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So I am watching Cheaters.

Posted in Adult Baby, Cheaters, Diapers on August 2, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I blogged about this the other day, about being upfront with each other about your needs. So down the road there are no surprises. You need to express your sexual needs, and fantasy’s . Because if you do not, you are going to stray.

I was just watching this TV show called Cheaters, a male was married, a nice church going family, very respected in the community.

So his wife suspected her husband of cheating, and hires Cheaters Detective’s. They follow him around for a couple of weeks, taking pictures and doing video taping.

Then comes the time, her husband is in a hotel room, with another woman, they knock on the door it opens and in walks the wife.

Her hubby of 5 years, jumps from the bed wearing an adult diaper, and powder goes all over the place.His wife is screaming and yelling, and flushes her wedding rings down the toilet. His lady friend makes an exit, and he is left there in his diaper.

Now they were not having sex, no sexual contact at all. Is this still cheating? Should his wife taking the time to let him explain.

So this is a fetish he had before he got married, but was afraid , of telling her his fetish when they first met, and after they were married. They did not have that open line of communication, that is the first down fall. He did not express his sexual needs, while they were dating. Would she of stayed with him if he had, from the way she was acting, not a chance she would of dumped him.

So he did not have sex with this woman, is this cheating? Adult baby’s are very common, this space takes them back to their childhood, at this point and time, they have no responsibility’s . not a worry in the world. Now he did not wet in his diaper, or need to be changed.

It is very important to be honest with your partner at all times.. Tell the truth good or bad…