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Till Death Do You Part

Posted in bdsm, Bondage, died, killed, pedophile, strangled, under age on February 1, 2014 by thekinkyworldofvile

This is a sad story well kinda the man got what he deserved. A 43 year old man with a 16 year old girl. What the fuck is he or rather was he thinking . He is dead now, and it was due to BDSM play.

I harp and I harp about safety. I repeat almost every week how you can get hurt, or worse you can die. If your lucky it would not take long for you to be found. Or maybe you could crawl over to your cell phone if that was not taking.

Maybe it would only take you a couple of weeks to recover. Being ashamed to go out in public until all the bruises were healed.

This man Jason Ash who was 43 yes past tense he is not longer with us, not a great loss but a loss anyway, while with a 16 year old girl playing sex games , she strangled him to death with an extension cord. When he would not respond she picked up a knife and started cutting on him to see if she could wake him up. I suppose a normal response for a 16 year old.

The same thing could happen if you met someone who said they were a Dominant and really knew nothing. You are taking his word. That is all you have to go on because you will not ask questions.

You both go to a motel, he then ties you up, and just beats your ass until you pass out. Then your fair game. Not to mention your fair game once your tied spread eagle. Remember you took his word, you have nothing more to go on.

Now this pedophile got what he deserved and his mother should go to prison because she knew how old the girl was.

This is not a game