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My Fascination with the Female Body

Posted in Baby Oil, bdsm, Bondage, clit, communication, Fascination with the female body, Fetish, foreplay, Hot, pussy on November 10, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

It runs much deeper than a fetish, I know this because I have a bad ass fetish, just something about a nice rounded ass.


The female body is just really incredible , I can lay in bed and run my fingers across her body for hours, feeling every line, touching every spot. It is not any certain spot of the body, it is the body in its self. front or back.

What I truly enjoy is tying up so she is spread eagle, place a blindfold on her. Then start at the neck, and slowly work my way down just letting my fingers glide across her body, just barely making contact, over her breast, down her stomach, down to just where the clit starts without touching, down to her thighs, and down her legs, then I start all over.I can do that for hours, just admiring her skin.

Then once my hand does reach the clit, she just explodes at the touch. I love seeing a woman at that time, very erotic.

I enjoy using ice as well, along with candle wax letting each drip at different times. If she is really into it, you can watch her hips begin to move.

Warm baby oil. I will tie up, and yes a blindfold.. I will put the baby oil in a microwave for about 20 seconds. I will start to pour at the neck and work my way down, until her whole body is covered.Then I begin to start slowly massage her body, just applying a little pressure. I am just soaking up her body. The neck is a huge turn on, as with hip bones not sure why, just something Wow.

I like to lay in bed talking just running my fingers all over. To me there is no better foreplay.

So yes it is much more than a fetish to me.