a large purchase , such as a car or something, but then again if it is a need, how can one say no.