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You Should Not Bash Your Dom

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My Dom is not treating me right, my Dom is an Ass , my Dom does not know what hes doing, my Dom is abusing me.

You know what happens behind your doors should stay behind your doors. What goes on between two should stay that way. It is no ones business.

What makes things worse it may not even be the Dom’s fault. Maybe you don’t like the way hes doing something, or rules he has put in place , or it may even be a punishment you don’t agree with or you think is to harsh.

Then pissed off and you start looking for a new Dominant or Master, giving false information, making your Dom out to be the bad guy.
The truth is most men will take the word of a female when it comes to abuse. I always say there is two sides to every story.

So your out here running off at the mouth and your Dom does not have a clue, your making him out to be the bad guy.

The Doms your talking to , the whole thing is starting out as a lie. The abuse, the lack of communication, the disrespect, the humiliation. When in fact none of it is true.

Here they have tried to start up a few submissive groups, but they never worked, because they just turned into huge bitch sessions…

Now tell me when you put a group of women together, and they start talking trash, do you really believe that no one is not going to say anything?

If you sit down and think the next time you don’t agree with something your Dom has implemented, maybe instead of bitching to other people, you just sit down and think about why he did something.

Maybe you needed stricter rules ,maybe you needed your ipad taking away from you, or your laptop. Maybe you needed more structure.

You need to sit and look back where you were at prior to entering the relationship. I would be willing to be in most cases there was a 100% turn around. I would be willing to bet you are in a much better place.

If you tell a Dominant your being abuse, and your not he will probably believe you.

You should be able to communicate with your owner. and if your not happy with the rules and protocols, you should of thought about that before entering the relationship.

On the other hand if your seeing a Married Dominant and your not getting what you need, then you need to just suck it up..


Slave Contracts When They Can Be Broken

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Slave Contracts are used by two types of Dominants or Masters.
Those with no experience and they are trying to show their authority, and by those who are into extreme ownership.

Contract are used at times to intimidate someone , this happens when you have someone new who knows nothing about the lifestyle. After the signing they do get a different feeling, but it depends on how the slave is being treated. If abused then the slave will feel trapped.
Please refer to the Red Flag post.
If they are being treated as promised, then a great feeling of security. The feeling of being wanted and needed, everything is provided.

The novice Master quickly loses control of reality , now he is in charge, he now owns someone, he now has property. He can now do what ever he sees fit, without caring about someones feelings or emotions, or what the toll is doing to someone.
There is a huge difference between someone who is in control and someone who is controlling, we all know that but when your playing with someones life, it can get pretty bad, on a emotional level.

So as a Slave you do have certain rights , if you singed a contract, in the contract the Master said he would take care of you, Physically and Emotionally . If all of your needs are not being met you have the right to void the contract.
I found this below and I wanted to share

Bea Amor, Yahoo Contributor Network
Sep 18, 2008

You have the right to feel safe.

You have this right irrespective or whether you are submissive or slave. You have the choice as a slave to choose someone who will make you feel safe as this is your sole choice and you need never be in a position where fear is all you know. If you are, this means you have no one to blame but yourself for not choosing the right dominant and for not leaving when you find that this is his or her style of dominance. If you are in a position where you are being held against your will, you need to find a way of escape or indicating distress at the first available opportunity.

You have the right to your emotions and feelings.

As a Slave you have a right to your own feelings and to express them. It does not matter whether they are positive or negative, they need to be discussed whenever they happen for you. Submission does not work in the absence of communication. As a slave you have no right to withhold this from your master or mistress. That person cannot control your life and make good decisions that will not harm you if you do not share the feelings you are feeling.

You have the right to expect happiness in life.

Remember that you chose this lifestyle because you weren’t happy with people who did not know how to handle your submission? Remember that you discovered great joy when you found out that you are not just needy or codependent? You have the right to enjoy this lifestyle and feel all the joy you are getting. It took guts to admit your submission and you are allowed to pick the fruits of honesty.

You have the right to have input in a relationship.

You have the right to communicate openly and honestly and to have say in any relationship – a relationship by definition is a two way street and should never be one sided. You need to make sure that you make your needs known and that you make sure that you are always present in the relationship. Slaves also have this right but they exercise the right when they choose a dominant or master or mistress. Your needs, desires and wants should be discussed in detail before any collar is placed around your neck.

You have the right to belong.

As a Slave you finally can exercise this right. You are now in a family of people who feel the same way you do and who understand who and what you are. You will belong to that special dominant soon or may already belong to someone. Slaves and Slave alike both have that right.

You have the right to be loved and to love.

You have the right to be loved for your submission and to love the person who will control your life and use you to serve them. Love is something that happens in most D/s relationships contrary to what you might have heard. Love also makes you submission bloom. Remember that slaves sometimes have different ideas of what love looks like. They might want someone who humiliates and hurts them and does objectify them. To them that might show love. Never look down on what others perceive as love and celebrate the differences.

You have the right to be healthy.

I would love to change this to you have a duty to be healthy. Health is a requirement for slaves and this is not negotiable. You have to make sure that you are in a healthy relationship and that you do not get abused. If you are, the entire community will rally to your aid should you request it.public


Is Your Dom Doing His Job

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I received a text last night around 11.30 pm, I was just about to doze off. WWE went off at 10pm, then I sat outside had a drink of Jack and Coke, and smoked an awesome Don Tuto cigar. Friday was a good day I accomplished everything I had planned.

So I get this text, and I know something is up,because no one has the balls to call or text that late, well unless it is steph, which does happen, but that is neither here or there. I am there when ever she needs to talk.

So jess text me, what ya doing? Wow are you fucking serious what am I doing. So I reply are you okay? I am alright, which means no she is not okay. I have been mentoring her for about 3 yrs or so, maybe a little longer. She was married to a friend of mine, who got into the crack thing, and was never able to recover, not sure what happened to him.

So Jess has been seeing this Dom, now for about 6 months, and for what ever reason he is highly jealous of me, as a matter of fact he down right hates me. The thing is I have never fucked jess, it never ever crossed my mind, but I could not ask for a better friend.

After the hello’s are said and done, I ask what is wrong, she knows to get to the point, if not I would just turn my phone off. I do not have time for well nothing is really wrong, or I am okay just bummed, spit it out, why did you text me at 11.30pm.

Women can fucking text like no other like 3 pages in 30 seconds. Well now I am up I go to the kitchen pour a cup of coffee, heat it up in the microwave. We text for about an hour and a half.

When I first met Jess she was a store clerk with two kids going no place. So I spent a great deal of time with her, now next year she will graduate from school as a surgical RN. Has her own place now and a nice car..

Jess is like your typical submissive who was single. Trying to meet someone, anyone to fill that void. The need to please, and be accepted. To find the one who will take control. Sometimes she listens and sometimes she does not. I knew nothing of this guy until she had already basically, moved in with her. She knew I would not approve

When I first learned about him, she explained that she was a little girl who was able to get away with most anything, really no rules or structure, and no responsibility.

So the relationship is really based on sex, and sex only. She has two kids, and he does not spend time with either, and they are not allowed over at his house.

So Jess is really stressed out, falling behind in her bills, and barely keeping up with her homework.Due to this Dom. I have said before you will never hear me speak badly of another Dom. Every Dominant has their own style, every Dominant is different, and trains different.

Once a Dominant gets to know you as a friend and submissive, he then can impalement rules, guidelines, and some who use protocol.

Everything a Dominant shows and teaches you, at some point in your daily activity , you will use what has been taught. It is very important that you the submissive or slave, either takes notes, written or mental. It is important that you get to really know your dominant, inside and out. You watch and listen. I have had a submissive tell me before that she had trouble trying to figure me out.The truth is you will never figure me out. If you think you can, your really just wasting your time.

I do not like just handing a piece of paper with a bunch of rules written down. Instead I will give a few verbal rules, then then rest are more like suggestions, during normal conversation, this is why it is very important to pay attention, not only listen, but take in what you are hearing. This is how one cn tell if someone is truly interested or not, or just along for the kink of things.

It may sound complicated to some, but it is better I think, than trying to overload one with a 100 rules. The idea is to help, not to over whelm. To make one feel at ease, and not like the submissive has to walk on egg shells.

We as Dominants are here to take care of ours. To lead, and guide. To make one feel safe, and needed.

When I begin a new relationship I take note, on how interested one really is, how well they listen. I may at some point just ask a question on something that I have covered, or making a pot of coffee.Cutting my cigar for me, or mixing a drink.

You as the submissive, you have the right to question, if you feel something is not right, or your not sure what is expected of you. You are suppose to have that open line of communication. If you have concerns ask. If you do not, then that falls under choices and consequences. Suck it up and deal with it.



The G Spot And Orgasms

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Here is some real good information I ran across…Enjoy

I have only been with one Slave who could squirt while being fucked, the other times it has been through stimulating the G Spot area.. It does however feel good when your banging away, and she squirts all over you, or while eating her out..

– History
– Fluid Characteristics
– Major Problems With Women Ejaculating
– Reason For Female Ejaculation
– Preparation
– Technique


If you were to refer to literature over the last 50 years you would be lead to believe that females have only been able to ejaculate since about 1980. Of course this is absurd, and just shows how “the experts” can be wrong for decades on just about anything. Many knew the experts were wrong, but had little success in convincing anyone. Needless to say this lead to many problems, needless surgery (to fix the poor women who would ejaculate), expensive counseling (got to find out what happened when they were children to cause this “problem”), and in some cases divorce. “The G Spot” by Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John D. Perry, has dozens of letters from women who went though various personal tragedies because they would ejaculate during lovemaking. Doctors, gynecologists, and psychiatrists invariably told them they were peeing and needed either surgery or psychotherapy.

Newsweek published an article entitled “Just How the Sexes Differ” in May of 1981. One of the major difference was listed was that men ejaculate, but women do not. However, Aristotle wrote about female ejaculation, and Galen knew about it in the second century. The female prostate, which generates the fluid which is ejaculated, was described in some detail by De Graaf in his “New Treatise Concerning the Generative Organs of Women”. (1) … during the sexual act it discharges to lubricate the tract so copiously that it even flows outside the pudenda. “This is the matter which may have been taken to be actual female semen.” He describes the fluid as “rushing out” with “impetus” and “in one gush.” (2)

The medical community was finally awakened in 1980 when Perry and Whipple showed a film of a female ejaculating to the SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of Sex). Martin Weisberg, M.D., a gynecologist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia responded, “Bull … I spend half my waking hours examining, cutting apart, putting together, removing, or rearranging female reproductive organs. There is no female prostrate, and women don’t ejaculate.” (3)

Yet after seeing the film and witnessing the event in person he changed his tune: “The vulva and vagina were normal with no abnormal masses or spots. The urethra was normal. Everything was normal. She then had her partner stimulate her by inserting two fingers into the vagina and stroking along the urethra lengthwise. To our amazement, the area began to swell. It eventually became a firm one by two cm oval area distinctly different from the rest of the vagina. In a few moments the subject seemed to perform a Valsalva maneuver (bearing down as if starting to defecate) and seconds later several cc’s of milky fluid shot out the urethra. The material analysis described in the paper (Perry & Whipple’s) is correct, its composition was closest to prostatic fluid”. (4)

Fluid Characteristics

The ejaculate is very much like prostrate fluid. It is usually clear, or milky and as thin as water. It does not have the look, smell or taste of urine. It is almost odorless. The taste varies, depending on the time of the month and diet, and possibly other factors, such as amount of stimulation received prior to ejaculating or time since the last ejaculation. It can vary from an almost honey sweet, sour, bitter, or a combination of these tastes.

Even though it is ejaculated from the urethra, it is most definitely not urine. It is absolutely impossible to pee during a orgasm unless there is a weak pubococcygeus muscle. This is very important, and it is important for the female and her partner to both understand this. The pubococcygeus muscle contracts when terminating a stream of urine, and is the muscle which contracts during orgasm. This contraction helps prevent retrograde ejaculation (ejaculation back into the bladder), and of course prevents the bladder from draining during orgasm.

Major Problems Women Have Ejaculating

I think there are two major problems women face that prevents them from the immensely enjoyable experience of ejaculation.

They are the female’s mental attitude, and their partners inability or unwillingness to spend the time and effort during lovemaking and to learn the necessary techniques.

We will address both of these problems and the solutions here.

Reason For Female Ejaculation

The ejaculation is done through the urethra. This is the same tube that is used for urination. It is located outside the vagina, between it and the clitoris. The fluid is water like, and non- lubricating. In no way does ejaculation improve the chances of conceiving, it offers no lubrication, and is dumped outside of the vagina. The only conceivable purpose of female ejaculation is for pleasure. And the pleasure is intense, in many cases far surpassing the best orgasm’s. Often ejaculation takes place during both a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm (yes there are two type of orgasms, clitoral and vaginal, but often orgasm is a combination of the two), giving the female extreme pleasure, sort of a triple whammy. Sometimes after ejaculation the female will virtually pass out from the intense feelings.

It can be argued that since the only reason that females can and do ejaculate is for pleasure, then there should be no reason for them to not do so, and as often as they please. It is one of the safer sex acts, since in most cases it can be triggered with fingers alone. Ejaculating from intercourse is more difficult, especially when performed from the missionary position, but still possible.


The following preparation is recommend for the female’s partner:

Wash hands well. Trim fingernails. Make sure that the thumb, and first two finger nails do not extend past the fingertips. Trimming them as far back as possible would be best. Make sure that there is no dirt or crud under the fingernails.

Place a towel on the bed. A surprising amount of fluid can be released during female ejaculation. Compared to a male it can be like a water cannon instead of a water pistol.

Have some KY Jelly handy. At some point additional lubrication may be necessary, even if she is having heavy orgasms and climaxes.

Set aside enough time. The first successful ejaculation may take from 10 minutes to over an hour.

It may be wise to exercise your hands, fingers, and arm for several days prior to this exercise. The motions necessary can become quite tiring after a while if you are not in good physical shape.

Before beginning the first time, discuss it. Let her know that you are striving to give her an ejaculation. That female ejaculation is perfectly normal, and a wonderful experience for both of you. Convince her that there is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Explain that just prior to ejaculation, she most likely will feel like she is about to pee. This is a difficult point for many women, as they will immediately draw back. Convince her that it is normally impossible to pee during an orgasm, and that the feeling is simply the first sign she is about to ejaculate.

Since the movement of the fluid through the urethra will initially feel exactly like when she starts to pee, this is very important. The reflex to stop peeing will immediately abort the ejaculation, so she needs to be told to relax, and allow the fluid to pass. In other words when she feels like she is about to pee, she should go ahead and pee. Only it really won’t be pee, it will be an ejaculation, and within a couple of seconds it will be very obvious to her that this is something quite different. Once she knows the feeling, she will be able to push it out once it starts, with astounding results. It is best for the partner to be sitting between her legs at this time, else she may overshoot the towel or even wet the far wall.

Once she has ejaculated, rejoice with her. Don’t make fun, or a joke. If you do it may be the last time she will be able to ejaculate, at least in your presence. Unlike a man, this is not the end. You can continue, and she may well have multiple orgasms and ejaculations with further stimulation.


Start slow. Use typical foreplay. You may want to start with her on her back. Stimulate the clitoris. This can be done with a moist finger, or with your tongue. Performing cunnilingus while rubbing her breasts with your hands can be quite stimulating for her. At any rate, continue clitoral stimulation until she is lubricated. At this point slide two fingers into her vagina. Allow them to move along the front wall of the vagina. You should encounter an area about 2 inches in, which should be somewhat enlarged. This is the G spot. It lies directly along the urethra, and is located almost directly behind the clitoris. Slowly stroke this area. It should start becoming more enlarged.

Ejaculation is almost always triggered by stimulating the G spot. Clitoral stimulation can often assist in helping her reach an ejaculation, and also can make it more intense. But stimulating the G spot is usually necessary at least initially. Once she starts ejaculating easily, she may find that clitoral stimulation alone is sufficient.

Stroking can be done a number of ways. The two fingers can rub the area as a unit, or they can take opposite strides, similar to walking. A third method involved sliding the two finders out a fraction of an inch, and pushing them back in, similar to the in- out motion of intercourse, but with smaller strokes. Initially pace the stimulation somewhat slow. Alternate with clitoral stimulation either with the thumb, other hand, or mouth/tongue. Also try simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G spot. Watch her reactions.

Simultaneous may be too intense for some but necessary for ejaculation for others. Take your cues from her. When she starts bearing down, and you feel the vagina contract, begin pumping rapidly. When she is in the middle of an orgasm, stimulate the clitoris at the same time, and pump the G spot gently, but very rapidly. Talk to her. Say, “your getting it, go for it, don’t worry, relax and let it come” or other similar words. She may need reassurance that if she drenches you, you will not be upset. Tell her how erotic you find it for her to ejaculate. Make her comfortable with both you, and the idea of ejaculation.

This actually is not the best position. If she does not succeed after a short time, have her roll over on her stomach, and get up on her knees. You will find stimulating the G spot much easier in this position, and she will most likely respond much better. With the two fingers turned down, slide your two fingers back into her vagina. Find the G spot and continue stimulating the G spot. You may use the other hand to stimulate the clitoris. If after a couple of orgasms, using rapid pumping on the G spot during orgasm, she still has not ejaculated, then turn the hand around, putting the thumb into the vagina.

The thumb will likely not reach the G spot, but don’t worry, it should come up to meet the thumb during orgasm. Take the two fingers and lay them down on the clit. Allow the entire curve between the thumb and forefinger to lie along her from the vagina to her clitoris, and begin pumping with the thumb, and rubbing the clit at the same time. When she starts an orgasm, start pumping the entire hand rapidly. At this point she will most likely ejaculate. The trick is to massage the area where the urethra comes out, while stimulating the clitoris and G spot. This will help to override the feeling she is about to pee, and allow her to let it pass.

Be aware that the female is not only capable of multiple orgasms, but also multiple ejaculations. It is not unusual for her to have from 3 to 5 ejaculations before depleting her supply of cum. Once she has ejaculated one or more times, you can continue with intercourse. Entering from behind will stimulate the G-spot more easily than missionary style, and often additional ejaculations will occur during intercourse. Even if they don’t, she will be highly excited, and very sensitive. The final result will most likely be the most intense and pleasurable sex she has ever had.


1) Regnier de Graal, “New Treatise Concerning the Generative Organs of Women”, p. 107

2) Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple and John D. Perry, “The G Spot” page 59. Dell Publishing 1982.

Image Yes it can be fun and erotic..