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My New Years Resolution

Posted in Arianna, bdsm, e-cig, New Years Resolution, stop smoking on December 30, 2013 by thekinkyworldofvile

My first and for most to stop smoking. I have been using this thing called a e-cig now for about 3 months, and I am slowly making the transition . So as of January 1st I refuse to buy another pack. I am going 10 to 12 hours without so the time has come. I have told Arianna I was done more than once, and she has really been understanding.

To have more sex. I love fucking. There are no words that can possibly explain the awesome sex we have.

More Head not that I do not get enough, but a man can never get enough Head.

My work place I have not totally decided on as of yet something tell me I should just leave but then something tells me things will get better. Starting a new career is never easy.

I am going to lose twenty pounds I was on the right track 3 months ago, and I just stopped for what ever reason.

More play time, I love playing with Arianna, it makes it fun because I can really do what ever I want.

Be nicer to people I think this will be the most difficult task to accomplish , not that I am a total asshole, I just have a hard time dealing with stupid. So I am going to try my best.

To be closer to family another hard one when it comes to my step mom, again not an easy task, but I believe I can pull it off.

To spend more time with my son. I have not missed a week of child support in over 10 years , and I have always paid above and beyond what I was suppose to.  Although it is court ordered it is not taking out of my check. Why? Because ive always paid without question. I have done without just so I could pay.

That just about covers everything.