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Were Invited To A Party

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I received a text a couple of weeks ago, inviting Arianna and I to a party. The party will be held where we have our MasT meetings. Masters And Slaves Together.

I thought it was going to just be a get together, dinner, conversation, just chilling which at this time I really need to just chill, my mind is pretty burnt right now, well it is exhausted.

Anyway I was thinking about the St Andrews cross this Dom has set up and I texted him showing interest in it. He responded it was for sale he paid 250.00 dollars for it and I could buy after the party. Then I knew what kind of party it was going to be.

Although the party is invitation only, and I did not know this until Arianna had brought it up because I was going to contact someone else and ask what was going on, but now knowing it is invitation only I have no idea who is and who is not invited.

I do need that get away, I need to be able to communicate with those in the lifestyle, that is kinda like my downtime , I am able to relax and talk to others who are on the same page.

I have been to a couple of fuck parties but I have never been one to take part in, I really do not get anything out of it. I suppose if your into sharing you may get something out of it.

I find going to parties like that is a form of exploiting your slave. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy showing Arianna off, because she has a body built for sin, but as far as going to a party and getting naked and playing, its really not my thing. Even using some of the Bondage equipment I find it weird using someone elses things knowing who has been on the cross or the spanking bench.

Now some of the things that would not bother me, one being getting my cock sucked while talking to another Dom, I would find that pretty interesting. Two , would be walking Arianna around on a leash. Ive had Arianna flash her pussy in front of another Dominant before, but that was only because I knew how bad he wants to fuck her.

I am interested in the St Andrews Cross the Dom has for sale and 250.00 is a good price it is well built. I found a kit on line for 199.00 with 60 dollars shipping so it comes out to about the same. The only advantage would be is buying a kit and putting it together yourself. Here is the link.

So we may go to the party and hang out for a while, and see how wild it gets, I do know some people I have no desire seeing nude.



The Woodshed In Orlando

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Arianna would like to go to a local dungeon here in Florida. Master C who runs the Woodshed is a very respected Dominant within the community. I myself have much respect as well.

Many of us do not have the tools such as St Andrew Crosses, the 1500 dollar spanking bench, cages, suspension tools, as well as other bondage gear. So being able to step into another world for play time is just awesome.

The Woodshed has very strict protocols. It is not a place to pick up a date, and if you should be there for that you will be escorted out. While at the shed there is a respect factor as well.

The Woodshed does allow nudity, for those who really want to get into the play, or you can remain dressed. Wearing the proper clothing of course would be a good idea. Maybe shorts and a tank top something to that effect.

There are many who want to see Arianna nude, but I would not ever think of exploiting her in such a way, for my eyes only.

I am sure no matter where you live, there is some sort of local play house or dungeon. That would make an awesome night out. A great way to release some stress.

Arianna has a new friend in the lifestyle which I do welcome, it gives her a chance to see how others live the lifestyle.  Her and her Daddy have gone a couple of times, although she is a masochist at the end of the night she feels so relaxed and then for weeks after, the time spent playing really puts her mind at ease.

Although there is nudity, I would never expect or tell Arianna she had to be nude, I would not want to exploit her in such a way. If told she would without question, but I know how she feels.

We did order leather restraints, cuffs and ankle, the lockable type, should be here in a day or so, almost prison style restraints, Arianna does enjoy being restrained. As far as toys I am old school. I am not going to spend 5 grand on toys, I do know some who have spent a fortune on a dungeon and I just cannot make the numbers add up. I prefer rope, blindfolds, ball gags, cuffs. I am rather good with rope if I tie you up, your there until I decide to untie you. We go have a very large cage, which we both enjoy but more so Arianna.

If you want a good night out, maybe relieve some stress or just have fun if your even in Orlando stop in at the Woodshed. You can spend an entire night and never touch the same equipment. They also have awesome suspension play Master C is really good at suspension.

Every piece of equipment is cleaned after each use, with a nice assortment of bondage furniture all hand made by Master C, you are sure to have the night of your life.

My time off from work is very limited, but we are planning a trip there very soon. Arianna has never experienced anything like the shed, and is really looking forward to going.

I would never require her to get nude, I would never exploit her in such a way, but with the cages, spanking bench’s, St Andrews cross, the suspension, floggers, and paddles it will be like going to Disney.