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The End Of The World 12/21/2012

Posted in 12/21/12 End Of The World, bdsm, gifts on December 11, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

Vile is hard at work, I have not slept in days, working hard in my lab. 12/21/12 the end of the world.

I now have ten days to save the world, not much time left, I am doing all I can.

So on the 22nd when you wake, and you see I have posted, you will know then I have been successful , you will know what ever I did worked, and I have saved all mankind.

Saving the world is not big deal to me really, but I will post my P.O. Box and I will except gifts and large amounts of cash. All you have to do is think, Vile did nothing really but save my life. What would that be worth.

I am not greedy though, I know times is hard, that is why I have set up payment plans to make it somewhat easier. I also except  Master card, Visa , and Discover.

No need to feel guilty if you cannot afford. I just saved your life no biggy right?