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I love BDSM

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I loved the lifestyle even before I knew there was a name. I have always love the kink, I have always loved spanking. At an early age I got into bondage, I loved tying girls up. I loved rough sex.

My Dad had those little paper back books, the cheap ones. How I Fucked My Babysitter. The dude always had a huge 14 in cock and was ripping her apart. I found a Hustler Mag I was like 14, that had bondage pictures in it and from there it was game on.

In high school the only girls who would have anything to do with me were the Known sluts of the school, they were just passed around, but I was able to get my kink on. I fisited a girl at 15, the most incredible feeling I had ever felt.


Then my brothers babysitter Mildred a 28 yr old skinny redhead. Her husband went to prison because he beat her up so bad she almost died. I saw her for almost 2 yrs, then I joined the Army. Mildred taught me about spanking. Where to spank, how hard. Once I got the hang of it she could cum just from spanking.


Then Korea I have spoken of this before, you know I was thinking we were talking about sex, and I was trying to come up with a number of how many women I had been with from the age of 17 til about 22, and I could not. That I know is very Sad.

I slowed down once in Germany where I met Gretchen , I should of married that girl, but I was young, and Dumb. She was like wow just incredible about 5 years older than I was. More so she liked me for me, in some ways more kinky than I was.

I love Bondage. If I am with someone new, I take extra care. It is important they feel safe at all times. Constant communication is needed. Once the session is over I tell her to get up, she says I cant I am tied up, sure you can move your leg or arm, the ropes just about fall off. The look is total shock.


ImageIt took me the longest to learn, that although I enjoyed Bondage, it was more for the submissive, the feeling of helplessness , the feeling of not being in control. Knowing one can do anything they want to and she cannot fight back.

Safeword I do not use a safeword, why would I, I am a sadist, but let me explain first before you flip out. This lifestyle is not something I just got into. Many many years. Most of my relationships have been long term. All of my relationships have been none abusive. I have never hurt anyone, and never will. Although as I age I am calming down a bit.I cannot stress communication enough, during a session I am in constant contact, I am talking, I am listening, and more so watching her eyes. Even if she does not act like she has had enough most of the time I can tell and I stop. The submissive is not there to abuse or hurt. I never break my toys.

After care is the most important part of playing. I have met one submissive who wanted to be left alone for like an hour. This gave her tome to think about everything that happened, Then she wanted aftercare. You as a dominant know how important this role is for us when it comes after playing. We hold and talk to each other ask how she is feeling? What her thoughts are? Was there anything she liked or did not like? Or maybe we could do something a different way. I like when she is curled up in a chair in my lap, I can hear her breath, as I pull her closer, you can feel her heart beat. Sitting there telling her how well she did.


We as Dominants are in control, that is what attracts submissive women to us , we are confident, but not arrogant. We do not yell at ours, we cherish our submissive, I like to think she can do no wrong. A true sign of perfection. We as Dominants can set back after 6 months or so into a relationship, and say look what I have done. A real awesome feeling. I cannot think of a time or the last time I raised my voice to a submissive even if slightly agitated not angry agitated. If something is wrong we sit and talk things out.

I talk to Vanilla guys who are sexually frustrated, because they have been cut off, or his wife wont go down south or anal is out of the question. Or the lack of foreplay I love foreplay, foreplay does not even have to be touching. Foreplay can be a look through out the day, or the way you brush her hair back, or small comments. Don’t take me wrong I do enjoy a quickie at time.

I love laying in bed while getting head, most of the time I love it slow, just so I can lay back and relax.

ImageThen at times I love face fucking, just something about the control. I think this is probably one of the most submissive acts besides anal sex a submissive can perform .this is an act she has giving up total control.


I love anal sex, this is another area I consider an act that is very submissive, for a female, it is the most private part on her body. Although anal is one of my favorite things it has to be done right, you have to go slow, prepare. If I am going to be doing anal play I like to give a warm enema, the area should be very clean. Tons of lube. You just don’t want to get up behind her and shove it in, not that I haven’t. I am at the age now, I want the submissive to gain as my pleasure as I do. Nice and slow to start out with, I will usually start out with over my lap spanking pouring a little lube and start to finger her ass a little, while spanking with the other. Once I am able to work two fingers in without hurting she is primed and ready.

ImageI cannot even begin to explain the feeling,

I love eating pussy, that is my second fetish, tie her down I can go for hours. Eating pussy is an art as well, just like spanking. I like to take my time. Using a pump on the clit helps increase the feeling for her. Yea the snake bite kit I blogged about works perfect on the clit, it will make it swell 3 times its normal size. Also using the tens unit, while going down on her will blow her mind…


This is some of the things I love about the lifestyle, more so the control, but being able to be open, talk openly, without fear of being judged. We can be who we want to be even if just behind closed doors.

The two should set time aside everyday and just talk, about anything, just good conversation. You will grow so much more. If I am sleeping and one has the need to talk, get up make a pot of coffee bring me a cup, wake me up. That is what we as dominants are for.


Being a sadist, I enjoy inflicting pain. I have set many a days and tried to figure out what makes me tick. I cannot come up with one reason. I have cum before during a session, even spanking.

The Tens Unit

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The Tens unit can be an awesome toy , for pleasure or for those of us who happen to be sadist , it can be used as a form of torture. Even though I am a sadist I prefer the pleasure part of the unit.

As far as pleasure , you can take one pad and place it on the backside where the butt bone meets the spine, you take the second pad and place it right above the clit. Turn it on a low setting and you can make the keagle muscles work there magic , that is correct.

Once you slide your cock in and begin to pump her you can feel her pussy grasping your cock, it will be tighter than you or her ever thought was possible…

Also if she is standing up spread wide  with the pads in the same position , and you stick two fingers inside her curved upward once you hit that G spot, Here comes the almighty squirt…

Safety do not put pads near the heart, always play safe.

A note you can pick up on ebay for less than a hundred bucks…



The Violet Wand

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The Violet Wand

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This is a great form of play , it can be used as erotic play, at low voltage on the clit it can cause forced orgasms. It can be used for pleasure , pain and even branding.

You should never buy the complete set together unless your wallet is so deep you do not care. You can purchase on Ebay and best to buy separate.

Last year I laid christmas tree ice sickles all over a submissive and ran the wand across her body , and she lite up like a christmas tree it was awesome.

As with any new toy caution should be taken , if you have never used one spend sometime with someone who has a great deal of knowledge in this type of play.

The newer units are much better as far as play , the older ones you only get about 5 minutes of play, because they can over heat…

A Violet Wand is an electrical device used to provide erotic or kinky stimulation. You may have seen them first on HBOs “Realsex”, or heard about them from someone else. Yes, it was one of our wands on HBO’s ‘Real Sex’, and since we’ve been manufacturing violet wands since 1997, its likely that if you saw one, it was one of ours.

The violet wand is a handheld electrical generator which supplies the electricity. The generator looks a little like a fat pencil on an electrical cord.

The generator itself is the ‘Violet Wand’. But it doesn’t provide the stimulation by itself. The stimulation is provided from the accessories and electrodes which plug into the generator, attaching into the generator’s ‘point’ or ‘nosecone’. Each accessory and electrode can have different properties or a different ‘feel’ depending upon what type of sensation is desired. There are many different accessories and electrodes. Most of them are glass tubes which light up like neon signs, in fact, they use the same technology and gases that neon signs use. The most common color of violet wand glass tube is purple, thus giving the violet wand its name. The visual appeal of the beautiful neon colors glowing in the artistic glass tubes is another reason for their popularity.
Some electrodes have a gentle fizzing sensation, almost like champagne bubbles against your skin. Many people find this level of stimulation quite erotic and pleasurable. Other electrodes have a stronger output, and some are even stronger yet. Using the adjustment knob on the violet wand, plus the right electrode, can offer sensations all the way from erotic tingling all the way to sharp shocks. This makes them a very popular toy as they provide something for everyone.Not only do the electrodes and accessories provide different types of sensation, but so do the techniques used. There are three basic violet wand techniques; Direct, Indirect and Reverse. Direct Techniques are done by touching the electrode directly to your partner. But the other two techniques are quite different.
With violet wand electricity, it is possible to ‘transfer’ the electrical output, because of the fact that electricity travels. Think of a static spark jumping from a doorknob to your hand, and then imagine if you touch someone else and the static charge now travels to the other person. Violet wand electricity does this also, but it does it continously rather than with just a single spark, you have a steady stream of sparks jumping from your fingers to your partner.Indirect techniques are done when you electrify your own touch then transfer the charge to your partner, just as if you were controlling and transferring that single static spark you got from the doorknob. Imagine a stream of tiny static sparks jumping from your fingertips to your partner as you stroke their skin. Now you know what people see in these marvelous toys! You can use many, many conductive toys and accessories with your violet wand with this technique.
With Reverse techniques, you electrify your partner instead of electrifying yourself. Then you ‘draw’ the sparks from them, by using your own touch or by using the same conductive violet wand accessories. Does this sound like a lot? There are almost an unlimited number of accessories that can be used with a violet wand to achieve different sensations. Many people enjoy the fact that it is very difficult to get bored when you have a violet wand. Most people only know the tip of the iceberg about them, but a little creativity goes a long way. You can be using a violet wand safely in 5 minutes, but you can spend a lifetime learning all the ways to use them.In addition to the three basic techniques, there are a lot of advanced violet wand techniques. Some of them are for the kinkier crowd, but there are advanced techniques for the erotic sensation lovers as well. People enjoy them for different reasons; because they are beautiful and exotic, because of their ability to set their output from as gentle as you want to as intense as you want, because of the fact that you can plug in so many different electrodes for different sensations, or use so many different accessories that you can hardly get bored, or even because of the fact that violet wands are truly an art to master. Some people can achieve orgasm through using them, but not everyone does nor do they have to. The sheer bliss of an electrified kiss where you meet your partner’s lips and the electricity REALLY tingles between them is incredible.
Violet wands can sound a little scary. They can look a lot scary, too. But they are actually the safest ‘kinky’ electrical toy available today. You do have to take some precautions, mostly the same precautions that you have to take when using other electrical appliances…don’t play with frayed wires, don’t drop in the bathtub, etc. But there are some other safety concerns also that you have to be aware of, such as not letting the sparks hit the same spot on the skin for very long (it can leave redness or even burn if you have it set high enough to hurt). Statistical injuries are very, very low, and usually only unintentional redness is reported. (You can intentionally cause redness with a wand, thus intentional redness is not an ‘injury’, but is the desired result.) But don’t let that scare you. You can set a violet wand as high…or as low…as you wish.The lower settings and erotic techniques are an exciting and sensual addition to your sex life. If you can imagine tiny champagne-bubbles fizzing from your lover’s fingertips or lips… the tiniest of tingles to tease and tantalize your tidbits…its no wonder that violetwands are so popular.
Because violet wands can use so many accessories, it is not unusual to see people with large violet wand kits, holding all their tools for pleasure and pain. Since each glass electrode can feel differently or is designed to be used differently, violet wand kits with a beautiful array of glistening glass tubes are common, as well as those containing ‘found’ metal items that can be used with a violet wand; everything from shrimp forks to steel wool pads. After using a violet wand for a while, many people find they are digging through their kitchen drawers and their tool boxes to find anything metal that they can use with a violet wand. You can even use household lightbulbs as violet wand electrodes, by using a specially made adaptor.When someone knows how to make use of all the different accessories, they There are many seminars throughout the country that you can attend to learn how to use a violet wand safely. SAFETY is the #1 consideration in BDSM play and a great deal of trial, experience, study and even research has gone into developing safer violet wand techniques. Of course there are also a lot of myths and misinformation as well, but learning from a well-known source with references is not hard to do; since there are so many established and long-standing BDSM organizations throughout the country who strive to present knowledgable teachers, there could very well be one near you.