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Training And Fear And Fucking

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The first ninety days is the most important when it comes to training. I myself thing that once you put a plan together it is very important to stick to it.

The fear comes from the submissive, the not knowing what is going to happen, more so not knowing what to expect. There may be a little fear within the submissive not knowing if they will please or be able to meet your standards.

Training day begins I do not share anything, I do not give any ideas about what I am going to do. Just like I explained to Arianna watch and listen. That is all you really have to do.

Remember the Submissive will adapt to their new surroundings, and most will without question as long as you the Dominant keeps your word.

If you are new to the lifestyle the first ninety days will tell you if you really want to be part of a D’s relationship, in some cases it may take less than a week.

The first ninety days I gave no punishment, we were actually almost six months into our relationship before I had to punish Arianna. As a punishment I do not believe in spanking, because most who are submissive enjoy being spanked, so what is the point in doing something they enjoy when you punish. Arianna on the other hand is not into pain at all, so I decided that my best approach was to spank and I set that ass on fire. .

During the first ninety days a lot of positive reinforcement is needed, the idea is not to break down, but to build up. We want to point out the good, but we also need to correct when something is not done correctly. A firm voice without yelling or humiliating . The fear factor comes into play.

Your plan you must stick to exactly what you have planned, if you try to change things up you as the Dominant can get distracted, and may cause a little confusion.

The truth and always the truth, the first thing we tell a submissive is to always be truthful, never lie and always be upfront. If we cannot abide by the truth we cannot expect the submissive to. If we lie how can we expect the submissive to always be truthful. Once you gain their trust, that is the easy part, the hard part is keeping it. Once you break that trust you can almost never get it back.

I only started out with 4 rules as we progressed I added a few more. Handing someone a page full of rules, can really cause confusion, and again fear, the fear of forgetting. Some Dominants will hand out 25 maybe 50 rules and say you have to memorize each and everyone. Ask him if he knows them word for word, if not why or how could he expect you to. Rules are meant to give structure, and guidance. Rules are meant to be a reference for daily life.. If you give out to many at one time, the submissive will become overwhelmed , and feel like they are being set up for failure. Also rules we take bad habits and turn them into good ones. If you do this in a short time the Dominant will see a great improvement in any areas that needed work.

I was talking to a Submissive on the phone a couple of weeks ago, her and her Daddy Dom had split. When she broke a rule he would not punish, so there were no consequences for her actions, he was more worried what was for dinner.

I have found from past experiences if you do not stand by what you say and do what you mean you can lose control, again once you start to lose that control it is impossible to regain again. You cannot sit there and say I will change because it is to late. I changed because I let my feelings get in the way when it came to punishing or enforcing rules. I had a huge guilty feeling come over me and I no longer wanted to punish. In the end I lost control. Keeping our word is very important.

Arianna has daily task that has to be completed just like this am a list was completed and I will go through it and either keep it the way it is or I will veto if I feel she has put to much on herself. She has had a rough couple of days emotionally so I stepped in and helped out a little, yea I did dishes, cooked breakfast. Eggs bacon and sausage. I made her watch as I put three eggs into the frying pan and I flipped her without breaking a yoke. I broke one of mine so one out of six is not bad. Dinner I made a taco salad. We should step in at times and take some of the weight off of their shoulders. I like to show my appreciation.

From time to time I believe a little fear is needed, just like a little humiliation is needed. Sometimes the submissive starts to lose that feeling of submission, so we want to put them back in that mode..

Not long ago we were in our Den watching TV , Arianna was nude, I was on the couch she was on the floor, just looking at her drove me crazy. So I told her to spread, and she has these huge lips that look like butterfly lips that just makes me go bonkers. I stood up undressed crawled on top and just started fucking her as hard as I could. I wrapped my hand around her throat, and told her she was my whore, she was my cunt, but I had changed my voice up a little deeper , slower and I could see this look in her eyes. I told her to fuck me back and push, when she pushes I can feel her pussy grip my cock, and then her rocking her hips just WOW.

So I got up pulled her up by her hair and shoved my cock in her mouth  and started face fucking her, one hand one her chin and the other on the top of her head, pushing my cock in as as far as it would go.. Calling her my bitch, my whore, telling her that I owned her. After a few minutes I grabbed her by her hair again and pulled her into the kitchen bending her over the trash can and back in her pussy, I fucked her for a few minutes then I slipped it out and right into her ass. One hand around her throat the other with a handful of hair I banged her as hard as I could until I dumped my load. I then grabbed her hair taking her to the bathroom put her on her knees and I pissed all over her Tits, then came the cold shower. To me golden showers shows that I own, ownership.

She was scared, she did not know how to take my actions. After it was all said and done came the aftercare which was truly needed. I believe aftercare is needed but at times I am not at my best. So I am trying tp improve in that area.

The change in my voice, the way I was fucking, really confused her, not knowing how to act or respond but she went along with what I wanted to do and how I used her. It is good to have sex, sex makes life good. On the other hand it is okay to just use your submissive. Sometimes I will tell Arianna to go to the bedroom and strip putting her on the bed pulling her to the edge, fuck her and tell her to get dressed. Using puts them in that submissive state of mind.

The mind fuck, last week we went out for Mexican we were both stuffed Arianna was in the bathroom washing up and I told her to hurry, I said I have the brown bath towel on the bed I was ready. Her first thoughts were oh god he is going to face fuck me and I am going to puke. She procrastinated  for a good ten minutes once she walked in the bedroom and she saw no towel the look in her eyes were priceless. The mind fuck can be a very powerful, you can mind fuck even when joking, keeps them thinking.

You can tell when your cared for as well, the hug the kiss the way someone listens when your talking, you can just tell. I was getting head and Arianna asked if I wanted to finish in her ass, I love those words Fuck my ass. I had other plans though, I told her to lay on her side her mouth on my cock and I started fucking just like I was pounding her pussy, her arms were moving in the air her legs were kicking, I stopped from time to time to allow her to breath then right back at it, until I blew my load. It is okay to use your property. There is a very pleasing feeling that comes across your submissive when they know they have pleased.

Never share what your training plan is about. slowly implement things on a daily basis, give small hands on test. Such as Once I thought Arianna was ready I invited a Dom and Slave to our home and she was in full service, I am not talking sexually. When they both set down she was standing legs shoulder width apart arms behind back waiting for instructions for drinks and dinner. When training you train to fit your needs and wants. The submissive you train to fit their needs, their wants come later. If you say no then mean no, if you say yes then mean yes.

A little fear can be good with the proper aftercare the same with a little humiliation.

Image It is okay to use her.


Being Owned , Before You Sign A Contract

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Some do take the lifestyle to the extreme, and not just the male at times it is the female who takes the lifestyle very serious. Nothing bothers me more than when I hear a Dominant complain about how a submissive or Slave is being treated. Maybe just maybe it could be at the sub’s request. It is fairly simple to see if someone is not happy, more so if you know them.

I have known Slaves who requested a contract, I have known Slaves who needed a contract. I am guessing this gives them a sense of security. Things are a lot different when it comes to needs , than wants.  As Dominants we are to insure all needs are met regardless of how non-important the needs may seem to us.

How could having a daily list possibly be a need for someone ? How could having a daily spanking be a need  ? How could being humiliated at times be a need ? When entering a relationship we need to go in it with both eyes and ears open.  What is not a need to one Slave may be a dire need to another.

Something else you may run into is what is called the EGO driven Dom, the chest puffed out master. Sign here Bitch or I am gone. You are my Bitch now on your knees, yea it happens.

We as Dominants are suppose to be the Elite, we are like the Special Forces of men. Not that we are really different but we have to handle things much different than say a vanilla male, mainly because of the lifestyle. We are suppose to have much more patience , we are suppose to listen, we are suppose to to structure in place, we are suppose to enforce rules, enforce daily task, we are suppose to have an open line of communication. We are suppose to be more understanding, The list just goes on and on. We are the Elite.

Just as we set boundaries , when entering a new relationship, the same should go when you are about to sign a contract. Just as you are suppose to put limits in place and you expect those limits to be respected. Once that line is crossed you begin to lose the trust you have worked so hard to build.

The same goes when you are about to sign a contract. A great deal of thought should be giving, at that point and time in your life signing a contract may be needed. The feeling of being owned, the feeling of being wanted, the feeling of security.

Arianna and I never spoke of a contract, I for one never thought such was needed. Most of the time a verbal understanding is all you really need, on the other hand some may have the need to see something in place, after all we are visual. Just as Arianna’s Slave number is framed and hanging on the bedroom wall, it is a reminder.

A contract outlines what your relationship is going to be about, it lays out the expectations of both. It also tells you the Slave how you will live your life. Your life on a day to day basis, and if not followed to a T, you then have consequences.

Take a close look before Signing , although is most states it is not recognized, it could surely cause some complications if you were to have a bad breakup. The last thing you want is something being mailed to your friends or family, much worse your work. So a lot of thought has to go into something so serious.



Put Four Dominants In A Room Together

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What do you have? A total mess. You cannot get four Dominants to agree on the weather, or even agree on the time of day.

Everyone has their own idea when it comes to BDSM. Master Joe does not know what he is doing, Master Henry should not be doing this or that, or Vile is to strict. Yes I have been told this more than once. I am to strict I need to let up, chill a little, don’t be so harsh. Give your slave some breathing room. You cannot run a house the way you do, your just abusive.

I am me I am not going to change, even more so because someone thinks I need to change. Most Dominants I know cannot even keep their own house in order, Okay before you say anything I am not judging, just saying. Just because you do not take the lifestyle as serious as I do, well excuse me for living.

It is my way, it will always be my way, but let me explain something. I take care of my own, be it mental, or physical. I put mine before anything, mine comes first no matter what.  One thing I can say Arianna and I have never had an argument, never. What is more important is I do allow her to speak her mind, I make it a point to ask her several times a day. Whats on your mind? I want to know what she is thinking. Its called communication.

I am not a part time Dominant, okay maybe your part time. I will give you rules but I will only enforce them between the hours of 4pm and 9pm except on Monday night when football is on, and on Sundays when football start’s.

You know it does not take a slave long to figure out something is not right. Pretty soon the slave will speak up and say hey what happened to the Master I had six months ago? Why did you change? What is so different now?

Well I want 6 slaves serving me, geesh you have one now you cant control and you want to add five more. What are you going to do with six Bitches living under the same roof. How is adding five more going to change anything, then try getting in the bathroom in the Am, its not going to happen. Try finding your tooth brush mixed in with all the makeup. Then six women on the rag at the same time, yea that’s where I want to be, in the mix of six women cramping, passing around the juice and midol.

So I am strict I am who I am, Arianna would differ with you I believe about how strict I am. The difference is I know how much to put on ones plate. Our objective is not to break one, we are to be there for support.

99% of the time, hmm can you start a sentence off with 99%? Yes I can or I just did. Anyway 99% of the time you will never hear another Dom say anything good about another. Because every Dominant in the whole fucking world is wrong. None of us know what we are doing we are all just dumb asses. Master Tony is an idiot, he is a fake, Master John never lets his slave sit on the furniture, well then fuck me because I seldom allow Arianna on the furniture.

I was asked why do you not allow Arianna to wear any clothes in the house, I think that is abuse. Okay number one she has a smoking body, number two because I can, and three okay sounds weird but it is part of behavior modification , and it keeps one in the submissive state of mind. Who is into behavior modification, Wow you guessed it Arianna. DING DING you win. So how is this abuse?

Let me explain something about abuse. One when you the Dominant loses your temper and screams and yells at your property, eh calling names out of anger, hitting one out of anger. Failing to keep your word, lying, ignoring the slaves needs.

The killer being married and stepping out with your slave, not texting or calling on a regular basis, Birthday, holidays. You get the picture.

Before you criticize me clean up your own house, get your things in order, keep your bitch in line, then once you have done this, maybe I will sit down and listen.

It kills me when I hear other Dominants who are suppose to be a step above the rest, a different breed, looked up to, spend so much time talking about how someone is doing something wrong. You know the slave has a brain too, so do not think that the slave cant see the light

It is like two people who divorce and has children they hear one parent talking down the other, but there comes a time when the children see the truth, do not think the slave is any different.

You give your slaves standards to live by and punish when they do not. What makes the Dominant any different? Should he not have to live by the same?


What I want , What I get

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I consider myself one of the luckiest men, husbands , Dominant, and Master in the world.

Time has really flown by what seems like eight months to me seems like eight days. I remember the first time I met Arianna for the first time in my life I was speechless, then when she exited the car, I was thinking Fuck Me. She was and is still very hot, a body built for sin.

So I took a deep breath whew, and walked up and introduced myself thinking I do not have a chance in this life time, but my head held high I spoke with confidence, taking in every word she said. My eyes wondered up and down just taking in her firm body, her beautiful eyes and smile. I was thinking there is noway she can be as nervous as I am.

Getting her to meet me was a challenge as well, she had just ended a relationship with an older Dominant. They never went anyplace, he never took her out and was an old 55 as she puts it.

Then I received her second email, and she began to explain her feelings about older men and she was just not sure if I would be able to keep up, not sexually but in general. Finely she agreed to meet me. The first meeting was a couple of hours talking and getting to know each other. She said she had to leave and she would text later.

Okay it is done no way no how it was good while it lasted. I just and watched her car vanish. I swear all I was thinking about was watching her get out of the car, blood rushed down to my dick so fast I got dizzy. Fucking WOW.

An hour passed and nothing, two hours and nothing, okay I will text her. So I hope you made it home safe, it was good to meet you, and I fully understand if I am not your type. I waited what seemed like a life time, then a text. Can I come over tomorrow? I almost dropped my fucking phone.

It was about a week and Arianna was staying at night getting up and going to work. I felt good, I felt alive again, it had been two years since my last break up. I had dated in between, but really met some wacko’s , I was beginning to think well just fuck it your doing good alone now, no worries.

I had been in a state of depression for sometime, I suppose due to my last relationship. I had lost that drive, I had lost that caring part, you know fuck it.

Arianna sparked something deep inside, I felt like a plant that had not been watered for a very long time, then I was sit outside in the rain, what an awesome feeling. I could now breath.

Everyone comes with some baggage, everyone has some problems , so we have to decide if this is a trail we want to take. Do we want to explore this avenue? Do we want this type of responsibility? I did do a lot of inner searching and my conclusion was yes this is something I can do. Although I had said before I wanted no part of a micromanaged relationship. What changed my mind is how well we clicked, the communication. Most of all how well Arianna’s training was progressing.

Arianna emailed her Ex Dom to inform him once again it was over and she would not be back. The return email was not so friendly, You fucking whore, you fucking cunt, what a slut you are, you are worthless. I own you until this date then you are released.

I was thinking WOW really this is coming from a 55 year old Dom you had 30 years of experience.

So I emailed the Kind Sir, his first email was pretty nasty, but my reply was calm, and after a few he had calmed as well. I stated that BDSM must be different where he lives because where I am from Dominants do not act in the manner he was acting. I also stated that I thought in order for someone to be released one had to be collard and it was my understanding Arianna had never been.

Can I come back over tomorrow, yea I almost dropped my phone, I waited about five minutes before I replied. Um yea sure you can we will see where things go, and how we get along. We spent the next couple of hours texting, I remember I could not sleep at all that night, I just tossed and turned my mind was racing 200 miles an hr.

What I wanted was the whole picture, like before I was not going to bend or give in and settle for less like I had in the past. Pussy was to easy to come by and I wanted more. I wanted to settle down with not one, but the one.

I wanted a partner first off, a Slave someone who had a slaves heart, someone who had the need to be a slave. I wanted a best friend. I wanted a slut, a whore all rolled into one. I wanted someone with little to no inhibitions , someone who was open to new things, an open mind. I wanted a Slave who was willing to give up full control.  I wanted someone who wanted an open line of communication, someone who would listen and I knew they were.

Bamm it happened on her second visit I knew this was the one. I could almost read her mind, I knew what she was going to say before she spoke. I knew without a doubt she was the one.

I went into great detail about what I was looking for, I left no card unturned, I explained I would not bend nor would I give in, it was Viles way or no way. She agreed she wanted to see where things would go but wanted to move slowly. I knew right then it was game on. I only had but one thing to do, and that was to prove who and what I was.

First I started introducing her to others I knew in the lifestyle, kinda like references if you will. I wanted to make Arianna feel more comfortable , knowing that she was with someone who really knew what they were doing. Then the key was to stay consistent on a daily basis.

I remember the first time I offered a collar and she declined. It really blew my mind, but I did not let it bother me, she just explained she was not ready. After a month or so she asked me if she could wear my collar. I knew then we were headed for a lifetime relationship.

What some fail to see is anyone could have a total life of bliss, a relationship that is a true sign of perfection.

Why argue? No one can give me a reason why two people would argue. Over Money? Jealousy? To controlling ? Spending to much money ? Are these valid reasons to fuck your day up or a couple of days.

Your woman should be your only concern, your woman should come first before anyone. You as a man or Dom should never raise your hand out of anger, you should never call out names out of anger. You the Dominant should be in full control at all times.

One should never push limits to the breaking point. Most Dominants will try to push or go beyond ones limits, why? just because it is there.

So what I wanted. I wanted a Slave not a Submissive, I wanted a Slave. I wanted full control. I wanted loyalty no questions asked. I wanted a one on one relationship no questions asked. I wanted a Slave who would follow my house rules, my protocols , my dress codes. I wanted someone who was smart, intelligent, I wanted a Slave who could and wanted to communicate, one that could express her feelings. I wanted a Slave I could confide in. I wanted a Slave who would voice her opinion if I was about to make a mistake, that I value more than anything. I did not want a house keeper, nor a cook. I did not want someone to do my laundry.

What do I get ? Everything a man could dream of.



I have a Hard Time Just Making Love

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I have tried several times to make passionate love. To be slow, take my time, crawl on top, and just do the slow grind to Isaac Hayes. I cannot, I have tried over and over. It does not work for me.

Last week in the shower, I love getting head while taking a shower I am not sure, what it is but I just love it. Then I just grabbed her by her hair, turned her around, and just started banging like there was no tomorrow. Then from the pussy right into the ass. One hand had a hand full of hair, and the other was around her throat, just fucking as hard as I could.

So you can imagine I am not very romantic or so you would think. Well the truth is I am in other ways. I enjoy cooking having her sit at the table while I serve dinner. I love to bath, I also love brushing hair. I guess I show my appreciation in different ways. Before bed many nights ill rub lotion on her back. Then conversation. I love talking before going to bed, anything and everything. This is free time, game on, you can talk about anything. Get things off your chest, or Titties.

I love sleeping with a handful of titty, like a security blanket, I love breast anyway, firm, not so firm, does not matter.

What really gets me off? Face Fucking, the control, the humiliation of it. I love tying up, then use a blindfold, pull to the edge of the bed, and just face fucking until, well you know.

The making love thing, I do miss, maybe the intimacy of it, I will take it my foreplay is different from Johns next door.

When on top I am the one in control. I have to be choking , maybe a little face slapping, something. Now there are exceptions, not everyone is into being choked, so you have to respect ones limits. Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

The truth is if I am not pulling your hair, spanking your ass, calling you my little bitch. Man I do not know.

Any input ?