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Toot-Toot Blog Tour Coming Through

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Okay first of all I would never in my lifetime use the words Toot Toot. I just wanted to clear that up. Second of all I do not usually take part in others blogs, but I have had a change of heart, maybe I am just getting old, or a little soft in my age. Nah Probably not soft.

I get behind on things sometimes because well I guess when I open a fire I let it spread, some get out of control, but after much work I am able to get it put out. I love everyday challenges , I thrive off of challenges . Every day life and things that are just thrown at me.

So here is the link Wet Bliss here on wordpress and her Blog Tour Coming Through…

So now on to the questions.


  1. What am I working on at the moment?

I am currently trying to put a book together. I am also working on a new Internet Radio Station that should be up and running around the 1st of July…. My Slave and I are also considering adding another Submissive to our home. I did say Submissive and not Slave.

2 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

As far as my book I believe it will hit home because it is more about the abuse others experience in the lifestyle and what to avoid. Key questions a Baby Girl , or a Submissive and Slave should ask new Dominants they meets. The dangers of having sex on the first meeting. We as Dominants can spend hours writing about our life in a M’s Or D’s relationship, or we could speak about how I think a relationship should work. I for one am totally against any type of abuse, in the lifestyle or not. . So maybe if I am able to touch just one soul and make a difference in their life, then I have done what I have set out to do.

3 Why do I write what I do?

I want to open the doors to my world and let others in. I want to show what a true Master and Slave relationship is like. June 15th 2013 I married my slave and we had a collaring ceremony at the same time. It was also a Slave who married us and performed the collaring. Arianna and her spent days putting it together. So at sunrise to the south of us was the ocean and to the North the ponce inlet Lighthouse. I can say her collar as been off one time for about 4 minutes and that was to let a jeweler look at it to see if he could add a diamond. My slave wears her collar 24/7 and yes she does work in the public eye.

4. How does my writing process work?

My Writing comes from my life, thoughts come to mind, but it also comes from being out in the everyday world. I am an avid people watcher, more so if the female has a nice ass. I am a butt man…. Sometimes I come home after a 12 hour day at work and I am just exhausted. I enter the bed and my brain kicks in. I am like mother fucker noway.  My writing also comes from others blogs when I read about abuse…. Who knows how my brain works because I do not have a clue….

So there you go Wet Bliss, I shall pass this on to a couple of my truly Favorites….

P. S Coming soon Vile Radio The Kinky World Of Vile. You think you like my blog just wait til you hear it live.