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Fucking on the memory foam mattress

Posted in fucking, Memory Foam Mattress, oral sex, pussy, sex on July 20, 2012 by thekinkyworldofvile

I was just sitting outside last night, sipping some cognac and smoking a Costa Rican cigar hmmm a Dark Maduro, my favorite, slow burning even, and smooth.

Anyway my mind drifted to sex as it usually does about 14 or 15 months ago I was seeing a slave, and she invited me over for dinner, afterwards things got kinda heated up, and we moved to her bedroom, no bondage just out right fucking.

Her bed was incredible, I laid there watching TV while she was in the shower and I was thinking , I have got to get one of these, I pulled the Mattress up on my phone, and at 1300 dollars, I could just not see it, since I only sleep 3 to 4 hours a night, but it did feel good.

She walked into the room all 4’11 of her , we started messing around, and I wanted to get down to business. Now I love to eat pussy, that is a real big fetish of mine, I can go for hours, anyway, once really into it, my neck started cramping. Why? Because her ass was sinking, yup like a sink hole, so I slide my hands under her ass , and it was all good for a few Minutes, then the same thing, my neck again.

Okay enough of this, I reached and pulled her by her hair, and put her on her hands and knees, and in the pussy I went at 4′ 11 the perfect height. So I am just pounding away, and I notice the angle was no longer comfortable. My knees are sinking in her bed, I am being swallowed up. Okay lets changed positions, I love the woman on top, I just like to lay back and relax , and enjoy pure relaxation , let Vile rest a little.

So all is good for the first minute, then I am not in as deep as I was, fuck me my ass is sinking in the bed. Again change positions, so I put her on her back, crawl on top and I am just banging the fuck out of her, and again my knees are sinking.

You know this is getting old, so I get up and I pick her up throw her over my shoulder, take her to the dinning room, put her on the table on her back, and I am hitting it again.

The bed itself is awesome for laying around and watching TV, sleeping is even better the best 4 hrs I had , in years I may of even dreamed.

To spend 1300 dollars on a bed you can only sleep on, is insane. Not to mention the mattress is very hot to sleep on. To spend 1300 dollars on a mattress you cannot fuck on is more insane.

So here is the deal

As far as it being comfortable I give it a 10. Just lounging around watching TV I give it a 7 because you have to keep adjusting yourself, because you sink. When it comes to having sex on the bed I give it s 2, unless your just in for an 8 second ride.

If you thought fucking on a waterbed was hard the memory foam mattress is just as bad if not worse…

Image Next week Viles report on sex on the leather sofa.