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BDSM And Hypnosis

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I invited a Hypnotist to our home Monday night , and it was somewhat interesting. There was no kink involved and that is not the purpose of the invite.

The reason for the invite was because of Arianna’s interest in Hypnosis and nothing more. Her interest are mine as well. Sometime ago before we had met, she had seen a Hypno Dom who was very abusive, and he had bruised her pretty bad, but she was still interested in hypnosis afterwards.

Since meeting Arianna I have spoken to a couple of Submissive’s who had either met this Hypno Dom or who had revived what you would call covert emails or induction emails. I have blogged about this before but this is just an update.

While some may just laugh the emails off, it does have an effect on others. Just like some can be hypnotized and some cannot. Arianna is somewhat easy to go under, the hypnotist stayed for about three hours.

There are Hypnosis groups on FetLife but if you do a search they will not come up. It may have something to do with the liability not sure. I do have the link if anyone should be interested.

I made a post showing my interest in Hypnosis mainly due to my slaves interest, I had several comments and everyone was willing to jump in and help, Via cam that is. I started a conversation with one and he offered to write an induction letter for Arianna to read. After I received it I went through it took some out and added some so it was more geared as if it was coming from me. The whole purpose of the hypnosis idea was Arianna wanted to feel more submissive, or slaveish nothing more. Well the induction letter had a weird effect, every time she would read it she would have an orgasm. When she read it while I was present it did not have the same effect.

Hypnosis takes a great deal of trust, I have been doing research on the subject for sometime now. J is the first I have met who did not want something in return, most of the time they want sex, and um that is not going to happen, but J seemed genuine in wanting to help.

Once someone is hypnotized you can implant key words, triggers or power suggestions , so once awake you can use the key words to get the reaction your looking for. Arianna’s interest again is the need to feel more submissive, only she will know when she reaches that state. In my eyes she is the perfect Slave.

So we are going to plan one more session for sure maybe two. The first session was putting her under. I have no interest in asking any questions, or trying to get into her past, I pretty much know everything anyway.

The next session will be geared more towards BDSM the power of submission, and we will see if we are able to reach our goal, if yes then that would be awesome, if no well then it was fun anyway.

J had told me that he thought I wanted it to benefit me , such as maybe I wanted anal sex, well that is not the case because I get the ass anytime I want without question, I get head anytime without question as a matter of fact I get asked once or even twice a day if she can give me head. Sex is not my goal I get sex anytime. My goal is to help Arianna. I cannot see where she needs to be more submissive, but again this is her train of thought. I can understand why someone would not feel submissive 24/7 but maybe it is a need.

Now before you start thinking of all kinds of kinky shit, if you do hypnotize someone they are not going to do anything that will go against their morals, or something that would get them in trouble.

The mind is a powerful machine, some can be put under while some cannot be. A good way to find out if your submissive can be put under, try putting together an induction letter. Make sure it is long meaning more than one page. Make the induction letter fit the two of you, with your own key works, or trigger words. In the induction letter your trigger words should be repeated throughout so they are concentrating on your triggers. Have your submissive read it two or three times a day.

Putting someone under is really not that difficult, the main thing is making sure they are relaxed, eyes closed and you begin with a story, a place they would like to be. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour. There is much more to it but this is just the basic’s

I believe hypnosis can be beneficial in a relationship. Helping one to set their fears aside, or being more productive, maybe even help some with depression, shrugs who knows the limits.

We will see how things go this could be fun.



I spoke with Tish’s Ex Dominant

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Wow I cannot believe how touchy some Doms are. I emailed Tish’s old Dom. Why? Because I can, and two There are two sides to a story when it comes to a breakup.

I wanted to take the hit since Tish did not want any confrontation , and now I understand why.. Being her real first Dom, and not knowing what questions to ask a slave will take ones word, and she does not really know any better. Or the same if a male slave has a mistress.

I was very polite , when I sent the email, I explained who I was, and my purpose for the email. and this dude came unglued at the seems.

The first of five emails were to Tish. Your a whore, your a cunt, you never will be happy. You are unable to make any decisions on your own, it just went on and on. As I was reading I am thinking this cannot be the words of a Dominant. Even though he had not put a collar on her, he explained he still owned her until Dec 21st.

Now just a little background , he lived in Ohio and she would fly up from Orlando, on the weekends. He would flip for 75% of the airfare, and she would pay the other 25%. So this had to be worked out before she left.

Tish still feels guilty about getting a divorce, like she did something wrong, but when it had gotten to the point where she was not getting anything out of her marriage, she did the right things. She stays in contacted with her ex husband, which the Ex Dominant found to be intimidating for what ever reason. It was okay for his to be with other slaves.

On Tish’s Birthday her ex Husband sent her flowers and candy, again the Dominant was upset. While I agree the communication should be limited , they were married for nine years and pretty much left of good terms.

I do not have an ego that can be crushed, I understand people have to communicate. You cannot just cut a sub or slave off from the world.

Outside of BDSM there was no real communication. Everything that was talked about was Master and slave. He explained during play, that she was to except his pain, this was the way she was to show her appreciation . Tish is not into any heavy pain, if she gets to that point she will ask, but nothing extreme, you have to get her to that point during play, but it does not happen every time.

So I contacted him, very nice email, on FetLife explaining what was going through her mind, but the reply’s were those of anger.

His training consisted of  having her nude and cuffed, she cleaned his house, done his laundry, and cooked.

Oh and the 128 basic rules which were written by a young Dom in the mid 80’s minus one and a couple added.

I disrespected him because I did not agree with his methods. While I did not agree I also explained , that while we were all different, and I may not always agree, you would never hear me speak bad of another Dom.

Many Dominants and sub/slaves on here that follow me do not agree with everything I say, I am not looking for everyone to agree with me.

Who today is not on some type of anti depression medication. At times Meds have to be changed, When this happens emotions change. So we as Dominants have to adjust, and continue walking forward, if you truly care about someone. A lot of subs/slaves are codependent , most are needy, most need to know they are excepted, most need approval, most need to know when they have done well, and not just the bad when a rule is broken.

If someone is emotional , you cannot tell one to take a pill and go to bed. Prior to considering a relationship these are questions that are asked. We then makeup our own mind. Do we choose to enter a relationship, or just walk away. If we choose, then that means we are willing to pick up the baggage , and take things as they come.

The foundation the two have to build, you have to start out as friends. As our friendship grows, I slowly begin to implement a few rules and guidelines. I have to see which areas in her life she needs the most help with. This should be the foundation of your rules. By doing this you are laying down the ground work, so you can begin to work on structure. Staying positive is very important. You want the sub/slave to feel needed, a purpose if you will.

A D’s relationship is much easier to maintain than a vanilla relationship in my opinion. Both enter the relationship knowing where each one stands. You both know what is expected of each other.

If we the Dominant are not willing to be there when one is emotional, talk to and hold, what is our purpose.

I we have a small group on FaceBook, I posted a picture of Tish. She is really very beautiful, smart, and caring.

I may post a few of her ex Doms mail, but some of it gets pretty personal. I will have to think on that. She also spent time with the Hypno Dom I posted about, who I also emailed but never got an answer. Others are now looking for him, and many have put the word out about him.