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Where Do We Fit In ?

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We were texting today Arianna and I , and the subject came up of how stupid some people are. I made the comment about how at work all anyone talked about was how much beer they drank the night before and how much they plan on drinking once they get off. These are men who make six figures not your every day McDonalds worker not that there is anything wrong with working at McDonalds. It does not matter what you do as long as it is an honest days work.

Here is the thing, besides Arianna I really do not have anyone I would call a real friend, I mean someone I would hang out with on a daily basis. There are people I like, and I even invited a co-worker over for dinner sometime, but to call someone a friend to me that is deep and it calls for a lot of trust. Trust is a huge issue with me.

At work I try to fit in, I laugh and joke but for the most it is a big front, not that most of the guys are not likeable because most are. When I first started there I was giving the cold shoulder because they felt like I was cutting into their pay, which is not really the truth, we each make out own pay. So everyday it is talking about beer and hoes, hoes and beer. Pretty boring.

In the lifestyle I know a lot of people , there are those I would like to call friends, but then the trust thing comes into play. for the most I am a very private man. Although at work I have shared some of my kink but no one really understands and I do not want to spend a day trying to explain. People hear what they want to hear, people see what they want to see, and people believe what they want to believe.

So in my world where does Vile fit in? It is as if I do not belong anyplace. Sure I have my own space, my own freedom, but at some point you have to share your space, if that makes any sense.

At a young age I knew I was different. Even in my teens I was into spanking, tying girls up, I really got off on face fucking, humiliation, and yes even control. Even then I did not fit in, it was like I was a guest in someones world, I was just there, people all around me but I just could not find that spot, that spot where I belonged.

So is it so bad to be different? Should we be someone else we are not just to please others so that we do fit in? I do know living a life that your not can be a total disaster , and the consequences are not good. On the other hand if we are to be who we are where do we fit in?

You go to the wing house or hooters with the guys, well it is not my thing, because I have no desire to sit around a table telling old war stories drinking beer, and listening to men talk about hoes

Lets face it if you went to work and announced who and what you were you would not be accepted, you would be the black sheep of the office. People would think your weird or think your some sicko. So really we spend our life hiding in the closet. I have shared some but I have not gone into great detail. Do I care if I am accepted? Nah I am who I am and I am very happy. Do I care if Joe likes me? I could really care less.

We, us , them, submissive, slaves, sadist, masochist , kinky we do not fit in we are just here, or there for a short period of time. Most are ashamed of who and what they are, because of being afraid of being an out cast, we need acceptance, we need people to like and approve of use. Why ? Because we do not fit in the world the way people think we should.

Those who do want to fit in want everything handed to them without having to put forth any effort, for example. A co-worker who is single, I invited him to go to a place in Orlando called the wood shed. His remark was fuck that I am not driving sixty miles to meet a woman, I would rather go home and watch porn and jack off. I am glad that is working out for him.  Now if I just showed up at his place with a woman and said here she is yours to fuck for the night, he would gladly take her, unless he found out he had to feed her or something.

I can say without a doubt I am happy. I have a good life. I have an awesome wife and slave, and as of right now I would not change anything. If I need a fishing buddy I have Arianna, if I have the need to have a drinking buddy again I have Arianna. If I have the need to play rough, fuck or just get my cock sucked yup I have Arianna.

So the question is do I really need to fit in? I think being happy and content means much more than trying to fit in with the Jones, or the Smiths.

So I know every morning when I leave for work, I know just where I fit in. That is my main and only focus.

Much Fucking Love to Everyone



Problems with my Last Employer

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I did medical transport for several years, mainly stretchers. I am at the point now I am tired of picking up 300lb pound people.

My boss steve and I did not get along, well he hated me, but I came to work everyday, on time and I got the job done.

The family is from Scotland, not a bad thing, just the most dysfunctional family I have ever met. It was nothing to walk in the office and have to step around two brothers who were fighting to get to the coffee pot.

I got called into the office on a regular basis, at least once a week, either talked to, or I had to sign a paper where I had been written up.

So he is talking to me about a patient I picked up. He said did you really ask the patient how they got so fat. Well yes I did. Then you told the nurse she had a nice ass. Well yes I did.

What made you say such a thing? Well it was true, on both parts. How does someone live in a nursing home, and weigh 300lbs, unless he has pizza coming in a night.

Then steve says , why cant you look at me when I am talking to you? Steve it is real hard for me to look a man in the eyes when he is wearing a skirt. He stands up, and for what ever reason begins to yell, it is not a skirt it is a kilt, it is our tradition. Well no steve it is a skirt, spencers has them on sale for 30.00 bucks, or I have a Catholic catalog I can bring in.

Called into the office again, this time the owner, well I call head cheese, the father. The new Secretary is sitting down. He ask me have I met shannon? Well yes as a matter of fact I have. He says, did you tell shannon you were in charge of the sexual harassment department, and if she had any problems to call you.  I may have said something along that line. Then he says, did you tell her she had a nice ass? Again I may have have said something along that line.

Shortly after is when we all had to sign sexual harassment forms , like it was my fault.

The county was nice enough to let me attend three sensitivity classes while getting paid. You know I do not like getting close to people I transport. Most are ill, and only have a short time with us, but when transporting someone this one time , he said you know I have less than a month to live. All I said was wow that sucks. I mean what do you say, when someone is spilling their heart out, when you do not even really know them. It slipped.

There were other cases I guess, because I had to attend two other classes. The first class I failed, because I walked the blind gentleman to the cross walk, who was not really blind, so I could not get into the game. I mashed the button, patted him on his back, and said just walk straight across, and you should be good. Well no apparently that is wrong as well.

The truth is though, most blind people do not want your assistance, they have spent a great many years in school learning to be independent.

Well I lasted 6 years, yea I know hard to believe.

I just do not get some people.