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I Love Japanese Bondage

Posted in bdsm, Japanese Bonage, shibari on July 18, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

From an early age I had a thing for Asian women, some of the most beautiful women by far are Japanese. I spent a week in Japan back in the Mid 80’s when I was leaving Korea. I had been in Korea for two years, The average tour was 12 months, but I was able to pull some strings and pulled off another year.

I was a young Buck Sergent E5 at 20 yrs old, I had made E5 in 36 months but a lot of that had to do with the shortage in my MOS.

Korea is where I got my first taste of BDSM the first time I was in Korea I had just turned 18. I went back to the states Ft Hood Tx, and almost immediately put in request to go back. It only took me 8 months, nobody wanted to be stationed in Korea, but at that young age I was running wild. and Korea was like the Rio of the Far east.

I made friends with a Korean soldier they were called Katusa’s back then they made about three US dollars a month, and sent half of that home. Kim and I became very good friends, I would help out with smokes during the month, he liked Kent cigarettes go figure, at that time they were like 6.00 dollars a carton.

Then one Saturday night Kim invited me to a show, what it turned out to be was a real live BDSM show, that is when it hit me.

Bdsm in Asia is much different than here in the US. There a slave with have nothing to do with you, unless they know the Master who trained you, I am sure it is much different today

I rented a Hooch for 100 dollars a month, and moved a young girl in, who took care of all my needs, from laundry. shining my boots and even bathing me, and yes all the kink I was learning. She was mine to do with as I please. It was pretty awkward for the first 3 months as she spoke no English, kinda fun as well.

She learned all the dirty words to start with, just as Americans learning Korean we picked up all the dirty stuff first. She would pretty much let me do anything i wanted, without question, and became my best friend. She would look out for me when we went shopping, to make sure I did not get ripped off.

During the month I would buy food, and I bought her a dress once or twice a month. This is when I became interested in dressage, I had total control over what she wore, her skin was somewhat dark, so I would buy bright colors, she really looked good in yellow. I had her hair cut to my liken, she was no longer allowed to wear flip flops, I really hate those. I taught her how I wanted her to act, and she complied, no questions asked. I had a  mamasan explain to her upfront when I first met her I had no intentions of getting married , and she was fine with that. What was going to happen, when I left a new GI would have a well trained woman.

When I left Korea Our first stop was Yokota Air force Base in Japan, the air force had to replace an engine on the C5A we were flying on. I went downtown and I was in heaven. I went back to base and arranged to stay a week since I was on leave, I had nothing better to do.

So the first place I head was the red light district, I had a pocket full of money and nothing but time to burn, I had made a lot of money in Korea on the side, no details needed, but I was loaded.

It did not take long to pick up a girl, a bar girl of course. It was hard trying to explain what I wanted. I was very fluent in Korean, but I knew no Japanese.

I had learned a lot about Bondage while in Korea, but in Japan it was called Shibari, which is really an art, even with the bondage I knew the girl saw me as an amateur, and almost made fun of me. That night I headed back to the base, and started asking question’s I could not be the only kinky guy in the service. So I hooked up with an old E7 in the Air force, his name was whitney an old drunk. He had been in the Air Force for 30 years.

We headed to town, and ended up at a very dark night club, he explained to me I could find anything here I wanted. There were Bondage pictures all over the wall, stuff I had never seen, I was thinking wow hours of fun, I studied each poster it seemed like forever. I had seen and done suspension before but nothing like what I was looking at, the Bondage was incredible, very artistic. erotic.

While I was not able to experience the art of Japanese bondage Shibari while I was there, once back in the States, it was something I worked on very hard to learn.

I thought the women in Korea were beautiful, they were nothing compared to the Japanese women, I had experienced during my stay. The Japanese women were a little thicker, their skin a little lighter, and their lips a little bit more puffy which was a turn on.

I spent much time thinking what it would be like to own a Japanese slave. My uncle who was in the navy married a Japanese. He wanted for nothing, although he was not in the lifestyle she was like a slave to him anyway. He never had to lift a finger for any thing.

The first on my list would be Filipino women, then Japanese, and last Korean. I have been to Thailand but just something about them, I do not care for.

There are youtube videos that can show you some of the Shibari Bondage, very time consuming though, but once finished really something to be proud of. Truly beautiful art….

Translating a Japanese name without seeing the kanji is difficult. For instance, “kata” means a lot of things and each has a different kanji thus a different meaning. So, a word of warning about this glossary is in order. A bondage does not have a name! When a name is used for a specific bondage that “name” merely describes what is going on. In shibari positions as in music there are many variations on a melody or theme. Trying to name a bondage can be deceptive and different artists use different terms and descriptions for what they create. This is often what causes confusion when especially Westerners discuss shibari ties.

There are quite a few names and terms that have come down to us in a generally useful way from history, from hojojutsu terminology and from well known modern sensei and these have become fairly standard.

Naming a bondage becomes useful when you try to explain it, the name helps smooth the communication. The definitions in this glossary are not written in stone. There is unanimous agreement on most of these terms but a few represent general agreement by most authorities.

Knowing the “correct” Japanese word for every shibari tie doesn’t make you a nawashi no more than owning an expensive camera makes a great photographer. So, take the names in this glossary with a grain of salt and focus on what kinbaku is all about. It will definitly take you years of study before you start to feel in your bones what kinbaku actually is all about!

agura shibari
Generalized term for any tie where the sub sits in a crossed legged (Indian style) position. Although somewhat similar in appearance, this tie should not be confused with the far more restrictive ebi shibari.
aomuke zuri
Suspended face up
rice rope
Traditional Japanese style bondage rope made of hemp or jute. Shibari rope is usually 7 meters in length and between 6 to 8 mm in width. Usually a knot is tied at each end so that these “buttons” can be used for certain wrapping style or hojojutsu ties where no real knot is ever used to secure the tie because the button holds the rope(s) in place. Various shibari artists (nawashi) use different methods for treating their ropes to increase their suppleness and longevity.
A final word on spelling, for years I’ve seen the “capturing martial art” spelled, hojojitsu both on western sites dedicated to martial arts and, more importantly, on several translations of Japanese sources. This seemed correct as it was similar to jiu-jitsu. More recently, hojojutsu seems to have become more common. Which is what we will use on R.A.R.E. Thanks to Osada Steve for pointing this out and Master “K” for an elaborate explanation.