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Suck My Cock

Posted in Arianna, DVR Sex on Demand, rimming, sex, slave, submissive, sucking cock on December 11, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

I cannot tell you when I said those words. I never have to tell Arianna because she is always asking. A bit of a change for me, but hey Obama even says change is good right ?

While at work one day last week we were all talking about our relationships and someone made the comment about how this guy should have a life like I do. He said no thanks not my cup of tea.

I looked at him and said I understand someone not wanting a relationship like me. Who would want a relationship with no drama? Who would want a relationship where you did not argue. My wife is like a DVR sex on demand and I get all the channels for free. Who would want that. Who would want a partner who just wants to please you, that would just make me sick.

I can tell you why, because they do not want the responsibility , they may actually have to do something. These men will be miserable and love it because they do not have to put very much into their relationship.

Okay so maybe the DVR thing is not just about sex your whole life is on demand. If you stay on track your show will not get canceled , if you act a fool when the season is over your pretty much done.

My oral fixation Arianna does not really like it when I go down on her, she does how ever like doing a 69. Me just going down on her makes her feel distant and I somewhat understand.

My love for eating pussy goes beyond a fetish. From french kissing her clit, sucking on it and her lips. I want to lick slow so she can feel every bump on my tongue. I really get into it. Most of the time we do a 68 and a 1/2 she just does me. I do enjoy pleasing from time to time. If I am into you as much as I am I will eat and rim I find that to be just so fucking erotic.