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I Love Max Hardcore

Posted in blow job, Max Hardcore, Rough Sex on July 26, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I think Max Hardcore is an awesome guy. He was recently sent to prison, well maybe a year and a half ago. He was found guilty of Distributing porn out of the state of Florida. Now you can shoot porn in Florida and sell it in Florida, but it is illegal to sell outside the state.

Max is known for being one of the most nastiest and Vile yes Vile porn makers in the industry. The jurors even found some of the material to be offense , and degrading. Okay I see nothing wrong. If Max is making movies, and paying I guess you call them actress’s , just where does the offensive come in, or degrading.

Max is rough, and probably one of the kinkiest in the adult film industry. He takes sex to new heights. Maybe it is how the girls dress up in the little school girl outfits. Or the fact he is just Vile, when it comes to just raw fucking.

I wish I had been picked to sit as a juror how fun would that of been to have to sit there and watch all his movies, looking around the room , wondering which female juror I could tie up and spank..

One of my favorite movies from Max and one of my favorite positions..