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Drinking And BDSM ?

Posted in abuse, anger, bdsm, Bondage, control, Dinking and BDSM, Dominance, Dominants, Drunk, Fear, Master, needle play, Pain, Safe, Safe and Sane, session, slave, submissive on April 9, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

Your at the bar and you have about five or six mixed drinks, by now you got the buzz thing going on, and your feeling good. If you are like me you would call a cab, instead of driving home. 99% of the time if I drink I stay home. Mainly because no one can mix a drink like I can.

So after five or six strong ones your driving becomes impaired, your judgement is off somewhat, your reflexes are kinda off. So why would you take a chance and drive home maybe hurt yourself or worse hurt someone else?

So we have determined that we should not drink and drive. I had a friend who got a DUI not long ago and he had to shell out several thousand dollars, plus missing work for classes.

Any kind of BDSM can be dangerous, people die every year from Bondage, from probably simple mistake, or being careless, not paying attention.

When you take that first drink, no play of any kind should come into play, not even beer. Once you start playing the submissive or slave could be in danger. Yea go ahead and laugh, you have done it before.

During play once you have had that first drink you are impaired. What is worse if your slave has been drinking, the pain tolerance has almost doubled. What use to hurt or be painful no longer hurts.

Alcohol and BDSM does not mix. If you are with a Dominant who has been drinking and wants to play your answer should be no, you do have that right.

Here is a good example. Arianna and I were over at a couples house for a party. I had agreed to let a Dom do some needle play on Arianna, no sex no groping , just needle play. While there I saw the Dom pour the first and second glass of wine. Nope not going to happen, not even on one drink.

I would not put Arianna in any type of danger or a situation where she might get hurt. After we left I explained why I had changed my mind, and she respected that I was looking out for her safety.