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Getting Personal With Me. Things You Did Not Know About Me.

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perfectAss Of The Day

I was giving my nick name some 30 years ago while stationed in Germany, from this goth chick named Gretchen.

Music is an outlet for me, I love Yanni, I love Sarah Chang she is an awesome violinist. I love the rock band Cinderella, Tom keifer just has an incredible voice. I love KISS, but my all time favorite is AC/DC they just fucking rock.

I am very low Maintenance, meaning I am very easy to please. I never complain about food that is put before me, I never complain about clothes I have. I am probably the easiest man to get along with you have ever met.

I quit smoking January 1st after 38 years, two packs a day at 5.75 a pack do the math. I am still on the ecig. When I first started I was using 36 mg of nicotine, today I am down to 6 mg.

Those of you who could not guess I am a Libra, I am also a liberal although I have different views. If I were president, things would be much different.

I have a soft heart for those who are submissive and who are slaves. I enjoy helping people.
I have taking women in to my home and helped, and asked for nothing in return. Some did well after leaving, and some just fell back into the same ol same ol.

I love a good cigar, but since I stopped smoking , I am not ready for one yet…

I love fast cars, old muscle cars. Hearing the rumble,feeling the power.
I am not a mechanic, but some 20 years ago I had two 1972 Monte Carlo’s one was a rust bucket with a good motor, the other was nice with a blown motor. It took me all of 8 hours to change both out.

I love Blackberry Brandy, heated in the microwave for about 10 seconds. My favorite is Jack Daniels. I am a happy go lucky drunk, if I am going to get Hammered I listen to elvis.

If you listen to the Song A Country Boy Can Survive, that is me to a T.

I have shot two men in my lifetime , one was trying to car jack me with a knife, which is pretty stupid, and the other I shot in the ass while he was banging my girl. On that note I have never been in jail, nor do I plan on it anytime soon.
Warning if you try to hurt my family I will hurt you. If you break in my house, you had better be right with the man, because your going to meet your maker.

I fought the IRS without a lawyer and I won. That my friends is the truth. Just me oh yes my State Representative, why pay a lawyer when you pay taxes.

I handle things before they become problems, I do not allow any drama in my life.

I search out music that people have redone, other bands, or talent shows. Most of the music is better.

I like to be told I cant do something, I will prove you wrong.

I take the lifestyle very serious, I do live it 24/7. Arianna knows when we are not together I am a text or call away.

I do implement rules, my rules are not sexual, my rules are meant to help, meant to build structure. I do not believe you can have the same rules for different subs or slaves.

We I use the word train, that is exactly what I mean train. The first 90 days will rock your world.
Now speaking of training, you know Arianna and I have been kicking the idea around about adding another Submissive to our family.
Arianna is a Slave, she is a slave by nature, I am very firm with her, but I am fair, you may ask her. Her rules will be much different that the addition to our home. The submissive would not be held to the same standards , although the structure would be the same.

I do not like to be serious 24/7, the fact is no one knows when I am serious or not. I like to joke a lot.

I am very out spoken, this worries Arianna when we are out in public. When talking to others if I think your bull shitting me I will call you out.

I will never talk bad about another Dominant, by the way I do not consider fake dominants to be in that category, so those are fair game.

I live and walk by the truth, I have no reason to lie. A man lies when he has something to gain.

I get stressed as well , I just get quite, that is my thinking time. I never take my stress out on my partner.

It does not matter what kind of car I drive, in my thoughts it is my Jaguar. As I stated above I am not hard to please.

I am not a sadist, although at one time I was, my first slave was a masochist into humiliation. I did not have that need then and I do not have it now. Don’t break your toy.

I am an excellent cook, baking, broiling, or firing up the grill. When I grill I do not use gas. I love to cook and when I am off, I step in and help Arianna out. I know there are times she needs a break.

I am working on a book, Arianna believes there should be two. I am not doing it for profit, nor am I going to write Fiction, I wrote a story that was fiction and everyone hated it. I mainly want to reach out to those in need.

Vile Radio coming soon, this is going to be so much fun, my blog live on the Air……

That is about it if I happen to think of more I will pass it on..


WOW Today Is My Best Day Ever Thank You All , And A List Of Country’s That Has Visited My Kinky World

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I started about a year and a half ago blogging that is, as a matter of fact I started out with a couple of others on a blog . In the end we just wanted to go our separate ways but its all good. There was some miscommunication on my part.

At this point and time I have had over 1100 Visitors to me that is just incredible. My best ever was over a month ago 949.

So I had to decide what to call my blog and I was thinking and thinking. Well I am kinky, I wanted to share my world, and a long time ago while in Germany a girl I use to date her name was Gretchen called me Vile in germany.

So the Kinkyworldofvile I decided on. I wanted to share my life experiences, open my door and let everyone in. I wanted and still do want to share my life and what is has been like in my world of BDSM.

In my blog however my main concern are those who are submissive and slaves, more so those who are new to the lifestyle. I do not worry as much about those who have been in the lifestyle for any length of time. Because they can spot the pussy hunter, the new ones not so much. I am saying this because at one time I was the pussy hunter. I used women, not financially I never cared about the money, it was all about sex and being able to talk my way into their panties. Once I was done they were just tossed to the side, and on to my next victim.

So when I try and give you warning signs I am not just talking out of my ass. I have seen women beaten and raped, all over some pussy.

Blogging is a release to me, it allows me to relax, it allows me to vent, share what is on my mind. it allows me to share me. What I blog about is me, public and private. I do not sit here and change who I am, you can ask my wife and slave I am 100% me at all times.

If I can touch just one submissive or just one slave and know I have made a difference, then I feel complete. Those who choose not to listen, I have no control over that.

I have taken a few under my wing and gave them valuable information, I have even put a few under protection on Fetlife, and I am in contact with one on a daily basis. She has been following my plan and is doing fine so far.

I use to love to help those in the lifestyle, but today with being married I have a much greater responsibility and that is making my wife and slave number one. So the choice was not hard.

So I want to thank everyone and thank you for your support, to those who have left comments, and those who have just perved my blog, and got a peek into my Kinky World.

Here is a long list of country’s that has visited my blog over this awesome time.

My hat goes off to everyone.

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 68,718
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 11,687
Canada FlagCanada 6,401
Germany FlagGermany 5,243
Australia FlagAustralia 4,535
France FlagFrance 3,112
Italy FlagItaly 2,018
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 1,760
Belgium FlagBelgium 1,529
Poland FlagPoland 1,316
India FlagIndia 1,313
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 1,225
Spain FlagSpain 1,114
Sweden FlagSweden 1,097
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 1,094
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 1,068
Brazil FlagBrazil 915
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 871
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 826
Japan FlagJapan 794
Turkey FlagTurkey 779
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 709
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 662
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 658
Mexico FlagMexico 594
Romania FlagRomania 588
Denmark FlagDenmark 585
Singapore FlagSingapore 575
Finland FlagFinland 538
Greece FlagGreece 533
Austria FlagAustria 516
Ireland FlagIreland 504
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 499
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 497
Norway FlagNorway 450
Hungary FlagHungary 417
Egypt FlagEgypt 389
Philippines FlagPhilippines 359
Israel FlagIsrael 277
Pakistan FlagPakistan 252
Ukraine FlagUkraine 233
Portugal FlagPortugal 232
Argentina FlagArgentina 224
Bulgaria FlagBulgaria 219
Thailand FlagThailand 205
Kuwait FlagKuwait 178
Croatia FlagCroatia 164
Viet Nam FlagViet Nam 159
Serbia FlagSerbia 155
Taiwan, Province of China FlagTaiwan 150
Lithuania FlagLithuania 144
Slovakia FlagSlovakia 140
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 137
Qatar FlagQatar 107
Oman FlagOman 102
Iraq FlagIraq 98
Slovenia FlagSlovenia 93
Algeria FlagAlgeria 88
Malta FlagMalta 79
Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka 78
Bahrain FlagBahrain 76
Morocco FlagMorocco 74
Jordan FlagJordan 72
Trinidad and Tobago FlagTrinidad and Tobago 71
Puerto Rico FlagPuerto Rico 70
Myanmar FlagMyanmar 70
Mongolia FlagMongolia 59
Estonia FlagEstonia 59
Guatemala FlagGuatemala 57
Chile FlagChile 55
Colombia FlagColombia 54
Kenya FlagKenya 52
Lebanon FlagLebanon 52
Iceland FlagIceland 48
Tunisia FlagTunisia 46
Maldives FlagMaldives 46
Yemen FlagYemen 46
Sudan FlagSudan 46
Latvia FlagLatvia 41
Peru FlagPeru 37
Cyprus FlagCyprus 35
Belarus FlagBelarus 34
Venezuela FlagVenezuela 33
Syrian Arab Republic FlagSyrian Arab Republic 32
Bangladesh FlagBangladesh 32
Uruguay FlagUruguay 31
Luxembourg FlagLuxembourg 30
Guernsey FlagGuernsey 30
Mauritius FlagMauritius 28
Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica 27
Bosnia and Herzegovina FlagBosnia and Herzegovina 26
Azerbaijan FlagAzerbaijan 24
Nigeria FlagNigeria 24
Cayman Islands FlagCayman Islands 22
Nicaragua FlagNicaragua 21
Ecuador FlagEcuador 18
Moldova, Republic of FlagMoldova 17
Georgia FlagGeorgia 16
Afghanistan FlagAfghanistan 15
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of FlagMacedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic 15
Isle of Man FlagIsle of Man 14
Grenada FlagGrenada 13
Montenegro FlagMontenegro 13
Fiji FlagFiji 12
Panama FlagPanama 11
Honduras FlagHonduras 11
Botswana FlagBotswana 11
Nepal FlagNepal 11
El Salvador FlagEl Salvador 10
Cambodia FlagCambodia 9
Zimbabwe FlagZimbabwe 9
Jamaica FlagJamaica 9
Brunei Darussalam FlagBrunei Darussalam 9
Bahamas FlagBahamas 9
Bolivia FlagBolivia 9
Antigua and Barbuda FlagAntigua and Barbuda 8
Guam FlagGuam 7
Namibia FlagNamibia 7
Palestinian Territory, Occupied FlagPalestinian Territory, Occupied 7
Kazakhstan FlagKazakhstan 6
Albania FlagAlbania 6
Dominican Republic FlagDominican Republic 6
New Caledonia FlagNew Caledonia 6
Libya FlagLibya 5
Ghana FlagGhana 5
Mozambique FlagMozambique 4
Barbados FlagBarbados 4
Cameroon FlagCameroon 4
Papua New Guinea FlagPapua New Guinea 4
Congo FlagCongo 4
Turks and Caicos Islands FlagTurks and Caicos Islands 4
Congo, the Democratic Republic of the FlagDemocratic Republic of the Congo 3
Micronesia, Federated States of FlagMicronesia, Federated States of 3
Paraguay FlagParaguay 3
Tanzania, United Republic of FlagUnited Republic of Tanzania 3
Ethiopia FlagEthiopia 3
Armenia FlagArmenia 3
Macao FlagMacao 3
Benin FlagBenin 3
Guyana FlagGuyana 3
Tonga FlagTonga 2
Greenland FlagGreenland 2
Suriname FlagSuriname 2
Seychelles FlagSeychelles 2
Uganda FlagUganda 2
Saint Kitts and Nevis FlagSaint Kitts and Nevis 2
Gabon FlagGabon 2
Uzbekistan FlagUzbekistan 2
Martinique FlagMartinique 2
Andorra FlagAndorra 2
Mauritania FlagMauritania 1
Jersey FlagJersey 1
Liberia FlagLiberia 1
French Guiana FlagFrench Guiana 1
Madagascar FlagMadagascar 1
Malawi FlagMalawi 1
Guadeloupe FlagGuadeloupe 1
Gibraltar FlagGibraltar 1
Angola FlagAngola 1
Iran, Islamic Republic of FlagIran, Islamic Republic of 1
Réunion FlagRéunion 1
Cape Verde FlagCape Verde 1Vile