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New Toys For Arianna

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I love Sensory Depravation it can make the mind think of some crazy things. Under the right conditions you can also reach sub-space.

When people talk about sub-space many think there has to be pain involved , and that is so far from the truth it is not funny..

I was talking to someone the other day about planting a seed. Your planting a thought, the thought then becomes a need. This is a way to get something across without really having to say anything, and yes it works.

If that seed is planted you need pain to reach sub-space, guess what ? Then that will be the only way to achieve reaching that point.

In reality reaching sub-space is about getting into ones mind , once your able to do so, the fun is unlimited.

Many also confuse reaching an orgasm during play is part of sub-space, and that is far from the truth as well..

The pain side of things, the body knows when it is being hurt, and there are steps the body takes to protect itself. Once you start feeling pain, your body sends most of your blood to your abdominal area, causing you to get cold, and confusion sets in, and you believe your reaching sub-space. Even during impact play, blood is rushed to your stomach area… Impact play that includes breast, pussy, or ass, all the body knows its being hurt and it is trying to protect itself..

Sub-space is an art, sub-space is the ability to get into someone’s mind, be it erotic or causing confusion. It is how intense the play session is, and this can be done without pain.. The key is to get those endorphin’s flowing, once you have hit that process the sky is the limit.

You start by taking senses away, sight, hearing, are the two most valuable, then of course touch and smell, but you take sight away, and you bring in a little fear, the mind begins to wonder. Music is always good even being played a little loud, losing sight and not being able to comprehend what is going on around you, causes confusion.

I myself do not enjoy marking up my property, I do not enjoy leaving bruises, this is mainly because if something went wrong, and for some reason I had to explain what happened, yea just not good, because even when consensual, sometimes the law does not see it as being consensual.

A good thing to do is to get familiar with BDSM and the Law, I have blogged about this before. This is why I have mentioned it is very important to get active in the local community. You meet people Doctors, Lawyers, you meet people from every walk of life. It is good to know the right people just in case..

Okay I am sorta of bouncing around here today, so back to the toys. Here lately, Arianna’s needs have began to grow even more.

When I first met her I explained BDSM was like a drug, the more you experience the more you need. The more control you give, the more you want to continue giving..

It is a drug and it is a very powerful drug. The one thing you need to be sure of is your dealer is in full control.. Because if he is not you can get hurt and you can get hurt bad.

BDSM is a mind thing, getting in your head, not only getting in your head but having the ability to stay there, get inside move around, look around see what’s going on. Being able to figure you out, know what makes you think, and then being able to toy around a little.

This is achieved through trust, real trust, I mean trusting someone with your life, because if you are not there, sub-space will not be there.
Trust, would your Dominant take a bullet for you? Would you take a bullet for your Dominant? that is trust.


The seed was planted, a couple of days ago Arianna brought up the subject about wanting a hood, but now it has become a need. You plant the seed and you leave it alone.

Arianna loves Butt Plugs but she wanted one with a tail, so I placed an order.

This will surely bring out the submission on a higher level, being home, nude and being instructed to insert and wear.

The new Vibrator I picked out along with the hood and the fox tail, her old one is almost ready to retire. No woman should be without a Vibrator.


I am also looking for a new flogger, but yea I am not paying 90 bucks for one so I will just keep shopping…

Okay I know I jumped around a lot I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend..

One more thing I am preparing more interviews. I have a Dominant who is married with children and he will explain how D’s works in his home.
Also the famous Cinnimon will be dropping in and helping me out with the Baby Girl thing, and helping us understand more. I wish more Baby girls would step forward but she is going to be awesome…

Much Love

Making Love Nah , Having Sex Nah , Just Raw Fucking

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Arianna cooking dinner I get home from work walk over bend her over and push three finger inside her pussy, slowly fucking her until she starts to breath a little heavy, then I just simply walk away going about my business.

Being able to just snap your fingers and your submissive drops to the floor without question, even better tell them to go to the bedroom and strip and spread you will be there in a minute. Crawl on top bust your nut and get off. It can be that simple.

The thing is every Dominant , every Master can have it this way.  No questions asked, never. You can lead and they will follow you where ever you go.

Being a Dominant is much more than barking our orders, going to wal mart and buying a dog collar, changing rules when no rules are being broken and you want to punish.

I saw a post on Facebook not long ago a submissive was going to meet her Dom, and he was figuring out different ways to punish her, just for the sake of punishing.

The truth is most of you who except bruises except only because you think that is part of the D’s lifestyle , then there are those who except them because you want the relationship to work, so you will take what ever. Then there are those who truly enjoy them. There are Masochist who truly enjoy pain, there are those who need pain as an escape a way to release, but for the most, many of you just except it.

I heard some time ago that pain was needed to reach sub-space and that my friends is so far from the truth. There is nothing written anyplace that says pain is need to reach sub-space.

Sub-space is mental, sub-space is the connection the two of you have with each other, sub-space depends on how far your Dominant can get into your head, sub-space depends on the intensity of play, and it does not have to do anything with pain.

Okay so lets take the words BDSM we have the kink, we have the sex, we have the control, we have the bondage, the floggers, whips, cuffs, ahh the St Andrews cross. The list goes on and on, and while it is true all of this is a huge plus it is not the foundation of the relationship.

The foundation first and for most is the communication we have, second is the control we show at home and while out. Being honest, loyal, most of all truthful. You learn to guide they will follow and follow without question….. The rest is just a bonus, and the bonus’s just keep getting better and better. The longer you are who you say you are, the more your subs or slaves wall will slowly come down.. Once those walls come down your relationship has no end, it will continue to grow.

All these fake dudes the Fifty shade dudes who do not have a clue, the married dudes who do not have a clue. Their life is so fucked up trying to juggle two lives, hiding everything hoping they don’t get caught. Or the guy who thinks he is King Dom after reading Fifty Shades now he wants to be king master and he is on the hunt. These are all short lived relationships. The married one is not going to leave his wife, more so if he’s not investing anything into the relationship.  If your his submissive and your living alone he should be paying for part of your upkeep he should be helping with the home. I am telling you this from a mans point of view, if he is married he will not leave his wife, he has way to much to lose.

Listen to this you who are seeing married Doms, you are only getting one side of the story about how bad their home life is, you are getting their story. If their life was so bad, they would have already moved out, yes just like I did, they would of already left their wife and kids behind. . He can go on and on about how bad his marriage is, how much he hates his wife, but the bottom line is he is still there and he will be there when you are gone.

Now my question is how can you sleep at night with a clear conscious? How can you sleep at night knowing what you are doing to his family, destroying what she has worked so hard to build. Because what ever a man has it is because of his woman, it is because of his wife. Just something to think about because it is not fair that she does not have the ability to share her side of it. If his marriage is so bad put your foot down, put a time limit that he has to move out, then see what happens. It is not fair to destroy something his wife has worked so hard building, and the bad thing is she does not have a clue that things are so bad, because he will not communicate with her. Now if you think your the only one he is seeing you are stupid, and I know you are thinking the same thing in the back of your head. When you go days with out a call or email, or even a fucking text.

On the other hand if you do not care, and you are that cold you don’t have any feelings then go for it. To each their own I am not judging anyone, have a little compassion.

If he will fuck around on his wife, guess what ?

Now all the trouble you girls go through someone made a comment just a little bit ago.

You are a minority Vile… and are one of the rare ones to do it right.

Okay that can be a true statement but it is really not, you have to weed yourself through all the fake ones. It is like when you open a door and it is full of horse shit, your thinking fuck there has to be a fucking horse somewhere in here. So you open a door and there is a room full of Doms you think one of them has to be real. You have to be able to think with a clear head. You have to have a plan in place before you start your search.

Fuck fuck both of those are meat markets to men, and that is exactly what they think. Now are some real sure they are but very few and far between. You have to be willing not to settle for second best, and many times you get the feeling something is not right but you go right along with it. You continue to go along with it even though you feel something is wrong hoping your thoughts are wrong, and you know most of the time they are not.

If you do not live together you cannot truly know the fulfillment of living a D’s style relationship, to know what it is like waking up every morning with your Master, following his rules, his guidelines there is no way to experience it. The little you get while on the phone and it is phone sex mostly, the weekend out of a month if that, maybe a night or even just a couple of hours. You will most likely spend your Birthday alone, as with all of the holidays.

So no it is not that I am a minority , because there are plenty of me out there. It is just you the submissive or slave taking the time to weed thought the bad to get to the good. There are Dominants out there that will more than fit your needs. There are Dominants out there who will treat you with the respect you deserve, who will treat you as their princess.

For you Doms in the lifestyle for a while, just learning or the Fifty Shades, if you play your cards right, the submissive is for your taking. They want to be used and used on a regular basis, nothing brings more pleasure to a submissive to be used. Some of you guys just kill me.

Lady’s all you need is a plan.





Total Slavery 101

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A Slave is not dumb, a Slave is not weak, a Slave is just like any other with different needs and desires.

Looking back I am not as strict as I once was. I am not as harsh, nor am I any longer into the pain.

Before I met Arianna I had been asked several times to play by different Masochist, and I did give it some great thought but I had to pass. It was just not me any longer, I no longer had to desire or the need to inflict pain. There are times when my mind wonders  about the relationship I had with Sherri, and I think man what the fuck were you thinking. How could you of done some of the things you did? At that point in my life what made me tick?

The willingness to give, maybe the pain in her eyes, and she never showed one tear. With the cracking of the single tail whip, the twelve pound flogger with BB’S on the end. Speculum’s in both holes at the same time, double fisting, forcing her to eat pussy, or blow some stranger, and things I do not wish to share at this time.

She was my first real slave my first and only true masochist, I gained great knowledge from her, but it was a relationship I knew would not last. Almost seven years and I never once fucked her, not sure why there was just something about her, I was not attracted to her in that way. She did suck a lot of cock though daily.

It took me a long time to realize that not every slave or submissive was a masochist, many thought I was abusive, which is far from the truth. Then I began meeting other Doms, and finely an awesome mentor. Then and only then did I learn the difference. The caring part I had to learn on my own.

As we grow older we have the need for more, we need something deeper, and real. The control is the main factor. I am not sure what makes me tick, but I spent way to much time trying to figure it out. I am me and I will never change.

Today while I am strict, I am also fair. I do not change rules to fit my needs. I try to talk through mistakes, because beating is not always the answer. Many are to quick about grabbing a belt or a whip, as a way to correct. Many times a good verbal scolding works much better

BDSM has many different levels that is why it is so easy to find the place we belong, any kink you can think of is out there, and chances are someone shares that same kink with you, but as in any relationship it has to be a give and take.

A slave has no rights, none. A slave gives everything in hopes they will not be abused or misguided. There is no second guessing, even if the owner is wrong. If we as Dominants make a mistake we have to fix it. I myself fix problems before they become problems. We Arianna and I have zero stress in our life. There is no drama between my ex-wife and I none. We even had her over for dinner last week.

You enter a relationship as Master and Slave. I will state I made no demands on what Arianna would call me. She asked if she could call me Master, at times she calls me her Owner

Over a period of a month maybe a little longer, I controlled every movement Arianna made. Bathroom, eating and what to eat, how to dress, walk, talk, what time to go to bed, what time to get up, and yes I controlled her money. I will say this, Arianna does contribute to the house, but I do not take her hard earned money, I stated that I controlled what she spent.

The training was not purely sexual, most of the training consisted of conversation, communication. Teaching her my way, my rules and yes my protocols.

It was exactly two months into our relationship, I invited a M’s couple out to dinner. This was Arianna’s first test, on protocol and etiquette. She passed with flying colors. My friends loved her. Shortly after that I invited an M’s couple over to the house and Arianna would be the host for the evening, again she passed, and the couple loved her, the slave really really loved her. Four months into our relationship we met a Domme for dinner it was her Birthday, again the Domme was very impressed with how Arianna carried herself. at that time we began to attend local events, munchs and MAST meetings. MAST Masters and Slaves Together, a great bunch of people, again Arianna was awesome, when someone did not understand what I was saying I allowed her to step in.

To fully control someone is a huge huge task, a task not many understand or wish to understand, nor is it a task that many want. With me it is a need, a deep craving. I do not even think of my wants, because all of my needs are met.

A short time ago I shared Ariannas rules with a few subs who followed me, the rules were not sexually based. Rules are meant to help. We as Dominants take ones bad habits and replace with good ones.

So think about this Arianna has no rights, no say, nor does she want. That is the key, she does not want, she is giving and she has the trust that I will not mislead or abuse the situation.  If a problem arises and when I take care of it 95% of the time Arianna does not even have a clue. Everything is on a need to know basis. Now if I ran across something I needed advice about, she would be the first and only one I would turn to, but so far that has not happened.

Every day when I arrive home, I walk through the door, Arianna is nude and kneeling. I did not ask for this nor did I require. She does it because she has the need. I walk into the kitchen to sit, my cold drink is in place waiting, she takes off my hat, pen, name tag, then shoes. Dinner is promptly put on the table. Arianna does not begin to eat until I have taking the first bite. Once finished with dinner, shower time. When I finish Arianna drys me off, my night clothes are laid out on the bed. Time to relax. Before bed a huge glass of ice water is placed on the table beside me. Once in bed we talk more about our day, I want to know whats on her mind, this is her time to talk about anything and everything that’s on her mind, her free time to express herself.

Okay I get anything I want without question, be it in everyday life, sexual, play time. When it comes to sex there are no limits, I just do not push her farther than she can go. There is no arguing, of any kind, although I do know at times I do get on her nerves, I just get the eye role she does not think I see.

There are really very few true submissives or slaves, and fewer real dominants. Once into a relationship most find it is not their cup of tea.

There are those who are quick to judge, because they either do not understand, or they believe the slave is weak, which is far from the truth. We judge what we do not understand. You would not want anyone to judge you would you?

Most other relationships I do not understand more so when it comes to a D’s type of relationship, but I do not judge, if it works for you then so be it. While I do find Pony Play interesting, I do not understand the concept, or what someone would get out of such a lifestyle, but it works for them, I am still not going to judge unless your pony takes a huge dump in my living room floor.

I keep an open mind when it comes to others, our kinks are all different, our needs, it would be much better if we could just all get long.




Something Interesting. Viking Slaves

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Slavery has been around well since thousands of years. Farm workers, Construction, House slaves, and yes even sex slaves.

Viking Kings were know to have many female slaves besides his wife. Although vikings did prefer the British female to marry and bare his children, the sex slave industry was really booming at this time, I believe more so than now.

I am a History Chanel buff, many night I go to sleep watching. Last night the show really caught my eyes. On this very topic. A king had passed on, and a slave volunteered to be buried with him, so she would be useful in his next life..

Unlike today, at that time slaves were considered well nonhuman almost, they were beaten, raped, forced into the sex trade, and even killed for a small mistake. Killing a slave was not considered murder, but if a viking killed another mans slave, he only had to pay what the going rate was at that time.

There are also a few erotic books available on kindle you might like. Here is the link, enjoy.

Many of the slaves were chained at night to stop them from escaping and spent most of there days in shackles. They were fed at their owners convenience, not when they were hungry. They were flogged, slapped, and used for sexual gratification, without feelings.



So I suppose without the selling and buying part BDSM has really been around for thousands of years.



Make a Flogger for Five Dolars

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I found this Video on youtube, maybe I should make a couple of vids. Anyway if your in the market for a flogger, you can make one on a poor mans budget.

If you shop online you are going to spend between 35.00 dollars, up to about 75.00 dollars. This is insane. I bought a bull whip at a yard sale for a 1.00, brought it home, unbraded the whip, cut the end off to make it flat, and did the same thing this guy in this video did. You may have common household products just laying around the house. Even if you have to purchase the products, you can buy for around 5.00 dollars, and get the same effects…

Nice Flogging and Spanking Video

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So I’ve been seeing a married woman, Our Outdoor Bondage

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Our relationship is really awesome ,  she comes over on Friday and leave early Sunday morning so she can make church, yea I said church. A Jehovah Witness at that. Married 23 years 2 kids, and now the guilt is setting in. One thing I never thought I would feel is Guilt.

Even though she recently moved out, her husband is going nuts, crazy, pretty upsetting to see a grown man cry, like a little bitch. I shouldn’t feel bad because he is a piece of crap, still I feel bad for the separation of the family.

Back in the day I use to see a lot of married woman, but it was not based on sex, more on BDSM, bondage, spanking, and humiliation. These were woman who were not able to communicate there needs to there husbands, they were happy, with everything else just the D’s was missing…

Saturday morning 5.30 am I had been up for about an hr, I walked in the bedroom, get your ass up now, pulling her by the hair, get your ass in the shower. You have 10 minutes and 8 are gone.

She walked in the bedroom, I said get dressed skirt tank top no bra tennis shoes. I put a blindfold on her, then I used body tape to hold it in place, I said lets go. She said Sir I have not eaten yet, I replied shut the fuck up lets go, I started walking out I kelp talking to her she was bumping into everything. Once outside I said get in the truck , only took her about 5 minutes to find it.

Once on the road she was asking where are we going, I said nothing, she said talk to me. We drove for about a half hour.  I drove down a dirt road for about 15 minutes. Once I stopped I said get out.

I picked up the back pack and said put this on, she asked me why, I replied again shut the fuck up. After what seemed forever the pack was on. I said follow me, I was talking so she could hear my voice. She fell a couple of times and asked for my help, I continued talking. Come on woman.

We had walked for about 5 minutes I said stop. I looked around and said this is perfect. Drop the back pack, Again she said Sir what are we doing. Cant this bitch shut up, I took the back pack, and pulled out a ball gag. I put it on her and I said strip now leave your shoes on.

Once she was nude, I began to unpack, I said spread your legs wide hands on your head, I tied one rope to her left ankle, the to a tree, I then tied her right ankle then to another tree pulling it tight. I then took her right hand and tied a rope to it, then to the tree, the same with the left pulling it tight.

I reached in the backpack and pulled out another rope, I tied around her right breast, then to a tree, the same with the left and pulled it tight. So far I have not said a word to her. I sat down reached in the pack and pulled out the portable grill, set it up, then I put two burgers on. opened a mt dew, and just sat there looking at her.

While the burgers were cooking I reached in the pack and pulled out a butt plug and lube, I got up and lubed the plug walked behind her and slowly pushed it all the way in. Now she is trying to get loose she hates ass play, with a passion., I had to flip the burgers, I got duct tape out and put a few strips across her ass to hold the plug in.

Okay the burgers are done, so I fix them up and I sit there and eat, everything taste so much better outside.

After I finish eating, I get the dildo out that vibrates I walk up and push it deep inside her pussy, holding it in place I grab the butterfly vibrator and put it in place, run the straps around her waist so now it holds both in place.

I then pulled out my flogger its huge weighs about 6 pounds. it has a swivel on it. I begin using it on her tits they are now a pretty purple, she is still trying to get loose, but with the knots the harder she pulls the tighter they get. and I slowly walk around her using the flogger, now on her back and her ass, a good ten minutes goes by, and her head just drops, Okay she has had enough, I walk around and I see tears.

I untied her arms, and just held her, telling her what a good girl she was, she had not been through this much it was all new to her, I held her for a good 5 minutes or so, I asked her if she was okay, she said yes, I said good , I am going to sit down and you can finish getting loose, and get dressed again.

I sat down finishing my mt dew, the first thing she pulled out was the butt plug, then the butterfly, and the dildo., then her feet. Then her blindfold, and she looked around, and said you really ate? Yup……

Pack everything up and ill meet you back at the truck.. After about 10 minutes she made it back to the truck, she put the pack in the bed and got in.

The ride home was very quite, not a word. Back at the house we went in, I sat down she said she had to get home, sure text me or call when you get home.

Later that night she did text, she said she was going to try to fix things with her hubby, she wanted to keep her family together, and do right.

I said okay sounds like a plan. The bottom line here is no more guilt…. Yes no more guilt.

Do you not love it when a plan comes together…The story you just read is very true by the way…



Women I have not fucked….

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I have been to many countries , Germany , that is where I got my nick name, Korea, in the late 70’s that is when I first became interested in BDSM. I have been to Italy , France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Japan, some real freaky bitches there…. Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam.  All those countries I had awesome BDSM experiences

I am planning a trip to the Dominican Republic later this year for two weeks, I have met some people into the lifestyle. Ive never fucked a woman from the middle east, England , I love there accents. I think women from Saudi Arabia are hot, Chinese, women, wow I could go on and on…

I just love women, I admire the female body, I like putting my hand around her throat and pushing her against a wall and holding her there while I force her cum. I love rubbing baby oil all over and using a flogger.

I love the way my hand feels deep inside a pussy, once my hand is all the way in, just open it up and feel around. I love eating pussy, I can go for hrs. I love using spreader bars with a pillow under her ass, so I can use any hole I want.

I am just ranting today….  But truly my favorite is Face Fucking, I love the control…

Oh I have not been to Belgium I have read the lifestyle is kicking there…



Discipline Why it is Needed

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Discipline and control are two words that have a huge bearing on a D/s dynamic – the two are the basic elements for the success of the relationship between a Dom and a sub.



If we think about a horse and rider in the dressage arena, executing the beautiful, fluid movements that make up the test, we can see a perfect example of what discipline and control can produce between two living beings.

There has to be complete communication between the horse and rider, which can only be achieved by total discipline and control. The horse must submit to the rider – it must accept the discipline needed to learn the test, and it must be controlled in order to complete the test.

When a dressage test is executed correctly, there should be no obvious movements from the rider – only smooth and co-originated changes in gait, as horse and rider move through the test together.  Therefore, when discipline and control are used correctly in the dynamics between the horse and rider, they become one entity, one being, and not two separate bodies.


We can see that discipline is very strongly connected to control. Is it possible to have one without the other?

Not really, because the control is needed to enforce the discipline.

In a D/s relationship, discipline and control are essential elements, the control is the basis for the relationship, and the discipline is needed in order for the sub to learn the correct behavior.


What does “discipline” really mean? The dictionary defines discipline in several different ways:

           * To train by instruction and practice,

           * Controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training.

           * Control obtained by enforcing a compliance or order.

           * To teach to obey rules or accept authority

           * To produce a specific character or pattern of behaviour, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.

           * A state of order based on submission to rules and authority – for example – a teacher who demands discipline in the classroom.

 *A punishment intended to correct or train – to enforce obedience.


The word, in simple terms, means to teach or train another being to follow a particular way, and to enforce that training, to ensure obedience.


We know that control means to exert an influence over something or someone, so how do discipline and control fit into a D/s relationship?

The sub needs the discipline and control in her life in order to obey – she needs to know the rules, learn the behaviour and accept that there will be consequences if she is disobedient.

How does a sub learn what is expected? Through discipline and control, and, just like the horse and rider competing in the dressage arena, when the discipline and control given by the Master is accepted by the sub, the relationship between the two runs smoothly. Eventually, the sub knows what is expected of her in any given situation and she will behave accordingly. She has learned her lessons through discipline, and because of the control her Master has, to enforce those lessons.