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I really Dig Goth and Emo Chicks.

Posted in bdsm, cheating, emo, Goth, oral, oral sex, sex, sucking dick on October 23, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

A couple of years ago I dated a goth submissive. We had known each other prior to me meeting and entering a relationship with Bea. While in a relationship though I was and am very loyal.

About six months after our breakup , I was on yahoo messenger , and this window pops up. Cum Play With Me. Yea it was Ariel , I love that name. So I jumped in my car and off I went. Spent the whole day, Bondage, spanking, getting my cock sucked for hours, and fucking.

Ariel was Goth to the max, the dress, the hair, the makeup. She was a real turn on. around 5 ‘ 5 kinda chunky 150, but tight. long reddish hair that went to her ass, thick thighs.

I did not have to bring any toys, since she had a chest full of interesting toys, floggers, whips, cuffs, tons of candles, dildos, small ones to WTF.

So we fucked around for a couple of hours, then We went to St Augustine for the day. Before leaving I inserted a butt plug, and off we went.

Ariel was somewhat of a masochist but not into real pain, which was fine with me, I have settled down a lot in my age. I am more into the D’s aspect now, but to be able to play with Ariel was a real treat. She was very open about sex, and loved giving head. Most of the time she would rather suck dick than fuck, a real oral fetish. What I really liked, is that she would just drop to her knees without even asking, or I would wake up, sometimes and she was giving me head. I was in heaven.

She was over at my apartment one night, when I lived in Daytona, I had several friends over, for a cookout, once we had finished eating, the guys and I were outside talking and smoking a cigar, since I did not smoke inside. Ariel walked out, and just dropped to her knees, and started giving me head, just out of the blue. It took about ten minutes for me to blow, she swallowed, ran her finger across her lips and said she would be back later, and walked off. Although the other men were in the lifestyle it really blew them away, on how open Ariel was.

A lot of the times we would be watching TV, and she would just start masturbating for no reason. That is a huge turn on for me as well. Or I would wake up and she would be masturbating, she liked to lay on her stomach, and play.

She always dressed in black or purple, I love the color purple, she dressed to please, she knew what I liked and what turned me on. She knew I loved real short skirts. The anticipation is the best foreplay, walking around teasing, crossing and UN-crossing her legs, she knew what buttons to push. She had very pale skin which I love. While spanking her ass turned a bright red. I never use a belt or flogger to spank, I always spank barehanded. I love the feel of skin against the palm of my hand.

I loved the dark makeup, the skirts, the platform boots, the torn fishnet thigh highs , everything about the way she dressed. Ahhh the head was a plus the way to my heart, sucking cock just because you want to.

Now your thinking if she was so great, why are we still not together. Well I was over at her place one day she was tied to the bed, spread eagle. I heard the front door open, and in walks a dude. Yup she was engaged, her future husband worked out of state, and was gone 2 or 3 months at a time. He is like what are you doing, I looked at her and said well really nothing to explain. Then he told me who he was. I am like dude I had no idea, I am thinking this is pretty awkward. He was not pissed at me at all, after all why be mad at me I did not know. She had just had a baby, but told me they were no longer together..

She was not in a good position when I left, being she was strapped to the bed, and a ball gag in her mouth.So I am driving away, thinking what a lucky guy. The best head I had ever had.

I have not heard from her, I am going to guess I wont. but what a great couple of months…