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Touch On The Collar

Posted in bdsm, Collar, Collars, Earning Your Collar, slave, submissive on June 6, 2014 by thekinkyworldofvile

You know a Collar does not have to be what I call the Gorean Collar. Although Arianna does wear one even to work. The truth is a Collar can be anything you see it being. A necklace, a bracket and anklet  , something you can reach and touch throughout your day to remind you of your submission.

The Collar has a very deep meaning and you the submissive should not take it lightly, in some cases it can mean more than putting on a wedding band for the first time.

If you meet a New Dominant and he tries to give you one on the first meeting, ask him one question. How did I earn this collar? That will shut him up right there in his tracks.  Never let someone give you a Collar and say lets start your training, ask him, How did I earn this collar.

If you take pride in the collar you will feel the deepest submission you have ever felt. If you earn your collar, you will feel the deepest submission you have ever felt. The rush does not go away, you will be walking on clouds for years to come.

That is what your after in your heart, you want to feel total submission, this is something you crave, it is a need. If you earn your collar you will have experienced the greatest feeling of all, and knowing you are truly owned.