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Arianna Loves Anal Plugs

Posted in @vile62 on Twitter, Anal Plug, Arianna, bdsm, Depravation Hood, Dominant, Fox Tail Butt Plug, Master, slave, Submission, submissive on September 9, 2014 by thekinkyworldofvile

First as most of you know, I started a new job working from home. During Training which has been well lets say a little interesting, due to the fact It has been a very long time since I have been in a classroom setting, but to be part of a virtual setting with 60 others. Then you add the fact that others were dropping out on a daily basis.
Taking exams well I am a B student, because every score I have had has been 80 not 82 or 84 but 80.
So today was the final exam, 25 questions the website was down where we were suppose to get 50% of our information, that was due to a huge press release.
So we were giving an hour to take the test, and 25 minutes later I finish the test wow. Okay so I am sitting there and I am looking at this button that says submit.
I am thinking because once its sent its sent, no turning back, and this exam determined if I would spend tomorrow morning packing everything up and sending it back.
So I get up, pour a fresh cup of coffee, go back into the office, and I pick up my ecig and there it is SUBMIT.

So I move the arrow over the button and I left click, then it comes up are you sure you want to do this action? I was like mother fucker. So I click yes.
Then I have yet another click to get the results.

BAM there it was a fucking 80. Fucking WOW, okay screen shot email results. Done.

We got a few new toys in this week, two of which Arianna loves.
One is the Depravation Hood and the other is a Fox tail butt plug.

Arianna loves being restrained, and she also loves her cage time. The cage is her get away place, feels safe, and no worries or cares.

We discussed the hood last year and it scared her. Last week she brought it back up, and she wanted to order one, and she brought up the fox tail butt plug.


The hood came in, the quality of the material is okay, it is not a heavy duty leather, it is vinyl but it does the job.

The Fox Tail is really nice and it is of good quality.

So we are going to have a lot of fun.

If you like toys check out Amazon and Ebay before hand you can save a ton of cash..