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Why Argue

Posted in abuse, Argue, bdsm, control, controlling, Discipline, Dominants, fighting,, Respect, Self-Discipline, slave, submissive on July 23, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

I posted sometime ago with the question on why a Dominant and Submissive would even argue. I wanted someone to give me one reason, but no one did or could.

Our relationship is much different than a vanilla in a lot of ways, although some would disagree.

I have said this before and I will say it again there has to be a Bitch in the relationship. There has to be a Dominant in a relationship. Both cannot be Alpha’s it never works, and if they are together it is just constant fighting.

In our D’s world or M’s we have a clear understanding of what roles each is to fill. We have a clear understanding what the Dominants role is as well as the Submissive’s.

We as Dominants are held to higher standards, if you scream and yell, call your names what does that say about you. We are looked up to, we are suppose to guide, and give support, we are suppose to build not destroy. We are suppose to provide an open line of communication.

One of my followers posted the other day and it caught my eye. she was talking about her and her Dom, on how well they got along, and after four awesome years they have not had one argument. I speak about this all the time. You the Dominant must be in full control.

Even when I am really pissed I still remain calm, I keep my cool. It does not mean that deep inside the atom bomb is not going off because at times it is.

Here is a remark I received about arguing from another Submissive.

in response to Vile:

Two things, in a vanilla relationship most of the time you have two alphas , and this never works. not all the time. Even in a vanilla relationship a female can be submissive and not even know, she just takes the steps, and the husband has not a clue. The second thing those who are […]

You had a post recently where you made the comment about seeing no reason people should argue. That reminded me of Sir, 4 yrs together and we’ve never really argued. We’ve had disagreements, but, never argued. Even our boys have commented on that fact.

Please check out her blog. This is exactly what I have been speaking about.

If you the Dominant stands toe to toe and argue with your property that makes you just as much the Bitch. Your a grown ass man, your suppose to be in control, that is what you told her from the start of the relationship. You would treat her different, you never lose your temper, you would treat her better. You talked about about her Ex.

It took me a long time to get to the point of controlling my temper, and it is really easy just think before you speak.

Your Submissive respects you, why would you want to act like a child in front of her.  Your suppose to be better than that.

Either you are a Dominant or your not, if your in it to just get your kink on then be up front about it. If your in it just for the pussy then tell her that’s all you want. It is wrong to mislead someone telling them your someone your not.

Can anyone give me a valid reason on why two grown people would argue? Can anyone tell me why a Dominant and Submissive would argue?