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I Have Enjoyed Helping Other’s

Posted in abuse, bdsm, Helping others in a time of need, slave, submissive on November 24, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

Over the past several years I have helped several submissive’s and Slaves get back on their feet. While being able to remain a friend and keeping everything platonic. That is correct I never wanted anything in return, sexually speaking.

Those I have helped for the most turned out really well, and then a few I have lost contact with. So I can just hope for the best. When I met Arianna I was allowing a couple to stay with me, her boyfriend was a total dick, and she was submissive at heart but confused and her health was failing. K had had the run of the house and she was unsure when I told her a Slave would be moving in with me.

K has a lot of medical issues, and her sorry as boyfriend did not want to put the effort into fixing things, nor did he really care, but some people just hang in there hoping things will get better, or having a lack of security.

I am a FIXER I truly enjoy fixing people, maybe a bad habit, but those who are in need and have made every effort to get help,and they just keep hitting a dead end, well Vile steps in.

So K suffers from some mental issues depression being one, bipolar and the eternal. I gave K the tools she needs to get help, I gave all the information but she was still hitting brick walls no one would listen. The local hospital offered insurance to low income people, but she was turned down time and time again. So the day she was to appeal there decision I went to the hospital with her. I left K outside and I went into the office alone introducing myself. I pulled a chair up close to the woman and I began to talk, she started to speak and I simply said this is a one way conversation and your going to listen.

Well a week later K received a insurance card in the mail and was giving full medical. I then helped her get into a group, after a few over dose tries I stepped in again. I fixed her up with a lawyer to help get her SSI started and that is coming the first of the year.

I enjoy helping those who truly seek help, but one thing I do want to point out, I expect nothing in return. To me it is the gratification I get knowing I have truly made a difference in someones life.

Those who I helped if they worked they contributed to the house, they did some lite cleaning and some cooking. I did my own laundry and I cooked when I was off. They had there own bedroom to insure they had their own privacy. I allowed no over night stays or other men in my home.

The platonic part was not hard at all because in a short time I looked at them as like being a sister, I watched over and protected.

We all need an extended hand at times, help from someone who does not expect anything in return, someone we can trust, and communicate with. I guess it is kinda like rehab once they leave you never know how they really turned out or if they fell off again.

Now with Arianna things are different, I have to think about her and her well being. She comes first no matter what, and she is a handful at times, but life is good.

I cannot say that I would never extend my hand out again to help but if would truly have to be a need and something I would have to communicate with Arianna, insuring it would be strictly platonic.