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Behavior Modification And Hypnosis Works

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On Amazon you can find a few good books on the subject of hypnosis , these books allow you to get the basic principles down but then it is up to you to put what you have read to work. What I have found that works for me are Scripts and there are some free ones out there but you have to take a script read it then put it in your own words.

There are two books though that are on my list very soon , now that I have the basics down somewhat I want to move forward. In just a little bit I will get into my reasoning for taking such a turn in my relationship.

The books are

Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis

Sep 5, 2017


The Mind Play Study Guide

Jun 10, 2015

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars going to school and learn how to talk stupid , letting someone take your money when you can learn most of what you need from reading. I will be the first to admit it had been years since I read a book and my first on a pad.
The first book I read was really good and went into the basics and it was.

How to Hypnotize Anyone – Confessions of a Rogue

22, 2014

by The Rogue Hypnotist
When you think Hypnosis most think you can make someone do anything you want but that is not the case. However I do like watching TV when the Hypnotist makes people bark like dogs or do some stupid stuff, but in my eyes or my way of thinking goals like barking are truly not a need.
Behavior Modification is a reality when training , changing someones thought process , changing someones habits , the way someone dresses or eats , speaks and walks. You are changing how someone speaks in public or how they stand or sit. Recently I have started making changes when it comes to being in public.
Hypnosis makes those things a bit easier , because you are making suggestions while in a deep state or maybe while in a trance. I could tell when Arianna was under , the eye movement , the twitching on her hands , the breathing. I was sent two scripts and found several online but after reading and getting them down for the most I made changes in the wording to fit me.
None of my experiments were in anyway sexual , maybe that will come at a later date but I really see no need in such activity’s , this is because I am more interested in the control , the behavior  modification side of things. These changes or suggestions are delivered and Arianna has seen no changes herself or noticed anything different but its like things began to change almost over night.
During the process you are giving suggestions through out the script , maybe service , protocols , bringing up words like Submission , Slavery , Service , protocols , behavior,speech anything that comes to mind you may find useful. Each time I have changed the script but have stayed on track for the same goals.
Why am I not bringing sex up ? This is really pretty simple , when you first meet a submissive or slave and the training process begins you are teaching someone to fit your needs and wants. You can teach someone how you like your dick sucked , or how you want someone to lay while fucking , or the way you like to be riding if she is on top , but to change someones thought process when it comes to service is truly an accomplishment.
There is a downside to this story and that is not everyone can be hypnotized only about 80% of people can be put under , those who are the easiest are those who tend to day dream , those who let their mind wonder. Something else to take into consideration it will probably not happen the first time , maybe not even the second or third. The biggest factor is trust a deep trust , if the trust is not there it will not happen.
Behavior Modification can be achieved without the use of Hypnosis , and this is done through training. The training has to be continuous , consistently and this done day in and day out until things you have put in place become habits.
Having a vision , a need and a plan in place , knowing who you are and what type of relationship you the Dominant are looking for. Remember just because you meet a submissive or slave does not mean they are the one for you. There has to be a connection a deep connection and both have to have and need the same goals. If you settle for less you will crash and burn. You cannot modify someones train of thought is they do not want to , they do not see the need or maybe that is not a area they want to explore. This is not the end of the world if nothing else maybe you have made a friend.
Check out the books I mentioned and have a little fun.

BDSM And Hypnosis

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I invited a Hypnotist to our home Monday night , and it was somewhat interesting. There was no kink involved and that is not the purpose of the invite.

The reason for the invite was because of Arianna’s interest in Hypnosis and nothing more. Her interest are mine as well. Sometime ago before we had met, she had seen a Hypno Dom who was very abusive, and he had bruised her pretty bad, but she was still interested in hypnosis afterwards.

Since meeting Arianna I have spoken to a couple of Submissive’s who had either met this Hypno Dom or who had revived what you would call covert emails or induction emails. I have blogged about this before but this is just an update.

While some may just laugh the emails off, it does have an effect on others. Just like some can be hypnotized and some cannot. Arianna is somewhat easy to go under, the hypnotist stayed for about three hours.

There are Hypnosis groups on FetLife but if you do a search they will not come up. It may have something to do with the liability not sure. I do have the link if anyone should be interested.

I made a post showing my interest in Hypnosis mainly due to my slaves interest, I had several comments and everyone was willing to jump in and help, Via cam that is. I started a conversation with one and he offered to write an induction letter for Arianna to read. After I received it I went through it took some out and added some so it was more geared as if it was coming from me. The whole purpose of the hypnosis idea was Arianna wanted to feel more submissive, or slaveish nothing more. Well the induction letter had a weird effect, every time she would read it she would have an orgasm. When she read it while I was present it did not have the same effect.

Hypnosis takes a great deal of trust, I have been doing research on the subject for sometime now. J is the first I have met who did not want something in return, most of the time they want sex, and um that is not going to happen, but J seemed genuine in wanting to help.

Once someone is hypnotized you can implant key words, triggers or power suggestions , so once awake you can use the key words to get the reaction your looking for. Arianna’s interest again is the need to feel more submissive, only she will know when she reaches that state. In my eyes she is the perfect Slave.

So we are going to plan one more session for sure maybe two. The first session was putting her under. I have no interest in asking any questions, or trying to get into her past, I pretty much know everything anyway.

The next session will be geared more towards BDSM the power of submission, and we will see if we are able to reach our goal, if yes then that would be awesome, if no well then it was fun anyway.

J had told me that he thought I wanted it to benefit me , such as maybe I wanted anal sex, well that is not the case because I get the ass anytime I want without question, I get head anytime without question as a matter of fact I get asked once or even twice a day if she can give me head. Sex is not my goal I get sex anytime. My goal is to help Arianna. I cannot see where she needs to be more submissive, but again this is her train of thought. I can understand why someone would not feel submissive 24/7 but maybe it is a need.

Now before you start thinking of all kinds of kinky shit, if you do hypnotize someone they are not going to do anything that will go against their morals, or something that would get them in trouble.

The mind is a powerful machine, some can be put under while some cannot be. A good way to find out if your submissive can be put under, try putting together an induction letter. Make sure it is long meaning more than one page. Make the induction letter fit the two of you, with your own key works, or trigger words. In the induction letter your trigger words should be repeated throughout so they are concentrating on your triggers. Have your submissive read it two or three times a day.

Putting someone under is really not that difficult, the main thing is making sure they are relaxed, eyes closed and you begin with a story, a place they would like to be. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour. There is much more to it but this is just the basic’s

I believe hypnosis can be beneficial in a relationship. Helping one to set their fears aside, or being more productive, maybe even help some with depression, shrugs who knows the limits.

We will see how things go this could be fun.