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Domestic discipline. It is Okay to abuse your wife

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Ephesians 5:22–24

Wives and Husbands

22 Wives,submit to your own husbands,as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands

1 Timothy 2:12

12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

In the world or most religions and Domestic Discipline relationships which is based on religion  the above is carried to the extreme.

The women are raised in such an environment and they do not know any better. The men are raised the same and they truly believe what they have experienced and how they run their household is truly Okay.

In most cases the abuse I believe goes way beyond verbal abuse as well as mental abuse. I am sure at times it gets very physical.

I have had several write me in the past who lived in a DD household and experienced the same, so I am just not rambling here. Since this is a small community even three or four women would bring the numbers up to a high percentage.

Domestic discipline is the practice between two consenting life partners in which the head of the household (HoH) takes he necessary measures to achieve a healthy relationship dynamic; the necessary measure to create a healthy home environmental and the necessary measures to protect all members of the family from dangerous or detrimental outcomes by punishing the contributing, and thus unwanted, behaviors for the greater good of the family.

In some cases the above may be true as far as the consenting part, but for the most the lifestyle is handed down from generation to generation. Most of the time the women marry from within the church, or encouraged to date and marry from within. If you are raised in such a way, once you marry you carry certain traits with you, and unfortunately abuse is some of the traits. If you are raised in a home where the wife is degraded and abused on a regular basis, the male son will most likely carry these habits with him. The female knows no different, and when it happens she is probably shocked at that moment, but really has no one to turn to.

People can get so wrapped up in religion they really lose reality, common sense goes right out the window. In their mind there is nothing wrong with knocking your partner to the ground and yelling because dinner is not finished.

Those who support the domestic discipline life style believe:

Domestic discipline comes from the bible.

Domestic discipline is not BDSM.

Domestic discipline is non-erotic.

Domestic discipline is an essential part of their relationship.

Domestic discipline is a physical correction from one who truly cares.

Domestic discipline is responsible authority.

Domestic discipline is appropriate punishment.

Domestic discipline requires that there must be total…consent from both parties.

Research on domestic discipline has revealed:

Domestic discipline is based on misinterpretations of the bible. Here is a very good example, if you pick a scripture out of the bible and you take it to different religions the interpretation will be different in each case. When a pastor or preacher reads from the bible he is giving his own Interpretation. Just as a Dominant in a D’s relationship .

Domestic discipline is BDSM.

Domestic discipline is sexually erotic. I believe this to be true from my stand point I do know when I bend Arianna over and I spank during play I get harder than a rock.

Physical correction is not life-giving to relationships.

Spanking a wife as a means of correction or punishment is a control issue and is potentially abusive.

Marriage calls a couple to mutuality, not to punish one another.

Some believe women want or agree to domestic discipline style of punishment because of guilt over past sexual behavior or because they believe that God through the scriptures has deemed that this is the proper role of a husband.

Perhaps these women have poor self images. Some women find spanking sexually exciting.

The Issue of Domestic Violence Within the Domestic Discipline Lifestyle

The number of battered women in the United States annually is between 2 and 4 million. It is estimated that at least 25% to 30% of American women are at risk of domestic violence during their lifetime.

Such abuse is also devastating to their children who often feel helplessness and blame along with increased anxieties, more aggressiveness, and behaviorial problems.

When there is an attack on a person’s self esteem or physical body, or when one partner becomes dominant in the relationship, the marriage is at risk for divorce.

Using words like punishment when relating to a spouse sets a couple up to become “feet and a doormat.”

The wife turns into a doormat which is only good for wiping feet on. These marriages are doomed to have relationship problems. Some day she will have had enough.

Seek Counseling

If you are in a domestic discipline marriage please seek counseling so that you can make an informed, rational decision about your marriage relationship.

BDSM is not based on a religion, nor has it ever been. I will say there are those Dominants or Master who take things to far. Those are ego driven men who do not have a clue.

BDSM the Dom is in control, he is not controlling, Okay in most cases. The relationship is consensual on both parties, it is not to say that it cannot be consensual in a DD relationship I would imagine there are cases where it is.

In most aspects BDSM is erotic, fulfilling. Those who are submissive or slaves generally have a low self esteem. So we as Dominants help rebuild this is done through positive reinforcement.

I would think that most women in a DD relationship would have a very low self esteem from what I have read there is nothing positive about a DD relationship. To think that a church would back such behavior is beyond me.

While I am Buddhist , and I try to live as such I am not as active as I would like to be. I can say however I do implement much of my beliefs into my relationship. Such as the ability to stay calm and think things out clearly.  To respect myself and others, treat others as I would like to be treated. While I do pray daily it is never for me, it is for my wife , friends and family.

I believe a man should be in control. There is no reason for a man to hit a woman out of anger. How can a man beat his wife, and an hour later expect her to lay on her back. I wonder what the male is thinking about while he is banging her looking down at her black eye, or busted lip.

I learned long ago you do not break your toy. If you break you cannot play with for sometime.

In some cases there are those women who choose to live in a DD relationship and marriage. In BDSM it is a consensual agreement between two adults, no one is forced, if the submissive or slave finds they are being abuse, they simply pack up and leave. In a DD marriage it is not that easy when children are involved and more so when there is a church involved.

I wonder how people can look down on a M’s relationship when it is consensual, and look up to a DD relationship when in most cases it is not consensual.

Take care of your woman, be it vanilla, submissive or slave. Your woman should always come first no matter what. There is not an instance when your partner should come before anyone or anything else.

With out your wife, submissive or slave who are we? what are we?



Religion And BDSM

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So last Friday Arianna and I went to the Mast munch.  Masters And Slaves Together. The topic was how do you incorporate your religion with the lifestyle.

First of all I did not think this was a subject that should of come up at a munch. Two things should never come up, religion and politics. It is not to say that some in the lifestyle does not incorporate some of there religious beliefs into their lifestyle, but to share something so personal in front of a group of people should not of been allowed. I did voice my opinion prior to the munch, but the moderator would not change the topic.

So okay I was already in a sideways mood before arriving at the hostess home, then having to meet new people which I truly hate. To make things worse Arianna and I rode with the moderator. Do not get me wrong we are good friends, we just have huge differences on how a house should be ran.

My answer was Buddhism has helped me in many ways. One my temper although this past month it has been pushed. I think things out more clearly now, I am more in control, of not only myself but my surroundings.

I am not a religious man, I would tend to think I am more spiritual. I am by the book, I take no short cuts, which means no consequences, only choices.

I do not believe in organized religion, once organized it becomes evil, and corrupt. It becomes about money. Just turn your TV on Sunday morning. Religion is based on fear and fear alone. Hence if you are not saved you will burn in hell. Being human the one thing we fear is fear itself. Or the fear of loss.

When you look at the religious side of Domestic Discipline , most is based on abuse and nothing more. Many of these women in such a relationship are beaten down on a daily basis, more verbal than physical. This lifestyle is the only thing the women know. Most have been raised in a family based on DD, so the male follows in the fathers footsteps.

So if you are religious do you feel guilty? Why should you? Does your religion prevent you from being the person you need to be? If you answered yes to any of the above, it is based on fear.

Arianna and I will never attend another munch with such a topic. It has no place in my lifestyle or hers.

I have not been as active in my beliefs as I should be but that is going to change here real soon, and I know Arianna is excited about attending with me.

Now on the other hand, if Arianna felt she had the need to go to church, while I may not agree with her, I would support her and I would attend with her. Going would not change who I am. She is my number one concern , her needs are what matters.

So while at the munch, I stepped outside twice, I do smoke , okay so I have one bad habit, but that will soon be gone. Arianna does not say anything even though I know she does not approve. So while outside I am followed by a Dom I have never met before, and no sooner than I lite up he begins telling me his life story. I am just standing there looking at him, and I am thinking really.

I suppose one of my main faults are, I do not like people, I have a few I call friends, but for the most I stay to myself. People are different today. It is not about friendship it is about what they can get, or trouble they can stir up.

So this Dom I have never met, is asking for my email, my fetlife account, and my phone number, he wants us to start hanging out. I am thinking WOW.  So I finely say to him, look I am not sure why you feel you want to share your life story with me, but to tell you the truth, I could really care less.

A couple of times during the munch things started to get kinda heated up, to the point I thought an argument was going to break out. This is why a different topic should of been discussed.

Last, I do not believe a man or woman should have to go to a building to worship. Nor do I believe that you should have to go through a second party, when requesting one to pray for you, or maybe confess.

Just my thoughts.



The Different Dominants

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Everyone is different, we all have different needs. Subs and slaves have different needs. Some need strict discipline , some need more structure than others, some have the need for pain and humiliation, some have the need to be broken, and built back up. Some have very few to no limits, while others have a list a mile long.  Some want massive amounts of attention, while some are introverts and really has no need to be cuddled. The Daddy Dominants is big on after care, he needs this time just as his baby girl does.

What ever your kink is, there is a Dominant to fit your needs. In out lifestyle it can take a while to find the one. The one who fills all voids. Then there are some who will give a little, bend if he is truly interested in someone.

The number one sought after Dominant is the Daddy Dom. In most cases he is much older than his submissive. He is very loving, caring, and seems to be understanding. He wants his little girl to succeed in life. He is there to give loving guidance. He does most of the cooking as well. The two together love attention, always hand in hand. The Daddy Dom is based more on discipline and structure. He is more of an over the knee spanker, or corner time dominant. Some are not very strict at all. It is the loving, supportive, and understanding features the Baby Girl is after.

Next the the lowest of all Dominants The Fake Predator, the on your knees bitch. He is cool with words, he tells you just what you want to hear, he preys on your problems, your weakness’s. They fact that one is needy makes his strike more dangerous. He is in a rush to meet, He demands you wear a skirt, most of the time nothing under. He will insist on booking a room. He has to rent a room because he is married. He demands sex on the first meet, he has brought a small bag of toys or just uses his belt. He will want to collar you on the first meet. Give you rules that you know you are unable to follow. He will hurt you, not only in the physical , but mentally. He will degrade you, humiliate to make you feel worthless.He will never take you to BDSM events. He will insist you are all he needs. He will slowly cut you off from friends, and sometimes even family. I have seen it take up to a year before the sub or slave figures this out. 99% of the time he preys on someone new to the lifestyle.

Next is the Doctor Dominant, the fixer. His prey are weak subs, those who are covered in problems, they feel they have no where to run to. Then this knight in shinning armor shows up with open arms. This relationship is not about sex, although in the beginning sex is often, then it dwindles down to nothing. Once he feels he has fixed the challenge is gone, he will move on to his next challenge. Or if he cannot fix he will pace all the blame on the submissive.

The sadist. His pleasure is your pain, humiliation , degrading. He is always thinking of new ways to use you. He craves the pain and fear in your eyes. He cannot function properly during sex without inflicting some type of pain. He needs little attention, as a matter of fact he would rather put you in a closet until he is ready to use again. It seems he is unable to feel, unable to show any type of emotion, and unable to love. To a masochist this is her dream relationship. On the lighter side, he will take care of his, although he will push, he will not cause any permanent damage. You break your toy, you cannot play. Any limits are those giving to you by him. Again this just like any other is a consensual based relationship.

The Trainer. A dominant pet owner be it pony play, puppy, kitten. This is not in a lot of cases a sexual relationship, if it is it is not based on bestiality. Very strict but very loving he cares for his animals. This part of the lifestyle takes a lot of dedication, and patients.  I do not understand, but again to each their own.

I call the confused. The Switch Dominant. I never really got this type, owning a submissive being in control, but have the ability to submit to another. Most male Switches are Bi sexual. as well. Those I know and are friends are very good dominants, I just do not understand. I find it hard when a submissive or slave can watch her dominant submit to another, and still respect. To each their own I am not judging.

Mr Cocky , the Ego Dominant, purely Ego driven. He is the one you see in leather, with no shirt. The sub or slave responds to the snapping of fingers. He is verbally abusive in most cases and at time can be physical. He wants to know why it took you 30 minutes at the store when it should of only took 29 minutes. He is constantly putting other Dominants down, he is always right the other dominants have no idea what they are talking about. He is controlling not in control.If he has profiles on social sites his name begins with Master.

The in control dominant. He carry’s himself in a authoritative manner, while in control, he never brags about who or what he is. He is fair, but strict, he imposes rules and guidelines, high on protocol. He is very communicative, he shows he truly cares. He never gives more than one can handle. While he respects his property’s  limits, he will continue to push.He like the Daddy Dom needs attention, he wants to know he is loved and cared for. He will open up some, but as with any dominant we all have trouble with that. We view that as a weakness. A submissive or slave will use at one time or another, with out even realizing it. He ins very much in control. When he speaks you can hear, when he touches you can feel. he will insure your needs are met. He places his property in a number one status as the Daddy dom. He has most of the traits of all of the above, with the exception of the Fake Dominant. He is also big on after care, he truly cherishes what he has collard and calls his own.

BDSM is a positive based relationship, it should be one without any abuse, mental or physical. He should put you at number one without question. Take care of you when you are sick. He wants you healthy, after all if you are sick, no play for the owner.

The Submissive or Slaves are very special, strong. They have the need to give and please, and in most cases will do without question. They only have one true need in life. That is to be loved for who they are.

Like those who are still looking, even I we will find the one who fits like a glove, someone we can grow with.

Much Love



A Slave Shows Up At The Bus Station

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About six months ago,  a slave who follows my blog emailed me and wanted my yahoo id. I enjoy chatting with people so I gladly gave it to her.

We chatted on and off on a regular basis. Then she found me on Face Book. I play a few games, and she began playing games with me. She was posting pictures on my page, but it was like we were interacting with each other, for instance her and her dog was playing tug of war, but the caption was sparky, Amber, and Vile playing tug a war.

She is married, has three children. She has been married since 2006. She married an Egyptian, which there is nothing wrong with that.  She met him in a religious Chat room.

She saved money to fly over, they met. She came home started the paper work, paid for his ticket over, paid for the wedding rings, and the wedding.

Okay the wages are not that good in Egypt I suppose I can see this happening. Shortly after the marriage the abuse starts, mostly verbal. He soon adopts her children, and bring his parents over, where he spent the majority of his time, with her children.

Both worked at her parents family owned businesses. He worked for a short while, then left, to go to school to be an RN which he has never completed. Amber was the bread winner, but both lived in one of her parents houses and paid 200 a month for rent, just to cover the property taxes.

A little back ground on Amber. . She is very very tiny, very beautiful. When she sleeps she looks like Mona Lisa. Amber is also Deaf. So being she does read lips, I can see she would have trouble reading someones lips from a different country. If someone did not have patients when they had to repeat several times I could see where some anger issues would come in.

A little deeper now, to give a better prospective on what Amber was like and what she needs. In the end I was unable to provide that for her even though I opened my home to her.

At the age of 18, Amber moved to KC she moved in with a roommate. Shortly after she met a man named Mike.Who just happened to be a Sadist. I am not going to say if her story is true, but it was a little out there, and to make it up, well I am not sure.

Mike basically held her hostage for almost three years. Ana commented on her blog which is no longer up. It is there but blank.

Most of the time she slept in a closet tied up. When out she serviced Mike and his mother. No sex between Mike’s mother.

In the course of three and a half years, she was a total slave not allowed out of the house. Her cheek bone was broken , as well as a finger.

In the course of her travels she had three children with two different men. It happens I am not here to judge her.

She was verbally abused at work, I am guessing because of having to repeat things to much.

Around Mid October I get an IM on Face Book. Here is the Beginning of our conversation.

each Sand

Chat Conversation Start
October 17

Do we know each other

Somewhat, ur nickname is Vile and a writer of many helpful blots. You might know me as slavetowant. We never met in person. :)

no we have not your in orlando?
you have a Daddy

I’m from Wichita, ks.

I was a few miles off
same birthday
why are you single

Where did you guesses? We do have same b-day :) I’m married only by name for children’s sake.

your the first to fine me on FB

Really? I used find your friends button by email. That’s how I found you.

so how are you

I’m doing good. How about you? Are you still writing your blogs? I haven’t been on wordpress for a long while. Busy with work and looking for another job.
Hows everything on ur end?

yes I am still blogging I am good

Bet I have a lot of reading to catch up on. :D

Pretty much you should always take a few minutes of time for yourself
October 19

yeah i shld. How are you? Hows the weather down there? :)

I just got back from the beach

What happened to your wordpress

how was ur time at the beach? I totally forgot my password on WordPress but no worries, i just made a new one :) Right now im reading my favorite writers’ blogs. I just read some of yours. :) Trouble is its hard to remember the titles but its easy to remember whats it all about!

That you, dont for get to let me know what the new blog is. I would write the password down maybe

sure, ill let u know. Im thinking about what to write… many thoughts, dont know what to start with. :)

at the begining

which begining? :D lol

honestly, im picking up where i left off sometime during the month i stopped blogging. :) Thanks for helping :)
will let u know as soon im done :)
ttyl and have a wonderful afternoon
October 22

Your pretty fucking hot there missy

thank you :) How was ur weekend?

Well it was ok, would of been better if you had been here

:) awww Yeah, Im sure we would have good time. Are you moving to another state?

Most likely yes, Tnn probably. Yes a lot of fun.

If u dont mind me asking, how come? I would have thought Florida would be like a paradise with nice weather.

Its ok, my dad is not doing well. Tnn is really pretty, ive been looking at houseboats
Why are you single?

Im sorry to hear about your dad, hope he gets better soon. Actually, I’m married only by name for children’s sake.

That is not a good situation

we make the best of it for kids sake.Im looking for article about daddy dom. Have you written any or know any common knowledge of what is daddy dom?

I will write something for you. Daddy Doms are very special. I am working on my first fiction now. What would you like to know? I was in a daddy relationship for a long time with bea
I wrote about her

Wonderful! I appreciate that. Is your first fiction going to be in your blog? I think i have read about you and bea. Is she the one you fell in love with? Im curious how daddy dom’s behavior and mindset should be and what are common expectations of daddy and the girl?

Well the truth any Dom should be able to fill that role, I mean if he really cares. A Dom no matter should always be calm and in control, very supportive, loving,
The daddy should support the girl in every way, encourage, insure she meets all her goals
Calm, cool, and collective
One should never show anger, yell so on

Are you seeing a dom now ?

no, i dont. I have a childhood friend that says he is. So far we are just friends, getting to know each other again.

What has he shown in the way of being a dominant. The topic of sex should not come up for sometime. Ask about past subs he has had or other doms he knows that you can meet. You are in control until you chose to submit
I dont know him , you do.

Thats the trouble im having. He hasnt shown anything but just being a listener, not talktive much, going with flow kind of a guy. Its almost like pulling teeth with him and kinda of awkward sometimes….I cant imagine him being one. He said he was daddy dom for couple of years and only had 1 girl. That one girl isnt a friend to him anymore; they hate each other….

Well I would back off. A dominant is very confident, most are out spoken, all show some type of authority, firm when he speaks, he will look at you in the eyes when he talks. He is in control. Takes charge. You cannot just take his word. Last night I was on a date , I invited a master and slave along.
He has to know other dominants if he is really in the lifestyle

If he is not in control, how can he control you?

Thats what i assumed doms to be; confident, says whats on his mind, Extrovert type of behavior. He doesnt know any others and I know u have said this in other words in ur writings that its good if doms are known among others and attends get togethers.

Ask him what his role a daddy ia
Correct I did say that. So all you have is his word no proof at all. So the question is do you just roll the dice, or wait

I have asked today and am waiting for his reply. I honestly dont think hes “it” :)
Im waiting for a sign
Dont think ill see it

For instance last night I ordered my food as well as hers. I knew what she liked before hand.
I controlled the conversation, that is just my nature

what did you ordered?

Prior to meeting the couple I set guide lines for her, when to speak and not to.
She had 9oz prim rib, and a salad baked potato

Ask him about sub space and how he takes one to that point

I will ask him im hungry….

Go eat

i forgot my lunch lol! guess u can say its monday.

Well that has to

yep it does

You have never been with a dom be careful. Ill even talk with them if you wish, email

his answer for daddy dom is ……”just one that provides takes care of punishes and makes certain demands from time to time”

Really ? Are you serious
Get the fuck out

yeah, im so glad i didnt “roll over” for him
We kinda hit it off from that point. Chatting daily, playing different games, but I noticed she was paying way to much attention to me, okay maybe she is just a little lonely.
Last Friday I was on Face Book wondering where she was, and I receive a text from her.. I remembered she was off on Fridays , so I ask where are you. Her reply was I am in Arkansas . What the fuck are you doing in Arkansas ? She reply’s I will be in Daytona Beach at 6.35am on Saturday. Okay why are you coming to Daytona Beach. She states to stay with you.
I sit dumb founded scratching my head. What about your husband ad children. I am done I am tired of the abuse, and the children have very little do do with me anymore.
6.55 am I show up at the bus station walk in and there she sits. Like Mona Lisa.
She brought 3 small back packs with her, I singled for her to pick them up and follow me to the car. While on the way home she was glued to me, would not let go. Once home I told her to shower. I found a long Tee Shirt she would wear as a gown she is that small. Then I let her sleep.
She slept for about four hours. I cooked her dinner, and we talked. So everything back home is straight Amber, she said yes. I said how did you tell everyone you were leaving. She replied I left a note and told a co-worker.. I just look at her with a blank face.
Amber was starved for affection, she would not let go of me. I knew then there was more to her story than what she told me, but I let her be.
Now I am thinking the shit is going to hit the fan, a petite deaf girl is missing. I told her to contact her sister in law on Face Book to insure she was okay.  Monday I made her show me, she did not. I made her do it right then.
She wanted to play, so I tied her up, she could not get lose like she thought she could. We did have sex, which was really fucking incredible. The best in years.
Sunday Night I noticed she was not feeling well, she was running a very high fever. I got up went to wal greens, pickup flu medicine, cough medicine, and drops, by morning she was feeling better.
Amber wanted to be treated the way Mike treated her. I could not do that. Number one, I did not know her well enough, number two she was still sick.
Wednesday she received and email from her Husband, it had to be a good one, because she wanted to leave after being with me for five days. The real reason she wanted to leave I am guessing, is because she thought she could relive Mike. I guess from reading my blog she thought I could be who she needed.
Under the right circumstances I probable be who she wanted and needed, Maybe. What she needed is really deep. Just meeting, I did not have those kind of feelings.
So last night around 10.30pm I get a text.
You do not know me. We are just friends on Face Book. Well no it does not work like that. I will tell the truth, about everything, if I am asked.
I do wish her well, I really do. We did hit it off really good. She was a lot of fun to be with, very easy to talk to.
What really bothers me is. The abuse is not going to stop, it will only get worse now. She does deserve much better…
ImageThe bad thing is I would probably Let her come back.

Big Changes Have Come

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I am back from Tenseness my father is in the first stages of Dementia. My Step Mother is a total bitch, lazy and has never done anything in her life. She does teach at UT part time, which gets her out of my dads hair for a few anyway.

She has been caught after 28 years of marriage, she now finds it easier to try and put him in a nursing home. So she accidentally forgets to give him some of his medications, then he ends up back in the hospital.

I brought her little games to an end real fast, informing the doctors what was happening. So she was sat down and giving the 5th about senior abuse. Everything seems to be back on track now, he is doing much much better.

The Changes.

I have someone old back in my life although it will just be temporary , I needed some help getting something in order. I find it truly amazing that someone will make a 23 hour flight in a time of need.

I have a slave who has been following me here for about 5 months, she even made a face book just so we could communicate. I did not really catch on,to what was going on, until about a month of correspondence.

I play a couple of games on face book, as she did, of course only the games I played. All of her post, included her and I interacting to some degree.

I am thinking this is really pretty harmless. I suppose she mistook my kindness as an open invitation. That does happen often. I speak much different to submissive’s and slaves. I have a huge heart, more so when it comes to those who have been abused.

She is from the Midwest, very small in build, and Deaf. That is right cannot hear a word, but reads lips very well.

I was wondering where she was at that morning, she usually hits me up pretty early, then it hit me well she is off today.  Then I receive a message from her. My first question was , where are you, her reply was. I am in Arkansas. Really what are you doing in Arkansas? Her reply was I will be in Daytona soon. My reply why are you coming to Daytona? Her reply was, I hope to stay with you.

I am a little late her bus had already left.The bus station here is small. I walk in, and what I see is a lost puppy. On the way home, she is stuck to me, wont let go. I find this odd since she had never even met me. I do like attention, but this was more of a fear thing. The fear of being left behind..

I am guessing the abuse has gone on for year, this last relationship was verbal more than physical. I guess it makes you more of a man to abuse a tiny female who is deaf, and has the demeanor of a child.

The scars from the clothes hanger abuse is very visible from her previous relationship I take it he was a Sadist.

You just cannot turn your back on someone. A while back I had posted on Stockholm Syndrome, this is what I think caught her eye . She experienced just that for almost four years.

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine called me, he is a Dominant who lives in Daytona Animel yes that is his real name. He looks like a pissed off Santa Clause .He asked me if I could help out a submissive couple for a couple of months, and I agreed. I have never seen two people who fight so much. Anyway  we are all sitting in the living room and a friend stops by so I step outside to talk. I had a flat on my truck, and he brought a patch kit over, a long with an air compressor . This is the kind of friends I have. I like people who help, and do not expect anything in return.

So I am outside talking and Lyn the female comes out and says you need to do something, she looks like she is going to cry. I tell her to have Amber come out. She stands right behind me holding me.

The clothes she brought consisted of two pair of pants a few shirts , a pair of tennis shoes with no shoe strings, and a pair of flip flops. Her wardrobe.

I look at her and I feel some much pain, it really hurts. How could someone abuse someone so fragile , and caring. Make her work then take her check at the end of the week, while he did not work.

I will post more here pretty soon. I do know she will have a home as along as she needs


Abuse Should Not Be Tolerated

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When out and about, and in my travels, I spend much time just observing. I like to try and figure other people out. I try and imagine what their life is like. What their demeanor is like, I just like trying to figure people out.

You can tell a lot from people when you just watch, I do this mostly while eating out, trying to read them, maybe my conclusions are correct, or maybe I am totally off base.

I was at a Chinese restaurant last night and a couple was sitting in front of me, the wife’s back to me, and her husband was facing me, I have no idea why I keep going back to this place the food really sucks.Anyway the man was doing all the talking, complaining about something she did, I did not catch the whole story. I could tell he drank a lot, his face was extremely red as with his nose, probably had been drinking for years. He was sitting there telling her how stupid and how he could not depend on her, he was just going to have to start doing things himself. She sat there not saying a word, I may be wrong, but I am going to guess the abuse reached far more than just verbal, just by her demeanor.

About a year ago I was in a Mexican restraint , I think Lyn was with me, anyway. The couple behind me, was in a heated argument, more so the man. I am thinking she was a mail order bride, maybe Filipino she did not speak English very well, this was his major complaint , telling her how stupid she was, how them getting married was a big mistake, how she was fucking his life up. Really are you serious? Now Filipinos can be a challenge. When you marry one, you marry the whole family, and that was an agreement that was made before you marry, so to speak. The average wage in the Philippines is about 150.00 dollars a month this is a teacher with a degree, and she will work, 50 to 60 hours a week. She she get married, now she wants to send her parents five times that amount. Wow.

Abuse like this happens all the time, the male is in total control, and she is at his mercy. Here all alone, no family and very few friends if any.

I told Lyn to go to the car I was going to pay the tab, and this dude was just going on and on, would not shut up. What is worse she probably did not understand half of what he was saying.

I walked up and I sat down at his table, and he looked at me in shock. He was a little skinny redneck looking dude, who had probably never had any pussy until he met her. A real pussy.

I said dude what are you doing?This is a true story by the way. Dude what are you doing? Really, really, your going to sit here and talk to her like that, what have you been married maybe six months?

I reached over and took his Jeff Gordan hat off and put it on my head, his bottom jaw almost dropped off. I said look Jeff, you married this girl, you knew she spoke hardly any english. You knew for the first year or so, you were going to be a babysitter. You are not going to sit hear and run off at the mouth, nor are you going to sit here and abuse her. I will take you outside and stomp a mud hole in your head. Now Daytona is really a small town. If I ever see you again, and she even looks like you have screamed at her I will whip your ass. I got up and started to walk out, and he wanted his hat back, I told him Walmart had them across the street of twelve bucks. What a piece of shit.

Here we go. American men tend to be verbally abusive as well as physical. A controlling issue. I am not saying all American me, so do not start getting all excited.

Asian men are far more abusive. In Korea the abuse runs far and deep, not only verbal but physical. Asian men tend to drink a lot,and  tend to stray when it comes to women. In Korea they are called Butterfly’s.

In the Philippines much the same. The one exception is, once married it is almost impossible to get a divorce. Thanks to the Catholic Church. So a man gets married has a couple of kids, and she wakes up one morning and discovers he is gone and has moved in with someone else who has no kids. Child support is not enforced, all though required.

There is a girl I am friends with who has two children, and not divorced we had talked about bringing her over, but it is not going to happen. I have a friend who is trying to marry a girl from Cebu, and has spent twenty thousand dollars so far, and she is still not divorced.

Middle Eastern men are far more demanding, most of the time, the abuse is just verbal, it very seldom grows to the point of being physical, but I am sure it does with some. If you are told to do something no matter how you do it, it is wrong, even if he told you to do it a certain way, and you followed his instructions , you still did it wrong.

Ahh BDSM abuse is alive and well. There are some who have not found the difference between being in control and being controlling. Thinking just because she wears a collar, he has the right to hit or slap, for any reason. Even if the abuse is not physical, verbal abuse is just as bad, and in the end can cause more damage, and it can take years to repair. How many times do you beat a puppy before it starts to cower to you, but still every time you call, it will cower but still come.

So The Dominant has a submissive or slave, who will basically do what ever she is told, within reason. Some will do anything to please. So you have a sub or slave who will spread at the snap of a finger, suck your cock at the snap of a finger, will let you tie them up, you can tell them how to dress, act, walk, sleep, cook, or even when to speak. Yet the Dominant still has the need to abuse, even when he does not see it as abuse.

You cannot give me one reason why two should argue, why two should disagree. The submissive is not going to say anything unless the dominant is going to do something stupid. Lets face it we as men we just do stupid shit sometimes it is in our blood. If we did not women would have no reason to just shake their head.

It took me years to get myself under control, and old Korean told me once, take a deep breath, and think before you speak. It works it really does, by the time you have followed that step, most of the time you have calmed down. Words can hurt way more than just knocking her down, or making threats.

The submissive should feel safe, be carefree, like a little girl skipping outside. She should not have to feel like she is walking on egg shells, or be in fear.

How a man could beat his partner, to the point she cannot hardly walk, then expect her to spread. It makes no sense.

Many women just not subs, hope there is change, they will stick it out. They have that small bit of hope, that maybe just maybe it will stop. The bad news is it never does, and it gets worse. Just ask Nicole Simpson.