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Our School Whore

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Martin lived next door to us, poor man worked his ass off and 6 kinds all under the age of 10, there were a set of twins and triplets with those numbers, how unlucky can a man be. So they moved and they had piled a bunch of shit on the curb. Robbie my best friend and I were going through the stuff and I came across these little paper back books, my dad had some of the same ones but these were more geared towards forced sex. Some of the covers had women tied up, so I grabbed a hand full of them and hid them in my bedroom.

One book that kinda sticks out was called. How I broke that bitch. I must of read it a 100 times. Bondage, ass fucking, face fucking, slapping, spanking. In this book there were no floggers there were belts and whips, no mention of ropes just chain, and just using her as a fuck toy.

Getting on the bus going to school one morning I was passing a girl and I just looked down at her, and it flashed in my mind. She was tied up and I was fucking her ass as hard as I could. She could not scream because she was gagged but I could hear the whimpers. I shook my head and headed to my seat.

Beverly if you wanted to just fuck that was the girl to see, she was cute not beautiful, but had a body to die for. Back then our phone system was really fucked up, we had a thing called a party line. A lot of the times you had to wait for someone to hang up before you could make a call. Or you could listen in to conversations, grins.

I had only been at this school for about 6 months I did not fit in. I remember the first day I walked into the homeroom class and I looked around I was thinking this is not good. All the guys were wearing cover hauls and cowboy boots, real short crew cut, and had cups sitting on their desk to spit in. Red Man Chewing Tobacco, how fucking gross was that. The girls all in real tight jeans and short shorts most in cowboy boots.

So I walked in, my hair is midway down to my back, platinum blonde, I was wearing a jean suite, it was white, and I was wearing a red silk shirt with french cuffs, and yes platform shoes. How much worse can this day fucking get.

I started working at 14 and everything I made I spent on clothes, I wanted to look good. If you look good you feel good.  Even back then an outfit was like 90 dollars, and 35 or 40 for shoes. Tennis shoes I wore pro keds that was the in thing then, but all my pants were bell bottoms. It was not a good start to the school year but it got better. It took me some six months before any of the guys would talk to me, except for robbie he was like a geek

One day during break the guys were playing baseball and one of the guys throw a ball at me and I picked it up and threw it back, he said I threw like a girl, and he threw it back at me. This time I thought about it and I wound up and I threw it side arm, and you could hear the leather SMACK. Jimmy took off his catchers mit and shook his hand, and just looked at me.

So I was asked to join the local baseball team. The coach came over to our house and had talked to my parents about me cutting my hair. No fucking way dude.  So when we played I had to tuck in in my shirt. They had me as a starting pitcher, but after the first game I was pulled in the 4th inning, because my arm was so swolling. At the age of 15 I was throwing 78 miles per hour. After that I would just come out in the 6th or 7th inning . I had never played before, and people loved to watch me pitch because of the side arm but when I released the ball is was like my whole body came up off of the pitchers mound. I was loved.

So talking on the phone with Beverly, I talked her into coming over to my house, one Saturday morning , as we were sitting in my bedroom talking I could tell she was flirting with me a little and I saw this wet spot in her jean shorts which covered up nothing.

I said lets take a walk, we walked out to the barn and I grabbed some rope, and we headed out towards the woods. She said what are you going to do with the rope, and I said I am going to tie you up.  All I could think about was that fucking book. How I broke That Bitch.

Once out where I wanted to be, I told her to strip , I then told her to sit up against the tree and put her hands above her head. I tied her wrist, threw the rope over a tree branch. Then I tied a rope around her waist to the tree. I unzipped my pants walked up and put my cock in her mouth, and started fucking her mouth. I could feel that I was about to cum so I stopped, I reached down untied her waist told her to stand and bend over. I slid my cock into her wet pussy she was soaked and I just started pounding her. What I did not know until it was to late. I had pulled out so far and when I shoved it back in it went right in her ass, then she started screaming, and I blew my load. I untied her hands and she just turned around and hugged me, the hug was tight. I did not get it, I was like okay lets go but she would not let go of me. We must of stood there a good half hour. From that time on she was like butter in my hands. I remember at the movies one night she was with her boyfriend and I walked up tapped her on her shoulder and she got up and followed me. We walked in the mens bathroom walked in a stall and unzipped my pants and she dropped to her knees, I came and she went back to her seat. She had become a regular fuck.

After that time in the woods something just clicked, my whole outlook on life changed. My attitude changed. I became more observant when out. I would see couples and I would think I am not going to be like that. My parents always use to argue. I had made up my mind I would never live the way they did always fighting and yelling at each other.

Thank you Martin for leaving those books out. My dad had the same ones but they were more like baby sitter stories, nothing like How I broke That Bitch.