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My World My Slave

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I was single for well over a year, during and prior I made a couple of mistakes and bad choices in partners, and there are those I wish I had never met, and those who are total nightmares.

When we do not take the time to think clearly, our heads get fucked up, it is almost like a cloud settles over our brain, and it causes us to have bad judgement. Sometimes we settle for less just so we have the companionship, even though we know deep down it is not going to work. Then at times we put to much effort into a relationship when we know the same thing, it is not going to work.

While in a relationship some may think my way is a one way street, I suppose if you looked at it from the outside I could see where one might think that. One might get the impression I am selfish, I can also see that. The truth is you have to really get to know me. I told Tish the same thing. You have to watch, listen and observe, because I am not going to tell you everything, if your truly interested you should want to do so. So far things are going perfect.

I run the house no questions asked. I make all the decisions no questions asked. What I did make clear however , because we are all not perfect. If she was to see an easier way, or maybe I am about to make a mistake, I want to hear her point of view, and I would listen. I have made mistakes in the past and I have paid the price. If I am at anytime wrong, I will be the first to admit it.

I was looking for a slave, not a submissive, a real slave who was true or wanted to learn about the lifestyle , and my way, and only my way. I am not going to change. I tried once before when I got married, the worst mistake I had ever made, but I was a man and stepped up to the plate. I was not out fucking behind any ones back. Ive gone over this before no one really seems to give a fuck so I am going to drop it.

I am Dominant 24/7, I just cannot turn it off like some are able to. I wanted a slave who was a slave 24/7, not just in the bedroom. That is like finding a Buddhist monk , that lives in an Amish town, yea next to impossible.

I found one, or she found me to tell you the truth. She is beautiful, stable, a little emotional at times, but aren’t all women at times, fuck even some men are. She has a good career, has been employed at the same place now for 13 years. Did I mention she is beautiful, and hot, with a body built for sin. Yea.

Tish craves submission , she craves accountability , she craves structure, she craves guidance. Tish needs all of the above. She needs rules, which were structured toward her needs and not mine. Tish craves consistency, Tish craves communication, Tish craves attention, she wants to be held at night, during the day, she wants to know she is number one, and the only one. I cannot understand a Dominant or top who has to have more than one at his feet. All my needs and then some are being met, without question or hesitation.

When I say slave, I am not looking for a house keeper, a cook, or someone do do my laundry. I did all of that before I met her.

Like me Tish is big on protocol, Protocol is part of her submission, again she not only craves she needs, this falls under acceptance.

She truly enjoys being spanked, Everyone knows I love bare handed spankings, back to my ass fetish. She loves bondage, which I love, she loves control. At night she has the need to be bound, being bound makes her feel safe. So we went to Home depot, I purchased a 5ft chain and two pad locks. One end goes around her neck, and locked, the other around the bed frame. This makes her feel safe, secure, but most of all owned. At night she sleeps like a baby, and she knows should she have to go to the bathroom she can wake me.

If and when company arrives she greets them, offers them a seat, at this point and time, Tish goes into a service mode, she offers drinks or what ever the guest may need. If I tell her to sit she does if not she stands behind me. Although I am big on protocol, she needs this, she has the need to please.

Our daily routine, we wake. I make Tish a cup of coffee and we sit and talk, until it is time for her to go to work at which time I make her a cup to go. Through out the day I receive text from her, I want to know how she is doing. Breakfast she tells me what the choices are and I choose what she is to eat, lunch the same thing, she will text me the options and again I choose. I cook a lot so I do most of the cooking, I enjoy cooking. I fix her plate then mine, we sit at the table. She is not to begin eating until after I have taking the first bite. At that time she may begin, this is public or private. After dinner, this is our talk time. She is allowed to say anything that might be on her mind. I want to know in more detail about how her day way. I want to know what is on her mind, any concerns she may have. Our talks usually last about a half hour. Then depending on how she is feeling its play time.

The above is an everyday ritual , all of the above that I have mentioned is what Tish told me she needed. I am consistent in our daily activities , there are no exceptions.

When out to eat I order her food and drink which is water most of the time, again she does not begin to eat until after I have taking the first bite. She does call me Master public or private. She is not a bedroom slave. I choose the clothes she is going to wear, I will pick the pants or skirt and I let her show me the different tops and I choose.

Safe word, many are going to get upset about this. I do not use a safe word. Why?  I started out in the lifestyle as a sadist, I was a sadist for about 12 years or so, then I slowly began to calm down, my needs changed. My wants changed as well. After Bea and I went our separate ways. I could clearly see the mistakes I had made, and it was or is my full intentions on not making them again. Now the safe word thing.  If you really care, you can tell by her eyes when she has had enough, her body movements, or even verbal. If she had asked about a safe word I would of allowed. She will tell you I have never hurt or caused any pain.

What do I get out of all of this? What are my rewards? Well pretty much anything I want or need, although sex is not the main part of a relationship, it is there for my taking, at times it is about me, but most of the time I make sure Tish is pleased. Her needs are met. I have an awesome friend, someone I can talk to, an open line of communication. Someone who likes to go out . She loves to give head, she loves anal, and at times I love the female on top, most subs or slaves do not like that, but she rides it is just wow, and she is able to cum in that position.

The structured rules I put in place, at some point and time I will add more as I see fit. It is important not to try and overwhelm someone with a bunch of since less rules, that does not benefit the slave in anyway . To many since less rules can set one up for failure, more so if they are just sexual based.

Tish has learned a great deal in a short time, she has or is learning it is okay to say NO. She is learning it is okay that not everyone likes her. She has learned it is okay that she does not have to gain acceptance from everyone around her. She has learned that while not with me, it is okay to put her foot down, and stand her ground. She has learned that when she feels there is to much on her plate, I can take some of that away, and let her know there are options.

This ladies and gentlemen is what the lifestyle is about. As much as I would like for it to be a one way street, it is not.  There is no arguing, none, the main reason being we know where we both stand. There is no verbal abuse, no physical abuse, no mental abuse.

The relationship is not about us Dominants it is solely about the sub or slave. They gives us their needs and we implement a structured plan, to insure they are getting everything they need out of the relationship. The relationship is clearly not all about me. The relationship is about Tish and only Tish. I insure her needs are met at all times. I highly believe in aftercare, proper aftercare can and will prevent sub-drop.

I am very structured as well. I have zero drama in my life, and I will not allow or stand for it. I have recently let a few friends go just because of their drama. I have zero anger issues. I take care of problems before they become problems.



My Fascination with the Female Body

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It runs much deeper than a fetish, I know this because I have a bad ass fetish, just something about a nice rounded ass.


The female body is just really incredible , I can lay in bed and run my fingers across her body for hours, feeling every line, touching every spot. It is not any certain spot of the body, it is the body in its self. front or back.

What I truly enjoy is tying up so she is spread eagle, place a blindfold on her. Then start at the neck, and slowly work my way down just letting my fingers glide across her body, just barely making contact, over her breast, down her stomach, down to just where the clit starts without touching, down to her thighs, and down her legs, then I start all over.I can do that for hours, just admiring her skin.

Then once my hand does reach the clit, she just explodes at the touch. I love seeing a woman at that time, very erotic.

I enjoy using ice as well, along with candle wax letting each drip at different times. If she is really into it, you can watch her hips begin to move.

Warm baby oil. I will tie up, and yes a blindfold.. I will put the baby oil in a microwave for about 20 seconds. I will start to pour at the neck and work my way down, until her whole body is covered.Then I begin to start slowly massage her body, just applying a little pressure. I am just soaking up her body. The neck is a huge turn on, as with hip bones not sure why, just something Wow.

I like to lay in bed talking just running my fingers all over. To me there is no better foreplay.

So yes it is much more than a fetish to me.



The Problems With Ex’s

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Ahhh the fucking Drama with Ex’s, it can go on and on for years, and can cause great devastation in future relationships.

While I did meet Bea prior to my divorce, we did not take our relationship to a sexual level until I was divorced and moved out. While I was no longer in love with my then wife, I respected her enough not to go behind her back, My son played a huge role in that as well. After all I am to set the example..

If you start such a relationship, the good news is now you are getting what you were not at home. The bad news is you will get caught. I got caught, it did not matter that the relationship was not sexual. I still got caught, and my ex ran off at the mouth, not only in front of my son, but everyone else as well, not that I cared, I was more worried about my son.

So our divorce was clean, she had asked me to move out, due to me coming clean about my lifestyle, and what my needs were. I am also proud to say, I have not missed a child support payment in almost nine years, so all you dead beat dads go fuck yourself. Although we had agreed on about 340.00 a month there are many times I double or triple that. How much does it cost to raise a child ? Plus the things I buy on the side, I just spent 900 dollars on a surfboard kit, that him and I will build together. He will be an eagle scout next yr. He makes Honor role every year. I play a huge part in his life.

My Ex hated Bea with a passion, she saw first hand how different Bea was treated, the things I bought Bea, and yes how submissive Bea was when my Ex was around. I had hoped they would get along, but nah that would never happen.

My Ex and I have a good relationship, although we do not talk much, but when problems arise with my son, we communicate very well. After my son spends time with me, my Ex does drill him, but there is never any information, so whats the harm.

So a year into our relationship we were going good, even talking marriage, then the Ex Bomb, landed.

My Ex called me and informed me her engine in her car had blown up, she had noway to work, nor to take my son to his after school programs. So I as a father stepped in.

I picked up my Ex, and we went to s Saturn Dealership, I said I have 10K pick out a good used car. I bought her a car, now this is on top of the child support mind you. It was my son I was looking after.

Here is where the shit hit the fan, I had been promising Bea a new car for sometime, but for what ever reason we just never got around to it, Bea had a nice Eclipse anyway, I paid for the Gas, the insurance, and any maintenance.

So over dinner I told Bea what I had done the day earlier, I could tell this was not going over very well. Although Bea was smoking hot, I mean killer hot, she was very insecure.When I first met Bea she was a little overweight , and in 8 months had lost about 55lbs.

Even after I explained why I bought the car, I could tell it was not sitting easy, she did not blow up, scream or throw things, it was just her eyes.

I had to keep them separated, like two females cats locked in a bathroom. Bea was very protective towards me, and no one had better say anything bad about me, for an introvert she could fucking blow up.

Now the entire time of our relationship. We did not have one ARGUMENT, not one, we did not yell at each other, nor did we make threats. I let her go out with her friends, this was very important, even if I was displeased with some, she still needed that.

So into our sixth yr of our relationship is when things began to break down. I would no longer punish her for the things she did, I would just simply scold. What happens then? She begins to lose respect, once this road starts if you do not catch it in the early stages, there will come a time, when it is just out of control..

If your having Drama with the Ex, stop it put your foot down, or you will never have a lasting relationship, because your submissive will always be second, she will never be number one.

My Ex is very sick now, although she still works there will come a time, when she will not be able to, now she is in stage four kidney failure. There are times when she gets bad infections and is out of work for sometime. So going into our sixth year, Bea and I, my Ex got sick and was out of work for about 6 months.

At that time, Not only did I pay child support, but I made her house payment every month as well, until she got back on her feet. Well it was my house but the great State Of Florida thought she needed it .

Now keep in mind Bea was in school, and she paid nothing, and I gave her spending money as well, but now I was tapped out.

In six and a half yrs Bea had never opened any of my mail she would not dare, but this time she opens a bank statement, which shows 981.00 a month for five months on top of the child support, which I paid that in cash, tax purposes.

So I get off work, I open the door she greets me, dinner was nice, ran my bath for me. Then come talk time, I sat an hour aside everyday to just talk. To talk about anything.

Well here we go, Bea ask me, are you paying your Ex more than child support, well the first thing that comes to mind, is me being upfront about the car, which in five yrs I still got reminded daily.

My first thoughts and words without hesitation. Absolutely not. Well she hands me the bank statement, and she says well I guess your not fucking her either. Wow, I was busted. I was only busted because I was not upfront and honest from the start.

So in the end my lack of discipline and the lack of being honest I believe led to the downfall of our relationship.

At that time I did not feel that Bea had any business of knowing. Everything was provided for her, food clothing, car, gas, ins, everything.

If I had not let my feelings get in the way, had I not lost control, of our relationship, I believe I could of weathered out the storm, but because of the above and not being honest, is what caused the crash…


This girl gives me chill bumps everytime I watch this Commercial

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