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We Have It Made

Posted in abuse, Arianna, bdsm, Commit, commitment, communication, Dominant, In service maid, Master, Master And Slave, slave, submissive on February 17, 2014 by thekinkyworldofvile

Last night Arianna cooked Taco Salad, by the time I got home she was already fast a sleep, I did not feel much like eating, I had a long day with a Dumb ass, but before he had left he wrote me a check for 23.000, and I thanked him as he drove off. It was not my money but I made good on it.

So I get up this am I started the coffee as I always do and by the Arianna comes into the kitchen her coffee is waiting for her. , and we sit and talk until she leaves for work. Arianna keeps two or three different brands of coffee and each one has its own special day. Tomorrow we are off so it will be Seattle’s Best

Arrianna wears a bracelet a leather one and it is engraved WWVD What Would Vile Do. That was her idea by the way. She wears everyday just as she does her collar. She says the Bracelet makes her think, keeps her on her toes. I like that.

So this am I was hungry and I opened the fridge ahhh Taco salad at 5.45am what could be better. There was the container with the meat. A large freezer bad with the lettuce, and a smaller bag inside the bag with the tomatoes, shredded cheese right next to the bag, and sour cream. All right there in full sight.

That is how I live my life daily. These are not things I tell her to do, they are done because she wants to make me happy. She does these small things because she knows it pleases me.

When I first met her, and she asked about her training , I told her to watch me and observe me for ninety days. I wanted her to anticipate my needs. I wanted her to know my needs before I spoke. Well 30 days or so into our training she made the statement that she did not think should would be able to do that, and she was really stressing over it. I assured her that everything would fall into place, and it did.

As I am showering Arianna kneels by the tub waiting for me to finish, once I step out she hands me the towel, I dry the front then I turn around and she drys the back, its like a well oiled team.

There is not a day that goes by I am not asked if she can suck my cock. She wants to she has that need. She wants to please. Don’t get me wrong its not about the sex. The sex is there for the taking, it is there when and where we want it.

If we do what we promised from the very start, and we keep our word we get anything and everything we want, most of the time without even asking.

Our actions in the relationship defines everything, from how we act, how we carry our selves, but most of all keeping our word. Our word lays out the ground work the foundation. If you say something then mean it. If you do this what you say has meaning, or if you just talk and you do not follow through they are just words with no meaning, your wasting oxygen that someone else could be using.

In the lifestyle we live our relationships are very defined. We are upfront about who and what we are. We are either excepted or we are not. Many vanilla relationships do not have that type of communication. You live in a relationship with hidden secrets. Many women are afraid to communicate their real feelings more so when it comes to any type of kink.

We have someone we can fully depend on, and 99% of the time we have someone who is loyal to a T without question. We have someone who will listen, and take interest in what we have to say. I believe the loyalty comes from communication. I mean really talking about anything and everything, concerns that come up. If a problem arises then you handle it from the start. You take care of it and it is done.

My brother is living proof procrastination lives, he will put things off until the last minute or many times he will just ignore the problem, but it is never his fault. There is always someone else to blame. This is why he has been married a handful of times. The lack of caring, the lack of communication. He would rather sit and play on his phone than talk. He has zero communication skills and has no interest in improving them. He does know about our relationship, he does not understand nor does he care to.

The problem is most Doms who enter a relationship see a big flashing sign that says Maid Service. They want everything done for them, and that is not the case, unless that is something that has been agreed on from the start. I myself help out when I can. I pick up behind myself. I take the trash out, help out with laundry, and I enjoy cooking. So you have to decide do you want a maid or do you want a relationship that is going to work. The choices are pretty clear, if you choose the first chances qare your relationship will be short lived.

We do have it made, but there are factors, if we just take, take and take, and give nothing back, it does not take long for the house to crumble to the ground.

Some who are submissive are perfectly happy being a service submissive. He makes them feel good knowing they have pleased, some are very content filling this role, but for the most I do not think so.

I know a Daddy Dom who went through a bad break up. His Baby girl was seeing another couple and she would spend a couple of days a week at their house. His only concern was who was going to cook his dinner, not that she was running off to see someone else. There was a huge communication break down. In the relationship she was more of a maid than a submissive or Baby Girl.. Now he is on the hunt for another maid. He will probably be hunting for a very long time.