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My Human Pet

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I tend to be spontaneous , acting without a word , just doing. I find by just doing and not giving a chance to think I get a better response , or better than if I brought it up , talking about it . When I do that it gives Arianna a chance to think about what is going to happen. I like the spontaneous reaction , the not knowing. the not being able to guess , kinda like fucking she never knows which hole I am going to hit or maybe all three , she just does not know.

I guess one of the areas I lack in is affection , I am more verbal or a gentle pat on the head good girl type of guy. Most days I do tell both Arianna and Lynn how much I appreciate them because I do. I have schedules in place , Protocols and rules , task that have to be done all of which get completed , and this makes my life much easier.

As mentioned before there are no clothes allowed in the home unless requested and only if I approve. Sometimes I will grant permission but for the most I do not. Lynn I allow more so than Arianna.

This past Thursday sitting on the couch , Lynn was in her room talking on the phone , I got up walked to the closet and picked out a leash we use for our dogs, I walked over to the couch and had Arianna get on all fours and she did not say a word. I slipped the leash around her collar and told her to stay. I walked to the kitchen picked out a bowl put water in it and set it on the floor. I then grabbed a small piece of chocolate and I would use it as a small treat at some point.

Walking over to the couch I picked up the leash and said come on and still not a word out of Ariannas mouth. I slowly walked her , stopping telling her to sit and she sat with palms on her thighs, again come and slowly walking , stopping telling her to sit again sitting upright palms on thighs. At this time I gave her praise holding her head against my thigh rubbing her hair telling her how good she was.  Again walking her over to the bowl of water and told her to drink and again without a word she began to drink. Telling her to sit and again palms on thighs I fed her a small piece of chocolate and then there was a small giggle not a giggle thinking it was funny but a giggle she could not believe what had just happened.

Walking her back to the couch I placed her in front of the TV and I sat on the couch and used her as a footstool for a short time. Telling her to get up on the couch on all fours I began to inspect her , spreading her ass wide open and her pussy. The inspection is something I have started doing on a weekly basis. The idea of inspecting is to put her in a different frame of mind.

Just as with the pet dog it was to put her in a different frame of mind and it did. It made her feel closer to me , it also gave her a break , a break meaning taking all of the slave responsibilities off of the table giving her a sense of freedom. It gave her mind a chance to let go knowing I was there to take care of her and showing a different kind of affection.

The movie The Pet I really liked for the most the beginning was good and the story line was good. Seeking and training someone to be your own personal human pet , but towards the end the movie took a turn and then the human slave trade came into play, human greed came into play and the story had a very bad ending with the loss of his pet.

What I liked about Thursday was the no reaction , the willingness to just go with the flow, the no questions. What really surprised me was how well Arianna responded to the different commands and not giving it a thought.

My thoughts were correct it did put Arianna in a different frame of mind, her submission grew deeper and now the want to be led on a leash has become a want.

So there will be much more to come…


A human who sees them selves as a pet, Often a loved one such as a significant other being their master. Wears leashes, collars and are lead around by their master on the leash. Can be male or female.
The goth human pet and her fiance were kicked off of a bus because she wore a collar and leash.




A Slave Is A Pet

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This will be my seven hundred and one post today. Wow a year and a half has really flown by. I am going to guess out of 701, I probably have 25 that were re-blogs from others who caught my eye.

What started out as something for me to do, maybe a hobby, something to spend some time on, turned into a message I wanted to send out to as many people as I could reach.

Hoping to share the hidden dangers out in a world that can be very deep and dark. A world you can get hurt in, be it mental or physical. A world were if your not in the right hands you can suffer from abuse. There are those out there who get off on a life long mind fuck. There are those who are just looking for a piece of ass and they see submission as a weakness.  When in fact they could have the greatest gift they have ever had.

Many who are in the beginning stages while searching out their submission will often mistake abuse from caring. If your new and you do not have a clue you really don’t know what to expect.

90% of my blog is about safety , some of you have listened , while some have not. It would make more since if you listen to a Dom who has walked in the very shoes I speak about.

I share with you what is said in the male huddles, I share what others have told me, and I share what I have done in the past. If you think about it I have no reason to lie to you. Someone lies if they have something to gain. I gain nothing from sharing with you. Nothing at all. What I could gain out of my sharing is you listen to some of what I have to say, and use parts, and you would see that it could save you a lot of trouble and heartache.

Thank you all for reading what I have to blab about, if nothing else you get a good laugh. or you may not wake up alone black and blue.

Today I hooked up the DVD player I had promised to do it sometime ago, but I am on Viles time. We rearranged the bedroom as well so we could put a TV in the bedroom which I am accustomed to. I also had another job interview, that had to be the longest in my life but I truly enjoyed it. I am taking a new job Monday , but it never hurts to cover all bases, or maybe a better opportunity come up.

Anyway once the DVD player was hooked up Arianna wanted to make sure it was working so she put in the movie THE PET which is a truly interesting film about the love an owner has for his pet. The slave was willing to go through changes in her life and showed total devotion, towards her owner. The love between the two was just unreal. The part that got to me was when the owner was playing fetch with the Slave, and Arianna laughed , I said what the fuck are you laughing at I will take you outside and make you play fetch, yea it got quite.

The movie was suppose to be BDSM based but it was really about the world of slave trade which is alive and running even today. There are some 28 million people who are sold as slaves every year.

When we think of a slave, we think of someone who is very humble, and docile. Someone who seeks someone they can turn total control over to someone else. This is a great deal of responsibility for the Master, and it can be an easy task or it can be one that drags out for months depending on which form of training one chooses to put into place.

The training can only begin once the Master has gotten to know his slave inside and out. This goes the same for the Dominant and submissive. To train the Dominant or Master, or maybe owner has to really know you. Your habits, your thoughts, any types of medication your on. The medications if your on any could have an effect on any hard limits you may have. I am speaking as far as any type of depression you might have going on, anxiety you might have going on. So any training process must be giving great thought. Most of us do not have a PHD , but most of us do have common sense.

We take care of ours, we cherish, we guide, and for the most we take a huge weight off of their shoulders. We promise to make everything alright.

There is a saying I like to say. Come and let me hold you so I can take all of your pain away. When you hold someone tight enough you can truly feel. You can feel the good and bad, but you can feel the lost as well. Just like the KISS the KISS tells everything, you can tell if it is real, you can feel feelings. Hugging someone that tells as well. You can feel from the hug, you can tell if its real or if it is fake.

The Slave is a pet. A pet who will happily lay at your feet, and will do so without question. The slave will follow without question, trusting you. The slave will walk hand in hand without question.

Very few truly understand how deep an M’s relationship is. Most who are submissive do not understand how someone could willingly give so much. Many who are submissive do not understand how someone could live as a slave and be happy.  The slave does not understand how one can just be submissive, and only submit at their choice of time. Although there are those who wish to take their submission to deeper levels.

I also believe there are those who are a slave but are afraid to cross that line, so the word submissive comes out. The thought of giving yourself over to someone, and them having full control over you. It is pretty scary. If you connect with the right Dominant, Master and Owner you would then see it is not that hard.

The first time I saw the movie THE PET it really got me to thinking. What would life be like if I were to own a human pet. The pet much like a slave wants for nothing. The pet like the slave has nothing to worry about, everything is done for them. The Slave like the movie THE PET is obedient very docile, non confronting. The Slave like the movie THE PET does not wish to argue or question their owner. At times they have questions in their mind, they may worry about something that comes up, but it soon passes once they see everything is handled.

You have to let your Slave speak their mind if something comes up. Something happened not long ago that upset Arianna, and we talked about it. I did allow her to voice her opinion, to kinda get it off her chest, but if we did not allow this, that is where a communication breakdown could happen.

We are each our own, we all live how we want to live. We have different ways, different kinks, and needs.

Most Slaves are very needy, I did not say all but most. Arianna needs constant direction, that is where the consistency part comes in, at time I need to add a little then at times I take a little away that is to make an even balance.

Arianna has also added to her rules, things that she believes should be in place. Her rules are read daily. By reading them it gives her a sense of security. She knows she is loved, she knows she is cared for. In return I get anything I want, that I know will not harm her.

To own a pet it would be neat just not for me. Well at this point and time in my life.


ImageI May play with this idea some.


Human Pet

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I am totally fascinated by this idea of human pets. I ran across a story where a couple in England who were not allowed on a city bus because the girl was a human pet lead on a leash.

I truly believe in being who and what you are, being able to be free in your mind and thoughts. Arianna does wear an enternity collar 24/7 it does not come off. Although there have been a few comments about it, they were nothing pertaining to the lifestyle nor did they even know what it was.

Before I met Arianna I had giving it great consideration in owning a human pet. I even contacted a pony trainer I know and I began my search. I had met a few but no one I really clicked with.

Arianna and I watched the movie The Pet, like most of the BDSM community I found it very disturbing that the creator really messed up the whole story line, and intermixed BDSM with the slave trade.

The part I enjoyed was the bonding process, and how close the two grew with each other. In the lifestyle we all have different needs, I do not judge anyone, I may not always agree with something but for me to judge would be wrong.

Many do not agree with the way I run my house, I can live with that I still sleep at night. So someone spends a lot of time thinking about me and how I should be doing things different, that is really way to much time spent on something you have no control over.

The pet, although over the past year I have not giving it much thought, while at a much I ran into an old friend who is a pet. We never played around she wanted to come over and play fetch, but when she would text I just said well lets do star bucks instead. I just didn’t have that connection with her

While looking for a pet, I spent much time thinking on how something or such a relationship would work, feeding , bathing, sleep at the foot of the bed, in a cage. Then comes the sex, do you have sex with your pet I mean does it go that far. In my thoughts yes but it would depend on the goal each other had set before entering the relationship.

Doing research on the subject on Human Pets it seems more like a kink, or a fetish. I did not find very many who really took it very serious. That also falls under the new BDSM guidelines, the lifestyle is really not taking very serious any longer. Most everything listed is Kink or Kinksters.

Collars are giving out like candy, I suppose it makes it easier to get some pussy, get what you want and take your three dollar collar back. I have met some who met a Dom friday night for dinner and was wearing his collar before dinner was over. He hit it a few times and pulled a casper the ghost poof he was gone.

In my world owning a pet would be very serious, just as serious as I take the lifestyle. It would be a commitment. I looked for about a year, but then I met Arianna, and that kinda changed things up. I am in a good place now, very happy and content with the way things are going.

Owning a Pet Hmm.

I am A Pet


Last updated at 16:43 23 January 2008

Given that she describes herself as a human pet ? and is happy to walk around on a lead ? Tasha Maltby is used to odd looks and even odder remarks.

But nothing had prepared her for the reaction of the bus driver who allegedly told the self-styled Goth and her boyfriend: “We don’t let freaks and dogs like you on.”

Miss Maltby and her fiance Dani Graves were so angered they have complained to the bus company of being “victimised”.

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GothsGoing walkies: Dani Graves and girlfriend Tasha Maltby were allegedly barred from a bus

“It is definitely discrimination, almost like a hate crime,” 19-year-old Miss Maltby said yesterday.

The music technology student had this defence of her lifestyle.

“I am a pet, I generally act animal like and I lead a really easy life,” she said.

“I don’t cook or clean and I don’t go anywhere without Dani. It might seem strange but it makes us both happy. It’s my culture and my choice. It isn’t hurting anyone.”

The bus driver, however, has obviously not been listening.

He has repeatedly refused to allow Mr Graves, 25, and his “pet” on to his bus in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Last month, with Miss Maltby on a leash as usual, the couple tried to board a bus at the bus station.

The driver, who was off duty, was standing near the door.

Mr Graves alleged: “He shoved me off the bus. He called us freaks and he called Tasha a dog.

“He said, ‘We don’t let freaks and dogs like you on’.

“He basically grabbed my T-shirt and slammed me backwards.

“I got a bit angry and called him a fascist pig.”

In a separate incident, police were called when the driver, who has not been named, refused to allow other passengers on board after the couple ignored his orders and sat down.

The couple, who live on benefits in a council house and plan to start a family, have been friends for years.

They started going out together in July and became engaged in November.

Paul Adcock, of bus company Arriva Yorkshire, said: “We take any allegations of discrimination seriously.

“Mr Graves has already contacted us directly and as soon as our investigation has concluded we will inform him of the outcome.”

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Very Nice.

Are you a Human Pet

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I watched the movie The Pet last year, it was really a big let down, not just for me, but pretty much the entire BDSM community. What I thought was going to be a story line of a Dominant owning a human pet, turned out to be a farm for organs. So so sad, to say the least.

The truth is in the last 10 years or so this fetish has really grown in large numbers, ranging from a kitty, to a puppy, a pony, and yes a pig. I believe this interaction between the two is based on humiliation to some extent, thus bringing greater submission.. There are couples as well who live this 24/7, with the pet becoming completely dependent of there owner.

Being fed after there owner eats, being bath, brushed, including teeth. Now if your thinking you might want to own a pet lets look at some other aspects of it. You are also responsible for all medical bills as well, it is your responsibility to reach out to the community to seek others in the lifestyle for your pet may inter act with others.

I can also tell you, most of the time this is a non sexual relationship, notta, none, zero sex at all..

At any rate I came across some information that goes deeper in depth, of what it is to really own a pet…

How is the animal chosen?

There are typically three ways.

  • One way is the submissive acting upon his/her instincts to which animal they most identify with. If the submissive is loyal and playful perhaps they lean towards puppy. If they enjoy being led around and high protocol training perhaps it would be pony.
  • One other common way for the animal to be chosen is for the Dominant to choose for the submissive. If S/He prefers a puppy to a kitty, the submissive will be molded into a puppy. As another example if the Dom is a farmer who enjoys breastfeeding from His submissive, perhaps He would like her to be a cow.
  • The submissive can also switch animals from time to time if their pet play is temporary, if they simply enjoy experimentation or if they do not identify with one particular animal.

Why pet play?

  • One large reason many D/s couples go into pet play is for the humiliation and dependence aspect. Restricting a submissive’s movement and vocalizations forces them to be that much more dependent on their Dom. Also, not being allowed on furniture or having to use a litter box instead of a toilet can be very humiliating for some.
  • Another is because it is simply fun. It is a great psychological and emotional release to be able to come home and let loose the restrictions of humanity and what humans are “supposed to be like.” It is just plain fun to bat around a cat toy or play tricks and get treat rewards. It could also be described as a “de-stressing” process from the rigors of daily life, especially if the participants work outside the home.
  • It can help with submission, as taking away some parts of the submissive’s humanity can help take away their sense of equality. It can help the submissive orient their mind to their Dom being their focus in life.
  • Pet play could also be used as punishment. If the submissive misbehaves badly it could be punishment to be put out in the pig stalls with the pigs for a period of time, or whatever animal is available, and made to act like that animal as the punishment.

How does one engage in pet play?

  • Restrict movement via bondage.
  • Restrict verbal communication, perhaps to only certain words or animal sounds such as “woof!” or “mew!” or more child-like words such as “up!” or “potty!”.
  • Training exercises such as tricks for puppies, walking on leads and leashes or for ponies pulling a cart/plow.
  • Eating and drinking out of bowls without the use of hands and/or silverware.
  • Learning to use a litter box instead of a toilet, or even going outside.
  • Playing with toys, such as batting toys for kitties or tug-of-war toys for puppies.
  • Begging in the manner of the animal you identify with, such as a puppy whining.
  • Caging.
  • Not being allowed on furniture without permission.

Also, safety is incredibly important!

So please keep these things in mind, and also any others that fit your lifestyle:

  • When it comes to eating actual animal food, while it is okay for perhaps a short scene, it is not safe to do so on a regular basis. Humans have different nutritional needs than animals do, and it is incredibly important to get your nutritional needs met. There are many ways to simulate animal food and treats such as mashing up meatloaf with ketchup, using stews or even baking treats in the shapes of bones and such. However, for any long term play, Eukanuba, Purina and any other brand of animal food you use, are for canines and felines, not humans.
  • If you choose to use training and/or shock collars, please, PLEASE read the instructions! On a personal level I am not into electric play, but it is out there. So please, be careful and safe.
  • If you put your pup slave into a kennel, please keep in mind that they are very cramped. You do not want your pup slave to be damaged from being in that position for long periods of time.
  • If the submissive has had their ability to move and speak restricted it is incredibly important that some form of communication is available to them so that they may communicate if something has happened and/or gone wrong, both physically and emotionally.
  • Also, in my opinion having a human pet can add some responsibility to the Dom because when some of the submissive’s humanity is taken away and especially if their communication is restricted, the Dominant must that much more aware of the submissive’s frame of mind.

So that’s a very basic overview of pet play. It can get a lot more specific if one looks at each relationship and the animal(s) involved. A note though; pet play sometimes can be sexual, and sometimes can be completely non-sexual. It, as with everything else, simply depends on the couple involved. Please keep in mind that I am in no way speaking of bestiality. This is two or more human beings acting and role playing within the confines of their negotiated relationship.

Most importantly: Have fun and ask questions if you need or want to!!

In my opinion, pet play can deepen submission, but only if it’s right for you.