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Arianna’s Collar

Posted in Arianna, bdsm, Collar, Collared Slave, collaring ceremony, Collars, Diamond collar, slave, submissive on March 28, 2014 by thekinkyworldofvile

Last June 15th Arianna and I were Married. Along with our Marriage ceremony , we included a collaring ceremony. Our wedding was performed by a Slave a very good friend of ours. When I first approached her Master about the possibility of her doing it, he agreed to ask her if she would like to do a wedding. Please note I went to him first, a thing called protocol. It did not matter that we were friends, and we talked while at events such as our local munch, or MasT meetings it was proper that I went through her owner first. Slave S was jumping with joy when she had learned that I wanted her to do both our wedding and collaring together.

Arianna put everything together including our sand ceremony for our wedding. We were married on the beach at sunrise by the old lighthouse and it was truly beautiful.

arianna collar This is her collar. Since the 15th of June it has been off one time and one time only. Her neck was hurting so I took the collar off so I could put some rub on her neck.

She wears daily even to work, and yes she does work with the public, and around friends, but since day one no one has really said anything about it.

collar62 Yes this is Arianna with collar on. I purchased the collar from.

By Dom Wolf who does the most awesome work. He will actually talk to you on the phone, and answer any questions you might have.

So why am I bringing this up again? Our wedding and collaring ceremony?

I am now going to take one more step, well many more steps . I am going to have a Diamond added to the front. So I have been looking for a jeweler who can take on such a task.

The Collar has such a meaning, and honor  to have a submissive or slave want to wear your collar.

I saw someone call it a dog collar the other day on a facebook  and I just shook my head.

Do you as a Dominant want to give your submissive or slave a 15.00 collar, is that how much they mean to you, or if you were getting married would you spend 20 dollars on her wedding set?