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Master That’s My Ass

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Moving went as planned but the movers were something else, not the actual movers the owners of the company who were the micromanage King and queen , in a dictatorship way. They really treated their employees really bad.

i have found out when I am stressed I break out but I really do not show it otherwise , for the most I am calm cool and collective, I seldom show my emotional side.

However Arianna saw me get angry for the first time yesterday in public, and it really scared her.  Something I had not done in years was updated my drivers license address not because I knew I was suppose to , but because I did not feel like wasting a half a day doing something I felt was not needed, after all it has my picture and all of my information.

So Arianna wanted to go to the DMV and get everything updated so off we go. I walk in and for some reason the receptionist just hit me wrong. I gave her my drivers license , our new lease and other mail and even offered my social security card.

She just blast out this is not going to work , I need your passport and your birth certificate if you do not have a passport, no explanation nothing and just pushes everything back to me.

Oh well I guess if my name was Mohammed It would be different yes ? I just went on and on because she was treating me like I was garbage. Really I need my passport to update my address on my Driver License ? I am not getting a renewal this is not my first License, the state of Florida issued me this.

Please do not take me wrong Muslims for the most are very peaceful people, but people who come to our country are treated like royalty. Interest free loans , free school , and medical .

While it has never been my life goal to own a Motel or a 7/11 If my Government would give me such a loan I would open a pet store.

I sold a 47.000 dollar Toyota 4 Runner to a gentleman from India the Taxes were going to be about 4500 dollars. He pulls out a paper showing he is exempted from paying taxes on purchases. How do I get this paper ?

Anyway It does bother me Arianna saw me angry for the first time in over two years, and I am sure she did not understand my anger. So in the future I will think more before acting out.

So being stressed equals a huge slow down in fucking, working , planning the move , then the move and then getting everything unpacked.

Arianna has an ass to die for , I hate to see her leave but I love watching her go. I also have a fetish when it comes to hip bones , I am not sure why it turns me on but it does to no end, and when Arianna is laying down I can run my hands over her body and when I reach that area I can see and feel her hip bones wow. Now her ass hmmm .

So Arianna is about to dose off and I start rubbing her ass , then just giving her light taps, and then Bam my buddy wakes up.

So I stand up on the side of the bed I pull my briefs off and I tap Arianna , she see’s me and she knows what to do. She moves to the edge of the bed spreading and she pulls her thighs back. Now the pussy lips, I call them Butterfly lips cause they are huge, and I love watching them spread open as I am running my cock up and down her pussy.

I slowly push in and I move forward until I am all the way in , staying still because I am just loving the feeling. So as I start pumping I look down and I can see the lips folding in and out, fuck I am going nuts , so I start pounding her like I am trying to break her back, Telling her to squeeze my cock, Arianna has muscles that can almost push my cock out of her, I wrap my hand around her throat and I tell her to squeeze harder.

After about ten minutes I stop to catch my second wind and I slowly pull all the way out and I go back in for the kill, and Arianna says Master That is my ass. Hmm Really? So I hold it at the opening for a few seconds and I slowly push the head in until I can feel her ass gripping my cock and I just stand there letting her ass losing up a little.  You guessed it the only lube was from her pussy.

So I slowly push in until my hips are touching her ass and again I just hold it. Fuck what a feeling, it feels like her ass is trying to cut my cock off. I reach up and I grab her collar I pull her head up a little and I tell her, I own you. So I am slowly pumping and I can feel the inside of her ass getting wetter and then wham , Its like it just opens up. This is my Que it is now okay to just pound her ass. After a good while I pull out and I tell Arianna to clean my cock off. She turns to the edge of the bed and in one swallow takes my whole cock in gagging while going down, man I love those noises and you can feel her throat muscles tighten up as well. I pull out and turn around and she knows what to do, she begins to rim me, fuck there is no better feeling , after a couple of minutes I turn around and I point to the center of the bed, and again she knows exactly what to do, she moves and spreads, I crawl on top and I just go to town, I love hearing those wet noises. As I am about to Cum I pull out, why you ask ? When I pull out Arianna automatically moves her hand down and jacks me off.

So where am I going with this story ? Okay Arianna’s mother came over and they both went to the gym in our complex, as Arianna stepped onto the bicycle her felt a huge pain in her stomach like she had been doing set ups. Then she remembered the night before last…..

I do love a Nice Ass



I love The Wetness

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I am fascinated with the female body. The shape, the skin, the ass, the breast, the thighs, the legs, the hair, the eyes, the ears. Ahh and the pussy. There is not a better feeling, than crawling on top, and slowly sliding my cock in. It is truly remarkable how it was designed. The warmth, the wetness, the way it grips, and the way if done right we as men can make it scream with pleasure. That little button.

I very seldom allow Arianna to wear any clothes while home, just for that purpose. I want to admire what I own. She has that shape of a female, and the little bubble butt. Her breast are firm, and her thighs are to die for, then the rest of her legs.

You can be petite , or average, chunky or a BBW. It is all in how you carry yourself. Every woman has something sexy about herself. The important thing is you take care of yourself.  Look good when your out. I very seldom base looks as a No. It goes back to how one carry’s there self, their hair, nails, the way they dress.

Backing Arianna up against a wall as I run my hands down from her breast to her belly, then right above my pussy. I did say mine. She just takes care of it. As my hand approaches her legs spread with out being told. That is a good girl. It is funny how you can just run your fingers up and down the slit just looking into their eyes, and you can slowly feel it get wet. As it gets wet the lips begin to separate, allowing your finger to go a little deeper, still running your finger up and down the wetness grows, one finger then two,and then three, you can hear the wetness, you can hear how wet. Your finger sloshing around, pulling out and gently pulling on the lips, then inserting your fingers once again. Then you start to finger fuck her again this time a little harder, pushing past the knuckles . Feeling around deep inside opening your fingers.

I truly love pussy. I feel the ownership when I crawl on top and Arianna spreads her legs. She knows that she is there to please me. As I slowly enter I can feel her gripping my cock. I love going in slow and once all the way in, I just hold it. I want to savor the feeling, the wetness, the heat, the muscles clinching my cock.

As I slowly start pumping I can hear those little suction noises , still pumping slow, there is no other feeling. Then Arianna reaches around pulling her legs back so I can go deeper. Then I start to move faster, the wet noises are getting louder. She is so wet when I pull all the way out my cock slides down, and she reaches and guides me back in.

I then wrap my hand around her throat, and the other grabs one of her breast. I then start pounding her, as I pull out Arianna reaches down and takes my cock in her hand and slowly jacks me off.

She says thank you.