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My Favorite form of Humiliation Face Fucking

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Has to be Face Fucking, I prefer the slave to have makeup on though. I place her on her knees and cuff her hands, I then tie her feet together bringing the rope up and tying to the cuffs, up and around the breast, to make a bra out of the rope, over the shoulders back down to the feet. If she moves her feet the rope tugs on her breast. I then put her hair in a pony tail, one it keeps the hair out of the way, and two something to hold onto if need be or to drag across the floor , or drag onto the bed..

I see anal sex as a form of humiliation as well , but that is just me. I think anal is the most private part a woman can give, I have talked to some women who will say it is just a sex act, but I disagree.

Once she is in place I like to just sit and look, this makes her somewhat nervous because she has no idea what is going through my mind or what I am about to do.

I slowly walk up and instruct her to open her mouth, I place my cock in her mouth tell her to close and just hold it do not move, I want to feel myself grow, in her mouth.

I place one hand on top of her head and one on her jaw with a firm grip, and I slowly begin to pump, I instruct her now to swallow anything . do not swallow let it flow out of your mouth.

I start pumping her mouth just like im fucking her pussy slow and deep, I love that gagging feeling, you can feel the throat muscles grip your cock, I think the throat may just have a keagle muscle. Every now and then pushing all the way down and just holding it until I know she needs to breath.

At some point I stop grab her pony tail and drag her up on the bed so she is on her back and her head is laying off the edge of the bed.

I straddle her face put my cock in and begin fucking again with in a few minutes her make up is starting to smear all over her face. When I am about the cum I will place a hand under her head and push up, and when I dump I shove it deep and just hold it, and I make her french kiss my cock.

I then say good girl.



Perhaps The Most Erotic Picture I have Ever Seen

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I was just mesmerized with I stumbled across this Photo. I am sure you will feel the same way.


VileVile pic

Sub space Does Not Have To Equal Pain

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Sherri was a true Masochist in almost seven year that bitch did not cry one time, with the exception of us parting. I had never seen anything like it. A belt, a single tail whip, or with a flogger with each strike her eyes would just glaze over. I remember our first session, I did not have a clue to what was going to happen or what I was going to do. She knew I was fairly new to the lifestyle so I let her instruct me. When I left her house some five hours later, I was scared to death, that bitch was black and blue from the neck down. I had even broken skin open in some places and she would just run her fingers across the cuts, and just moan. At times she could not even speak, her eyes just staring off into space with each contact the whip would make.

In the beginning it was fun well with the exception of the first session. I would have a bad week and I could take all of my frustration out on her, and she enjoyed it. A couple of years passed and my side of the enjoyment was coming to an end, along with the pain and the much needed humiliation it was now a task, a task that had to be out done from the last. It was taking it’s toll on me.

I was not in love I had not been nor would I of ever been, in the seven years being together I never fucked her one time, she sucked a lot of dick, but I never banged her. To this day I am not sure why, I just did not have that connection or the want. Maybe I did not want to develop any feelings. The only thing I truly liked and enjoyed the word NO never came out of her mouth. The words I can’t never came out of her mouth. Today that is not so important to me, I suppose back then I had somewhat of an ego.

Subspace you must be able to get into the mind of the submissive, the same if you want a relationship with a submissive or slave the Dominant must be able to get into their mind. To be able to figure them out, know what they are thinking, you must know your partner inside out.

Subspace is not obtainable every time you play it may not happen every twenty times you play. Some say they are able to achieve subspace every session but I find that hard to believe, I am not saying it is not possible, I would think it would be hard. Subspace also depends on the submission you are playing with, if you fully have control, if the submissive has giving herself to you mind and body.

You can actually achieve subspace without even touching the submissive, the idea is during play to confuse the mind, a type of sensory deprivation , I have blogged about this before with just blindfolding, music ,incense and being bound.  I have been wanting to try this on Arianna but our work schedules are pretty full. As a matter of fact although we do play it is not near as often as I would like.

You tie your submissive up, blindfold her, you have two or three CD player , playing different music at a low volume, you lite two or three different incense, then comes the hot wax, and the ice cubes. The mind cannot possibly process everything that is going on. You have the submission, she is tied spread. She is blindfolded. At this point the submissive feels vulnerable, now adding everything else, not speaking just mostly watching, this is where it all begins.

It may not work the first session but it will. I am also not sure how it would work in a vanilla relationship I have never tried it. When one hits subspace you are confusing the mind, most of the time with pain, but pain does not have to play a part in order for them to hit subspace.  Some enjoy pain some get off on pain even the thought of it, then some do not. If they are not into pain or they cannot take it, you will do more damage than good. I have heard Doms say I can train you to take pain, that is a load of crap.

I have a huge surprise for Arianna this weekend.

Try it you might like it.



Aftercare And Being Proactive

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Aftercare BDSM

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In the context of the sexual practice of BDSM, aftercare is the process of attending to one another after intense feelings of a physical or psychological nature relating to BDSM activities.

BDSM experiences can be exhausting; and drain the participants of mental, emotional or physical energy. As a result, one or all participants may require emotional support, comfort, reassurance, and/or physical tenderness. Along with this, he or she may experience everything from an exhilaration to traumatization. Aftercare also may include a review or “debriefing” of the activities from experiences of both the dominant and the submissive.

Some participants may wish to be left alone or have other means of processing the experience. While the desire to be left alone could stem from just needing rest, it could also result from no longer feeling safe in the current environment or situation.

Common aftercare practices may include hugging, kissing, hair-stroking, cuddling, words of praise or gratitude, or general affirmation of an emotional bond between partners. Occasionally, more “vanilla” sexual activities such as intercourse or oral sex following an intense scene may also be considered as part of aftercare.

It is often thought in a submission/dominant relationship, only the submissive requires aftercare following BDSM activities. However, a dominant may require less, just as much, or more aftercare depending on the scene, person, experience level, and other factors. The role of submissive or dominant is unrelated to the amount of aftercare someone needs and should not be thought of as a metric in this regard.

In long distance relationships, a potentially useful practice when engaged in remote BDSM activities is to facilitate aftercare by the exchange of emotionally significant items which can be clung to for reassurance, though success of this depends on both parties’ level of emotional investment in the relationship.

If you sat down and wrote a list about your needs while in a M’s or D’s relationship Aftercare should be the first at number one, not two or three or five or six, number one. Here in a few I will explain my proactive aftercare.

You start playing or maybe you call it a session, maybe your submissive or slave is into hard impact play. Maybe you the Dom enjoys getting rough, but the submissive is really not into the rough play but goes along with to please. If your anything like me my play time can last for an hour or more.

During this time the sub is giving all they have, physically , and mentally, as well as emotionally. We take what is giving and then more. We want satisfaction out of our play time. Sometimes we go as far as pushing limits, just to see how far we can take our property. If we have pushed or maxed a limit we the Dominant gains a high, a rush, the adrenaline starts to flow. I have gotten so excited I have had to take a break so I could gather my thoughts, catch my breath, and the submissive is just laying there waiting not knowing what is on the Dominants mind, or how much longer the session is going to go on for.

After play this is when the first of aftercare kicks in, communication should be the first, asking and digging for questions. We want to know where they are at right now, what their thoughts are, how they are feeling. Talk about any limits that were pushed.  This is very important, we need to know if we pushed to far, what if the submissive did not like something it should be talked about, maybe there is another avenue we can take to make that part of the session different.  Many will play and give even if they are getting nothing out of it, this is done just to please.

Now on the other side at times we ignore aftercare, let me explain. I have met those who are submissive and Slaves who wanted to be broken. I have been asked a couple of times, but I have declined both times. First of all I did not want that type of responsibility. I did not want to be responsible for bring them down and then bringing back up. I am not sure why someone would need such a thing, but we all have our needs, Breaking someone is just not my thing. Breaking a Slave takes time, I have seen it done and it is not pretty, nor did I take part. To each their own we all have different needs within the lifestyle, so I do not judge anyone for their actions. The breaking of a Slave should only be considered if the two are entering a long term relationship, and the Slave must be sure of this. If it is just short term the after effects could be devastating.

We should hold while in the aftercare mode, we should praise, speak very highly of. We should cover every part of the scene, being sure to not miss anything. Okay I am guilty of not going into the full aftercare mode at times, but when it does come to aftercare I am proactive.

Constant praise on a daily basis. Many spend way to much time waiting on theirs to break a rule, or make a mistake, so they can correct or punish. Many Doms get off on just punishing. Degrading, humiliation. More so the new ones who have entered the lifestyle. Reading books, or looking at pictures, many for what ever reason cannot get past the pictures.

After a session or play we need to ask questions, we want to know where there thoughts are. What did they like? What did they not like? Do they want to try something different? We should hold and caress, make the two feel as one.

Proactive aftercare constant praising , when something is done comment about it.  The idea is to build up, make one feel confident. We want to build up their self esteem if needed and in most cases it is needed. This is what I mean by being proactive.

If aftercare is not performed sub drop occurs and despite what most think I do believe sub drop can be prevented with the practice of aftercare. Sub drop occurs mostly when the two do not live together, and the submissive is left alone. Getting together while in a long distance relationship every now and then, sub drop will happen.

The proper aftercare is very important we being different aftercare will vary from submissive to submissive. Some after play want to be left alone for a period of time, giving them time to gather their thoughts and feelings, while some do not want any aftercare at all. I do believe sub drop can be prevented despite what others think.

You the submissive if you feel this area is being neglected speak up, you have this right to insure you are being taking care of, you have the right to express your needs.

I am telling you from experience, if aftercare is giving and the proper amount, what use to be limits will soon start to fade away, what use to be inhibitions will soon begin to fade away. The more we as Dominants care and we show we care the more the submissive will want to give.

Aftercare is a must.




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The psychological state of the submissive partner in a BDSM scene is sometimes described as subspace or sub space.

The term is unrelated to the mathematical term subspace.

Subspace is a metaphor for the state the submissive’s minds and bodies are in during a deeply involving play scene. Many types of BDSM play invoke strong physical responses such as extended adrenaline surges that can cause exhaustion. The mental aspect of BDSM also causes many submissives to mentally separate themselves from their environment as they process the experience.

Deep subspace is often characterized as a state of deep recession and incoherence.

Many submissives require aftercare.

Have you ever been high, I am not talking about getting drunk. The word high , the numbing feeling, you were there but you were not there.

Sub-space is reached at times during heavy play, long sessions, and intense. Submissives or slaves are able to reach sub-space at times if they are with a partner they trust. Even with trust though sub-space is not obtainable every time.

Play most of the time is a pure mind-fuck. The not knowing, the guessing. Lets face it, if your going to play you are not going to go over every detail before play, what fun would that be?

The play the mind fuck, keeping them guessing, the not knowing. This type of play is fun and can be very intense. While during play the Dominant should stay in vocal contact at all times to insure you are not blowing by any limits, although you are keeping them guessing safety should be your first concern.

So you have your pet tied to the bed, spread eagle, cuffed, blindfolded, gagged, they have no idea what you are about to do, you have taking away one of their main senses their sight. They have lost the ability to move or speak, their mind is racing.

They feel your hand lightly touching them, your touching where ever you want, their mind begins to wonder their heart begins to race, it is the not knowing.

They feel the hot was being dripped onto their breast, their stomach, not knowing where the next drop will hit, their adrenaline begins to rush through their body, their endorphins are being released, they are starting to feel numb inside and out, they cannot control their thoughts or their fears. Fear is a natural feeling, fear is the unknowing. As you insert a vibrator and turn it on, maybe a butt plug at the same time, their mind is trying to register everything that is happening and it cannot.

One step further now the ear plugs, you have now taking away the ability to see and hear, they are gagged so they cannot speak.

When sub-space is reached it is a natural high, even if they were able to move, they would not be able to. They now feel every light touch be it just your fingers a feather, or a flogger. The wax you are dripping is felt one thousand times more.

I remember at one time Arianna went into sub-space, but she became giggly, her words were making no sense just off the wall stuff. She could not finish a sentence, or concentrate on any thoughts, she was just there.

Once sub-space has been reached the pain factor goes up as well, this is why it is very important to stay in verbal contact while playing.Before if the submissive was not able to take any pain, once reached the pain table has gone way up.

Still while in sub-space you could even untie and they would still not be able to move, in their mind and thoughts they are moving but there is no control, the limbs feel very heavy.

During sub-space if you should choose to have sex and the submissive reaches an orgasm it will truly blow their mind, all this adrenaline, and endorphins has to go someplace.

Yes sub-space can be very intense and fun. The main thing to remember is as the Dominant do not be disappointed is sub-space is not reached every time during play, it is not going to happen. Just play and have fun, if it happens run with it, I guarantee it will bring both of you closer and closer. Trust is very important, once you have that trust you have the world in your hands.



Pain Can Be Pleasure

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A couple of years back, I had called into MPR public radio, and I was disputing the theory that most cutters had a drug problem. This is the category they put people in, well she is a cutter so she must have a drug problem. That statement is so far from the truth. Parents want to accuse because they do not want to take the blame, it could not be them, they could not be the root of the problem.

Cutting somewhat like a masochist is a way to release pain, maybe stress, it gives one a high, a feeling of satisfaction, takes them to another world for that moment.

Okay Cutters tend to be different, kinda shy, stand offish , they really do not connect well with others, very few friends, and the friends they do have are the ones who understand them.

So most are forced into counseling , even rehab, because they have to be on drugs. Over the years I have learned how to spot a cutter, just as I am able to spot a submissive while out in public.

Being spanked hard, or cutting releases endorphin’s , a rush through the body kinda like when you get goose bumps. So there is pain but there is no pain if that makes sense. You feel the first blow or the first cut, then it is a total rush.

Okay so it is never the parents fault, we all have to blame someone else it could not be our fault. The fact is most do not want to take personal responsibility for their own actions, it is much easier to blame someone else.

So it could not be the alcoholic parents who fight every night, or not even drinking just fighting. It could not be the fact that there is no communication, or the parents do not take an interest in what their child is doing, or it could not be the fact that their child likes to dress different, and the parents do not except them for who they are.

Okay so let go up in age, Bea was a cutter when I first met her, being a cutter did not allow her to wear short sleeve shirts while out in public, nor could she wear shorts because of the marks on her thighs.

I remember the first time I saw the cuts I felt this deep pain, I felt a very deep sorrow, I could not even begin to imagine how she felt.  I did catch her a few times but the first couple of times I said nothing.

After being in a stress free environment for a while and someone who was taking an interest in their likes the cutting came to a stop.

The feel of a belt across the back, the sting, I would see sherris eyes get all glassy, she would bite her bottom lip, and I could see this intense pleasure in her eyes, this was a release for her, it took all the pain away for that moment in time. Our sessions would last for hours, and when I left she was fast a sleep, maybe not being able to sleep for days.

I believe Masochist are much the same way, although I could be wrong. I believe Masochist for the most carry a very deep pain within, and each session is like a drug, but the prescription never runs out. The endorphins take over the whole body, and most of the time one just goes completely limp, or you could call it sub-space, but in most cases no matter if aftercare is giving they will tend to experience sub-drop. Under normal circumstances I believe sub-drop can be prevented due to aftercare and being proactive when it comes to aftercare. Aftercare should not be used just during session, aftercare can be provided just from holding and talking, general conversation, paying attention to ones needs.

Pain can be bad in the wrong hands, you get a new Dom that has no clue to what he is doing, or the other who just does not give a Fuck. Both scenarios could turn out bad if not fatal. I have seen many get hurt physically, then when it hits what a dumb move you have made the mental kicks in.

Although it took me sometime to realize that not all women were not masochist, I still respected their limits. Respecting limits if not in a relationship is something many new Doms or fake Doms have no problem looking over and could really give a flying fuck, your a one night stand.

Those who are not into pain, well that is the way your body is written. If someone says I can teach you how to take pain, he is a fucking ass. No one on earth can teach you to take pain, I have been down that road it does not and will not work. If anyone says anything different run as fast as you can.

If you want to feel something erotic and not painful, try the violet wand, turned on low can rock your world. Turned on high well that is a different story.  Don’t ever buy the complete kit you can spend upwards towards 1200 dollars or more. If you look on Ebay you can find single ones with one attachment for about 35.00 dollars and you can buy attachments at a later time. Beware of the Chinese wands they tend to over heat and burn up.

If your a Dom looking for a pain slut, then look for one, do not take your aggressions out on someone who is not willing. If your a sadist talk to the submissive before starting any type of play.

Just my thoughts much Love to everyone.



More Erotic BDSM Photography

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ImageMy Favorite…




I have not posted in a couple of Days

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I have been working on a story, my take on what I think Dominant Erotica would be. Keep checking in, I will probably finish tomorrow.


We as Dominants Have An Obligation.

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I woke up yesterday morning at 2.30 am, fuck me. Made a pot of coffee, turned on the news, nah fuck that same O same O. It is 4 am I am going fishing, I hate salt water fishing, mainly because I hate catching something that is uglier than my ex mother in law.

Off to the St Johns river I go, I am old school so I get to the river, and I pull out my old army trenching tool, and start digging for worms. I have not got the lures down yet. Yea I am still using a Zebco it is an 808 saltwater reel, I am not a man of change, I was when they stopped making 8 tracks.

So I sit down, and lay my 45 next to me yea gators, open my Mt Dew, light my Don Tuto cigar, and just relax my mind is clear. When I sold cigars on the Net I would fly to Costa Rica and buy cigars. Bring them home take their wrappers off and put my company wrappers on. Anyway today is good the sun is coming up. I picked a spot away from everybody else because I was not in the mood for any human interaction. This is my day, kinda like fuck the world day.

I left before noon, after catching two Bass about 3lbs each, Would be better if I had a boat, I have been looking for one, I know what I want just have not ran across it as of yet. It is an old flat bottom boat with an inboard 2 cylinder diesel engine. Guys in Louisiana use to use them to catch gators back in the 50’s and 60’s..

On my way home, fuck I need charcoal, I look to my right and it is Wal Mart, I hate Wal Mart with a passion. When I shop I like to shop at the local mom and pop places, meat veggies and so on.

So I am walking around and I find the charcoal, and I hear this couple arguing, I pick up a 10lb bag, now lighter fluid, and I hear this woman yelling at her husband, how he never told her about some girl, he had dated before he had met her. Wow really does it make that big of a difference. Well yes it does.

So I walk up to the couple and I introduce myself , not as Vile of course, and I ask the man which charcoal he prefers kingsford or matchlight , he says kingsford, but he uses a gas grill now. I am thinking what a shame gas. I ask if they are from her, nope on vacation. I say wow not a very good way to spend your time, I mean arguing and so on, they are both just looking at me in disbelief , I said your both to young to be worrying over such petty stuff, not that I was trying to listen, the whole store heard both of you. I took my charcoal from him and told them to have a nice day.

I do stuff like that often, more so if I see a woman I am interested in, ill walk up and introduce myself, and strike up a conversation, to just feel her out.

I refuse to go to a bar and try to pick someone up, although I do indulge in a nude bar from time to time.I sit at the bar, most of the time the bartender is better looking that the dancers.

So I get home, clean the fish, fire up the grill, and I open a bottle of Allens Blackberry Brandy that Chong had giving me a long time ago, and yep a Don Tuto Cigar, a dark Maduro wrapper, very mild with a hint of a salt and pepper taste, un- fucking real.

So to the story, we as Dominants have certain obligations when it comes to relationships. We expect ours to be honest and open. The truth is always a must, always no matter the consequences.

When we first meet comes the thousand question time, and there should be a thousand answers. We should come clean about past relationships, friends with in the community. What our past subs or slaves were like? What they were into? I believe this is a very important factor in building a new relationship.

These are things the sub needs to know, she has that right. You cannot tell her you do not want or wish to talk about it. After all we as men and Dominants ask the same questions.

So we talk about our past, be it good or bad. Cherry was a Masochist while Chong was not, I did things to Cherry, that I would never think of doing to chong. Any submissive or slave can fill a void, because each is very unique in their own way. While Cherry loved bruises , and welts, Chong did not, she was way more D’s than S & M. The thing is when I first met chong, she asked these questions, although I was not sure of her reaction because I just got this dead stare, and I was sure this would be our last date.

We finished dinner, and I walked her to her car, yea a dancer with a car not something you see to often, more so with a bank account. So I shook her hand and told her thank you for your time.

Two weeks go by and I hear nothing from her, Okay I scared her off. I was thinking Dam I thought we had so much in common. Then one night around 8pm I get a knock on the door, which is weird because very few even knew where I lived. So I get up and answer, and low and behold Chong. She said she wanted to talk. So I let her in, and she begins to ramble, getting so excited  at times she was speaking Korean.

Why did you not call me? Well I do not chase it is that simple> We talked I put the ball in your court, it is up to you now. I am not going to beg. She stated she was not a pain slut, I stated I was cooking dinner. She sad you can never do things to me that you did to Cherry, I said pass the salt.

I told her to go sit down, and not say a word, this was quite time. I put my steak on a plate, my baked potato, and salad I had made and I sat down and started eating. After I finished I washed the dishes, told her to come out side with me, I got her a chair, I loved watching the moon over the lake, very relaxing. She said something, and I said I told you not to say a word.

I was still thinking, So I told her to go inside, in my bedroom over my headboard was a dark box, go inside, open it get me a cigar, and there is a cutter next to the box. When she came back outside, I showed her how to cut it.

So I sat there talking, rambling on while she said nothing, I could tell she was listening because her eyes were glued to me. This is a very good trait. I like that, you can tell when someone really takes an interest in what you have to say.

So I ask her what her plans were for the rest of the night, she just shook her head, very good she said nothing. I get up and single her to follow me, I walk in the bedroom, open the closet, hand her a sheet and blanket, I give her one of my pillows , and I point to the floor. I went and took a shower, got into bed and she is still standing hold the stuff, and she said are you really serious?

I got up took the stuff from her, sat it on the bed. I instructed her to put her left leg on the bed, I took her garter off, yea she had just gotten off work, she went in at noon and left at seven. I placed the garter over her head, slipped it into her mouth, like a gag which really done nothing, just the humiliating factor.

I then instructed her to bend over place both hands flat on the bed, I said spread bitch. I sat down in a chair behind her after lifting her skirt that barely covered anything to begin with, and I just sat and looked , Fuck me what a fucking ass. Each cheek just fit in the palm of my hand.

I got up stood behind her, I grabbed a handful of her hair and and pulled back, with my right hand I smacked her right ass cheek, then again, and again then her left. again and again. Then I began to speak, with each smack. What is it that you do not understand about being told to be quite? Why is it so hard to just do what your fucking told to do. This must of went of for 20 minutes, not a word and not a whimper.I said when I tell you to be quite that means to keep your cock sucker shut. I pulled her by her hair telling her to stand up, I then place the blankets in her arms and I point to the floor. Now I was rock hard, I wanted to fuck her so bad, her pussy mouth and ass, but I had to wait.

I woke at 4.30 got up showered made coffee, went in the bedroom and nudged her with my foot, and said get up we are going to breakfast, she said are you kidding me. I put my coffee down, grab her by her hair pulling her up, I place her palms on the bed, lift her skirt and a repeat of last night.

I pulled up at a super center, we walk in to the ladies department, and told her to pick something out, a top and pants. I said I am not taking you out to eat with you looking like a street whore.

I like the waffle house, I love their chili, and hash browns, the omelets are awesome. The waitress walked up I ordered Chongs food, then mine. While we were waiting, I began talking. I said okay, I did not call you because I do not chase. If you were waiting on me to call, you would of died waiting. Second , every sub or slave is different, every sub or slave has different needs, and your needs are much different than Cherry’s she enjoyed pain and humiliation, you do not and I respect that.

So I began going down the list of slaves I had been in a relationship with or had just had sessions with. the whole list I came clean about everything. I wanted to get all her questions out of the way.

I could really feel something special, I truly felt a connection, while I was talking looking at her it was like this glow around her, so peaceful, and yes again she was listening.

We dated and saw each other on a daily basis, I went to watch her dance, many times her not knowing I was even there. I called and left a message on her phone and said I think you would be much better off if you moved in with me. The next day she showed up, with her belongings.

I cooked dinner for her, after dinner I ran her bath, and I washed her. Once finished I dried her off, and told her to change into her night things, she said she slept nude. I walked away and snapped my fingers instructing her to follow. I walked in the bedroom, opened the closet, and handed her blankets and a pillow, this time not a word out of her mouth. I woke again at 4 am showered , made coffee, went in a nudged her with my foot, get up we are going to breakfast, again this time not a word.

We got in the car and I said good girl.

We as Dominants have an Obligation to tell everything about our past, be it good or bad. Ours should know everything about us. The sub or slave has to know there will be no drama. She needs to know she will be taking care of, she needs to feel secure, and wanted, more so needed.

We do not have the right to tell ours, they do not need to know something. We have to gain their trust, if we hide things and they know it, how can one fully trust. When asked a question we do not have the right to say no, or it is none of your business. We expect the same from them.

If you cannot come clean, or even share your past relationships, why start a new one.



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