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I still may plan a Trip to the Philippines

Posted in bdsm, Filipino, kinky, Korea, Philippines, slave, submissive, Thailand on September 16, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

While I am seeing someone right now, we both know it will not be a long term relationship. We also have an understanding, that we can see each other until I find a permanent long term relationship. While at this point and time I am not looking, one never knows.

I have been to the Philippines twice, my first time was in the early 80’s when the Navy base was still open in Subic Bay. I flew out of Korea to the Philippines, and stayed on base for next to nothing. At that age is was nothing but sex, nothing more. I was just getting into the lifestyle, but had not yet learned the proper name for it.

The biggest problem was the language Barrier. While english is more so the second language , our english is much different, so if you ask a girl is she is submissive chances are she will just look at you or say yes she is not knowing really what you are talking about.

I love Cebu, the beaches are incredible, the fishing is awesome. The people are extremely nice, and caring, and willing to bend over backwards to help.

Manila is a mess way crowded very busy, and to ride in a jeepney is a scary fucking experience , much better if you have been drinking, but the cheapest transportation for the money.

I have been to Angeles this is the RIO DE JANEIRO of Asia. Santos st is the red light district of Angeles. You cannot visit every club in one day, and no matter your fetish, you will find without a problem. Although Now I am not really into the bar scene , I do enjoy going and having a drink and just watching the show.

One thing I cannot stress enough, is that if you are a submissive’s or slaves first Dominant, chances are the sub or slave will move on in a year or so, simply because you were just a stepping stone. The sub or slave will have the need to grow inside and out. I have seen relationships last in the lifestyle but those are far and few.

Over the years I have learned it is good to be cautious about sharing feelings or getting to close. The last slave I was seeing Lyn. when I told her we were done, she came back with, is it really that easy for you. The answer yup, that simple, while I enjoyed her company in and out of the bedroom, I did not allow myself to develop any real feelings. One I knew it would not last, and two I have a real trust issue, no I am not insecure, but in today’s fast pace life finding that loyal one is a real challenge. So yes I can drop you in a heart beat and not give it a second thought.

While I do prefer Asian women I have dated and been in relationships with others Bea and I were together for seven yrs, the same with Chong about 5 years, while I was not in love with chong I had very deep feelings, and she was loyal to a T even being a dancer, and you had better not have anything bad to say about me. While I was not in love, I feel I could have been, at some point and time. We lived in a poly relationship for a couple of years, but beth got stupid, and when it come down to making a choice it was clear. Chong was number one, there always has to be a number one, and you cannot take sides, unless one really gets out of hand. Many time the Number two will try and play the dominant against number one, some fall for it, while other catch on pretty fast.

I have been to Thailand, and there are BDSM clubs more so in Pattaya,The  Keep Clubis very nice. and Bangkok. The difference being it is not about feelings, no connection, no emotions. Which is what I need .now.



While in the Philippines there are fetish clubs mostly escort services, which is not my thing at all.


It has been my goal to meet someone prior to my trip, but I have again found the language barrier to be a bit of a task.

While I had been speaking with a girl who lives in Angeles, once we got into our likes and I tried translating from english to Tagalog , it did not turn out to well. We are still friends , but could never be more.

So I am just thinking at this point, reason being you have to meet someone, or it is a good idea, if you decide you may want to bring someone back to the states, you have to be able to show proof you know each other, through emails and phone conversations.

So if you are a single male and you have never been to the Philippines, it is a destination you should plan to make, you can stay in a very nice hotel for around 19.00 a night.

My last trip I think I had a thousand dollars me on, I stayed 14 days and came home with one fifty, not to shabby. That was transportation, lodging, eating, drinking and titty bars…



As you can see in the photos unlike here in the US You can see the girls have to have their health cards on them at all times. They all get weekly health checks. So if your really into the bar scene, this is what to look for.

Myself I prefer the malls, and movie theaters, both very good places to score. at the food court in a mall, just order some food sit down, and in just a few minutes you will have company. This does not mean your going to get laid, but you can certainly be on your way.


A lot of men who travel to the Philippines see the women as easy targets, and that is not the case..If your just looking for sex, hit the bars up, you will not be sorry.

So I am still thinking, I do receive emails from women in the Philippines but it is mainly for advice, they already have a partner, but just wanting to spice things up.

It is my full intention to find a partner a slave and a wife.


My Search Continues For A Slave

Posted in Asian, bdsm, Dating, Filipino, Philippines, slave on August 13, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I went on two dates over the weekend,what a fucking disaster both were just WOW. The first I will call, Steph, very pretty kinda of chunky which is okay she still looked good in a skirt and heels. We met at Dustins BBQ , I let her pick the place. I also let her get there first and seated. I wanted her to feel safe.

So I get there and I have seen pictures, but in person much prettier. Very well mannered soft spoken, and she listened a lot with interest, which made a good impression.

Then comes the B52 Bombers. 23 yrs old, going through a nasty divorce. That is a no no to me now. as I stated 23 yrs old, 5 count them 5 kids. Now on welfare, dropped out of school 2 yrs ago. Had just gotten out of rehab for crack cocaine, well had been a yr.

You know what fuck me, we talked for two weeks, and nothing about children even came up. I might consider 1 or 2 but the connection would have to be there.

So steph was a no go, then she got upset when I told her we were fit better as friends. Wow incredible.

Then I had dinner with carrie, a nice restaurant on the beach, we were facing the water, very nice. I arrived first, Ordered our drinks, and waited, a half hr late, okay it happens. Again much nicer that her photo’s much smaller 5 ‘ 0 almost a 100lbs , that is what I am talking about. So we are talking, and I get to the part where I am very punctual with my time, she explained she had just left her Doctor, and had to get her scripts filled.Yes 3 kids which never came up in our conversations of two weeks. a slight Bi polar disorder, now slight either you are or your not. She explained she was on probation, for domestic abuse her ex , who comes over to buy some of her scripts.

Then she wants to know if she can come and spend the night, which on the first meet is a real big no no, I would never fuck on the first date, if they are that easy, nah I am not interested. Besides she was probably going to take inventory of everything in my house for her ex.

I do not really understand why people just cannot tell the truth. Honesty really pays off. If you start out with a lie, your whole relationship is a lie.

Carrie would of been perfect, I do not mind a little baggage, but not a cargo plane full. She was wearing a nice pair of jeans that looked like they were painted on, like 6in heels with platforms, and a nice red blouse. Very well spoken, mannered, just man everything else was to fucked up. I do not need drama, I have zero drama in my life and it is going to stay that way.. More so no fucking drugs.

I do prefer Asian women, maybe I should be more aggressive in my search, but with the lifestyle and the language barrier, makes it pretty difficult. More important is finding the right one to connect with. I am going to the Philippines later this year I think. Have not really made up my mind.

So my search continues….

I am going to chill for a little now. We have this thing called Turkey Rod Run here every thanksgiving, so I need to get my cougar ready, maybe I can get it sold this yr. Ive been looking at the new Fiat Abarth a nice car….


My Trip to the Philippines

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Well I was going to make a couple of stops while on vacation, Cebu was going to be my first then Manila, then on to Angeles. Although I am not really into titty bars or picking up hookers just not my thing, I cannot see paying for pussy, when it is so plentiful, but I know dudes who pay for it on a regular basis.

I guess if you look at it one way it is really a cheap date. The truth is whores are not what they use to be, now they are drug addicts strung out on crack. Now that is not the case for every prostitute, some are really just trying to make it. That is just not me….

Angeles is like the Rio of the Philippines from what I have learned, in 5 blocks there are over 200 clubs, reminds me of Korea back in the day, I was stationed there in hmmm 79 , That is where I first became interested in BDSM, in the small town I was in there were over 300 clubs. I spent two years drinking and fucking.

I looked for a good six months finding a female in the Philippines in the lifestyle, of course there is the language barrier as well. Most Filipinos do speak English, but it is not the same, so you really have to make yourself pretty clear.

I had met a total of 4 females in a six month search and thousands of emails, I do mean thousands.

You have to avoid a couple of things, you can find out who is real and who is not. You can tell the fakes because she will ask for money in the first 5 minutes of the conversation, which you really cannot blame, and I do understand.

I have been to the Philippines before Cebu and Subic bay before it was closed, the people are very nice, I like the culture. The people for the most are very respectful, and will bend over backwards to help you.

Now the beauty, I find Filipino women to be some of the most beautiful women in the world, there hair, eyes, skin everything. The way they carry there selves , if you have ever visited like a mall , you would see.

My blog makes me seem like I am evil, or I do not care about females, and that is far from the truth. What I write is about past experiences, thoughts, or slaves that I have met.

Just because you own a slave or submissive, is not an open door to abuse, it does not mean you do as you please, and most of all it does not give you the right to hurt, mentally or physical.

In the lifestyle we are evolving everyday, our needs change, our kinks even change, but the key is to find someone you are compatible with. Being able to put a bitch on her knees does not give you the right to abuse.

A submissive or slave is meant to be cherished loved, and cared for. They should come first at all times, an open door of communication, after all they are giving you everything you need.

It really kills me to see any female abused. I was at a store the other day and I pulled up next to a care and a couple pulled up next to me and her boyfriend or husband got out of the car and I looked at her and her eye was black, and her lip was busted, and she was still with him. I almost fell apart.

When I walked in the store he was trying to get beer and cigs on credit, a lot of the indian store give people stuff on credit. I was standing behind him, and I said your a piece of shit, he turned around and looked at me, I said yea you, your a piece of fucking shit.

The fact is I am not as evil as most think, in the past I have done some fucked up stuff, but I will make this clear, it was only what was asked of me. My first relationship was a masochist , 7 years, I learned a lot from her, she was my teacher so to speak, I did things to her I would never do to anyone else. In someways I have a little sadist in me, but I would never push someone past there limits..

It is not about abuse…

If you are looking for a great place to party and live out your sexual dreams, then Angeles in the Philippines is the place….. Image



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I would really like to her from people in the Philippines , I am planning a trip there very soon… I do love Filipino women. I am not sure where I am going as of yet, Cebu is pretty boring, The night life in manila is not what it use to be, I am thinking maybe Angeles.

I met a nice submissive in manila several years ago, but she ran off and got married. Now I am at the point where I want to settle down…

Find a nice slave…