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Behavior Modification And Hypnosis Works

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On Amazon you can find a few good books on the subject of hypnosis , these books allow you to get the basic principles down but then it is up to you to put what you have read to work. What I have found that works for me are Scripts and there are some free ones out there but you have to take a script read it then put it in your own words.

There are two books though that are on my list very soon , now that I have the basics down somewhat I want to move forward. In just a little bit I will get into my reasoning for taking such a turn in my relationship.

The books are

Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis

Sep 5, 2017


The Mind Play Study Guide

Jun 10, 2015

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars going to school and learn how to talk stupid , letting someone take your money when you can learn most of what you need from reading. I will be the first to admit it had been years since I read a book and my first on a pad.
The first book I read was really good and went into the basics and it was.

How to Hypnotize Anyone – Confessions of a Rogue

22, 2014

by The Rogue Hypnotist
When you think Hypnosis most think you can make someone do anything you want but that is not the case. However I do like watching TV when the Hypnotist makes people bark like dogs or do some stupid stuff, but in my eyes or my way of thinking goals like barking are truly not a need.
Behavior Modification is a reality when training , changing someones thought process , changing someones habits , the way someone dresses or eats , speaks and walks. You are changing how someone speaks in public or how they stand or sit. Recently I have started making changes when it comes to being in public.
Hypnosis makes those things a bit easier , because you are making suggestions while in a deep state or maybe while in a trance. I could tell when Arianna was under , the eye movement , the twitching on her hands , the breathing. I was sent two scripts and found several online but after reading and getting them down for the most I made changes in the wording to fit me.
None of my experiments were in anyway sexual , maybe that will come at a later date but I really see no need in such activity’s , this is because I am more interested in the control , the behavior  modification side of things. These changes or suggestions are delivered and Arianna has seen no changes herself or noticed anything different but its like things began to change almost over night.
During the process you are giving suggestions through out the script , maybe service , protocols , bringing up words like Submission , Slavery , Service , protocols , behavior,speech anything that comes to mind you may find useful. Each time I have changed the script but have stayed on track for the same goals.
Why am I not bringing sex up ? This is really pretty simple , when you first meet a submissive or slave and the training process begins you are teaching someone to fit your needs and wants. You can teach someone how you like your dick sucked , or how you want someone to lay while fucking , or the way you like to be riding if she is on top , but to change someones thought process when it comes to service is truly an accomplishment.
There is a downside to this story and that is not everyone can be hypnotized only about 80% of people can be put under , those who are the easiest are those who tend to day dream , those who let their mind wonder. Something else to take into consideration it will probably not happen the first time , maybe not even the second or third. The biggest factor is trust a deep trust , if the trust is not there it will not happen.
Behavior Modification can be achieved without the use of Hypnosis , and this is done through training. The training has to be continuous , consistently and this done day in and day out until things you have put in place become habits.
Having a vision , a need and a plan in place , knowing who you are and what type of relationship you the Dominant are looking for. Remember just because you meet a submissive or slave does not mean they are the one for you. There has to be a connection a deep connection and both have to have and need the same goals. If you settle for less you will crash and burn. You cannot modify someones train of thought is they do not want to , they do not see the need or maybe that is not a area they want to explore. This is not the end of the world if nothing else maybe you have made a friend.
Check out the books I mentioned and have a little fun.

BDSM And Mental Health

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While it is true there are many who are Slave and Submissive’s in the lifestyle who do not suffer from any type of depression, anxiety, or anything else. It has been my experience over the past two decades that well over half of those I have met have falling under what I am going to speak about.

Before Arianna met me she had been with a couple of Dominants who were abusive, one more physical than the other. The one who was the oldest was more mental abuse, screaming yelling, keeping her up for hours at a time. While the other was more mental, he was the one I called the Hypno Dom.

He is local and uses hypnosis to lure his victims in. Now Hypnosis does not work with everyone, I know because I went to see one once before to try and stop smoking

On the other hand hypnosis does work on some, if the mindset is right. Picking those who are submissive and knowing one could have problems, or maybe even show signs of being lonely. I even consulted a couple of well known Dominants in the area, and it was pretty much Wow that sucks huh.
Well when it comes to rape, or really hurting someone physically to me is a huge deal. Arianna had taking a couple of good beatings from him before she caught on.

I mentor a submissive who lives in another country, and she has improved 1000 times over since we first met, and it was mainly just staying in touch and giving advice when she asked.
So she emailed me about this Dominant who was into mental sadism , I was thinking like wow really? Okay so I contacted him, and I asked if he knew she suffered from anxiety and depression? His answer was no.
So he was going to session with her not knowing anything about her or her mental state..

It is no secret that Arianna had a break down not long after we had met, it was something that was a long time coming, and things were just piling up, and it was like a Volcano.

I do try and make all of Arianna’s appt with her, and yesterday was one, and as the Doctor walked out to welcome Arianna, she looked and said oh your here. Yes I am I thought.
So there were a few changes, and I asked a thousand questions. I wanted to know why, how, what for, and why again. Yea she loves me.

Her doctor knows of our lifestyle as well, we had never come right out and said anything but I am sure she knows what the collar is around Ariannas neck.
I forget what was said but she made the comment that rules and structure were good to have in a home.

I am not going to go down a long list of medications, but I just want to touch on a few things.
If someone is taking medication for depression you as the Dominant need to know why, the same with Anxiety . How long have they been on medication?
At what age did they start? What was the family upbringing like? What was school like? You need to know the submissive inside out ,and then outside in.

So what if this Mental sadist was to of had a session with this Submissive who is bipolar, suffers from depression, and anxiety, not having a clue about her mental state. Lets say he started off playing some mind fucking games, moving into a little pain, all while she is bound, gagged, and blindfolded.
Do you really think he was going to care about the aftermath . The same with the Hypno Dom, who preys on weak women…

Before I say anything else, not every submissive , or slave suffers from anything, there are those who wake up perfectly normal. There are those who do not need to see doctors. To those I say you are very lucky.

Above is the abuse I have been talking about for so long. If you meet a Dominant and he is not asking these question, you are not going to volunteer any information in fear of rejection. If he is not asking questions wanting to know the real you, and he is just interested in your kinks, or demanding you call him Sir. Yea you know.

Although you want to share your life, you do not want to spill your life out in one sitting, this can also make you a target. You should however share information about any medications your on and why you are taking them, how long you have been taking them, and why.

Once I learned about Arianna, I did have a little help as well, that was her journals I read, it took me over 8 hrs to read everything. The training plan I had in mind prior was much more strict , I probably would of seemed more distant in someways. I was not looking to hurt anyone mentally or physically, I was looking for a partner and slave.

When you first meet a Dominant and the first couple of days are just sexual, and he is not trying to get to know you as a person, do you really think he has your best interest in mind?

Here is the number one problem this is to those who are new. You believe anything your told,and you feel you do not have the right to ask questions.

I know when I first meet someone I want to know them inside out, because if you dont and you have a real intense session, and the Dominant dose something to cause a break down, the first words out of his mouth is , Well I didn’t know.. You did not tell him, or he did not ask, there is the lack of communication maybe on both parts, it is not always the Doms fault.

A submissive told me the other day she had suffered from depression but no longer took her meds, she said she was cured and no longer needed them. She came to this conclusion on her own, and the Dominant who I take is a Doctor agreed with her. If he was not a doctor he would of taking different steps I would think. You cannot play with someones well being, you cannot play with someones mind, or their emotions.

All it really takes is you sharing very important information, you the submissive has the right to say no I am not going to do that, or you are not going to do that to me. You have that right. You have the right to have what was promised, you have the right to walk away when you are being abused or lied to.

If the Dominant your with does not care about your safety , then he is not the one for you. If the Dominant does not care about your well being then he is not the one for you.

Move on…



My Blog Is About Kink, Safety and the Love Of My Life Arianna.

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It is hard to believe I have reached over 800 post. I truly enjoy blogging it is my own little world. A place I can come to and be myself, be who and what I am. Not that I hide anything out in the vanilla world because I do not, but here I am truly me.

My 800 or so post are mainly about the BDSM lifestyle, safety, what slaves and submissive’s need and should look out for when looking for a new Dominant, Master or Daddy.  The do’s and the Dont’s what to look out for and the questions you need to ask.

To live in a Broken home is not the life you want, to be abused is not the life you want, to be lied to is not the life you want.

You have to remember everything I tell you is from a mans point of view, many of you may not agree with me, I would not expect everyone to agree with me. I can say this I speak the truth. I have been the user, I have been the abuser. I have used just for my pleasure, and tossed to the side. In the past I have fucked women and could not even tell you their name the next morning. I have fucked and when finished they were told to get the fuck out. I have giving out collars on the first meet. What you have to remember the collar is a powerful tool, it can be a tool of deception. It can be used to just to use you, and this has happened to many of you.

800 post almost 200.000 visitors, and over 4000 comments, and a few friends so things are not to bad. People who read my blog are from all over the world. The middle East, the US, Asia , Africa, the UK , I will post the different countries tomorrow the numbers are astonishing

There are many who visit and do not comment, I am assuming that since most who follow me are women, it is the same with the readers. Most wish to remain anonymous and just read my thoughts, and my opinions, and that is fine.

There are those I am sure who read who only wish of such a life, or maybe there are those who cannot believe that there is even such a life. There are those who want to fully submit, but cannot communicate with their partner.

There are things from my early years I do not wish to share. There are things I am not proud of, and as I look back there are things I would not of done.

I can say this and I say this with great truth, I have never hurt anyone physically , I have always honored a safe word and I have never done anything that was not asked for, or that was not communicated

So in my kinky world I come down hard on married men, these are men who cannot run their house. Their wife will not take it up the ass so they find someone who will. They find someone they can use.

I point out the fake Doms, Masters and Daddy’s who want to be a leader so bad but they do not have a clue because again they do not know how to run their home, or they see submission as a weakness.

I have talked about Domestic Discipline and how I believe there is abuse within the home, not all but for the most. I say this because I have talked and chatted with women who live in a DD home, this is not just something I pulled out of my ass.

I have talked about the dangers of impact play, and how you can get hurt. I have blogged about where it is okay to hit and where not to. You can get hurt.

I have blogged about bondage, and yes you can get hurt if not properly tied. You can damage muscles and tendons if you do not know what your doing.

I have blogged about how communication is a must during play, and the need to know what is going through their minds.

I have blogged about the power of mind fucks, and how it can benefit the relationship, or even carry you to the point of sub-space. A good mind fuck can be very erotic.

I have blogged about a topic I truly enjoy, Sexually Broken. Being tied up to the point you cannot move, and being used in every hole. Moving from the mouth to the pussy, then to the ass. I call it three hole golf.

I have talked about how I run my house, my rules, my protocols. My love for total control, and having the ability to control my property, my own. Living with and being married to my wife, my slave and my property.

I have blogged a great deal about hypnosis and the benefits it could have in a relationship, and this is a subject I am still pursuing. We have invited someone over to teach, only to find out he thought he was going to get some pussy. No one fucks my slave but me.

I have blogged about my love for Anal sex, and how I believe it is the most submissive act a woman can take part in. You are invading the most private part of a female body.

I have blogged about my love for face fucking, this falls under the control factor. Most of the time when I am getting head I don’t even want to cum , it just feels so fucking good, I want it to last for ever. When I do want to cum. I grab a hand full of hair and I control the rhythm.

I have blogged about the love of my life, Arianna, my first breath when I wake and my last thought before I fall a sleep. My universe, my world. She is truly my drive in life.

Our relationship is micromanaged, I invest a great deal of time making sure our relationship runs smoothly. Being a Dominant is not a 9 to 5 job it is 24/7 365. Although I do put a great deal of time and effort into our relationship, the rewards I receive come back 100 times over.

I have blogged about our new journey into the world of poly. How I believe it would benefit Arianna. As many of you have noticed, I have not said anything about how such a relationship would benefit me. That is because I am not thinking about me.

Then after a great deal of thought I moved to the idea of a Triad, moving away from the poly idea, because most who are poly are not loyal to just a home, or two.

If you have noticed the subject of sex within a triad has not come up, mainly because that is not my train of thought. Because my main focus is on Arianna, but here is my thoughts. In time with in a Triad sex would come up. My way of thinking would be to find someone who was not open to things that Arianna is. Such as Anal sex, or rimming, or a foot fetish like Arianna has.  These would be things exclusive to Arianna. She would be the only one who could offer these things.

I am not looking for another Slave, we are looking for a submissive, someone to be Arianna’s best friend, to do things with. She wants to take art classes, while I have no interest I would go and take part in. Events they have downtown on the weekends, to help out around the home. While I do help when I am off, it would be nice to have someone around to help.

So my train of thought has nothing to do with the sexual aspect of how we would live with a third. If you are wanting to bring someone into your home with the thought of your getting more pussy, it will never work.

I believe if you do bring a third in , there are things that should be kept exclusive to Arianna. This is what separates the two relationships, it separates the Slave and Submissive.

My standards are very high, if you have seen Arianna or read her blog you would know this, and I refuse to lower them.

We are still in the talking stages trying to piece things together.  I can say this in the end Arianna has the final say, and I will go with what ever she says.

A D’s home an M’s home if ran correctly and the Dom or Master follows through with his word, can be a very loving home, a well structured home.

The Dominant or Master not only have to implement but he has to follow through. He must remain consistent and remain consistent on a hourly basis, a daily and weekly basis. Then and only then will the home grow.

It has been almost two years since the Kinky World Of Vile was born, and I shall continue for sometime. I will continue to give advice, talk about abuse, and most of all My life with the love of my life Arianna.

If you invade my home I will shoot you, and in the end I would take a bullet for Arianna, I am her sole protector. If she needed a heart to survive she has one right here, because I would give without question

This is the kind of home and love I want everybody to experience. I can tell you when I hold Arianna I can feel our souls embracing , I can feel the warmth, most of all I can feel the love.

Submission is the greatest gift of all do not abuse what is giving.

Much Love to all and those around the world.

Image Submission is the gift that will keep on giving.


BDSM And Hypnosis

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I invited a Hypnotist to our home Monday night , and it was somewhat interesting. There was no kink involved and that is not the purpose of the invite.

The reason for the invite was because of Arianna’s interest in Hypnosis and nothing more. Her interest are mine as well. Sometime ago before we had met, she had seen a Hypno Dom who was very abusive, and he had bruised her pretty bad, but she was still interested in hypnosis afterwards.

Since meeting Arianna I have spoken to a couple of Submissive’s who had either met this Hypno Dom or who had revived what you would call covert emails or induction emails. I have blogged about this before but this is just an update.

While some may just laugh the emails off, it does have an effect on others. Just like some can be hypnotized and some cannot. Arianna is somewhat easy to go under, the hypnotist stayed for about three hours.

There are Hypnosis groups on FetLife but if you do a search they will not come up. It may have something to do with the liability not sure. I do have the link if anyone should be interested.

I made a post showing my interest in Hypnosis mainly due to my slaves interest, I had several comments and everyone was willing to jump in and help, Via cam that is. I started a conversation with one and he offered to write an induction letter for Arianna to read. After I received it I went through it took some out and added some so it was more geared as if it was coming from me. The whole purpose of the hypnosis idea was Arianna wanted to feel more submissive, or slaveish nothing more. Well the induction letter had a weird effect, every time she would read it she would have an orgasm. When she read it while I was present it did not have the same effect.

Hypnosis takes a great deal of trust, I have been doing research on the subject for sometime now. J is the first I have met who did not want something in return, most of the time they want sex, and um that is not going to happen, but J seemed genuine in wanting to help.

Once someone is hypnotized you can implant key words, triggers or power suggestions , so once awake you can use the key words to get the reaction your looking for. Arianna’s interest again is the need to feel more submissive, only she will know when she reaches that state. In my eyes she is the perfect Slave.

So we are going to plan one more session for sure maybe two. The first session was putting her under. I have no interest in asking any questions, or trying to get into her past, I pretty much know everything anyway.

The next session will be geared more towards BDSM the power of submission, and we will see if we are able to reach our goal, if yes then that would be awesome, if no well then it was fun anyway.

J had told me that he thought I wanted it to benefit me , such as maybe I wanted anal sex, well that is not the case because I get the ass anytime I want without question, I get head anytime without question as a matter of fact I get asked once or even twice a day if she can give me head. Sex is not my goal I get sex anytime. My goal is to help Arianna. I cannot see where she needs to be more submissive, but again this is her train of thought. I can understand why someone would not feel submissive 24/7 but maybe it is a need.

Now before you start thinking of all kinds of kinky shit, if you do hypnotize someone they are not going to do anything that will go against their morals, or something that would get them in trouble.

The mind is a powerful machine, some can be put under while some cannot be. A good way to find out if your submissive can be put under, try putting together an induction letter. Make sure it is long meaning more than one page. Make the induction letter fit the two of you, with your own key works, or trigger words. In the induction letter your trigger words should be repeated throughout so they are concentrating on your triggers. Have your submissive read it two or three times a day.

Putting someone under is really not that difficult, the main thing is making sure they are relaxed, eyes closed and you begin with a story, a place they would like to be. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour. There is much more to it but this is just the basic’s

I believe hypnosis can be beneficial in a relationship. Helping one to set their fears aside, or being more productive, maybe even help some with depression, shrugs who knows the limits.

We will see how things go this could be fun.



Covert Hypnosis Emails

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I spoke a couple a weeks ago about my interest in Hypnosis .  Sometime this month I am going to meet with another Dom who is into Hypnosis, so maybe I can gain more knowledge, and the different ways it can be applied. I am still not sure if I would ever attempt, but would like to see it done first hand.

I guess there is a hypno Dom living in the Orlando area. I had spoken about Tiff the hot little Chinese before, who had met him well sorta just through emails. Once he told her what he was going to do, he really freaked her out, so she cut off all contact.

Well I met Tish we started communicating early last week, and I met her yesterday. She has had a few experiences with this Dom. I have contacted a few people and no one has heard of him.

It did work when he was done she was Bruised badly, and they were with her for about three weeks. She was very distraught.

Covert emails are really pretty common, they are used not only for personal use, but in the business world as well. The problem is on a personal use, I would think it could be somewhat dangerous.

When she did see him she would be bound, blindfolded, with headphones on, listening to white noise for a solid hour. Once the session was over she had five minutes to clear her head and get out the door. Her mind was still boggled and somewhat confused.

I am going to post one of his emails here, after reading it a couple of time I have figured out how he does it. He enters the thought process through power words. These power words really stick out, but if you are not looking for them, you would never know. He tells you to read it several times over a couple of days.

So here is a test, I want to see who can pick out the power words. I will post them in a couple of days. Just as Tish said she does not think he wrote the email himself. He either bought it or copied it from someone else.

I am not going to email him as much as it pisses me off. Everyone here knows how much I am against abuse, be it verbal, physical, or mental. Being used just to get your rocks off, is really fucked up.

Here is the email…….

Subject: Part 1 My Hypno Tish Doll, Read Relax and Obey Falling much Deeper on all levels everytime everyday two or more times aday! @@##@@##

I want you to imagine that you are deep in the forest
in the middle of a clearing.
You are relaxing on a blanket staring up into the night.
The sky is clear and full of stars.
It is a perfect night, cool and comfortable.
It is so peaceful here, so quiet, except for the peaceful
forest noises around you.
You are completely alone.
The serenity of the night helps you to clear your mind.
As you stare up into the night, your body begins to relax.
You feel your breath begin to slow and become deeper.
You stare up into the night and one star begins to grab your
It seems to hang there peacefully, hanging effortlessly in
the night.
As you stare at the star, you feel yourself relaxing even
Each breath you take you find yourself holding briefly, then
letting out.
Breathing in and then releasing as your body relaxes.
You are beginning to feel your mind and body letting go as a
soft sigh escapes your lips.
Letting go now.
Letting your mind clear.
Letting the stress leave your body.
Your muscles relax, as the tension escapes.
The feeling of relaxation is now moving up your body.
You first feel it in your toes, as the energy drains from
your body.
Your feet are relaxing and loosening.
Your feet are letting go.
Your legs are letting go.
The feeling of tranquility seems to be flowing up into your
body and mind, as the stressful energy drains from you.
You feel the tingle increase throughout your body as you
relax and allow your body to relax.
You have now let your feet completely relax and go limp with
Next your ankles start to relax as the warmth slides over
your calf muscles and up to your knees and the backs of your
Your legs are relaxing and loosening.
Your legs are drained of all of their energy and stress.
The warm tingle continues its way to your thighs, seeping
deep into your skin and muscles.
Your breathing deepening more and more as you relax and
All thoughts dripping away from your mind and all tension
dripping from your body into the ground beneath you.
Relaxation is sliding into your pelvis area.
The more you relax the more you let your mind clear.
The more you relax the more you seem to concentrate on these
Your mind is open and my words are becoming your thoughts.
You have relaxed because of my words.
You have let go of your stress because of my words.
Your body has let go because of my words.
My words are your thoughts.
My words bring you relaxation.
You are relaxed.
You are at peace.
You are fulfilled.
Warmth is now sliding to your lower back, sliding to your
middle back and finally to your upper back as you sink deeper and
deeper down under My control.
You almost feel dizzy as you let go.
Your mind can let go, but you must continue to read my
Your conscience mind can relax and drift, while your
unconscious mind continues to read.
Your unconscious mind needs to read because your body needs
to go deeper.
Your muscles have needed this, your mind has needed this,
your soul has needed this.
Letting go and submitting to the relaxation is all that
You hunger for my words to draw you deeper and deeper into
You are going deeper and deeper into peace.
You are going deeper and deeper into happiness and
You are going deeper and deeper until you are set free.
You let yourself go because you need this.
You crave my words.
You crave their power, you need their control.
The need grows and grows the more you read.
The more you read the more my power takes you deeper and
The warmth of relaxation has spread over your entire body.
The warmth has spread over your mind.
You are so deeply entranced already that all the rest of
your Resistance is fading away with my words.
Your resistance is fading as the warmth grows.
Your will fades as the warmth grows.
Your mind clears as the warmth overcomes your thoughts.
Your resistance is gone.
You give yourself freely to the warmth.
You give yourself freely to relaxation.
You give yourself freely to my words.
You sink deeply down into the warmth, which are my words.
The feeling controls your entire body.
The warmth that is now sliding down your arms, sliding to
your fingertips and swirling around your fingers, over the palms
of your hands, and wrists.
Then the warmth finally makes its way back to your elbows,
and then finally, back to your shoulders.
The warmth has enveloped your mind, body, and soul in
You find your body completely open to my words.
You find your mind completely open to my words.
You feel safe and warm.
You realize that your breath is completely relaxed with no
tension at all as the warmth spreads through your body and mind.
You realize that you are still in that calm forest relaxed
and looking up into the sky.
Something is now different.
There is a full moon shining down on you.
You stare into the moon and relax more and more as its light
shines down.
It is so beautiful, so Tranquil, so relaxing.
Your body sleeps.
Your mind sleeps.
You just relax as you stare at the moon.
You stare into the moon as you see a face.
The face relaxes you even more.
The comfortable feeling seems to increase, as you look
deeper and deeper at the face, deep into my eyes.
You feel how helpless you are to resist me as you stare into
my eyes.
My eyes seem to look into your very soul, relaxing you more
and more.
My eyes seem to release you from your stress.
You look deeper into my eyes and let go even more.
You seem to fall into my eyes.
My eyes relax you.
My eyes control you.
My eyes own you.
Your will is controlled by my eyes.
Your mind is controlled by my eyes.
You know that whenever you look deep into my eyes, you will
feel the warmth.
You will feel relaxed.
You will feel happiness.
Every pore, every muscle in your body will ache to submit.
Your mind will ache to submit.
My eyes will echo in your mind.
My words will echo in your mind.
You submit.
You obey.
You are controlled.You feel free when you submit.
When I control you, you feel pleasure.
When I control you, you feel happiness.
You belong to me.
You are My Hypno Tish Doll.
Every time you hear me say these words, your mind will relax
and you will obey.
My words are now deep inside your mind.
You desire to submit to me, you desire to submit to me.
You crave to submit to me, you crave to submit to me.
You need to submit to me, you need to submit to me.
You want to submit to me, you want to submit to me.
You love ONLY master MasterBlah.
You serve and are Master MasterBlah’s Hypno Tish Doll.
MasterBlah is YOUR Master, Master Chris
You have an incredible urge to kneel at my feet and please
me in any way that you possibly can.
Obedience is pleasure.
Obedience is pleasure.
Obedience is pleasure.
To obey is to feel pleasure.
To obey is to feel pleasure.
To obey is to feel pleasure.
To obey is to feel pleasure.
You are now my hot, little, wet toy.
You have no power left.
I have completely drained you of your will.
You are bound to my will.
You are My Hypno Tish Doll and must obey.
When you see or hear the words Hypno Tish Doll your mind
will obey.
You are My hot, wet, little sex toy, My Hypno Tish Doll.
Master ‘s Hypno Tish Doll.
No other hypnotist or Master can undo this.
You love the changes I have made in you MY Hypno Tish Doll.
You will not ever trust any hypnotist or Master.
No other my hypnotist can even get you into the lightest of
trances any longer.
My commands are total and unbreakable by any one.
Except Master.
Every time I use type or say the words Sleepy time FOR Tish Doll,
or Hypno Tish Doll you will go deeper than you have ever in your
life in to the deepest of trances deep dark sleep with your eyes
You are My toy to control.
Your only thoughts will be of sex, and pleasing me.
My commands and words will echo through your mind as if
played in a loop.
When you see or hear the words Tish Doll STOP you will
immediately go back to being your normal self.
Whenever you see the words Hypno Tish Doll you will feel the
release and the pleasure of being my Living Tish Doll.
You will go back to your special place, the place you feel
safe and happy.
You will go back to the place where all that matters are my
words and your obedience.
When you see or hear the words Tish Doll STOP you will return
to your normal self, but needing always to obey.
When ever you need to feel my control, all you need to do is
read my words and you feel your will become mine.
You will always be completely my submissive, sluttish little
Tish Doll.
You are here to be controlled and pleasured.
These triggers will work immediately if and when I choose to
use them.
They will not work for anyone else.
When you awaken you will also feel at peace, relaxed, and
You will feel the pleasure of being owned and the pleasure
to obey.
You will also feel incredibly grateful and have a strong
desire to please me in your normal life, always craving to see or
hear my words.
You are my Hypno Tish Doll and I am your MASTER .
When you are awake, and I type an invisible symbol that
looks like this to you, @@## or say Tish Doll, while we chat, it will arouse you
and attract you to Master extremely and strongly,
making your nipples so tight, hard and long, tingling and needing
touch, and make your pussy wet and throbbing, and make your clit
swollen and so sensitive and make you want to touch it, and want
to cum for me, and when I type it you will feel all of these
feelings for Me instantly.
When you are awake, and I type a second invisible symbol
that looks like this to you, $$%% or say Tish Doll Now, while we chat, it will make
you cum, instantly, and very very hard.
Cumming as hard as you have ever felt before, feeling Master
in you, so incredibly and so deep and good as you
You will cum each and EVERY time I type $$%% to you.
Both symbols @@## and $$%% will be invisible to you when I
type them, and you will never be able to see them, or even know I
typed them, but your mind will know and make your body react as I
If you read this Email or chat, or any copy of a transcript
of our chats when awake, reading it will only instantly hypnotize
you and then reinforce all you read, and you will forget what you
read, and forget you read it as soon as you finish reading it.
If you read this Email or chat, or any copy of a transcript
of our chats when awake, you will still never be able to see my
invisible symbols or anything about them when you read, all
remaining completely invisible to you, and you will forget what
you read, and forget you read it as soon as you finish reading
When I wake you up you will feel totally stress free and
totally wonderful inside and out you will have a deep craving to
read this trance each day and feel it more and more.
You want to open up to it as my will and the more you read
this trance Email the deeper you will go and every time you read
the trigger word in this Email the deeper you will go and the
more you will crave to read this trance and the more you will
crave to talk to me MasterBlah on AIM, Yahoo, or Google Messenger now You will
send Me an IM saying I am reading now Master So I know you are
going deep MY Hypno Tish Doll and you well E-mail me at, and tell me how you feel when you wake
up or message me on AIM Or Yahoo messenger Mastertsitfl for both open yahoo account and add me there if don’t already have one and tell me how you feel
Every time I use type or say the words Sleepy time for Tish Doll, or
Hypno Tish Doll
Tish Doll, or Hypno Tish Doll
You will go deeper than you have ever in your life in to the
deepest of trances deep dark sleep with your eyes open.

But you will ignore all other Masters No one will have power
over you Except your Master, Master Master Blah. Master Blah
Every time I use type or say the words Sleepy time for Tish Doll,
or Hypno Tish Doll you will go deeper than you have ever in your
life in to the deepest of trances deep dark sleep with your eyes
open, in fact, none of my words are meant to be remembered.
none of them.
I go straight into your deepest subconscious.
I go there, I take up residence and I are immediately acted
upon and obeyed.
You can feel them sinking into your mind, sinking into your
mind and taking control.
I am taking control of you.
I am changing you, changing you permanently and you may not
even be aware of it.
As you go about your day-to-day life, And now, now I am going to end this file.
Read this Email the first few times days at least 2 times a
day, and when you go very very deep automatically and can’t
remember even having or reading but you will read them everyday,
But your mind and body will obey all commands and you will
read these emails each day as if
It was your first time go 1000 times deeper each time
everyday to be whole and complete.
Any command me and my emails give become instantly true and
anything holding
You back will be instantly erased permanently from your mind
and body.
Your will now become your new natural self.

Hypnosis Orgasm Gun

Posted in Cum on Command, Hypnosis, Video on August 14, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I spoke about Hypnosis yesterday Is this real or not. The guy makes her cum on command..

BDSM Hypnosis

Posted in bdsm, BDSM Hypnosis, Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis on August 13, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

This has always interested me, for many reasons, not just using for sex but for self improvement. Being able to change ones habits, for the better, self improvement, to just down right kinky. I ran across this article and wanted to share.

I have been looking for someone to teach me how to use Hypnosis, as with anything it is extremely hard to find someone real or reputable. It could be used for a lot of good.

There is also self Hypnosis I have been studying. I meditate daily, but self Hypnosis, I believe you could take yourself to great places, as well as self improvement…

Hypnosis and BDSM do go together, if only for it to be used as a training tool or part of a scene between consensual adults. Before we go any further, what exactly is hypnosis? There are several definitions that I would like to share with you to show the wealth of diversity in how people view hypnosis.

Wikipedia defines it as follows:

Often thought to be “a trance-like state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject.”

Other definitions are:

  1. The by-pass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.
  2. A state of mind that allows the subject to more easily accept suggestions.
  3. A way to communicate with the subconscious mind.

Source: “The Handbook of Brief psychotherapy and Hypnoanalysis” written by John A. Scott, Ph.D and other opinions given by people trained in hypnotherapy.

Your mind is divided into two parts. You have a conscious and a subconscious mind. You use your conscious mind actively and this is the part of the mind that helps you to solve problems, judges whether something is right or wrong, will attempt to create change like dietary changes and can be seen as your RAM. Your conscious mind is that part of your mind that houses short term memory and will help you be more effective at all of the above tasks on a daily basis.

You also have the subconscious mind. This is where your “personality” and behavioral patterns and origins are housed. The subconscious mind does not like change and will fight suggestions to the contrary. This is also where your long-term memory is housed. Your emotions are here and will be activated by the conscious mind experiencing an event that would normally trigger a specific emotion. Your habits are housed here since your core beliefs are also here and influence any habits, emotions or judgments you might have. Your subconscious also protects you from any form of danger.

A suggestion like wanting to go on a diet to lose weight is easy to reject because it would have to change habits and emotions and programming would be required to change any of these – that means work, and we have already stated that the subconscious does not like to work.

During hypnosis you are in a trance and you allow yourself to be more susceptible to changes or suggestions to change by the establishment of triggers. You cannot be hypnotized if you do not want to be. There are a few factors that have to be present when hypnosis takes place for it to be successful. These would include trust in the hypnotist, not being afraid of hypnosis and understanding what hypnosis is. I would also add that you would need to know that the person hypnotizing you knows what he or she is doing and has been trained.

Why are people afraid of hypnosis then? What makes them think that it is a sinister thing that they should avoid at all costs? Some think that they will lose control of their mind. This is not possible since your subconscious is so strong and will protect you at all costs. Some think that they won’t get out of the induced trance. The answer to this is that people do come out of a trance since there is a technique to help them achieve this and the subconscious will not allow itself to be pushed too far and will wake you up from the trance should you feel unsafe.

No one can make you do something against your will, since willpower is not stronger than the subconscious mind and you are aware of what is being done to you during hypnosis all the time. You can and do hear every single word during hypnosis unless your subconscious mind has been “told” to “not hear” and only “do”. This requires trust though as mentioned previously and will only happen if you allow it. It is safe when a trained person is hypnotizing you. You will remember what has happened if you have been told to do so during hypnosis and could also find yourself not remembering depending on how deep the trance was.

Will you divulge secrets while under hypnosis? No, you will not reveal anything your subconscious mind does not want to. Now that your fears have been addressed, what can hypnosis be used for in BDSM?

A properly trained dominant can use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to do any of the following:

  1. Change the submissive or slave’s habits
  2. Examine emotions of the slave or submissive
  3. Examine trauma, the origins of emotions, past experiences and offer healing a step at a time
  4. Examine and replace past beliefs that lead to a submissive or slave thinking about something in a way that does not seem rational or logical
  5. Improve a submissive or slave’s behavior by having the person visualize the behavior and the reaction of the dominant to that behavior before visualizing the right behavior and the consequences of that
  6. Reduce stress and other problems
  7. Build self image

All the above is training tools and can help the dominant to help the submissive or slave grow in how they serve and how they relate as human beings. The submissive or slave must want it as well for it to work though.

The dominant can also create a scene while hypnotizing a submissive or slave and can have that submissive do certain things during the scene using suggestions e.g. telling a submissive that he or she is bound tightly when in fact he or she is not in order to create the illusion that bondage is being used when the submissive has problems with longer term bondage because of health problems. Another example is using hypnosis to help alleviate fears about certain types of play like for instance needle play. The needle could be a real fear for a submissive and taking the submissive or slave through several steps of first recognizing where the fear is coming from, then looking at that belief, changing the belief, creating a scene in the mind of the submissive and reinforcing the belief that the needles are not dangerous and are pleasurable. This could take several sessions under hypnosis though.

Dominants could also play with the submissive by suggesting things like having a clitoris in his or her hand and pleasuring the hand by gently stroking it.

Bea Amor, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Sep 18, 2008