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Anal Fisting

Posted in Anal Fisting, bdsm, enema, Lube on September 19, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

Most men I know love Fisting, I love fisting a pussy, just getting my hand inside, and opening it up, and feeling all around. Some women get discouraged because they feel they cannot be fisted, to smll or two tight, but that is far from the case. You may not be able to fist on the first try, it may take a little time and lots of play. Being patient and lots of lube, good lube is the key. I have posted about vaginal fisting before. Another fetish I have, I love playing with pussy. Sometimes I just lay in bed and while talking I am just fingering away.

Anal fisting can be just as erotic, and can be achieved if done correct. As with pussy Fisting, you want to insure your hands are clean, and a must your finger nails should be clipped, if not you can cut the inner walls, which will cause a lot of pain and a burning sensation for a couple of days. If not your regular partner I would wear a surgical glove very cheap at your local drug store. Also being clean.

I buy the 6 pk of enemas at the local drug store, they come in two and six packs. I think they are $ 4.99. Put your sub or slave on her knees ass high in the air. I use two enemas the first go around, hold as long as possible, go to the bathroom, come back and repeat again the first is to clean, the second is to flush, so for this I use the last two as well.


People who have read any part of my blog know I have an ass fetish as well, I suppose this falls under the topic.Many women are not into anal fisting so I ask what their thoughts are on it, if the answer is no, I never push the issue again. It is about respect.

I have done anal fisting a total of 5 times, four with my first sherry, and then again about 7 months ago.

The key is getting your submissive or slave to relax, just as vaginal fisting relaxing is the key, candles, some soft music and conversation before and during.

Always start out with lube, have the sub on all fours have her reach around and spread her ass open and just left the lube flow around and inside. Always start out with one finger, once she is comfortable insert another adding more lube, a couple of minutes add a third, then a fourth, before the fourth you want to pull your hand almost all the way out and press your fingers together forming like a cone shape more lube, and insert slowly until you are in up to your knuckles, then you slowly begin to fuck her ass, adding more lube.

While I have four fingers in her ass I make little twisting motions to loosing her up a little more, and adding more lube. Once I am ready I pull my fingers out form a tighter cone and cupping my thumb inward, adding more lube then I slowly begin to fuck her ass again.

A good idea to help her relax more, is to have her masturbate while you are playing with her ass. Once you are up to your knuckles, you want to stop fucking her ass, adding more lube, and just begin to push a little at a time, letting her get use to the pressure. If this is done slowly and correctly she will feel no pain, more so if she likes anal sex to begin with.

Push in and out slowly letting her get use to the size, and the amount of pressure, continue pushing, and your hand will finely slip in, once inside past your wrist, hold it for a little, again to let her get use to the size. She will tell you when it is comfortable, she should still be masturbating, this will help take her mind off of a huge object deep in her ass. Once she tells you she is okay, you can start to slowly fuck her ass, and she will come so hard it will feel like her ass is going to crush, your wrist.

This is not for everyone, some are totally against, if she has hemorrhoids, anal fisting is not a good idea, or has had prolapse repair

It can be fun.