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A Butterfly’s Joy:

Posted in bdsm, Collars, Hand made Choker, slave, submissive on August 7, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

What if the Submissive or Slave had to make their own collar. She really put a lot of work into this choker.

What if a Dominant and Submissive met, and they began an awesome relationship. While the two were building something special, the submissive started to make her own collar, something that had a little bit of both.

Then when the time was right, the submissive would present it to her new Master, requesting acceptance, requesting to be owned. To be his.

WOW , how much the collar would mean to the submissive, with all the time she had put into making a masterpiece.

I believe it would mean so much more to both.

Check out her blog.