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Although this has nothing to do with the now Defunked , it does have to do with a real collar. The collar is very symbolic to me , in my eyes it is a sign of ownership.

The Collar actually covers three things in a BDSM relationship. Ownership , possession , and the most important is commitment. You combine those three together and the Dominant is saying he is willing to take full responsibility of you.

When meeting someone for the first time , I make it a point to never bring up the collar or the process. I never use the words under consideration either. Those two words cause your stomach to tighten up and you get a huge frog in your throat. Now your scared because you don’t want to fuck up.

I as a Dominant have never used the words Under Consideration , or Training Collar. I have used a Collar of Protection when going out to a public function, but no way was it a sign of ownership.

The Last thing we as Dominants want to do is set someone up to fail , or have that feeling they can fail. We all know there is no failure. If your relationship does not work then it was not meant to be.

As most know Arianna and I were Married at sunrise on the beach. We also had our formal collaring ceremony. A Slave WHO RUNS OUR local MAsT performed the marriage and collaring ceremony.

You are receiving your collar , and with the collar comes not only a commitment but a lot of responsibility. You should want it to be special as it is special. You are giving yourself.

Collar (BDSM)
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In a BDSM context, a collar is a device of any material worn by a person around the neck to indicate their submissive or slave status in a BDSM relationship. A person wearing a collar to symbolize their relationship with another is said to be collared. Some people conduct formal “collaring ceremonies,” which are regarded as effectively solemnizing their relationship in a similar way as a marriage ceremony and the collar having similar significance as a wedding ring. The standard form of a collar is a black leather band around the neck, often with metal D-rings added to allow the attachment of a leash, rope or other restraints; but to be more discreet in public, some people may wear an ordinary choker or jewelry necklace for the same symbolic purpose.

Collars may be used in role-playing games involving erotic humiliation because they have connotations of control and pet-like status, especially when worn with a leash.

In my younger days I did not have a clue , I was passing out collars like food samplers in walmart , but I will admit the Collar is a true Aphrodisiac it truly stimulates ones mind and it could of been just a regular dog collar I paid 2.99 for. Indeed 2.99 was a cheap piece of ass, snap it on and I own you.

So a Collar is earned , it is not just giving. You the Submissive , or slave has steps you have to take to prove you want to take the relationship to the next level. This is done by not only complying , by following rules , protocols , task , and doing so without any resistance. The Dominant will provide the training but it is up to you to make everything work.

Everything is not just thrown at you , the Dominant has standards as well. You must make sure the Dominant has your best interest in mind. You must make sure he is committed to you. You must make sure he is going to dedicate the time needed to train you. You must make sure hew ill communicate all information he will share.

Velcro collar is an increasingly common term, used derisively. The old guard leather community was very protocol oriented and stressed serious lifestyle involvement because of safety issues. More recently, however, email, Internet chat rooms and instant messaging services allowed the curious to participate in casual (and often anonymous) D/s relationships online. The velcro reference indicates the tendency for online dominants and submissives to have new online collaring ceremonies frequently and without regard for existing relationships which end as easily as not logging in.



Three Collars

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The Collaring of a submissive or slave is probably the closest you will ever feel, your emotions sky rocket through the roof. I myself could feel the oxygen running through my veins, the rush, as I looked down at my arms , they looked broke out as I watched the chill bumps rise..

Then as she turned around and I picked up the allen wrench and I begin locking the Collar, the rush grew even more intense, my thoughts were becoming numb, I could feel my hand shaking a little, but still keeping my composure together. Then it was locked, I now had full ownership of my slave and wife, it was done.

I searched for days I spent hours comparing different collars, where they were from, how they were made and even who made them. I wanted something special, then I found House of collars, as I was reading it stated they were all hand made and being made by hand showed some imperfections. How awesome is that? That means that each collar is different, not any two collars are the same.

The House Of Collars does awesome work, they can be hard to get a hold of but if you leave a MSG they will return your call. Dom Wolf the maker of the collars cannot hear so well so you speak with his wife. They will do most anything you would like to have done.

So I picked out three collars I liked, and yes one was from eternity which are nice collars they do look perfect, but me being me I look at every detail. As I am reading I get to the weight , the eternity collar weighs in at 3 to 4 ounces, while the house of collars weighs in at almost a full pound. There is a major difference. I think being able to feel the collar knowing it is there has a huge impact.

The other collar I had found was from China and I was not willing to stoop that low , and you really do not have a clue as far as what kind of metal it was.

Out of three I picked one, and once I placed the order I was able to contact them by phone to insure everything was still on time. I have even called them about placing the diamond in a collar which Eternity told me they could not, I have been to several Jewelry repair places and have been told they could not do it because the metal is to hard. They were more than happy to do their own creation and the cost was over a thousand dollars. Yea I am thinking not.

To have a collar that no one else has, they may look the same but if you look up close each is truly different. Each is unique in its own way.

As I opened the box and I lifted the collar out, I had never experienced such a feeling, it was like the collar was glowing, As I held it up to the light I could see the slight imperfections, the weight of the collar, it was perfect.

To this day I do not understand how some can disregard what a collar means, the disrespect , the joke and some even call it a dog collar, I guess that is because that is what it looks like. Then the Dom gets upset because the submissive or slave does not wish to  wear it in publicImage

She does not wear the O ring while out as a matter of fact It was taken off the day I received it.

The collar is something the two should take part in looking for one, but in the end I made the final decision, but it was not going to be a fake leather collar from and adult book store that cost 3.99.


The Collar And The Disrespect

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The Collar literately  has no meaning any longer. The Collar today means nothing. As a Matter of fact many of you have or are wearing a collar someone else may have worn.

I had Arianna’s collar made. I took her measurements , made a call, and the gentleman told me about 10 days. He did have a few in stock but that is not what I wanted. I wanted one that no one else had touched except his.  I had it made about a half in smaller than what he had in stock. When I received it in the mail I opened it and I was like WOW. It did have some imperfections but that is what made it special.

Dom Wolf is the guy’s name, he spent time with me on the phone several times. I explained I did not want a collar, I wanted The Collar. I wanted something that stood out but also something that could be worn to work, If your in the lifestyle and you see it then you know what it is. Here is the website,    Mr Wolf does some awesome work.

Arianna was at work one day I believe she was getting lunch. She was standing next to a woman and they just looked at each other and pointed, pretty much speechless.

I did not buy from Enternity because I always like helping out the small business man, Ive always been that way. I will pay a dollar more for something if I can get it from the small guy. Even going out to eat we very seldom eat at a chain.

Why would you as a Dom go to an adult book store and purchase a cheap leather or fake leather collar, something that a hundred people has touched.

Okay if you were going to get married would you buy your bride to be a ring from a flea market ? I would think not, nor would she appreciate it very much.

The Collar has a very deep meaning, it is a commitment , what is suppose to be a long lasting commitment. You are saying you want her to be your Baby Girl, your Submissive, or your Slave and there should be no strings attached.

You the female the Baby Girl , the submissive or the Slave if you except such a thing. You need to go to the Doctor and get a shot of timetobeawoman. I hear those shots work well sometimes you need several of them.

If you are offered such a collar you should be the most offended woman on the planet. You should by all rights be speechless.

You being collard, wearing a collar means you have earned it. A collar just giving to you, it has no meaning at all, it means absolutely nothing. You know what it does at that moment and time ? It makes you feel special, it makes you feel wanted, needed, you now feel owned

Most collars are giving out on the first meet, that means he now has the right to fuck you, you have to suck his cock, pretty much what ever he wants. You are now collard. The rest of the collars are giving out within the first week, then a few within a month.

Let me tell you something in a months time you have earned nothing, notta. There is noway in the world you could of earned the right to wear a collar.

Actually the training process is never ending, we change and evolve , we are changing, we have different needs, we want to explore new frontiers expand.

Do not allow someone to try and give you a collar if you think it is to soon. The Dominant should know you inside , out, and on the first meet he knows nothing.