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Spread Whore

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This is for those who do not get it, and maybe a few who do.

Spread whore, yea lets see how far Bill gets with Hillary with that statement. I imagine Hillary is the one with the Strapon.

Guys you are living the dream, and you are fucking it up, because you have struck gold and you get to greedy. You get controlling, abusive with your words, you cheat and there is no need. You can have anything you want, without question anytime , anyplace, without question, and your fucking it up, you are fucking it up so bad, and you truly do not get it. Its not her fault, its greed dude, and a lot of you are full of greed.

Your emotions are greedy, your thoughts are greedy, your needs are greedy, Greed is why the world is in the shape it is in now.

I am living proof that you can have anything you want , anything within your reach. You can have the type of relationship you want, you can get your dick sucked 24/7, you can basically do any fucking thing you want. Why? Because she wants to please, and the more you allow her to open up the more you allow her to be her, the more you will get.

There is only one thing that is stopping all of this. Your acting stupid, some are not acting, and for those I am sorry to tell you, you cannot be fixed.

You get a bitch that will kneel before you and this huge ego grows out of your head, and when your ego swells it does something to your brain because you get stupid

To you screwed in the head vanilla guys who has to step out. The only problem you have at home is the lack of communication, the lack of caring, and the lack of wanting to invest anytime in your relationship. Those are your downfalls.

I cannot say this enough if you communicate, if you sit down and express your feelings and needs, 99% of the time the wife will give in, because that is how she has been raised

Pussy is pussy, a blow job is a blow job, anal sex is anal sex. Here is the thing, you can teach her how you like to fuck, you can teach her how to suck your cock, anal okay that may be a little obstacle but your defense there is babe what I am asking for 3 minutes of your time tops I promise, and yes I will use lube.

I fucked her for 45 minutes, I wore that bitch out, she cant even walk today. Get the fuck out 3 minute man. The ego thing blocks your communication, your to much of a he man, sinbad you pull your belt and your chest expands.

Dude I am living proof, I know it works, and even if you only take in an 1/8 of what I am saying you could be living the dream.

If your wife has had kids and now shes a little well plump, you can fix that, but it requires you to put a little effort into your relationship. 99% of the time your partner will bend over backwards to please you.

If you have the money you can take a picture of Miss December to a plastic surgeon and say I want her to look like this, you can dude, you can have the world if you are willing to invest a little time.

Now if she does not suck cock, or lick your ass, and you knew this before hand, SUCK IT UP DUDE. You agreed to the relationship. If you have to step out on your partner, you are a low life piece of shit, and I hope you catch something that a shot will not cure, I hope your balls rot the fuck off, and you end up talking like Michael Jackson.

I am living proof, you can have anything in a relationship you want or need. Every Morning I open the door, and in my head I am yelling to the top of my lungs FUCK YOU. Because I am the man.

Like Johnny Cash I walk the line.

If you married Miss I am not doing that, dude that is so your fault, its not hers. Choice and consequences.

I was not happy and I got the fuck out. I lost everything I mean everything. I lost a 1955 chevy that I restored from the frame up, I lost a house a block from the fucking beach, I gave the bitch a 160K I lost my Fiat Spider. I fucking left with a duffel bag and a beat up motorcycle

The only way I will ever see another 55 chevy is if I can buy one in cuba and get 4 cubans to attache it to 55 gallon drums and row here for a 100 bucks, and hope they don’t get caught.

I was not happy, my life sucked the people next door who wanted the cook outs , who wanted to drink beer, who wanted to borrow my tools my ex wife got, I was fucking miserable. I left it was simple, no drama not fighting, I left, because I maned up to who and what I was.

If you are willing to invest a little time, if you are willing to communicate on a level that is understandable, and you are able to justify your needs, she will give in.

One of the main issues when it comes to a vanilla relationship and you read Fifty shades, now your king Thor with a raging hard on, NOT. You feel guilty.

Here is what you see, you see it as abuse when it comes to your wife the woman who gave birth to your children. I know dude I was that man. I tried to communicate my needs, and that is when she kicked me the fuck out, I left.

You feel guilty because now you want to face fuck, spank her, you want to try fisting, pulling her hair, but the guilt is so strong.

Here is  an idea? I ll find a bitch who will let me do all of this crazy stuff and I will come home to my wife. You see this girl once a week, twice a month, once a month, get your rocks off and go home. How is this fair, you are making promises you are not going to keep, because your not going to give up everything, walk away and have to start all over

You can be playful, spread whore, suck my dick, communication. If you communicate, you can have your whore, your slut, you can teach her how to suck your cock. Ive got news for you, SHE WANTS TO KNOW DUDE, but you do not know how to communicate.

If you talk to her and you get get her to come around call me put her on the phone. One or two things will happen. One she will drop to her knees, pull your cock out and try to suck your balls through your penis OR you will be packing either way your happy so Vile fixed your problem.

If your looking for Sympathy from me you need to look in the dictionary between shit and Syphilis because you will not get it from me.

Spice things up, role play, pick her up in a bar, drop her off on a street corner pick her up, let her be the mean bad teacher, if your that way and you want to submit, sure.

If you are not willing to communicate she has no clue, and if she is trying to read your mind, chances are there is not even a page, because your stupid and stupid cant be fixed.

She may not like some of the things you like, but she will do it, she is wired that way, she was raised that way, unless she was raised by two lesbians which is possible, but hey you chose to, and there is nothing wrong with two lesbians so no hate mail thank you.

Man up dude. talk to her.

Just random thoughts I can do that because its my blog.


Change Never Works

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That statement is so true , I am speaking of trying to change lifestyle’s. Some change is good and can be beneficial under the right conditions.

I know some 16 years ago I felt like I needed a change. I was at Bush Gardens in Tampa Florida one day sitting down just chilling , watching all these family’s walk by, and I started thinking man I am missing out on some shit here. The wife, kid, white picket fence, a little ankle biter roaming the yard, cooking out with the smith’s.

I did just that it was not three months and I was married, it took me about a month to come to my senses , VILE my man you have truly fucked up, you acted without thinking, and now you must pay dearly because you got the bitch knocked up. You did it so make it work.

I never should of went to Bush Gardens, should of went to a Titty Bar instead, not sure why I went, I prefer Universal anyway. My ex was not bad looking small petite frame, yea that is about it. So I started to make my exit and she informed me she was pregnant. Fuck me man how much worse could things get ?

Well I stuck it out for nine years, and during that nine years I remained loyal to a T. So after eight years or so I had to come clean I could not take the Smith’s next door any longer, and I was asked to leave. Since then I have paid child support every week and have never missed a payment. I do see my son, not as often as I would like, but we have a good relationship going. There is no drama between my Ex and I or my current wife and Slave.

What I am getting at you can go from Vanilla to a D’s relationship and then back , but I do not think you can go from a D’s relationship to a Vanilla, talk about fucking culture shock.

If you are not happy with your current relationship get the fuck out, even more so if your fucking around. Okay when it comes to women I can somewhat understand the fucking around part. Women tend to be more sensitive than men, women need more attention than men, women are abused more than men, still if your not happy kids or no kids just make an exit.

Men in general are DOGS most will fuck your sister if giving the chance and hope you invite her over for dinner. Men are sexual predators. I remember being over at my ex mother inlaw’s and when she was talking to me, all I was thinking man those Tits have got to be fake, and sure enough they were store bought Tittys.

Finding the right partner from the start, finding someone your compatible with, someone who is open to new things. If you know head and ass is off limits it may not bother you at that moment and time, but six months or a year down the road you will have to have one of them, the answer will still be no, then guess what. Your doing your wife’s sister.

Change never works, not when it comes to a relationship.



Shit Just Happens

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We enter a new relationship hoping this will be the one. We have finely found the one. The one problem is both are on their best behavior, people tend to hide who they really are, hoping to make a lasting impression.

The problem is this lasting impression never last , and most of the time it is the male or Dominants fault. Those who are not real I call imposters , posing to be someone they are not. On the prowl, the hunt. Once the hunt is over it is no longer fun the thrill is gone, they have conquered.

Not every Dominant is this way , but the fakes or wannabes do out number the real. The real are far and few between. Someone who is new to the lifestyle does not see this nor do they want to see. I have blogged about this before as a matter of fact several times.

Your Newly found Dominant should encourage to to meet others like yourself ask if he is active in the local community. Ask about other Dominants he may know. Ask about his relationships and why they did not last. If the reasons fall on the slave every time, then there is a problem.

The Submissive or Slave runs into a problem the Dominant may step in and help this is a good sign. If the Submissive or Slave is emotional at times, he will not stick around to long. I am sorry but I am not the one for you we need to move on. Remember you have already been conquered the thrill is already gone, if you produce any problems this becomes more of a task, it kills the thrill.

Those who want to be a Dominant or pose as a Dominant the thrill does not last. He lays out a few rules sexual most of the time because he is fucking clueless. You think its okay because he is showing authority , he is taking charge, even if the number one rule is, you will worship my cock.

The spanking grows old, the bondage grows old and fast. The sex grows old because he is a predator the thrill is gone he has hunted and made the kill.

He knows what to say because of the wide access of information today, the childish chat rooms. So yes he knows exactly what you want to hear, and you will fall for it every time until you get wise.

I have spoken about mentors many times. I believe a Dominant should have a mentor more so if you are new to the lifestyle. The same goes for a Submissive Or Slave. If you are new to the lifestyle find someone who has experience someone who will help you pick through the fakes.

It could take you several months to realize something is wrong, but you cannot put your finger on it. Even after speaking to others. At this point you are in love and you are going to hang in there hoping it will change, but you know what ? It never does or will, it will continue to get worst. At this point the Dominant is hoping you will break it off, this takes the guilt away, he walks away with a clean slate because everything was your fault or this is what you are led to believe .

So you have spent the last six months on your Back or on your knees. You have spent the last six months crawling around on the floor, phone sex, sending pics, and in some cases videos.

This is not a bad reflection of you , you have done nothing wrong, you are just trying to please. This is a normal reaction for a Submissive.

So you are going to meet a new Dominant for the first time. Listen I am not talking out of my ass, I am speaking as a male a Dominant and a owner of a Slave.

Do not let him tell you what to wear. You wear what you feel comfortable wearing. You never session on the first meeting, after all this is your first time meeting. A real Dominant would never expect you to do so anyway. There are signs but you ignore them, you know there are signs but you still ignore. This is the time you take a breather , clear your head, gather your thoughts.

You meet someone for the first time you go to a hotel, he ties you up blindfolds you, guess what ? You are fair game, he is going to do what ever he wants, and he will say fuck your limits. Think about that, you can get really fucked up. You are not going to call anyone, you are not going to call the police and tell them this dude had you tied up.

If your in a relationship and it goes south, and you are clueless, you did nothing wrong. You did not know just like the ones before you did not know.

When you first meet you the Submissive has to set guidelines down. You got his number you should be able to call when you want, you should be able to text when you want, and expect a return text in a timely manner. You should know where he works, what kind of work he does. You should know his address where he lives. He should invite you out with his friends. You should be able to go to his house at any giving time. If the answer to any of these is no, you have a problem on your hand.

Here we go again I cannot get over married men who stray from their wife, because she wont do anal, or suck cock. So he finds someone who will. Some do not care if someone is married, and that is okay, if you are willing to spend your birthdays alone, Christmas alone, thanksgiving along and never spend time on vacations. If you are good with this more power to you.

If you are emotional , or you stress easy, your Dominant should step in with a plan of action, take control and fix the problem. The Dominant should show great patience , and the desire to work through any situation that may come up. Your Dominant should never yell at you, he should never call you names out of anger. The Dominant is always in control.

If any of the above is happening to you or has happened, it is not your fault. You were just one of the unlucky ones that met a Dick Head.

So put your shoes on, kick the dirt and move on.

I am here to tell the truth , I have no reason to lie to you or mislead you. Again I have been in the lifestyle for a very long time, I am married to my Slave, and very happy.

A Dominant will have a plan of action when he meets you, he will have goals for you, he will want to see improvement, he will want to guide you.

Rules are meant to help, rules are meant to guide you. Rule number 1. You must worship my cock. How is this going to help you ? On the other side of the coin every Dominant is different, every Dominant has different goal, and some do not even have goals.

So what kind of Slave are you going to be or what kind of Slave do you want to be. A Slave who is used for service? A Sex Slave ? the list really goes on and on. You have to be you, and you have to be upfront about who you are and what your needs are.

Be careful about what you share with someone, start out with small bits and pieces , you do not want to lay your whole life out on the table to someone you have known for a couple of months. In the end if the relationship goes south, this is all ammunition to be used against you. Take great care in what you share.



The Perfect Slave

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Okay maybe just maybe I am one sided when it comes to Arianna, I myself believe she is the perfect slave. Very polite, well mannered, public or private, and most of all acts and speaks like a woman, but there are other things that stand out.

I am not just speaking of the oral skills or when she is on top, throwing sex aside, although I love to fuck, sex does not make the relationship go around.

You can truly tell when someone really cares about you. Like listening when your talking, really paying attention, just doing little things without being told to. Taking an interest in the things you like, and having the need to please.

Everyday the question comes up, is there anything I can do for you master. The need to please. A couple of months ago I made a comment about how I loved cigars and Jack Daniels. Arriving home after a very hot day at work I sit down, and to my amazement  there was a small bottle of jack and a very dark Arturo Fuente cigar and a small bottle of Jack, pure heaven.

A very dear friend of Arianna’s went to Louisiana a while back, do not quote me but there is a Tabasco sauce plant there I believe that is where her friend went, anyway she gave up a bottle of raspberry Chipotle sauce. Out of this fucking world, I put it on everything, eggs , burgers, hot dogs, everything. I suppose I will have to take a trip to Louisiana so I can pick up a case, I cannot find it here in Florida.

So this am Arianna is at work I have to be at work at noon, so I decided to make a couple of sandwiches, I open the fridge, and the chicken is sliced chicken with Chipotle flavor, I grab the cheese and the cheese is Chipotle as well.

I did not even have to ask, this is what I mean about caring, you can tell, again setting sex aside, it is the small things that add up to large things.

Every morning I wake, the coffee pot is ready, my cup sitting next to the pot with a spoon, and sugar, everything is prepared.

Now it works both ways, we as Dominants have to take care of ours, we take the extra mile if you will. There are some vanilla relationship with the same quality’s not many but there are some.

We are there when they need us, to talk, listen, through good times and bad times. We are there when times are hard, when they are emotional. The Slave or Submissive knows they have someone to turn to.

Arianna does not do well with praise, but I do on a daily basis, I make sure I mention the small things that are done. Everyday a list is made out that she has to complete, I do check by the way. I praise her positive reinforcement You cannot just take and take and make it one sided at times it has to go both ways.

We all seek perfection, in a D’s relationship a Slave will strive for perfection, and the worse punishment there is, is when the slave has done something wrong. I cannot imagine the feeling. I know if I make a mistake, or do something wrong I just shrug it off, and keep on walking. I am not an emotional man.

Even when stressed I do not show it. We have had a lot going on this past month, and I had a feeling things were not going to work out with somethings that had popped up, so I arrived home getting ready to take a shower, and I was broke out in hives, very bad, and I stayed broke out for almost two weeks. I did not even realize how stressed I was. I just stayed on what I thought was the correct path, and everything just fell into place.

That is what I try to tell people, if your doing something, do it by the book, if you try to take shortcuts it will fuck you up every time, then you blame someone else for your own blunder.

Arianna is the perfect partner, best friend, soon to be wife, and last but not least the perfect Slave. She gives 100% without question. She gives without being asked or told, she does truly listen, and most of all she cares.

I will be posting wedding pictures on my Face Book sometime next week, so those who are members of the BDSM Corner will be able to see.


Much Love To All


I’ve Been Busy

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Work work work, call of duty. I do have a lot of catching up to do, will post tomorrow.

Mostly the usual stuff, infidelity, men being pussies, which really makes me sick to my stomach.

Ahh yes our wedding is about two weeks away, so I have a few updates about that as well.

Much love to everyone..

Keep it Real


Our Wedding And Collaring Vows

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The time is coming up very soon. Arianna has been hard at work writing out the vows for both ceremony’s. While she has been doing all the work she has been keeping me in the loop. She has been updating me on all the progress.

Once I sat down and read everything I was just amazed at what she had wrote. She did take a little of this and that, but for the most she wrote everything else. What she wrote was to fit us.

We decided to have the wedding and collaring ceremony at the same time. She has chosen to kneel during the entire ceremony.

The setting will be on the Beach at sunrise, to the north you can see the Ponce Inlet lighthouse, and to the East will be the sunrise. When the Ceremony begins the sun will be rising above the Sea.

Arianna picked out the place on the beach, very beautiful and private that time of the morning. The marriage and collaring ceremony is about Arianna. Although I do feel honored to have such a woman, it is about her.


Wedding ceremony

Vile  and Arianna , have you come here freely to give yourself here in marriage?
Will you give yourselves as husband and wife for the rest of your lives?
“repeat after me”
I, Vile , take you Arianna , to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, for better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness an in health, from this day forward. You are mine. You have taken residence in my heart, the key has been lost. You will stay there forever.
I, Arianna , promise to be your partner for life. I promise above all else to live in truth with you and to communicate fully and fearlessly. I give to you my submission, my obedience and my heart. May it be a sanctuary of warmth and peace. I pledge my love, devotion, faith an honor as I join my life to yours.
“You will now exchange rings as a symbol of true faith and loyalty I each other. May they remind you of your love when you are apart. “
“repeat after me”
(Vile ) Arianna , with this ring I thee we’d and accept responsibility for you for as long as we both shall live.
(Arianna) master, with this ring, I pledge myself to thee, with all the affections of my heart, forsaking all others, cleaving only to you for as long as we both shall live.
Poem reading by Arianna .
I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart. I’m never without it, anywhere I go, you go, my dear
And whatever is done by only me, is your doing, my master.
I fear no fate, for you are my fate, my sweet.
I want no world, for master, you are my world. My true.
And it’s you, are whatever a moon has always meant
And whatever a sun will always sing, is you.
Here is the deepest secret, nobody knows, here is the root of the root
And the bud of the bud
And the sky of the sky, of a tree called life which grows higher than the soul can hope, or mind can hide.
And this is the wonder, that’s keeping the stars apart
I carry your heart. I carry, it in my heart.
Sand ceremony.
Vile  and Arianna. We have come here today to join two separate souls into one new soul. Joining two halves to make a whole. Celebrating two hearts together in one love.
May Each grain of sand represent a new memory given which will unfold in your future together. May each piece of shell represent the endurance your love will have through the turbulence of life’s waters. May your love will endure and be rounded at the edges in acceptance of one another’s short comings.
We stand here together to witness your sand mosaic created with each of your own unique qualities.
May your love remain colorful
May you combine each of strengths into a single vessel representing your new life together.
Now for the giving of the collar
Master, I humbly accept this collar as a symbol of your ownership of me. I promise to appreciate your truth, rest in your strength and excel in your care. To you I pledge my live, obedience and servitude. I know that, as your property, I will be looked after and tended to with the utmost of care. I know that I will receive both the affection and discipline that I require. In return, I offer to you the gift of myself. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.
Arianna, I give this collar as a symbol of my ownership. I pledge to love you, keep you safe, and offer you the discipline and affection that you need. Thank you for accepting this collar. Wear it with pride and know that your master is proud to call you his slave.
Solas: ” just as the lighthouse stands as a beacon for ships so let your love and strength light your path and set an example for others to follow. I know pronounce you Master Vile and Slave Arianna


Our Collaring Ceremony / Marriage

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I blogged sometime ago about a collaring ceremony for Arianna and I. It is set for June 15th. The couple that was to host the ceremony had ran into some family problems, but everything is a go. I have invited about six people, I think I was told a total of 15 to 20 would be showing up. Also sometime ago Arianna asked me if I wanted to get married, I had mentioned it before, but the last week or so she has been looking at rings. The wedding will be held In Ponce Inlet in Daytona Beach at the Lighthouse. It will be a private ceremony with just the two of us at sunrise in front of the lighthouse. Sometimes something just feels right. I had a few things to straighten out before I wanted to take on a commitment collaring or getting married. I wanted to have all my affairs in order. Our relationship is a D’s type relationship based on micromanagement , meaning I control everything. Arianna will tell you everything I do when it comes to our relationship, I have her best interest in mind. Arianna will tell you she comes first no matter what. Arianna will tell you I have zero drama in my life. Arianna will tell you I do not have a truck load of problems. Arianna will tell you I have no drama with my Ex. Arianna has met my Ex several times and yes they get along, although my Ex does talk to much. >Arianna will tell you we never argue, she will tell you we talk. Arianna will tell you I have never raised my voice to her. Arianna will tell you I do not change rules midstream. Arianna will tell you her rules and protocol are not based on SEX. Even as a 24/7 Slave, Arianna will tell you I value her opinion. She will tell you I care about what she has to say.  She will tell you I want to hear what is on her mind, what her thoughts and concerns are. So I looked for almost two years. I cannot count the subs and slaves I dated. I really met some Nuts out there it was starting to look pretty scary. I met women who just wanted to use me.  I met women who wanted to be my submissive but wanted me to rent them an apartment to live in. WOW. I met women addicted to prescription medication, just out of jail, and on probation. I met women who drank like a fish. Then I met Arianna, I could tell from the first conversation we had, we really sat down and talked. The more we talked the more we had in common. Okay music is not on out list of things we have in common. She is a Top 40’s girl, and I am a head banging old rock guy. Everything else just fit like a glove. Everything just fell into place. Each day gets better and better……href=””>Image