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I love Butt Plugs

Posted in Anal Plug, anal sex, Ass, ass fucking, ass play, bdsm, butt plug, Discipline, Ginger Root, Punishment, slave, submissive on August 12, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I use Anal plugs as a form of play and punishment, and Humiliation. Just like Dildo’s Anal plugs come in many different shapes and sizes, many textures , soft gel, rubber, and hard, I prefer the inflatable butt plug.

Just like fisting it takes time and a lot of patience , I have never met a woman that could not be fisted, it may take several tries, but lube is the key, and no all lubes are not created equal. I myself like Wet, or Astro Glide, both will wash off with just a warm cloth.

Punishment, I have a couple of different methods I use, the first is a vegetable The almighty Ginger Root, if you use this one time, your submissive will not break a rule or act out, know the consequences.

If you have never played with or used ginger root, there is a lot of care and steps you have to take, the key word here is SAFE, always think safe. I have added a link, that will walk you through the process.

The bad news is, if your submissive is a Masochist, chances are she will enjoy, on the other hand if the submissive is not, she will pout for a couple of days, and walk funny.

If you use the ginger root as a form of punishment, once or twice, the submissive will walk a fine line. I like to always keep one in the Fridge, so that when she opens the door it is seen, and a reminder.. The proper term for using ginger root is called Figging. You do not have to insert very far, and for just a few seconds will do the job. Oh yes make sure the submissive is tied down, or you may have a Rodeo Fuck on your hands.


Before any anal play I use an enema, I use two, one to flush everything out, the second to clean. Anal play is meant to be clean play unless your into scat which I am not.


Image If you do not already have a kit, they are like 12 bucks. Always use warm water and add just a tad of dish soap, if you just use water the play will just be nasty.

If I am going out, I may use a butt plug as a form of punishment. I will insert prior to leaving the house, no panties of course, and the submissive will walk around for a determined amount of time, including going to the movies, out to eat. Always use lube before inserting, after about a 3 or 4 hours it will start to feel uncomfortable which is perfectly fine.

For public humiliation a plug is inserted, and I always make the submissive insert herself, and a vetry short skirt. I have done this, it was During Bike week here on a Saturday evening on main street in Daytona Beach. I would purposely drop my flyer, and have her bend over to pick it up for me..


I love the inflatable butt plugs, it allows the submissive to grow use to the different sizes. Also if used while fucking, she has never been so tightif you have a plug inserted in her ass… Lots of lube, then just pump like a BP cup. The inflatable plugs for one that will last you will need to shell out some cash. If you spend 15 or 20 dollars, you may get two or three uses out of it..

Image This can also be used to prep for fisting as well.

Have fun, I do enjoy ass play a lot…