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Training Arianna

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Training still continues today, after two years we still continue to add. What is more interesting is Arianna continues to think of ways to give up more control. Truth be known she would be happy if she could stay home 24/7 chained to the floor, or most of her day spent in a cage.

When you hear the words A no rights Slave if you want to know the definition you can look to Arianna to find out that answer. Some take the no rights thing to an extreme but we all have common sense or I would hope. You would never want to do anything that would cause your slave any harm, or push them to the point of breaking. That is why I have stated over and over it is very important to know your submissive or slave inside and out.

What do I mean when I say no rights. First Arianna has no say so at all, before you jump the gun this was something she needed and wanted. This is why at times it is hard for a submissive or slave to find the right Dominant. If he is in it just for the game he will want no responsibility , meaning he is just after the pussy. The minute you show you are the slightest bit needy you will see a fast change in the Doms attitude.

When you speak of living D’s compared to living an M;s relationship there is a huge difference. A submissive has the right to say no, a submissive submits on their terms. While it is true a slave could really do the same if it really came down to it, but for the most that is not the frame of mind a slave wants or needs.

While there are many different resources and books on the market today, if you are a new Dominant or your interested in exploring the lifestyle then I recommend, There is just a huge amount of information that is provided, it is almost endless.

The new Dominant who is just entering the lifestyle or the young Dominant I truly recommend this site. Also to those who are submissive it is good reading and it will show and teach you about how a D’s Or M’s relationship should truly be, again a lot of good info.

So you take a Slave and you mold them into someone you need. I myself had a very clear picture of how I saw my life living as a Master , and fully owning a Slave. In reality in today’s times you cannot legally own someone, but to be able to achieve that frame of mind is truly an unreal feeling.

You take someone and mold them into someone who fits exactly what your looking for when it comes to an M’s relationship. This is why once I started my search it took well over a year, as a matter of fact I was at the point of saying fuck it I am done, because there is no one out there who truly wants to live as a Slave. I was at the point of packing everything up and I was going to move overseas, I already had a job in place, and a place to live.

Then I met Arianna , I could tell just by talking to her she was different, the way she sat, talked , the way she communicated, the way she carried herself, the way she expressed herself and explaining why she needed to be a slave. I asked several times a Slave are you sure a Slave and not a submissive.

Then as she began to go into details about how she saw herself living as a Slave, I myself began to have doubts about taking on so much responsibility. Now it was I who had to decide if I wanted to take that step. You know I never really gave it much thought until Arianna shared how she wanted and needed to be treated. Rules , Structure , the giving up total freedom.

So I had a very short time to think about if I wanted to take such a deep step, I also have a very short time to put a plan together so it was very important to spend as much time with Arianna as I could , so I could really get to know her inside and out.

Arianna had been going through some very bad times before I met her , she was like a kid turned lose in a toy store but on an adult level, and she was very close to having a break down. She had been seeing a Doctor who had been prescribing the wrong medication for years, and every time Arianna went for a visit it was always her fault. So shortly after we met Arianna did in fact have a break down. So it was I who found a Doctor, and the doctor put her back on the right track. In the meantime I had come across Journals that Arianna had written, hundreds of them, note books dating back some 15 years, full from front to back. I spent a day and three pots of coffee just reading. I could not believe how one person could possibly endure so much hurt and pain. So we talked about the journals and I explained it was a need to get rid of the past, so we sat down and went through the journals and one by one putting each one in the trash. There were a few I did allow her to keep, those with poems that she had written or ones she felt really close to. I had someones life right before my eyes. A true story of a life full of pain and confusion, and people who did not understand her.

I suppose there comes a point where people want to care about someone until you have to put a little effort back into the relationship, once it becomes a little work to make the relationship work it is no longer adventitious so you slowly begin to start being pushed out, or everything is just blamed on you.

You can do it, there is nothing wrong with you. I do not understand how or why you feel like you do, I just want you to fix it.

Now my challenge had grown ever bigger because I had to change my whole plan, I had to sit down and think and think fast. I knew she wanted to be trained but I also had to consider her health factor, on the mental side of it. Her past relationships with Dominants had been abusive, verbally and physically and neither one of them had a clue who Arianna really was. Neither one really knew Arianna as a person , neither one knew her thoughts or needs nor did they really care. At the same time I had to stand firm, I had to implement rules, put structure into place.

Shortly after her break down I was called in to meet with her doctor, and after explaining our relationship she even said Arianna was in a good place, and the structure I provided was good for her..

You can only be trained if you actually live the D’s or M’s lifestyle 24/7. If you do not live together there is noway to even implement a plan. The Dominant is not there to enforce the structure, rules or protocols. Some may disagree and if you do I would like to see your plan because I am going to lay my plan out here.

If you do not live together you really do not have any control, you as the Dominant may think you have control but you are not there. Being in control via text, chat, on the phone, Skype does not compare to being able to wrap your hands around her throat and looking straight into her eyes, and speaking, then you are and have control.

If you are only seeing your Dominant once or maybe twice a month you are not living the true D’s more so if your just meeting up in a motel room, you are only experiencing the kink side of it, your there for a couple of hours maybe the night, the Dom leaves happy and you leave full of cum until the next meeting.

Training your Slave I am going to leave the submissive out of this picture for now because the Submissive has the right to say no. The Submissive puts limits on their submission. Just as the Bottom the bottom for the most only submits during play and will tell you before hand what is going to happen.

I believe many who are new to the lifestyle and who are submissive are being told they are a slave when in fact they are only submissive. Many men who claim to be the Fifty Shades of Grey for what ever reason prefer the word slave, or they try and plant a seed in your mind to make you think. You already have a pretty clear picture of what your limits are and you should stand by them.

This is why I did not want a D’s relationship, I had tried a D’s relationship several times and it just did not pan out. Once I started my search it was well over a year before I stumbled across Arianna, and it was like she just fell from the sky right onto my Lap

When training your slave you are taking bad habits and changing them with new habits. You are implementing new habits into ones life. The thing that really got into my mind was Arianna really had no habits, there was nothing she did on a regular basis that you would actually call a habit.

The same with rules and structure you are implementing new habits. I will say this none of Arianna’s rules are sexual. Rules are meant to improve ones life, to help guide, provide structure. safety , and make one feel secure. Ive read many post and blogs where rules are posted and they are sexually based. I really find this to be really disturbing , because the Dom or Daddy is really doing nothing to improve.

If you do not get to know your Submissive or Slave inside, out and you start implementing things and you do not know them on a emotional playing field you could really fuck someone up. If you have a submissive who suffers from any type of depression and you don’t know the medications they are taking, again you can really fuck someone up. If you do not ask these questions in depth during your first meeting , then it is apparent you really do not give a fuck, your only thinking of yourself.

You take someones life and you turn it completely around, you take a human and turn them inside out, you change everything about them right down to their personality, in some cases even the way they think.

I started training Arianna the day she moved in. I did not say okay your training has started, or this is what we are going to do. The training is something that we had been talking about but I really did not go into any great details.

I have talked about this before but I did not really go into any great detail. One huge mistake that most Dominants make or Daddy’s once in a relationship they tend to isolate the submissive, they cut them off from all friends and sometimes family. My train of thought is this is a huge mistake, because you still have to allow them some freedom, because there is a breaking point. The Submissive or Slave does need a break, a day off , time to visit friends, a girls night out, a day with the family. Doms who do not allow this have a very low self esteem, they are very insecure, jealous, they have trust issues, and probably ego driving, these are the abusers be it verbal or physical. Your relationship is a power struggle between the two of you, your resisting on all levels but you do not know why you cannot fully submit.

The first week we lived together we were like your every day normal Vanilla couple, we talked laughed, joked. The 8th day I restricted certain areas of the house. I walked Arianna around the house showing her where she was allowed to sit, and the furniture was not anyplace she was allowed. This was practiced on a daily basis. She now had to have permission to enter the bed. She now had to have permission to shower, to go to the bathroom. She now had to have permission to play on her phone, watch TV . When we ate dinner she sat on the floor next to me, and at times I would feed her. While in the house there were only two places she was allowed to sit. On the floor next to the sofa, or on the floor next to me at the dinner table. In the morning time I would allow her to sit at the table while we had our morning coffee.

Over a period of ninety days I implemented 20 rues, all of which were meant for self improvement. Again none of the rules were sexual. To gain more control, I implemented the speaking in thirds, may this slave, can this slave, this slave would like. Speaking in thirds is an awesome training tool, but I use only for a short time, or at times I will use as a form of punishment

I changed Arianna demeanor meaning the way she walked, the way she spoke to people. I implemented protocols for private and public. I trained her for in house service for when company was over.

One of the first things I did when Arianna and I first met I introduced her to others who were in the lifestyle, people I had known for 20 plus years. This I believe gave me greater credibility in her eyes, because she knew then I was who I said I was. We went out to eat with other couples in the lifestyle, we were invited to friends of mine for dinner , people just had to meet Arianna, and everyone welcomed her with open arms.

The came the service test I invited a Master and Slave over. Arianna and I cooked a rockin dinner, and Arianna served, and before we ate she either stood behind me or knelt beside me while we talked. That night she was the perfect host.

During this time sex was kept minimal and only on my terms. I said spread I used her and I got off, most of the time without even speaking, until she asked permission to exit the bed.

Arianna now needed permission to shower , she now needed permission to go to the bathroom. There were no exceptions. I now controlled what Arianna ate while at work, and how much she was able to spend.

Arianna now had to keep a daily journal one in the car so she could write down the time and mileage, when she left the house to go to work, when she arrived to work, when she left from work. If she needed to stop by the store if we had not discussed prior she needed permission. Once home she had another journal. This was so she could write down the time she started task, and the finish times.

I then implemented a few of the Gorean slave positions I did not use daily but when I did they were used mainly for humiliation to sort of remind her who and what she was.

Sex I love to fuck, I cannot remember the last time I made love. I do not even think it is possible for me any more, I love to fuck. There are three holes and I use which ever I want without asking.

You know years ago I never would of thought you could actually teach someone the way you wanted your cock sucked, or the way you wanted them to spread while your fucking, or if you told someone to lube your cock and they immediately got on their hands and knees and reached around spreading their ass open with out having to tell them, or to snap your finger and that was the notification to suck your cock.  There is nothing like the feeling knowing that your Slave lives to please you.

Okay so going on a little over two years now, wow time has flown by. Arianna has been punished one time and one time only. I usually do not spank as a form of punishment but this time it was needed. It reminded her of what she did, and now she thinks before acting, because she knows in our house there are two things you take note to, Choices and consequences.

To be able to train someone or be trained if you do not live together it is almost impossible, its like putting a screen door on a submarine and not expecting water to come in.

Now before you jump the gun and say wow vile your an asshole, or your mean and cruel, I am going to say 90% of the above was Arianna’s idea this is how she saw herself living as a slave, A slave not a submissive.

We were only able to achieve such a relationship with constant communication. Communication is the magic key, and if your submissive or slave does not feel they can talk to you about anything on any level, then you will never have their total submission, and your relationship will crash and fucking burn.

If you are seeing a married Dominant who is cheating on his wife, you will never be able to explore your submission to the depths you need, you will never be allowed to be who you are, most of all you will never be fully free.

One thing that just blows my mind and maybe someone can answer this question. If your seeing a Married so called Dom or Daddy, what do you think about while your sucking his cock? Do you think about how his wife sucks his cock? Maybe you think about him fucking his wife? Maybe he fucked her in the ass and did not shower before coming to see you? Do any of these things go through your mind? Do you ever think he just fucked his wife and your cleaning his cock off? Worst if you think your the only one he’s banging if hes married, WOW . Just keep texting or trying to call see how long you have to wait, go on be miserable. Or if your texting stops abruptly for no reason. You know what the deal is, you really know but you ignore it. You will sit there and wait and wait and wait, now that is really pathetic no matter what page your on, that is truly pathetic, and you deserve everything you wish for. If you were willing to enter such a relationship, LISTEN TO ME, you get what you deserve.. Get upset with me I did not do anything I am just speaking the truth.

More to come here shortly.

Guys you can have the world, you can have the perfect relationship, you can have anything you want or need, it is at your finger tips. All you have to do is be real and stop playing games. If your married and your not happy this is for male and female get the fuck out, just fucking tell who ever your living with, Hey I am done, I am outta of here. Don’t bring your drama into their life fucking leave.

As I am nearing 250.000 visitors Sometime next week I want to share the different country’s that have visited. This is really awesome to know that people from all over the world are reading my blog….



If You Cannot Run Your Own House

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Last week Arianna and I were just relaxing, and she said something about going to the munch, I thought for a minute and said well lets go. We had a very busy day, I had dropped her off earlier in the day for a hair coloring and a cut, while I did my errands later that day I had a few other things to take care off and we were just chilling.

So we jumped in our Jeep and off we went, we do not get out much due to my work schedule so it was nice, even though we had just eaten Chinese food, and we were headed to a restaurant for a Munch.

We walked in and I saw a couple of old friends then a Dom I had not seen in almost seven years, we sat and ordered a small platter that we shared I was still pretty stuffed from earlier.

I sat down next to Master M and we started talking, he is poly his submissive not so much, but he is telling me how fucked up this other submissive was that he had met. Well I had sent him a couple of emails telling him the samething but he just ignored me.

So I start to explain that if a submissive has been single for a long time I am talking about a year or more they are just fucked up, this goes for single men as well, although some choose to be single.

Yup foot in mouth as I look across the table there sits two single subs, then I made the comment about men, oh well I had already said it. I explained myself a little then decided there was no need.

So Master M and I went outside to smoke which I am really trying to break, anyway we are talking and he is telling me about all these problems he is having at home, and he is thinking about moving out.

Her daughter not working, well you knew this before you moved in. Her health problems well again you knew this before you moved in. Her temper again you knew this before you moved in.

Then I began to explain you have to have your own house in order before you try and bring another one into your home. It is not fair to bring someone else into the drama game.

Then the arguing came up, I am like why would you even argue with your submissive, I cannot relate to that so I have no advice. What kind of Dominant would stand toe to toe and argue with a submissive. I said you can’t spank her shes a fucking Masochist, so you either take something away or you hit the ignore switch.

I had sent him two emails before offering to set up a meeting so we could all talk, but both were ignored. He then made the statement he was thinking about moving out. I can see his point in a way, but on the other hand he has come into this submissives home, and changed her whole life, and in my opinion it would not be fair to her.

Today it is much easier to just pack up and run when things get hard, or you don’t want to deal with something. Why work anything out when there is an easy way out.

So we go back in and sitting and I look at him then her and I told him put your fucking foot down and put the bitch in her place. Complete silence. She would never say a cross word to me due to respect. I told him your the man of the house tell her how its going to be and stick to your word.

I have talked about many times about how a Dominant must remain consistent in a D’s or M’s relationship. You have to set time aside to communicate. You cannot be a Master 4 hours a day and take the other twenty off, it does not work that way. If you set guidelines, rules, and protocols stick to your word, you cannot bend or look over things.

I have lived poly before, with two slaves, it is not what people or single men think. It is a pain in the ass keeping two slaves straight, and not getting in between them when they are fighting, you cannot show favorites. To live with two women because it is a fantasy will get you no place fast.

Most who are submissive or a slave do not like poly or a triad, but will go along with just to please. If you bring another into the picture, you have to let the other know she is number two, she will remain number two and will never be number one. Is that how you would want to live? I would think not, even seeing a married Dominant you will always be number two, always.

If you enter a relationship and everything is brought out in the open, and you agree to enter, then suck it up. I hate nothing more than a complaining little Bitch.

Okay maybe I am wrong but a good Dominant should be able to grasp any situation and gain control over it. If you do not really know your Submissive inside and out you will never gain control. You cannot go around barking out orders, and expect to be in control.

So you want the pussy but you don’t want the responsibility that comes with it, you want the kink, but you are not willing to look at the whole picture. You cannot take and take and expect something in return. There has to and will be a huge break down.

You the Dominant has all these problems behind on bills, AC is broken, tons of shit and your looking to bring another in, incredible.

I had invited them over to our home for dinner not long ago, it was the first time we had really had a chance to talk. It did not take me long to decide he was ego driven. To make things worse as we are talking he is agreeing with everything I was saying, but it was going in one ear and out of the other. .

Why do you want two women living with you? Because I have always wanted that. That is not an answer, that is pure ego.  Since I started this post they have since split, I saw it coming, the night we had dinner I told Arianna it was not going to work.

To bring another Slave into the home you the Dominant has to be able to validate your reasoning. Maybe your Slave works full time and you would like to have another pick up the slack. Maybe you the Dominant enjoys pain but your Slave does not but other than that you are both happy. Maybe a third income would be beneficial to the home as well. The list just goes on and on.

Is it possible to love more than one, well I am not so convinced , being in an M’s relationship Master and Slave the Dominant has to devote a great deal of time, even when your not up to it. Most Slaves in general are really possessive, and do not have a very high tolerance when it comes to jealousy. So you have to think if it would be fair to bring another in.

Now if you turn the tables, and lets say the submissive is a Masochist but her Dominant is not, and the submissive wanted to bring in another Dominant, he would go nuts, because in a mans mind it does not work that way.

Maybe you met a submissive, and as your relationship grew the submissive found out they wanted to move forward, from being a submissive to a slave, yes there is a huge difference. So now the Dominant has to be able to change up the game a little. If you truly care this would not be a problem, but if your in it just for the kinky sex, it will become more of a burden and the Dom will want to move on.

In the lifestyle we change what were not needs before become needs. I know I am always thinking of different things to try. The key is being able to wait out your search and find someone your compatible with.  Think with the right head and you wont be wrong. If you think with your Dick your relationship is doomed.

Arianna is interested in Hypnosis , I have never giving it much thought, but because she is, I have been doing a great deal of study, on the subject. Last week I even invited a hypnosis to our home who is in the lifestyle.  It was a good meeting and it went very well.

I had even had a few write what is called an induction letter for me, then after reading and having somewhat of an understanding of what the word effects were I wrote my own. After letting Arianna read it she asked if I wrote it, well as a matter of fact I did, she was really impressed. The letter is to draw someones attention, and by using key words that will cause triggers. The letter to some will make no sense, and to some it will have no effect. To those who are easy to put under the letter can have a huge effect.

We will have the hypnosis over again soon, he was very nice, did not try and get to personal, he was able to put Arianna under. Although Arianna is a Slave she wants the feeling of submission to be an on going feeling, she wants to feel more Slaveish.

So she has an interest in this subject and I care enough to do something she likes. That is the way a relationship is suppose to work. You have to think outside of your pants.