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The almighty KISS

Posted in bdsm, Bond, erotic, Kiss, Love, passion on June 19, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

You can converse , and share stories, both of you wonder, do we really have anything in common? Do we have the same needs, wants, the same kinks? Are we really compatible We have spent hours talking, chatting, and text. We have shared many emails, with the anticipation we will click.

Being in the D’s lifestyle it is important we make the right choices, in a partner. We have devoted so much time, waiting on the day we finely meet. We want to feel that connection, when we hold each other we want to feel like we are one.

When we first meet, possibly dinner, we are talking, breaking the ice. We are feeling good with the direction our conversation is going. We feel at ease.

Then comes the time, we are getting ready to retire for the night, we have made plans for our next date. We know that this feels so right, we have made that connection.

Then I slowly walk up to you, ease my hand around your throat, my other has a hand full of hair gently pulling your head back my have gently squeezes your throat, out lips meet our mouths open and out tongues meet. It is the passion you want to feel, it is the connection you want to feel.

Yes it is true the Kiss tells the whole story, you can tell if the feelings are really there, you can feel the submission, the want , the need..

The Kiss tells the whole story….